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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED2019-127 Book Mcguffey's Eclectic Primer ED2019-127 (Book) image
2 ED2019-128 Book A-N. McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader. 14 copies ED2019-128 (Book) image
3 ED2019-129 Cap Flat cap ED2019-129 (Cap) image
4 ED2019-130 Slate, Writing A-D. Schoolhouse Slate Board. 4 items.  ED2019-130 (Slate, Writing) image
5 ED2019-131 Mug Tin mug, replica of one used in a one-room school.  ED2019-131 (Mug) image
6 ED2019-132 Lunch Box Round tin pail, used to carry lunches for students in one-room schools. 2 pieces, A: lid and B: bucket with handle.  ED2019-132 (Lunch Box) image
7 ED2019-178 Book The Story of Little Black Sambo, written and illustrated by Helen Bannerman. Published in 1946. ED2019-178 (Book) image
8 ED2019-179 Set, Paint Artista water colors in oval pans. Non toxic colors in rectangle tin pan. Tin pan is teal in color overall with red/orange, black, and cream white. 8 water colors inside tin, each color has been used. Some more than others. ED2019-179 (Set, Paint) image
9 ED2019-183 Crayons A box of 24 Crayola crayons. Distressing around corners, crayons in the box seem gently used. Discoloring on the box on the right side at the top. ED2019-183 (Crayons) image
10 ED2019-189 Notepad "Big Chief Tablet" red cover, newprint writing pad, lined paged. Produced by the Mead Corporation.  ED2019-189 (Notepad) image
11 ED2019-190 Bottle, Ink Small jar with black lid with "Skrip, tighten up. Tip bottle to fill well." Label on outside of jar reads "Washable Blue Writing Ink". Blue ink inside jar has dried up.  ED2019-190 (Bottle, Ink) image