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101 2004.17.205.0010 Newsletter "The Alumnus, University of Northern Iowa, September. 1975. Vol. 60, No. 3." Front cover has a photo of a young girl in a tree. Below, in blue ink "Frances Rainbow Sage.". Back has orange photo of football players in background and reads "Come on home to UNI for Homecoming '75." Color: BK,GY,WH,OR 2004.17.205.0010 (Newsletter) image
102 1972.46.0036 Dress a. Dress. b. Jacket. Jacket and dress both open down the front to a V-neck with a collar and 3/4-length sleeves. Jacket is tied together by a plaid tie. A long white silk bow at the neck joins both sides of the dress. Color: YL,RD
103 1978.38.0036 Ticket, lottery Ten pesos paper ticket, serial No. 054261, issued June 22, 1972.
104 1986.16.0042 Calcite Nodule.
105 Copper None
106 UNIM1989.9.0032 Dress For large infant. Checked dimity. Flared body, 2 1/2" hem, machine sewn. Short kimono sleeves. Narrow tucks at center front and near shoulders. Four-button placket at center back; handworked buttonholes. Narrow machine lace at neck and sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
107 1989.43.0292 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
108 2017-7-21A Trophy Trophy with two marble bases and three reflective pillars. On the bottom base "2006 College Spirit camp 5th Place". In between the bottom pillars is a plastic hawk figurine. On the top is a winged woman holding a disk with the UCA symbol. 2017-7-21A (Trophy) image
109 1991.11.0118 Stocking White children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. White
110 1969.39.0035 Tag, identification Typed paper name tag "Pauline L. Sauer/ State College of Iowa", encapsulated in plastic sleeve with metal pin on back. Color: WH,BL
111 1970.74.0782M Actinolite (Amphibole group) Cut slabs of variety known as nephrite. Color: BK
112 Quartz Crystals of smoky quartz Cairngorm stone. Dull.
113 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
114 2009.9.0008 Print, photographic Two young women, Irene Parvo and Hope Neumamaker, one dressed in calf length dress with pipe stockings standing, the other wearing rolled up pants, a white blouse cord belt and jacket slung over shoulders like cape, kneeling, both in front of undisclosed building Color: Black and White
115 UNIM1992.12.0028 Collar To be worn with sweater or jacket. Lining is quilted; gray-beige. Large hook & eye fastener. Color: BR
116 1975.4.0259 Postcard "Easter Greetings." Postcard sent to Miss Jacobs, LaPorte City, Iowa wishing a happy Easter from Alice, 1915. Color: ML
117 1968.10.493.0125 Chip, stone None
118 1978.51.1.0087 Coin Queen Victoria, one cent.
119 1986.4.0192 Negative, film Summer in Montana. Image of a field and dirt road. A man stands to the left side of the image and is bent over. There are buildings in the distance. 1986.4.0192 (Negative, film) image
120 1992.22.0020 Skirt White with pink print linen. Pink trim. Hook/eye closure. Piece added/trimmed 12 1/4" above hem. Hem trimmed in pink. Color: WH,PK
121 1970.41.3.0035 Point, projectile None
122 Hematite Massive; possible fossil imprint; stream polished. Color: BK
123 2010.6.0025 Contract Agreement to Modify Teacher's Continuing Contract, Helen Marine, Mid-Prairie Comm School District, Tom Jura, pre-printed contract form, blanks filled in with black type, signed with black ink Color: WH
124 1970.74.1146M Wood None
125 1976.40.0006 Wrapper Bicentennial. Color: ML
126 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.0022 Magazine ''The Delineator''. The Butterick Publishing Co. Vol. LIX:4, April, 1902. Color: BK,WH
127 1986.4.0446 List Things to do for health. Color: WH,BK
128 UNIM1994.14.0038 Pants Men's brown and tan striped pants. Straight leg trouser style ankle length. 9" zipper, 2 snaps, Color: BR, TN
129 1981.8.0232 Coin Ten cents.
130 1994.32.130.0003 Chart Pencil-drawn, with six columns. The three headings are repeated once. They are "Symbols on Weather Map, Miles [Statute] Per Hour, Knots. 9 rows completed in both columns. Light tagboard. Color: BK,WH
131 2017-16-26D Warrant A school warrant issued by Geneseo Independent District No.6, directing the school treasurer to pay T.F. Stoakes $315.00 for Traer High School tuition.
132 1997.5.0002 Figurine Navy blue knit figure carrying a stick. Eyes are pasted on and outlined in red string. A white feather pierces the forehead and there is a red raffia top knot. Tri-color (red, navy blue, tan) ruff is knotted on at wrists and ankles. a larger, wider ruff encircles the neck. Attached to this are three white feathers, and in back, a gold edged green fabric stiff crown shape. Below the ruff around the waist, the figure wears a lavender cummerbund that extends down the back to three horizontal panels, lavender, white, lavender. 1997.5.0002 (Figurine) image
133 1970.47.1.0454 Galena Unlabelled.
134 1970.74.1510M Aragonite None
135 2006.14.0007 Mouse, House Skin: 2006.14.7A- Flecks of a white substance covering the top and sides of specimen. Skull: 2006.14.7B Color: BR
136 1984.6.0006 Print, photographic Dev. B N #2 Camp Dodge. Command of black soldiers. Color: BK,WH
137 Box "Fifty-two - Helio".
138 Leaf Coal measure.
139 UNIM1996.4.2c.0007 Pattern Simplicity pattern. 8710 (1970. Mini dress & vest; sz. 11/12. Color: TN
140 1977.28.0009 Mud fragments May contain bones.
141 00.26.0143 Eagle, golden None
142 1968.9.50.0016n Blackbird, red-winged Nest.
143 UNIM1988.11.0129 Combination Open at top. Hand crocheted yoke and built up shoulder. 5/8" lace around wide leg openings. Crotch is 5 1/4" wide. Has side seams only. Front and back look exactly alike. Pear shaped. Legs are 30" around. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
144 1978.51.6.0117 Currency Fractional-postage currency, by the Act of March 3, five cents. 2nd Issue featuring George Washington at center Color: BK,WH
145 1993.24.0179 Invoice From J. S. Latta & Son to Cedar Falls #6 for school supplies picked up by Mrs. Ann Blau. Each marked "O. K. A. H." and "Pd. with warrent (sic) #9." a. #1688, $36.89. b. $30.70, $1.25. c. #3136, $62.85.
146 1998.5.0016 Magazine "It's Compton's" is written on the front cover in white letters with a red background. On the cover is a black and white photo of a boy pointing out something in a hard cover book to a girl of similar age. The boy has blonde hair and is wearing a sweater vest over a short sleeve shirt with collar. The girl has red hair, freckles, is wearing a short sleeve dress with white collar. Her hair is in a pony tail while shelves with books are in the background. On the back is an advertisement for Compton's encyclopedia. 65 pp. Color: GR,BK,RD,WH
147 1979.0046 Magazine "A Book of Views'', Volume 37, No. 3, June, 1937; twenty-eight (28) pages, black and white photographs concerning the programs and acitivities at the college, paper cover illustrated with photograph of campanile at dusk. Color: BK,WH 1979.0046 (Magazine) image
148 1970.74.0117M Granite Color: BK
149 1995.21.0009 Transparency, slide Kabul, mountain from hotel. Urban sidewalk with several pedestrians; one car. Snow capped mountain in background. Color: ML
150 2006.15.0052 Obsidian Medium in size specimen of obsidian, rough texture, uneven ridges, black with orange stripes and veins, dull to vitreous luster, 5-6 on hardness scale Color: Black
151 Bufflehead Wing.
152 2002.7.0042 Book, Song "Gold Cross, Collection of Old Favorite songs." White paper cover with photograph printed in green ink. "Compliments of Mohawk Condensed Milk Co. b. Newspaper clipping, "USS Missouri Scene of Historic Jap Surrender" with picture. Sept. 6, 1945. Color: WH,GR
153 1970.9.0010 Sling Center sling almost exclusively natural with a little brown in center. Color: TN,BR
154 Tufa Calcareous.
155 1988.35.0034 Print, photographic Baseball, Iowa Conference champions, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
156 Plant None
157 2006.17.0099 point, projectile medium sized side notched point; beveling on left edge of one face; distal end broad; cross section roughly biconvex; edges convex; base convex; munsell- 10yr 6/2 light brownish gray; matanzas cluster point mid archaic-woodland 4500-2500 ybp Color: gy
158 1995.21.0262 Transparency, slide Palatine Hill from west. Standing walls of old buildings. Color: ML
159 1993.24.49.0016 Receipt May 2, 1957. Carbon copy of Credits School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township with payment of $600.63 to the General Fund.
160 1999.5.30.0107 Transparency, slide Mosque Nou. Court & sycamores.
161 2003.10.0007 Machete Long hooked blade attached to a wooden handle with a nail. Hand-wrought.
162 Calcite Geode.
163 1970.74.0456M Cone-in-cone Selenite.
164 2007.17.0048 Booklet Crystal Notes: A planning book for students. Pictures of women examining crystal. 7pgs Color: YL, WH, BK
165 UNIM1988.11.0674 Brooch Front blue and white. Bird in flight has blue body and a white head and chest. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH
166 1974.37.0017 Fossil Shark teeth.
167 UNIM1986.14.1980.7.0001 Shoe Pumps. Circular toe and continental 2 1/2' heel. Open at sides with 1/2' straps joing vamp and quarter of shoe. Front portion perforated. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
168 1978.13.0002 Cup Hardee's; white plastic with red, white and blue top border and drawing and historical description of Paul Revere.
169 1990.53.0196 Quartz On hematite.
170 Structure, jointed None
171 1989.22.0030 Engraving Studer Pl. LXVII, print of Raven, Common crow, Canada Jay, Robin red breast, and House or European sparrow. Colored. Color: ML
172 1993.38.0013 Biface Hafted base.
173 1999.5.30.0359 Transparency, slide Bagh eram House.
174 Kyanite Crystal aggregate. Color: BL
175 2008.15.0143 Script Tan paper with black print. A page from a book; the top of the page reads "Recitations and Exercises". The front page, 21, has five poems on it. The back page, 22, has a heading of "Secular Selections". There are two longer pieces on this page. Next to the poem called "Good Night" is the word copy underlined twice. Next to "Christmas Weather" is Kathy. Color: TN 2008.15.0143 (Script) image
176 1975.16.0026 Pamphlet Folder: The Exhibition of Archaeological Find of The People's Republic of China, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, June 28-August 28-1975.
177 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0131 Uniform Wool navy colored Navy shirt. Fitted style with pullover closure. Sailor collar with long set in sleeves. V yoke front and back. Slit breast pocket on left side. Company insignia (feather and lightning bolt) and rank stripes (3) on left sleeve. Has label under back collar and laundry mark on back inside waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
178 1972.31.0040 Bowl Straight up-turned rim. All-over pencil design including bird in central circle, 3 birds in wide surrounding circle, band of curlicues, and outer band of laurel leaves. Polished ware. Color: BK
179 Chalk None
180 UNIM1988.7.0003 Dress Chrstening dress, for infant up to two months old. Round neck with 3" deep yoke. Vertical & horizontal bands of fine lace in yoke area & embroidery and lace down center front and 8 bands at hem. Long sleeves, lace trimmed. Center back 6" placket with 2 buttons. b. Slip. Waist 7" long with skirt gathered to it. Center back buttons to waist; open in skirt back. Color: WH
181 1989.43.0132 Point, projectile No stem point.
182 1990.56.0003 Stigmaria Fossil lycopod. Oblique, cylindrical shape.
183 1970.74.0558M Jaspilite Jasper, hematite, quartz.
184 1994.10.19.0004 Handkerchief Appliqued triangle shape in each corner with white embrodered designs. Fabric is rather loosely woven with a 5/8" closely wven band on each side, 3/4' in from edge. Rolled hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
185 2004.25.0019 Model, canoe Small scale. Canoe-shaped. Made of reeds bound together by twine made of smaller reeds. Two reeds placed on opposite sides of each other toward middle of the boat form the mast. Sail is attached to them at the top. Sail made by vertical reeds held together by string that runs through either side of the mast.
186 Pyrite Crystal clump.
187 1972.59.0012 Print, photographic Richard Nixon, President of the United States.
188 Fossil None
189 Quartz None
190 UNIM1990.6.0033 Slip adjuxtabel half inch wide ribbon shoulder straps, flower applique in bust area and three at left side front skirt above hem, scalloped machine stitched design at top all around and at hem, gathers under bust Color: WH
191 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.0042 Cummerbund pale green twill. Bias cut ends pleated to 4 1/2'' width with three roes of four pearlized buttons 3/8'' diameter per row, for decoration only. Fastened with four sets of snaps. Color: GR
192 1986.4.0032 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs ,in center, with 2 unidentified women; 1920 picnic scne; "Circle of Knowledge" books visible. 1986.4.0032 (Print, photographic) image
193 Biotite (Mica group) Dense plates. Color: BK
194 1970.74.0925M Goethite Botryoidal. Color: BK
195 1976.1.6.0003 Magazine ''Time'', February 25, 1974, "Alexander Solzhenitsyn". (Russian author). Color: BK,WH
196 1968.14.0119 Mouse None
197 1972.83.0002 Slide Coal ball.
198 1986.4.0286 Certificate, teaching First Grade. Color: WH,BK
199 UNIM1994.13.0019 Pantyhose unusual color(peach) on legs, white at the top, elastic waist Color: WH, PK
200 1989.43.0743 Necklace Tiny beads that tie together at the end. Hand made. Color: BL,WH