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Catalog # Name Description
1 Sampler Sampler, embroidered. Framed. Sticker "31". "Emily Shoester s work completed in her 17th year 1831." Rabbits and wreaths of flowers accompany text in three seperate spots.
2 Cushion Beaded pincushion with bird and flower design stitched into purple velvet. Has beaded attachments around the perimeter of clear glass beads. Has a pink silk back.
3 Matchbox Metal matchbox with embossed designs on front and backside. An embossed design of a woman is on the front and an embossed design of a stag is on the backside. Looks to have some minor corrosion on the lower corners.
4 Pouch Beaded watch pouch with leather interior. Handstitched, victorian style beadwork along the front. White beaded background with blue and red floral beading. Framed with red cotton fabric while the backside of the pouch is stitched with black velvet. (Pouch) image
5 1970.17.5 Chart Wage table, for 1879-1880. Cover is mottled green and black. Color: GR,BK 1970.17.5 (Chart) image
6 1970.36.117 Cushion Six-scallops and heavily beaded pincushion with floral design. Beads are mostly transparent with some being blue, red, green, gray, and yellow. Has a pink silk back.
7 1970.76.3 Dinner Fork Black wooden-handled stell kitchen fork with three tines.
8 1971.11.6 Box From August Bruder Co. Jewelers, Color: BR
9 1971.27.3 Buttonhook This piece is used for shoe buttons. Short, metal buttonhook with a looped handle. Has some brown discoloration along the base of the handle and the length of the tool.
10 1971.5.1 Box Box containing self-lighting candles. The box opens via an insert that is pulled out by a small pieced of black cloth attached to the insert. Five self-lighting candles remain in the box. The front of the box has a picture of a woman holding flowers and field brush. The backside of the box has a picture of a standing woman. One side if the box reads, "Roche & Cie. Grand Prix Paris 1900," while the other side reads, "Paris Rue Caumartin.7." The top of the box has a strip of sandpaper. 1971.5.1 (Box) image
11 1973.46.14 Vial Body of the vial is made from clear and red glass with raised sections lining the vial. The vial is cylindrical in shape. The cap is red with a red silk tassel attached.
12 1973.51.39 Cushion Black "plastic" disk held in place at center of square pincushion with row of common pins. Color: BK
13 1974.23.24 Daguerreotype Image of John and Isabella Fields, parents of Harry B. Fields' grandfather. Image is framed in gold while the case is lined with purple velvet. The case cover has been separated from the hinges. The case is made from black plastic and has a leaf and checkered design on the front and backside. 1974.23.24 (Daguerreotype) image
14 1974.38.6 Buttonhook Buttonhook with wooden handle. Handle wooden in a dark brown color with an impressed stamp near where the end of the handle tapers off. The stamp reads "Royal Bengal" with the face of a cat.
15 1974.62 Needle Two sewing needles with gold eyelets in a black, paper folder. The gold printing on the face of the folder is faded but the writing is still visible. The folder reads, "R.J. Roberts Patent Parabola." There is also bird design printed on the the paper folder with a leaf trim around the edge.
16 1975.5.21 Plateholder For photographic plates. Description in 1897 Sears Roebuck catalog.
17 1977.48.1 Razor Finely honed steel blade; lower blade tang stamped, "TONSORIAL GEM", reverse stamped, "F.A. CLAUBERG, NEW YORK, MADE IN GERMANY". A finger groove located at end of blade tang. Blade folds into ivory handle, riveted construction.
18 1982.4.4a Buttonhook Metal buttonhook with a hammered pattern on the handle. This button hook is identical to button hook b, but the hook curves out slightly more on this particular hook.
19 1982.4.4b Buttonhook Metal buttonhook with hammered design on handle.
20 1982.4.4c Buttonhook Foldable, metalbutton hook . One side has the inscription, "The Walk-Over Shoe" while the other side is inscripted with "Gitchell-Douglass Company." 
21 1984.6.12 Ornament Cluster of a floral hair ornament. This piece was made using a Victorian craft kit. The hair is real human hair ranging in several, natural human hair colors: black, blonde, brunette.
22 1984.6.13 Box A round, white glitter box which was once a part of a Victorian craft kit. The small box still has some glitter remaining inside. The box has picture of a garden on the front side and some writing in pencil on the backside.
23 1984.6.18 Wax Leaves Eight wax leaves made using a Victorian crafting kit. Some of the leaves are green in color while others are white in color. Some of the wax leaves are intact, while some have started to crumble into pieces.
24 1984.6.19 Wax Flowers Two wax flowers made using a Victorian craft kit. The flowers look like Calla Lilies, but the wax has started to deteriorate over time. The two flowers are white with green stems.
25 1984.6.20 Peg A dark brown, wooden peg used for crafting wax flowers. This piece is spherical on one end and tapers off at the other end. This piece originally came from a Victorian craft kit
26 1989.43.551 Daguerreotype Image of two girls sitting next to each other inside a gold frame. Girls are each wearing a dark dress and have dark hair. Image is enclosed within a brown leather and cloth wooden case, embossed floral design on face and reverse. The words, "Feb. 3, 1855" are handwritten on the red, silky interior of the case.
27 1989.43.552 Tintype Image of man with his hands clasped. He has dark hair, facial hair and is wearing a dark suit with a bow tie. A gold frame surrounds the image within the leather case. The other half of the leather case is missing. What remains of the leather case has an embossed design on the exterior.
28 1989.43.553 Ambrotype Image of man and woman that has lost its background. The image glass and the brass frame remain. The man is seated in the left with his hands folded. He has dark hair and a beard and is wearing a grey dress coat and a light colored dress shirt. The woman is wearing a dark colored dress and her hair is parted in the middle.
29 1989.43.554 Tintype Image of a man sitting in a chair. Image is surrounded by a gold frame, within part of a wooden case. A cover is missing. The man has dark hair, facial hair, and is wearing a suit. The remaining case piece of the case is adorned with an embossed design on the back.
30 1989.43.555 Ambrotype Image of a man and a woman seated. The man is seated on the left and is wearing a suit and a bow tie. He has dark hair and has his arm around the woman. She is wearing a light colored dress and has her hands crossed. She has dark hair, parted down the middle. Image is enclosed within a leather and cloth covered wooden case with a bird and floral design embossed on the face and reverse. Case is lined in red velvet. The red velvet lining has a floral design on it. 1989.43.555 (Ambrotype) image
31 1989.43.556 Tintype Image of a woman with straight hair that is dark and parted down the middle. She has a checkered dress on and her hands are crossed in her lap. The image is framed in brass and glass. Image is enclosed in one side of a leather and cloth wooden case while padded red velvet lining is on the other. The case is embossed with a bird and fruit on the front side and a Celtic like design adorns the backside. The case is closed with a working hook style clasp.
32 1989.43.605 Thimble Thimble with the word "England" stamped on the side. The edges of the thimble are bent.
33 1989.43.606 Scissors Small sewing scissors with design on the top. "U.S.A." stamped into the metal.
34 1989.43.607 Cushion Pin cushion with a metal base that looks like a high-heeled shoe. Pin cushion is tan with some worn down green threading on the perimeter of the cushion.
35 1989.43.608 Hook Wooden latch hook used to make rugs. This particular latch hook is a size 4 as indicated by the stamped lettering on the side of the piece. The letters "U.S.A." are stamped along with the hook size. One end has a metal tip with a three slit opening. The wooden handle has some intricate carvings on the end and comes to a rounded point.
36 1989.43.657 Hook Latch hook carved from Walrus ivory. A sea lion like animal and twisted design are carved on one end. A small hook is located on the other end.
37 1989.43.664 Bottle Ceramic perfume bottle painted brown with white, round nodules around the perimeter. This piece is missing a lid and houses a rolled up piece of paper.
38 1989.43.668 Fan Hand fan with painting of small birds on one side, while a floral like shapes are painted on the other side.
39 1989.43.669 Comb Foldable, wooden hair comb. Has the year "1870" carved into the side. The comb is missing a few teeth.
40 1989.43.670 Mirror Small, round, metal hand mirror with handle. Has an embossed design on the handle and the backside of the mirror, surrounding the outer edge.
41 1989.43.685 Razor Foldable razor with a long, black handle. The words "George Wostenholm & Sons" are stamped into the base of the blade.
42 1989.43.687 Fan, Hand A circular, red, cloth hand fan with brown handles. A metal clasp is located on the end to hold the fan open or closed. A round, metal bracket holds the fan together. Tag: Dress Code
43 1989.43.690 Box A small rectangular shaped, metal snuff box. Has a scalloped design on the lid.
44 1989.43.711 Match Safe Patented match safe. The safe unscrews at one end and swings open at the top to place matches inside. The manufacturer, Marble's Gladstone, is stamped on one end along with a patent date of 1900.
45 1989.43.742 Fan Intricately carved bamboo hand fan. Flowers carved into the top center of each blade with a swirled filigree design carved on the sides.
46 1989.43.746 Tweezer Metal tweezers with a pin hinged style. Circular handles. Semi-circular at the end meant to grasp and tweeze nose hair. Each arm has three, bracket style engraving on the edges, down the length of the tweezer arms.
47 1990.44.34 Ambrotype Photographed is Susan Poffenberger, the grandmother of the donor. She is wearing a dark dress and gloves, and her hair is dark and parted down the middle. Intricately engraved metal case. An oval opening allows viewing of the photo. It has a black, lacquered back and the designation of "E. A. Mother's mother, Susan Poffenberger, Maryland."
48 1990.44.39 Tintype Everett Alderman's mother, Gertrude Verna Welty, as a young girl. She is sitting on an ornate chair. She is dressed in plaid and has dark hair. The photo is on black and white with a copper backing. Taped on the backside is a slip with the designation, "E.A.-My mother Gertrude Verna Welty."
49 1990.58.19A Flatware Fork and knife. a. Pickle fork; mother of pearl handle and a barb on each of the outside tines.
50 1990.58.19B Flatware b. Butter knife; flower design on one side of the blade and mother of pearl handle.