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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED1998.8.13 Vest Woolen poncho style cardigan, open in the front with ties. Beige with black and grey geometric design on back.  ED1998.8.13 (Vest) image
2 ED2002.2.1 Blanket Woolen blanket, mainly beige with multi-color design.  ED2002.2.1 (Blanket) image
3 ED2019- Scarf Tibetian scarf
4 ED2019-102 Kite Silk fish kite ED2019-102 (Kite) image
5 ED2019-105 Pelt Tanned rabbit pelt ED2019-105 (Pelt) image
6 ED2019-134 Obi Green silk obi ED2019-134 (Obi) image
7 ED2019-135 Kimono Heavyweight kimono. Brown with white leaf and flower pattern.  ED2019-135 (Kimono) image
8 ED2019-138 Obi Brown obi with white chain design on one side, white brick design on the other.  ED2019-138 (Obi) image
9 ED2019-139 Kimono None
10 ED2019-140 Koshihimo 6 Pink Koshihimo Belts. A-F. Koshihimo are soft, wide strings, usually pink or white, used to tie the kimono or yukata and keep it from opening.  ED2019-140 (Koshihimo) image
11 ED2019-144 Obi-Ita Pink Floral Waist band. An obi-ita is a stuctured band with a thin elestic band on either side that goes over the obi to help keep it straight.  ED2019-144 (Obi-Ita) image
12 ED2019-145 Obi Obi makura. Small, padded pillow within a thin white cloth. Placed under the bow or tie of the obi to give it more structure.  ED2019-145  (Obi) image
13 ED2019-177 Appliqué Hmong Paj Ntaub textile art (flower cloth).  ED2019-177 (Appliqué) image
14 ED2019-184 Embroidery Humong Embroidery tile. Brown cloth with red and blue applique. Green and black threading throughout tile. ED2019-184 (Embroidery) image
15 ED2019-195 Tapestry Wall hanging tapestry of a road runner, made of woven wool. Tag reads "Vikinca Ref: y-1000, 100% wool, Made in Ecuador".  ED2019-195 (Tapestry) image
16 ED2019-201 Obi White silk obi. A decorative sash used to close the kimono and tie decorative bows.  ED2019-201 (Obi) image
17 ED2020-5 Kinomo Grey, black and red patterned. Informal kimono, most likely worn by a man.  ED2020-5 (Kinomo) image