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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED1998.8.13 Vest Woolen poncho style cardigan, open in the front with ties. Beige with black and grey geometric design on back.  ED1998.8.13 (Vest) image
2 ED2002.2.1 Blanket Woolen blanket, mainly beige with multi-color design.  ED2002.2.1 (Blanket) image
3 ED2019-118 Carving Guatemalan Wood Fish ED2019-118 (Carving) image
4 ED2019-121 Carving Carved Head Bust. Writing on back: "Jose Pinal, designer and carver, purchased 1954. "elenas" Hidalgo [illigible] 2727, Monterey, Mex. 75 pesos. Exchanged at 8.60 = $1.00. He also carved the []eon carrying sacs of grain. 54." ED2019-121 (Carving) image
5 ED2019-186 Sculpture Carved wooden sculpture with person sitting on a wooden base. Base is carved with waving line with notches at the high/lows points in a curving line. Bottom of base is rectangular and has a hole through to the top of the person's headress. The base also has a metal circle with the number "40" stamped on it. There is also red writing on the base "XAO/6117-5". The person carved is only detailed on 3 sides. The back is flat with texture. The person appears to have arms crossed over knees brought up to the chest. Ther person has a headress and earrings. The figure also wears pants with intricate additions to the ankels and waist.  ED2019-186 (Sculpture) image
6 ED2019-187 Sculpture A wooden carved figure and rectangular decorative base. Figure depicts kneeling person wearing headress and carrying a basket. Written on bottom is "Guatamala March 1950. Indian in cerimonial headress offering basket of fruit to pagan gods" and a metal circle with "36" stamped on it.  ED2019-187 (Sculpture) image
7 ED2019-193 Guiro Cuban percussion instrument. Made of recylced cans. Open on both ends, with handle in the middle. Played by dragging a stick over the ridges.  ED2019-193 (Guiro) image
8 ED2019-195 Tapestry Wall hanging tapestry of a road runner, made of woven wool. Tag reads "Vikinca Ref: y-1000, 100% wool, Made in Ecuador".  ED2019-195 (Tapestry) image
9 ED2019-197 Toy Balero. Wooden peg with colorful barrel attached with string. Traditional Mexican toy played by trying to catch the barrel on the peg.  ED2019-197 (Toy) image
10 ED2019-198 Book A Kid's Guide to Latino History, by Valerie Petrillo