Peruvian Project: Uru

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.9.0100 Boat Child's balsa made of XXX reed. Reed sail and mast lying in balsa, not upright. Color: TN
2 2002.6.0002 Sack made by folding one end ans sewing cloth together with on short end left open. Alternating stripes running lengthwise that are broad bordered by narrow ones. Broad stripes aretan and natural and narrow stipes are dark and light brown and natural. There are two medium stripes, dark brown, in center. Color: ML
3 2002.6.1 Shawl Woven with multi-colored stripes of re, purple, blue and green alternating narrow and broad. Narrow embroidered stripe at each end, blue, fuchsia and green in color. At bottom pattern is geometric, at top has "C C O A R I T E'' and "C C O R I" embroidered, then a broad fuchsia stripe. Eleven narrow tripes of yellow, blue, green, fuchsia, orange and white. Below these stripes is a broad embroidered stripe with geometric pattern and "L E O N I D A S" embroidered. In the center are two broad embroidered stripes separated by narrow colored stripes and a narrow stripe embroidered in maroon with geometric patterns. At bottom is another broad stripe with embroidered geometric pattern as "L E O N I D A S" facing the center. There is a multi-colored embroidered edging around all four sides. Color: ML