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Cat. # Name Description
101 1976.0027 Robin, American Color: BR,OR
102 1976.0034 Chart Illustrates international alphabet flags (phonetic alphabet, Morse code and semaphore alphabet). Color: ML
103 1976.0037 Concretion Limestone pyrite concretion.
104 1976.0038 Rock Sedimentary rock veined with something. Two pieces, a. and b.
105 1976.0041 Magazine Danish Foreign Office. Special issue for the United States. Cover photo of Their Majesties, King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. Color: BK,WH
106 1976.0047 Sora None
107 1976.0057 Sunbonnet Homemade; cloth reproduction. Color: YL,ML
108 1976.0061 Pheasant Color: BR
109 1976.0062 Myna Color: BK
110 1976.007 Waxwing, cedar Color: BR
111 1976.0075 Map 1976 transportation map of Iowa distributed by the Dept of Transportation.
112 1976.0077 Bag Brown with purple and yellow printing. 1976-77 basketball schedule on one side; 1976 football schedule on opposite side; double strength. Color: PR,YL
113 1976.0083 Owl, screech Color: GY
114 1976.0103 Pin Wisconsin bicentennial. Lapel tack shows 2 maps of state of Wisconsin, one superimposed on the other and slightly offset, upper one to east and north of lower one. Upper map has "1776-1976". a. Tack. b. Tack base.
115 1976.0105 Symbol "American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976". Color: BK,WH
116 1977.0009 Vireo, red-eyed Nest.
117 1977.0015 Postcard W, CF & N railroad car. (Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern). Color: ML
118 1977.0025 Flag Forty-eight star platform flag. Nylon with gold-yellow nylon braided fringe measuring 3 inches long. Stars individually embroidered both sides angling toward central midribs in arms of each star. Color: RD,WH,BL,GD
119 1977.0032 Case, problematic Handle on top, and four sections or pockets.
120 1977.0034 Envelope Centennial commemorative envelope. School seal in the upper left corner enclosed in a red square. "Centennial committee" to its right. The envelope is addressed to Dr. Pauline L. Sauer, University Museum, University of Northern Iowa.____ Color: WH,RD
121 1977.0035 Remnant, wood Bamboo pole. Large, cracked chipped, and reinforced with brown tape.
122 1977.004 Program Alpha Shakespearean Literary Society. The outer front cover bears an illustrated outdoor scene in the upper left corner, and is entitled, "Closing Program of the Alpha, Shakesperian, and Philomathean Literary Societies, of ISNS. At Normal chapel, Monday December 14th, 1885, 7:30 P. M." The borders of the cover are decorated with a lined and laced design. The body of the program lists that evening's activities, such as musical recitals, essays, and debate competitions. Although stained and soild from age, the program is of a very good condition. The card was printed by Gazette Print. Color: BK,WH
123 1977.0055 Magazine Collection; includes "National Geographic" for June 1934, February 1937, September 1938, January 1947, July 1949, March 1955, January 1962, April through December 19967, January through March 1970; Oceans January through December 1969, February through June 1970; "Sea Frontiers" March/April through September/October 1968, January through December 1969 through 1972, March/April through November/December 1973, January through December 1974 through 1976, January/February through July/August 1977; "Sea Frontiers" Supplements--"Sea Secrets" March, April, May, June, August, September, October, December 1968; January, February, April, May, June, July/August, September, October, November 1969, February through September/October 1970, January through December 1971 through1973, All except July/August 1974, January/February, March/April, July/August 1975. Color: BK,WH
124 1977.0066 Print, photographic Photo of the Iowa State Teachers College" (ISTC) green house. The picture was used in conjunction with a radio program advertisment and has been torn from a calendar or pamphlet.
125 1978.0001 Wrapper Commemorative "Ivory Soap" wrapper, labeled "Ivory Soap", "Procter & Gamble Products--Est. 1837.", "IT Floats", and "99 44/100% Pure". Color: BL,WH
126 1978.0004 Sparrow, English Color: BR
127 1978.0009 Booklet "Memory book." Compiled by the 1920-21 3rd grad lab school class and presented to Ms. Lily Baral when she moved to Maryland. The handmade and printed book has a gray paper cover and contains the names and description of the class members. ISTC. Color: ML
128 1978.0014 Tusk None
129 1978.0019 Sculpture, hand Clay hand of Miss Rose Lena Ruegnitz, former piano teacher at UNI.
130 1978.0024 Quail Color: BR
131 1978.0036 Beaver Light brown fur on back, cream color on underside. 4 protruding yellowed teeth. Standing position, front paws on tree trunk, base of gray-brown plaster. Color: BR,CR,GY
132 1978.0052 Cuckoo, black-billed Color: BK
133 1978.0053 Prairie dog Standing on all fours on wood base.
134 1978.0066 Cup White red, brown, black floral design on side, loop handle, base marked, "Carefree, True China by Syracuse, Windswept, Made in U. S. A.". From faculty room, Old Gilchrist Hall. Cup had been inadvertently removed from Old Gilchrist about a week before it burned. Color: WH,RD,BR,BK
135 1979.0007 Ruler Gold-colored painted numbers & letters; obverse labeled "Geo. W. Kaiser Co., expert Shoe Fitters, phone 563, 113 S. Third Street., Cedar Rapids, Iowa", graduated to 15"; reverse labeled "We Feature the Dave Armstrong Shoe for Women, We Feature the Stetson Shoe for Men", stamped with shoe-size gauge and instructions on use. Color: RD
136 1979.0023 Robin Nest.
137 1979.0029 Hummingbird Color: ML
138 1979.0042 Rubbing Charcoal rubbing, Thailand Buddhist temple; black & white. Color: BK,WH
139 1979.0049 Owl, great horned Color: GY,WH
140 1979.0053 Booklet "Homecoming-Reunion", pamphlet, gold folded paper, purple lettering, "Fall into Fantasy, Homecoming-Reunion Weekend 1979, Honoring the classes of 1919, 1929, 1939, and 1954 UNI, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the UNI Alumni association 1879-1979"; pamphlet lists the Homecoming activities for the weekend of October 5-7, 1979. Color: GD,PR
141 1980.001 Coin One peso.
142 1980.0013 Doily Hardanger needlework piece. Color: WH
143 1980.0027 Ash In glass vial with screw top lid. Color: GY
144 1980.0028 Oriole, Baltimore Color: BK,OR
145 1980.0052 Tooth, horse? Tooth; probably from a horse. Color: WH
146 1981.0003 Label, address Iowa State Teachers college (ISTC) cloth address tag; treated white canvas material, black print, " FROM-" Iowa State Teachers College Cedar Falls, Iowa TO-------": brass grommet fitting. Color: BK,WH
147 1981.0006 Handkerchief Lace. Color: WH
148 1981.0026 Waxwing, cedar None
149 1982.0002 Fossil Fossil is located in the upper right hand corner of stone. Part of the tail fin is missing. Fossil is on a large piece of stone.
150 1982.0003 Sparrow, white-throated Color: BR
151 1982.001 Hawk, sparrow Color: BR
152 1982.0017 Thrasher, brown Color: BR
153 1982.0019 Sparrow, white-throated Color: BR,WH
154 1983.0008 Pot Santa Ana pot.
155 1984.0003 Belt Man's.
156 1984.0009 Owl, screech Color: GY,WH
157 1985.0002 Wood None
158 1985.001 Print, photographic Dr. Emmet J. Cable.
159 1985.0011 Duck, Wood Mounted. Color: BR,GR
160 1986.0007 Turtle, loggerhead Color: GR,BR,YL
161 1986.0012 Goldeneye, common None
162 1987.0027 Lectern Unpainted oak ? Color: BR
163 1987.003 Yearbook "The Normal Eyte", ISNS. Color: BK,WH,PR
164 1988.0003 Catalog Latta's School Supplies for School Boards and Teachers. J. S. Latta, Inc. opposite I. S. T. C. campus, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
165 1988.0023 Runner, table Embroidered runner Color: WH
166 1988.0039 Stove Pot-belly style.
167 1988.004 Telephone None
168 1988.0041 Picture George Washington.
169 1988.0042 Wood None
170 1989.0001 Owl, great horned Color: GY
171 1989.0017 Plaque Gettysburg Address; presented by the class of 1909.
172 1989.0023 Bell, school School bell that is tarnishing. 
173 1989.0027 Frame, picture None
174 1989.0039 Flag Forty-eight star.
175 1989.0047 Wood None
176 UNIM1989.0049 Bell, school School handbell. 
177 1989.0056 Coin Large cent.
178 1990.0025 Invitation To open house at McKinley School. Color: BK,WH
179 1990.0030 Book "Iowa Geological Survey - Volume VII." Color: BK,WH
180 1990.0034 Map Set of maps with roller. Physical-Political Series of 11 maps in graduated lengths. Metal roller has a tab at each end for insertion into a bracket for hanging. A backing piece of canvas and vinyl is designed to roll the maps inside and secure with two string ties.
181 1990.0057 Gar, long-nosed Gray with orange fins. Mounted on a wooden base prepared to simulate the appearance of a river bottom. Color: GY,OR
182 1991.0027 Quartzite Block.
183 1991.0028 Cabinet, filing Used by Homer H. Seerley, President of ISNS and ISTC from 1886-1928.
184 1991.0037 Bone Fossil bones including Rangifer (caribou), Ouibos (muskox), Mpehitus (skunk) and odocoileus (deer).
185 1991.0039 Coin, replica Reproduction. Greek coin minted in Gela (colony of Dorian) Sicily before 466 B. C. Rare depiction of a tetradrachma (four-horsed chariot): quadriga with horses walking, the charioteer holding reins and a goad. The reverse side of the coin shows the forepart of a man-headed bull (a river god) swimming along with right foreleg bent. Gelon, the tyrant of Gela, conquered in chariot race at Oluympia in 488 B. C. Reverse type of this coin may commemorate the event.
186 1991.0044 Gypsum None
187 1991.0045 Sandstone None
188 1991.0046 Yearbook UNI Old Gold. Color: BL
189 1992.001 Owl, great horned Color: GY,WH
190 1992.0016 Woodcock Color: BR
191 1992.0017 Kestrel, American Color: BR
192 1992.0018 Vireo, red-eyed Color: BR
193 1992.0023 Sweater Worn by alumni who lettered in track at Iowa State Teacher's College. Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC) letter sweater, 1929. Gold with purple/gold felt TC on front.
194 1992.0036 Cardinal Color: RD
195 1993.0023 Dove, mourning Color: GY
196 1993.0036 Kinglet None
197 1994.0026 Elk, (wapiti) Color: BR-GY
198 2001.0021 Picture Framed print of a toddler staring at a dog, possibly a collie. Both are on a cobbletone ground outside a building. A cat is peeking around the door frame of the building. Toddler is wearing a loose white gown. Dog is brownish white, and the cat is a gray striped tabby. Frame of picture is dark wood. Color: BR,WH,YL
199 2005.001 Bulletin Bound with gray cardstock with 2 staples. On front cover - "Iowa State Teachers College/Cedar Falls, Iowa/Bulletin/Supplement to Vol. XIV, No.4/April, 1914/Issued Quarterly. Published by the Iowa State Teachers College. Entered as second-class mail matter August 31, 1912, at the post office at Cedar Falls, Iowa, under the Act of August 24, 1912." Color: GR, WH, BK 2005.001 (Bulletin) image
200 2007.0007 Ticket ticket to a formal ball on campus. "Silver Bells Formal. The Commons Ballroom. Rod AaBerg and His Orchestra. Dec. 13, 1958. 8:00 pm. $2.50 couple". Card w/silver writing. Back is blank. Hole in upper corner w/ a white ribbon inserted and tied in a bow. Plastic holly and small bell attached w/ribbon. Holly has three red berries w/green leaves. 3 silver paper leaves attached. Color: WH, GR, RD, GY