MAC-148 (Acrylic)

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Among Friends by artist Chaveevah Banks Ferguson. Among Friends was a Catherine Haynes Memorial Quasi-Endowed Fund Purchase Award. The artwork offers lengthy colors in a variety of bright and thickened opacity. The movement is not a standard brushstroke, yet intentional, with dancing notes allowing the viewer to feel the intention. Each piece narrates a sentimental meaning from herself to the audience. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Iowa and finished her BA and MA at the University of Northern Iowa. She supports the betterment of Waterloo, Iowa, as a co-host of a weekly broadcast to share the positive momentum of people and businesses in the community.  "The piece Among Friends is a reminder of those summer nights in the backyard with friends. I know that Rod Library is a perfect space for these feelings. I feel honored to have my work on the walls of a library," she stated.  

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