UNIM1989.5.45 (Box)

1 LB. 5 Oz. box of Fels-Naptha soap chips, cardboard. Box is tan with small red text reading "FELS-NAPTHA SOAP CHIPS" printed in a repeating pattern all over the box as a background pattern. "Fels-Naptha Soap Chips; The Golden Chips With The Clean Naptha Odor" is printed in dark green ink on the front and back; one side has a strip of tape that is beginning to tear off a little across the top, "All Purpose Soap" has been handwritten in black marker. "Fels-Naptha Soap Chips" is also printed on the top and bottom of the box, both also have a small area in which the repeating text pattern is absent, leaving a brown circle, the circle on the bottom is empty, the one on the top has the number "33" handwritten in black pencil; a piece of paper with black cursive script has been glued to the top of the box, it reads "for equipment class only". Each of the side panels contain text boxes where repeating text pattern is absent, inside these boxes is green text; one side consists of instructions on how to use the product for washing machines, silk things, woolens, and dishes, it also includes a disclaimer on how to properly use the product; the other side includes the same disclaimer along with a list of benefits to the product, this side also has a small opening towards the top for pouring the product, the small tab reads "Press Here; Fold Back".