Women as Makers

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1 UNIM1986.14.1982.3.0012 Jabot V-neck exterior line with two oval motifs near bottom edge which is scalloped. Vining designs from shoulder down, and between horizontal lines. Probably worn on front of a dress with lowered neckline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN UNIM1986.14.1982.3.0012 (Jabot) image
2 UNIM1992.14.0004 Tablecloth Stair-stepped square shape, Hardanger cloth and embroidery. 7 3/4" plain center, surrounded by Kloster blocks. Other stitches include twisted bars, 8-point stars, satin-stitch & cut fabric threads and spiderweb filling stitch, eyelet holes, woven bars. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1992.14.0004 (Tablecloth) image