ED2019-126 (Blanket)

ED2019-126 (Blanket) image

Northwest Coast. Miniature example of a ceremonial button blanket.

Sheet included with object: "Represented family crests, proclaim rank, and the social status of the wearer. That status was and is reinforced by the robe's acclimation of cosmic support - power- the history of which has been validated properly and prepetuated through time (Robes of Power, by D. Jensen and P. Sargeant). Depending on the clan the designs include raven, killer-whale, eagle, wolf. The blankets are decorated with white buttons originally brought by European traders; prior to the buttons, copper plates, dentalium, and abalone shells, as well as bullet casings were sewn on the edges of regalia because they made a tinkling, rustling noise when the wearer danced.