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1 ED2019-169 Sweater Scoil Oilibheir school uniform.  ED2019-169 (Sweater) image
2 ED2019-170 Drum Bodhràn Drum ED2019-170 (Drum) image
3 ED2019-171 Stick, Hurley Wooden stick used in the Irish sport of hurling.  ED2019-171 (Stick, Hurley ) image
4 ED2019-172 Ball, Hurley None ED2019-172 (Ball, Hurley ) image
5 ED2019-173 Shoe Irish ghillies. A and B. Ghillies are soft shoes worn by women in Irish dance.  ED2019-173 (Shoe) image
6 ED2019-174 Whistle, Penny None