UNI Jewelry collection: Necklaces

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1990.12.0004A Necklace Necklace of a two piece set. The necklace is a circle of 3/16' rhinestones with hook closure. 3 larger, single rhinestones at front alternate with 2 rhinestone settings. There is a bracelet which is paired with it.  1990.12.0004A (Necklace) image
2 1990.58.0015 Necklace White coral beads grade from 3.5 mm diameter at the clasp to 8.6 mm at the center. Gold clasp inserts into a round metal piece that has a piece of coral inlay. 1990.58.0015 (Necklace) image
3 1994.10.0002 Necklace Hand crafted oval locket. Locket lid has raised scroll work and sixteen oval multi-colored glass cabochons around a central round moonstone. Two ball and silver wiring on chain. Locket lid is hinged at the bottom. Floral design on back. Suspended on the bottom of the locket are nine silver balls. 1994.10.0002 (Necklace) image
4 UNIM2011.7.0004 Necklace Silver metal chain with gold metal pendant of floral design. Pink and blue flowers on pendant. Small pearls linked together with metal links. Color: SL,GD,PK, BL,WH