UNI Jewelry Collection: Adornments

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.47.5.0003 Medal Lion's head medal. Metal with red rhinestones for the lion's eyes and white rhinestone in the lion's mouth. Not positive what the stones are. Lion's head is attached to leather strap. Initials K. W. (Karel Webster) have been scratched into the back. 1970.47.5.0003 (Medal) image
2 1971.11.0025 Ornament Black plastic bar with petal shapes and two stips of rhinestones on either ends. This object appears to be fastener of some sort. 1971.11.0025 (Ornament) image
3 1973.43.0166 Feather Adornment The adornment has ten slender red curled feathers. The feathers are held together by cloth and wire at the bottom. Most likely used as an ornament in hats or as hair pieces. 1973.43.0166 (Feather Adornment ) image
4 1989.43.0725 Charm Intricate adornment charm of some sort with small white beads hanging on thin chains along the bottom edge. There is a blue opalescent oval shaped stone in the middle. 1989.43.0725 (Charm) image
5 UNIM1988.11.0229A Clasp Shades of brown fur, pearl beads, gold metal. 2 mink bows with gold metal clips held together with chain links with pearls held on by the chain. Bows 3" l, chain 5 1/2" l. Extended total length, 10". Sketch on catalog sheet. a-f. Color: BN, GD, WH
6 UNIM1988.11.0229E Clasp Small silver ring.
7 UNIM2011.7.0035 Charm Round charm with open center and the number "13" attached in the opening. Surface is rough. The hole at the top used to attach to a charm bracelet has broken off. Color: GD UNIM2011.7.0035 (Charm) image