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1 Pouch Full exterior front flap; brass bottom knob, leather strap closure; rear leather belt loops; interior top flap, cushion fiber material attached; interior compartment to contain rifle & musket caps. Interior flap stamped, "W. C., St. Louis Mo. Sickle's Mfg. Co." Shot Pouch
2 00.5.12 Bone Mastodon Scapula and fragments of the scapula of a mastodon found in Waterloo street in the excavating for a telephone pole.
3 00.5.38 Tooth Mammoth Molar
4 00.5.44 Mastodon Mastodon Tooth (crown only). Sticker on one side "8" on other side "Masta/1941".
5 00.5.50 Mammoth Apparently pulp from a mammoth or mastodon tusk. 00.5.50 (Mammoth) image
6 00.70.71 Flask, shot Relief floral leaf design & wildlife scene, pear shaped, side stitching; brass metal spout & neck, side screw, slotted for hinged stopper & measure Measurement marks "1 1/2", "1 1/4". Color: BR
7 1968.10.0053 Sculpture Benin bronze: standing figure with scepter, Forward side of crown on figure's left, missing. Left leg not complete from foot to skirt. Made by lost wax method. 1968.10.0053 (Sculpture) image
8 1968.10.3 Sculpture Plaque. Bronze Beni; 6 human figures. 1968.10.3 (Sculpture) image
9 1970.9.39 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca open vessel, 7" diameter, polychrome white, black, brown, designs basically sub-rectangular. 4.0" high." Alternate description: Open, conical shape. Polychrome ware in black, white, and brown. Designs basically sub-rectangular. Bottom is natural below 2 brown bands, 2 brown triangles extend from small round bottom. Inside is light brown. Color: BK,WH,BR,TN -Pronounced smooth, rounded base. -Some weathering evident on bowl, design; partial staining on exterior, interior has what appears to be a water line. -Possible presence of salt—would indicate likely utilitarian usage. -Significant fractures sign of past breaking—has been mended with semi-visible adhesive; is missing number of tiny/small fragments from rim and surface, leaving two miniscule holes in side of bowl. -Design very geometrical—rectangles, squares; circular/oblong shapes, "step pyramids" alternating between upside-down and upright just below outer rim. 1970.9.39 (Pot) image
10 1970.9.47 Pot Description from Albertin Collection inventory document: Nasca open vessel. 4.1” diameter at top, 3.5” high. Outside design diamond-shaped in black. Other description: Open vessel. Outside design diamond-shaped in black. Interior blackened on bottom. Neck of bowl 4" diameter & is narrower than widest part of bowl. Has 2 protruberances near rim on each side. Color: RD,BK -Signs of salt presence on base, superficial cracking towards the base and rim also present. -Wear pattern around base and salt presence suggests a utilitarian purpose, possibly used to store water or food stuffs in the ground. -Ornamental, geometric nature of the design suggests the piece is from the later Nazca periods. -The linear space between the black diamonds may indicate a form of fibrous material was used to guide application of the slip before firing. 1970.9.47 (Pot) image
11 1972.29.1.5 Bowl Basic color tan, 1/4" red band painted inside rim, 1/8" black band painted outside rim with short black lines or disks extending from it. 1/4" wide red band about 1 1/2" from top encircling bowl with similar black band above it with short black lines or disks extending upward from black line. Red and black designs somewhat like stylized "9" and "s" between the black lines. Color: BK,RD,TN
12 1978.44.24 Vessel Etruscan, 6th century B. C. Wide bowl with very high handle. Red half-circle of paper glued inside bowl flange near handle. Rectangular white gummed seal below base: "A6421, Etruscan, 6th cent. B. C." No label. According to Richard Depuma, University of Iowa, this vessel was made at Vulci late 5th century B.C. (Oct. 2005). Color: BK 1978.44.24 (Vessel) image
13 1978.46.3 Knife Two parts. a. Boy's hunting knife, dark brown leather wrapped handle, metal band on hilt, tapered metal blade, rounded at point, blade dyed black at center. b. Scabbard, dark brown leather, three green fiber bands at top, tooled design on center, wrapped with leather thong at tip. Color: BR
14 2007.3.0008 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Open oval comb shape at top of mask, with rectangle shape between the two ovals. Stylized rectangles at temples with holes in center. One raised nodule on forehead. Semicircles at cheek area. Legs at chin. Elongated, pointed chin. Flat bottom on nose. Mouth has lower teeth. Protrusion from under lower mouth. Scarification on cheeks. Nose has chip out of center of nose. Lower protrusion is damaged at tip. Scratches, dirt, and wear on outside of mask. 2007.3.0008 (Mask) image
15 2016-24-42 Holster '38 Smith and Wesson hip gun holster. Two metal clasps attach on the front and a loop for a belt on the back. 2016-24-42 (Holster) image