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Catalog # Name Description
1 1995.37.29 Phallocrypt Made from gourds which are lined with fur and attached to the body by woven waist straps. Description of origin is written near the bottom in small print. Color: TN,YL,BR
2 1995.37.30 Phallocrypt Made from gourd lined with fur and attached to the body by woven waist straps. yellow waist strap measures 25 1/2". Description written near bottom. Color: TN,YL,BR
3 2000.2.102 Dagger Cassowary bird thigh bone carved to a narrow pointwith jagged side barbs beginning 2/3 of way down to point. Top 1/3 covered with wrapped twine. Two feather pfojections from end short, long,short bead'/seed each attached to feathers. Worn carvings on dagger. Underside hollow. Color: BR,BK,GY 2000.2.102 (Dagger) image
4 2000.2.36 Carving, ancestor Two human figures. Larger one has skeletal head and hands raised to cheeks; knees bent slightly. Smaller figure stands in front hangs to genitals, knees slightly bent. Entire piece black, with some remnant red, white. Color: BK,WH,RD
5 2000.2.47 Carving, ancestor Two human figures. Top figure (male) is larger - hands raised, legs spread, elbows and knees joined. Attached to back of second, smaller figure. Second figure on elbows and knees, which are joined. Designs carved on body and cheeks of first figure (scarification) Color: BR
6 2000.2.78 Carving, ancestor Five human figures joined at feet and rears, one with hands.. Piece = remnant white. Carved designs on bodies cheeks (scarification?) and remnant red. Hair and eyebrows black. Figures encircled by rectangular-shaped outline, part of rectangles is made up of hornbill(?) figure. Color: BR,RD,WH,BK 2000.2.78 (Carving, ancestor) image
7 2000.2.94 Carving, ancestor Roughly rectangular shaped panel (with narrower, rounded top edge) with turtle fiure at top -joined knees and elbows. Panel face carved with flying fox, cuscus figures. Very pale remnant red; white pigment in some places. Color: BR,RD,WH
8 2000.2.96 Bow, arrows a-h. a) plain wooden bow strung with bark fiber string. b-h) seven arrows of various lengths. Arrows f and d each have e e/r" of shallow barb edges carved into tip. Tip of c either dull or broken. Arrows have 1/2" - 1" sections of wound string at various distances on each. Color: BR 2000.2.96 (Bow, arrows) image
9 2000.2.99 Dagger Cassowary bird thigh bone carved to a narrow point. Appears that a bone point has been added to tip. Hollow underside. Woven string attached to end, attaching eight feather projections to dagger (each = circle of four seeds, gray and white, one long black bead, two sections of feather, attached with strint). Color: BR,BK,WH 2000.2.99 (Dagger) image