prairie camp

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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.26.0171 Prairie chicken, greater None
2 1968.14.0006 Mouse None
3 1968.14.0074 vole, prairie study skin Color: grey
4 1968.9.50.154 Rabbit Bones & fur; from eagle stomach.
5 1968.9.51.14247 Rabbit, white-tailed jack Color: BR-GY
6 1989.22.0004 Engraving Studer Pl. XII, print of Baltimore oriole (male, female), Orchard oriole, Indigo bunting, and Hooded flycatcher. Color: ML
7 1989.22.0012 Engraving Studer Pl. XXXVI, print of Blue-yellow backed warbler, Black and yellow warbler, Blackburnian warbler (male, female), Hermit thrush, White-throated sparrow, White-crowned sparrow, and Winter wren. Color: ML
8 1989.22.0022 Engraving Studer Pl. XLVIII, print of Sharp-tailed finch, Canadian sparrow, Yellow-winged sparrow, Lark finch, Swamp sparrow, Chipping sparrow, American goldfinch, Redpoll linnet, and Purple finch. Color: ML
9 1989.22.0042 Engraving Studer Pl. CXII, print of Dusky seaside finch, White-winged black tern, Pike's tern, Califonia black rail, Little blue heron, Slender-billed plover, Bristle-bellied curlew, Green ibis, White-faced ibis, Missouri piping plover, Bridled tern, Florida heron, Reddish egret, European woodcock, Western Semipalmated sandpiper, and Thick-billed sandpiper. Colored. Color: ML
10 1995.30.0019 Mouse, harvest Study skin. Color: BR
11 1995.30.1.0009 Vole, meadow Parts a. - c. Color: BR
12 1995.30.3.0004 Skunk, spotted Study skin and skull. Color: BK,WH
13 2006.14.0023 Vole, Meadow Skin: 2006.14.23A- Very good condition Skull: 2006.14.23B- Very good condition Mandible: 2006.14.23C- Very good condition Color: BR, TN, GY