Peruvian Project: Quechua

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.78.14.0004 Saucer Bird's head handle. Copy of Inca pottery. Orangish-brown in color with black and brown design of triangles, vertical and horizontal lines and llamas. Color: OR,BK,BR 1970.78.14.0004 (Saucer) image
2 1970.78.14.1 Cloth Has three bands of stripes in rainbow of colors -- reds, greens, oranges and blues. Color: RD,GR,BL,OR
3 2004.25.0018 Jug Small handle attached to lip. Jug oval-shaped. Has painted band, 1 1/2'' wide, around top. Has a beginning of a painted design, which consists of four small pinkish stripes located directly underneath the handle, toward the bottom. Color: TN,BR,YL