UNI Textile Collection: Adornments

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Catalog # Name Description
1 Belt Victorian leather belt highly decorated with two snakes, four leaves, and three flowers. (Belt) image
2 1972.30.0008 Parasol Small brown cloth parasol. Decorative carved wooden handle. Scalloped edges. There is a carved knob at the top. A code number is written where the wood and metal meet on the handle. 1972.30.0008 (Parasol) image
3 1973.43.0079 Umbrella Black enameled wire supports & central wood shaft; carved bone handle, twisted configuration with bottom loop; nickel plated metal fittings at top & bottom of shaft. Decorative metal at the bottom of shaft. 1973.43.0079 (Umbrella) image
4 1973.43.0080 Umbrella Umbrella has a button and cloth strap fastener; enameled metal canopy supports; central finished wood shaft, tapered wood handle; nickel plated metal fittings on top and bottom of shaft. 1973.43.0080 (Umbrella) image
5 1989.43.729 Brooch Two Denmark currency coins soldered together to make a brooch. Brooch pin is on back. The two Danish coins are 8 skilling. A skilling is a former silver coin used om Scandinavian countries. On the front side of the coins, in the center is a 5 and C intertwined, representing King Christian V of Denmark, reigning during the time of production. A royal crown is at the top and the words IVSTITIA and PIETATE in Latin along the edging. IVSTITIA translates to Law and PIETATE translates to Piety. The number 8 is at the bottom representing 8 skilling. The coin on the right has some copper rot. The back side of the coin at the top has the Roman numerals VIII for 8 skilling at the top and two small stars on either side. The words SKILLING DANSKE is in the center. At the bottom is the date 1694 one coin and 1695 on the other coin. At the bottom is a small symbol with two small stars on either side. 1989.43.729 (Brooch) image
6 UNIM1986.14.1980.4.4 Scarf Man's. Double thickness with seam at each long side. Crepe, woven or in thread. 2 3/4" fringe at ends with tassel-type loop. "Smoothtone Londonderry Muffler" on tag.
7 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0099 Purse Dark blue silk purse with pink piping and yellow draw strings with tassels. Embroidered pink Chinese Shou symbol for longevity on one side and blue Shou symbol for longevity on the other side. Decorative stitching borders the purse with stitched white Chinese symbols. UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0099 (Purse) image
8 UNIM1988.11.303A Pin Grey felt moccasins with clear and ruby bead trim sewn together. Has a string of clear beads attached at the heels. A small pin is used to pin it to your clothing and wear as a pin. Sketch on catalog sheet. UNIM1988.11.303A (Pin) image
9 UNIM1988.11.303B Doll Small figure made of beads made to look like a Native American chief with headress. The headress is made of two horisontal rows of clear beads, followed by an alternating row of yellow and red beads. UNIM1988.11.303B (Doll) image
10 UNIM1988.11.303D Pin Small sombrero style hat connected to a small safety pin. The brim of the hat is lined with yellow beads and on the top, the beads spell out, "TAMA". UNIM1988.11.303D (Pin) image