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1 Stereograph "Knitting and Sewing Class - National Service Camp for Girls, Washington, D. C." is printed in the lower right corner. Two photos are mounted on gray cardboard with the number "153" on the top of the front side. Several women are sitting inside a large tent in each image while two women are standing. All the women are dressed in military outfits with fatigue hats on. The only difference between their clothes and soldiers is that the girls are wearing skirts instead of pants. There are three sewing machines inside the tent. The tent is very tall in the middle and has a wooden floor.l Color: BK,WH, GY
2 1965.2.3 Flag 80th AAF College Training Detachment. Navy with gold applique. Equally legible on both sides. ISTC. Color: BL GL
3 1965.2.6 Reward of merit Army Air Forces Training Command Certificate of Service Award to Iowa State Teachers College. " In Recognition of the Meritorious Service Rendered the Army Air Forces Training Command During World War II, College Training (Aircrew), 1943-1944. July 1st, 1944." ISTC.
4 1965.2.7 Reward of merit "This Mark of Commendation is awarded by the Navy Department to Iowa State Teachers College for effective co-operation with the U. S. Navy in the training of members of the Women's Reserve. December, 1942. April, 1945. (signed) James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.". ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1965.2.7 (Reward of merit) image
5 1970.36.45 Hat U. S. Women's Naval Reserve officer's World War II overseas issue; navy blue wool material; pleated top, fold-up sides; navy blue satin lining; interior right label, "Made and Sold Under Authority of U. S. Navy, W. A. V. E. S.", anchor & propeller design; interior left label, "Waves, R. L. Rombold Lt. j.g. (junior grade), #105. Lady's size 20 1/2. 1970.36.45 (Hat) image
6 1972.30.13 Diploma Of Carrie Hickman Cowan signed June 11, 1890. ISNS. Printed on white paper. Color: WH,BK
7 1972.30.5 Pen Used by Carrie Hickman Cowan while in college at ISTC. The pen (a) is gold with an orange swirl design end. The code number is written on the ink storage part. The case (b) is blue silk on the inside. The outside is black with a maroon strip on both the top and bottom. Two gold hooks fasten the case closed. A code number is written on the bottom maroon strip toward one end. Color: N/A
8 1973.33.1 Postcard Photo of three rows of people, all women except 2 men, in front of house. In lower left corner "BANGERT/PHO"; across the knees of the front row "ISTC 1910". Color: BK,WH 1973.33.1 (Postcard) image
9 1973.33.12 Print, photographic Women's basketball team, Ossoli, 1911. Placed on a black cardboard. 1973.33.12 (Print, photographic) image
10 1973.43.175 Book, ration "War ration book 3; # 890833." Color: BK,WH 1973.43.175 (Book, ration) image
11 1975.4.0146 Program Wright County Teachers' Institute. Clarion, Iowa, October 6-7, 1921. Color: RD,CR 1975.4.0146 (Program) image
12 1975.4.0148 Card, identification Introduction card for Aletha G. Jacobs of Dows-Wright, a member of the Iowa State Teachers Association. Expiration date, February 22 - no date given. Color: BL,BK 1975.4.0148 (Card, identification) image
13 1975.4.100 Contract School Township Teacher's Contract. For Miss Jacobs with Harrison Township of Benton County running for 2 1/2 months beginning April 14, 1902. Color: BK,WH
14 1975.4.117 Memorandum Teachers Minimum Salary Law, effective July 4, 1919. Color: WH,BK
15 1975.4.135 Certificate, attendance Certificate of Attendance at County Teachers' Institute. Certifies that Aletha Jacobs of Stout was in attendance at the Grundy County Teachers' Institute held at Grundy Center on October 13-14, 1919. Dated and signed October 28, 1919. Color: BK,WH 1975.4.135 (Certificate, attendance) image
16 1975.4.137 Certificate, attendance For Teachers' Institute. Certifies that Aletha Jacobs attended Institute for 2 days, September 21-22, 1916. 1975.4.137 (Certificate, attendance) image
17 1975.4.142 Handbill Third Grundy County Teachers Inspirational Institute. Grundy Center, September 21-22, 1916. Folder detailing the program being offered at the sessions. Handwritten on front-"First one attended in Grundy County." 1975.4.142 (Handbill) image
18 1975.4.147 Program Official program, First Annual Session of North Central Division Iowa State Teachers' Association, Fort Dodge, Iowa, March 16, 17 and 18, 1922. 14 pages. Signed Miss Jacobs at top. 1975.4.147 (Program) image
19 1975.4.20 Booklet "Rose March and Drill, for Sixteen Girls" by Alice Cook Fuller. 5 pp. Color: GY,BK.WH
20 1975.4.31 Clipping, Newspaper "Ma and Her Auto", by Edgar Guest. Color: BK,WH 1975.4.31 (Clipping, Newspaper) image
21 1975.4.53 Magazine ''Normal Instructor and Primary Plans''. (Periodical for teachers of all the grades and of rural schools). May, 1919. Cover depicts a boy and girl playing with hoops drawn by Florence E. Nosworthy. Color: BK,WH
22 1977.27.1 Badge, Ephemera Women's Relief Corps. Gold synthetic. From top to bottom of badge, in black ink reads "THIRTY-SEVENTH NATIONAL CONVENTION", an American bald eagle holding two United States flags in its claws with two medals on opposite ends of a banner which reads "Woman's Relief Corps Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic". A United States flag is then illustrated with "One Country, One Language, One Flag" and "AMERICA FOR AMERICANS", directly beneath it. "Columbus, Ohio Sept. 9, 10, 11, 1919" and "NATIONAL DELEGATE'. This badge is for the Iowa Woman's Relief Corps (W. R. C.), a club that originated in 1879 as a secret society of women in Massachusetts that were going to remain loyal to the North during and after the Civil War. There were only two qualifications to join the corps: ability to prove loyalty to the north, and to be a woman. It did not matter where the members lived because there were several different posts across the United States. It also did not matter the color of her skin, many posts included African American Women as members. In 1883, the W. R. C. was formally recognized and accepted as a legit society. This badge was given to a delegate to wear during the 37th National Convention in Columbus, Ohio from September 9-11, 1919. 1977.27.1 (Badge, Ephemera) image
23 1977.27.2 Ribbon, Ephemera Women's Relief Corps delegate badge. Has "Iowa W. R. C." in black letters at the top while in the center is a black and white photograph of "Georgia Wade McClellan". "COLUMBUS, OHIO September 7-13, 1919", is below the photo, also in black lettering. This badge is for the Iowa Woman's Relief Corps (W. R. C.), a club that originated in 1879 as a secret society of women in Massachusetts that were going to remain loyal to the North during and after the Civil War. There were only two qualifications to join the corps: ability to prove loyalty to the north, and to be a woman. It did not matter where the members lived because there were several different posts across the United States. It also did not matter the color of her skin, many posts included African American Women as members. In 1883, the W. R. C. was formally recognized and accepted as a legit society. The photo on this badge depicts a woman named Georgia Wade McClellan. Georgeanna "Georgia" was a young mother when her family moved to Iowa to get a fresh start away from the war and she was appointed President of the Iowa Woman's Relief Corps. This badge is from the 37th National Convention of the Woman's Relief Corp that took place in Columbus, Ohio. 1977.27.2 (Ribbon, Ephemera) image
24 1979.20.6 Postcard ISNS, Women's Gymnasium and outdoor tennis courts; postmarked "September 3, 1909". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.6 (Postcard) image
25 1980.25.21 Thesis From 1901; title page, "The Personality of the Teacher is the Chief Element in her Governing Power.:; "Hilma Peterson, II High School. El. Latin."; handwitten in ink on lined white paper; twenty six (26) pages; brass clip fasteners at top. Color: BK,WH
26 1980.38.4 Political Pin, Political Button Button, pro ERA, lithograph type; white numerals on dark green field, "59c"; pin back. A pin that NOW (National Organization for Women) released during an ERA (Equal Rights Act) campaign in 1972 that extended it's seven year limit by 3 years to end in 1982 when the act was three states short of ratification. 59c was the gap in pay; women earned 59c to every dollar a man made. NOW is the largest feminist activist group in the United States and was founded in 1966. The goal is to get the ERA added as an amendment to the constitution, but that still has not been done. 1980.38.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
27 1984.6.250 Photography French women in garment factory. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.250 (Photography) image
28 1984.6.290 Photography Women in garment factory. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.290 (Photography) image
29 1986.4.0540 Card, valentine From Wilma Fitzpatrick; votes for women message. Color: ML 1986.4.0540 (Card, valentine) image
30 1986.4.238 Contract For Aletha Jacobs to teach, Empire School District, Buchanan County, 10 September. Color: WH,BL,PK
31 1986.4.24 Photograph Two women sharpening mower blade on pedal whet stone under a large, leafy tree outside a two-story house. 1986.4.24 (Photograph) image
32 1986.4.287 Certificate Proof of successful teaching experience for Sept. 1916-June 1920. Color: BK,WH
33 1986.4.490 Receipt, pay stub For salary earned while teaching in Reamstown, PA, School year, 1955-56. 1986.4.490 (Receipt, pay stub) image
34 1986.4.90 Photograph Aletha Jacobs, in center, with 2 unidentified women, all wearing hats and standing beside a house. Bare trees in background. "teachers" written on back. 1986.4.90 (Photograph) image
35 1989.51.2 Scrapbook Pages from scrapbook compiled by ISTC student Louise Strohbelin during September, 1921 - May, 1922.
36 1990.47.1 Print, photographic WAVES at ISTC in Pass and Review. It seems to be the lead element for the formation; they are wearing their long coats and are passing the review stand. Photo has serrated edges. Taken in April, 1943. Color: BK,WH 1990.47.1 (Print, photographic) image
37 1990.47.12 Print, photographic End of WAVES "Boot" classes in 1943 at ISTC. WAVES are marching around the track and the element has two leaders. Serrated edges. Color: BK,WH 1990.47.12 (Print, photographic) image
38 1990.47.14 Print, photographic New Yeoman School going to class in the fall of 1943. They are marching to the south side of the ISTC auditorium. Serrated edges. WAVEs. Color: BK,WH 1990.47.14 (Print, photographic) image
39 1990.47.3 Print, photographic WAVES at ISTC in Pass and Review. The U. S. and Navy flags are shown with the review stand in the background; serrated edges. Taken in April, 1943. Color: BK,WH 1990.47.3 (Print, photographic) image
40 1990.47.8 Print, photographic End of WAVES "Boot" classes in 1943 at ISTC. This photo of the main body of WAVES has captured them at "eyes right". Serrated edges. Color: BK,WH 1990.47.8 (Print, photographic) image
41 1993.24.222 Memorandum Gives teacher's minimum salary scale effective July 4, 1919. Gives minimums for seven levels of qualifications. Notes that teaching experience must be certified by the County Superintendent before the teacher qualifies for the minimum wage covering such experience. a. Envelope. b. Memorandum. Color: BK,WH
42 1993.5.6 Program ISTC. First Annual Recognition Day, "Women's Recognition Day" assembly. May 17, 1933. 14 pp. Color: BK,CR 1993.5.6 (Program) image
43 1994.10.23 Book, ration Front and back cover are tan; stamps are blue. Front cover indicates book was issued to Alice W. Polkinghorn, 1604 Sherwood Way, Emporia, Kansas, that she was 40, 175 pounds, 5" 9" tall, and occupation was listed as housewife. Her name is written in two places near the top in purple and near the middle in black. Printing indicates this was from the Office Of Price Administration; War Ration Rook No. 3. Printed in red is the number 659165, with the letters DS after it in black. A warning is also printed on the front cover; instructions are printed on the back. Book held seven sheets of 48 stamps. Each stamp has printed on it in black "RATION stamp No." and then its own number. One sheet has a picture of a machine gun on each stamp, another sheet has tanks, another ships, and the last are planes. Color: TN,BL 1994.10.23 (Book, ration) image
44 1995.23.5 Handbill Test results from "STRONG VOCATIONAL INTEREST TEST - WOMEN". One side has printed chart with red marks indicating results. Other side, printed in olive colored type, explains how to interpret the test results. Results are for Laura Higgins, dated 8/8/64. There are 29 occupations listed. SCI. Color: WH,GR,RD
45 1995.23.7 Handbill "HOME ECONOMICS CHECK SHEET FOR EDUCATION MAJOR." For Laura Higgins, 4125 Campbell, April 26, 1965. List Requirements for majors by categories. Lots of pencil notes & check marks. Above information written in pencil. A red ? appears near the humanities heading. Reverse side also has degree requirement & suggested courses for Freshman and Sophomore year. Margin notes in blue pen. SCI. Color: WH,BK
46 1996.29.36 Print, photographic Image of women students standing in chemistry lab at UNI. Sqaure, flat finished wood frame. Black & white photo with mat. Color: BR
47 1997.20.1 Letter From Jane Ashley to Eliza Hamilton telling of the cares of tending to a household of eight and her tender feelings for her friends and family back home. Hand written in ink.
48 2000.9.12 Print, photographic Outdoor photo of two women in casuall dress embraced standing in front of Bartlett Hall. On reverse in pencil "Charleen and Charlotte Shaffer". Photo has scalloped edges. Color: BK,WH 2000.9.12 (Print, photographic) image
49 2000.9.8 Print, photographic Outdoor photo of three women in casual dress standing on campus lawn. Two of the women are standing in front of covered archery targets, the other one is between them and holding an arrow as if to throw it. Bartlett Hall is in the background. On reverse in pencil "Charllotte Shaffer Mickey , ?". Photo has scalloped edges. Color: BK,WH 2000.9.8 (Print, photographic) image
50 2004.17.112 Photograph ISTC women in chemistry laboratory. Professor in lower right corner. Color: GY,WH,BK 2004.17.112 (Photograph) image