Sebree Class Objects 2019

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1 2000.10.1 Pillowcase Rectangular hand embroidered with animal, floral and geometric motifs. 1.5" border of floral motifs. Stylized clouds throughout with a geometric lattice in each corner. Central floral motif surround by four bats at top, bottom, left and right. Two more bats located near outer edge at top and bottom. Around perimeter of central floral motif are 4 butterflies. Back is finished with muslin, includes gummed lable in one corner with chinese characters. Back is stained and worn. Color: GD,BL,GR,TN
2 2000.10.2 Cloth, decorative Rectangular embroidered with phoenix rising from sun among clouds and flowers. Two bats at top near border. 1/2" border of swastika chain design. Seam runs through center of cloth. Color: BR,GY,GD,BL,OR
3 2000.10.3 Cloth, decorative Square hand embroidered with design of phoenix rising from sun among clouds. Seam runs through center. Backed with blue silk. Color: GD,BL,GR,OR,CR
4 2000.10.4 Runner, table Long multipaneled runner. Both ends made from weave of linear patterns attached so they run diagonally. Center area is weave dipicting dragons, clouds, water, shells, swastikas, eight spoked wheels and other geometric designs. Backed with muslin. Gummed sticker on back with chinese characters. Color: BL,BR,CR,GD,ML
5 2000.10.7 Cloth, decorative Long unfinished rectangular cloth with hand embroidery. Two separate areas of embrodery are present. Each is slightly different in size and design. The central motif of each design is a peone flower. One design is surrounded by floral elements and bats, the other is by floral elements and butterflies. One bat element, when viewed from a different direction appears to be a dragons face. Color: RD,BL,Wh
6 2005.2.24 Tapestry Rectangular. Features embroidery on silk, and has 1'' borders of contrasting floral design. Embroidery depicts an old bearded man believed to be S. Chinese god, Shou--Hsing. He is holding a staff in one hand and a round object, possibly a peach, in his left hand. Old man's robe is multicolored, with different embroidery styles. Background is a dark blue fabri silk. Back of wall hanging has a plain cotton fabric. "Made in China" stamped on it. Color: BL,BK,OR 2005.2.24 (Tapestry) image
7 UNIM1987.1 Textile A sample of Fortuny fabric from the New York City, Fifth Avenue, townhouse of Harry Harkness Flagler. Harry was the only son of late 19th century oil tycoon, Henry Morrison Flagler. Flagler made his fortune partnering with Rockefeller to create Standard Oil. This fabric was designed by Italian textile designer, Mariano Fortuny. Fortuny was an expert at dying fabric, and delved deep into the complex technique called “katagami” – a Japanese fabric printing process. Bending it to the needs of industrial manufacturing, he came to patent his own method. This textile is an example of this process. UNIM1987.1 (Textile) image
8 UNIM2011.7.12 Fabric Chinese style pattern on heavy tapestry fabric. Edges have been turned to back. Color: PR,GR,RD,OR,BK,