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101 Kit, mess German Army World War II standard issue; aluminum base pot; looped wire handle; tapered neck; rolled top edge; chipped dark green painted finish; side stamped, "HRE-40". Aluminum lid-pan, fits on top of pot; hinged metal handle; green painted finish; metal loops on top & bottom for carrying strap, strap missing; base stamped, "MKL-41" (1941).a. Mess kit pot. b. Mess kit lid-pan.
102 2017-17-22 Newspaper A copy of "American Outlook" magazine. 2017-17-22 (Newspaper) image
103 42007 Photograph No.5- Weather-worn pack ice near the Antarctic circle: Packed ice is seen in the forefront of the photograph. The middle ground has several bodies of packed ice floating in the water. The back ground has a vast number of packed ice floating in the water
104 UNIM1988.11.0065 Blouse Sailor collar style only not so long in back. 3" center front closure of three buttons 7/8" dia and heavy. Elastic at waist. Set in long sleeves. Tucks center front coming to a wide pleat at waist. Hem stitching detail on sleeves, collar and tucks. Elastic waist is held shut with a hook and eye center front. Hem stitching detail; 7/8" dia heavy buttons. I question such heavy buttons on light fabric. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
105 Franklinite Blebs of franklinite, zincite and willemite to 1/4". Color: BK
106 1995.15.0028 Magazine ''Junior Scholastic''. National School Magazine. Cover story: "Cars of Tomorrow by Boys of Today". Other articles include: "Europe Asks U. S. Aid", "Locomotive Washer", "Robot C-54", "Hindus and Moslems Riot in India", "Rising Prices". Vol. 21, no. 5. Color: WH,BK,GR
107 UNIM1996.3.0001 Book "The Shopping Book," by Wm. H. Baldwin. Color: BK,WH
108 1993.24.0131 Invoice From Municipal Utilities, Cedar Falls, to Eddy School for utilities used. Each marked "O. K. A. H." a. Apr. 20, 1955 $11.24. "Pd. with warrent (sic) #47. b. May 20, 1955, $6.24. "Pd. with warrant #54. c. June 20, 1955.
109 2002.5.44.0001 Textbook "Guidebook for Friends and Neighbors and More Friends and Neighbors," by William S. Gray and Lilian Gray. Basic reader for second grade. Curriculum Foundations Series, Teachers Guide book. Red cover with white printing, "Property of" label printed on the back cover. 256 pp. Pencil writing: word list in the back of the book. Color: RD,WH
110 2017-21-56 Book Bookkeeping and Accounting First Course. Written by Fayette H. Elwell and James V. Toner. 2017-21-56 (Book) image
111 1977.53.0162 Coin Five kopeck.
112 2006.15.0003 Quartz Agate 150 gram quartz agate. One side is polished flat, the other shows the growth of fine quartz crystals. Surrounded by brown, white and pink crystals. Color: PK WH BR
113 UNIM1988.11.0334 Pillowcase Design stamped on both ends and hemstitched with slight scallop. Tulip and wine design. Tubing to make a pair of pillowcases. Tulip and wine design not embroidered. Crossstitch pattern. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
114 Wood None
115 1979.18.0001 Print, photographic Of Mrs. Stella Robinson Wynegar, taken when she was 18 years old; colored oval photograph. Mrs. Wynegar wears a light-blue dress. Black shadow at bottom of picture. Oval brass frame, hinged hanger at top, brass knob legs at bottom; burgundy-colored velvet covered cardboard backing, with supporting leg.
116 1981.8.0329 Currency 10 piastres Front: Value; Back: People with Flag (2 stars) Color: ML
117 1988.35.0030 Print, photographic Baseball, ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1988.35.0030 (Print, photographic) image
118 Chalcopyrite Chalcopyrite, pyrite, green carbonate
119 1990.44.0027 Book "Holy Bible - Red Letter Edition", copyright 1902, J. R. James. Inside the cover is the price "$2.50". fringes of the pages are red and edges are gold coated. On pages 1873-1877 is the family register. Color: BK,WH
120 1995.21.0216 Transparency, slide Indian statue. Female, one arm raised. On base, across street from park. Color: ML
121 1993.24.46.0025 Receipt June 23, 1954. Carbon copy crediting School District Eddy No. 6 with payment of $195.74 to the General Fund. Form #58-30 P-F 17289.
122 1974.37.0057 Tooth Rodent tooth.
123 Bank, still Cylindrical with Franklin's portrait and "Benj. Franklin Savings Bank, A penny saved is twopence."
124 1970.17.0021 Instructions, game May party.
125 1978.13.0019 Coaster Sambo's Restaurant. Bicentennial. "American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976" paper coaster. Color: RD,WH,BL
126 1989.22.0020 Engraving Studer Pl. XLVI, print of Long-billed curlew, Willet or stone snipe, and White-rumped sandpiper. Color: ML
127 1970.47.1.0269 Calcite Fits #
128 Pintail, common One female wing.
129 UNIM1988.11.0620 Earring Dome shaped faceted stone made of plastic; black color. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
130 1984.6.0112 Book "The Boy's Own Book" by Camerlynck - Guernier & G. H. Camerlynck; H. Didier, Editeur. Illus in b/w. 195 pp. For teaching English grammar to French speaking boys. Also has little stories in English . The first 30 pages not attached to binding. Color: Faded red, black, tan
131 1990.53.0152 unk None
132 1995.21.0469 Transparency, slide East end of Temple of Dawn, from its top. Shows top of central tower over entrance and two side by side units leading away behind. Roofs of units have three horizontal sections, different pitches. River and buildings on far shore in background. Color: ML
133 2004.17.0002 Textbook "Open Sesame! Poetry and Prose for School-Days," Edited by Bellamy & Goodwin. Ginn & Co., Boston. 1901. 376 pp. Maroon colored binding. Inside front cover has sticker reading "No. 557 DISTRICT NO. 4 COUNTY OF LINN IOWA." Lists regulations for used of the book. Color: CR,BK,RD
134 1975.16.28.0011 Postcard Color photo of a painted glazed horse of the Tang dynasty (A.D.618-907). Color: ML
135 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0076 Slip Rayon bias cut slip pink in color. Adjustable straps for closure. 2" wide floral design lace at top front and and bottom. V neckline front and back; center front. Back panel and side panels, bodice at bust separate pieces gathered to panels; slight A-line. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
136 00.22.0024 Sawfish Snout.
137 2008.15.0098 Script Tan paper with handwritten poem. The name Randy appears in the top right hand corner. The title of the poem is "The Clock". The are two holes punched near the top edge. On the back of the paper 8017 is printed in red. There are holes where staples used to be in between the whole punches. Color: TN 2008.15.0098 (Script) image
138 UNIM1988.11.0871 Bracelet 7 1/2" gold chain with 1 1/2" diameter charm with bees and beehive. BEE MY HONEY written on outer circle. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD
139 1984.9.0007 Rattle None
140 1968.9.49.13715.0061 Tortoise, wood Plate.
141 1989.43.0120 Drill Base missing.
142 1970.74.0516F Bone Alligator jaw structure.
143 1993.37.0008 Sandal Children's sandals. Woven cotton upper covers the top half of the sandal. It is decorated with green, orange and red yarn in "X", "V" and dot designs. One small hole is left at the center front of the sandal. The same cotton weave is used for the back strap of the sandal. The side of each sole is decorated with orange yarn. The sole of the sandal is made of braided fique. 1. right. b. left. Color: TN,GR,RD,OR
144 2006.17.0112 point, projectile medium sized corner nothed point; distal end acute; cross section biconvex; edges convex; base convex; munsell- undetermined; thebes cluster point early archaic 10000-8000 ybp Color: or
145 1972.0016 Hat Woman's.White pique, brimmed; has feather attached. Late 1950's.
146 Martin, purple None
147 1995.30.1.0015 Vole, meadow Parts a. - c. Skin and skull. Color: BR
148 1999.5.30.0144 Transparency, slide Medean tomb to s., telephoto.
149 Rhodochrosite None
150 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
151 Lepidodendron None
152 2009.13.1.0038 Booklet A - "The Instructor Series of Illustrated Units No. 38 World Trade" Rectangular booklet by Katherine L. Julian. Contains b/w images (cover + pg. 7) relating to world trade. Text is designed for primary, middle, and upper education. Subjects include buying our clothes and our food, two important raw materials, and factors in present day trade. Subjects are subdivided and have discussion questions and activities. 7 pgs. B - A Portfolio of Pictures - World Trade, 4-fold paper, 30 images relating to trade, with captions Color: WH
153 1980.5.0180 Pin, political Celluloid-type; green and red printed inscription on white background, "STAND WITH CARTER, OR FALL WITH FORD."; black border; lower curl marked, "SALE BUSTERS, PHILA., PA. 19107" one union "bug"; metal backing, pin back. Color: GR,RD,WH
154 UNIM1986.14.1982.3.0006 Doily Half-inch hems, hemstitched. 3' square in center, outlined with hem-stitching. 3/4" squares at corners with drawnwork patterns, and 4 squares inside the center square, 5/8" drawnwork patterns. a and b. identical. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
155 1989.43.0374 Drill, replica Flat base. Color: GY
156 1993.5.0014 Newspaper "The College Eye", February 23. Cost, 5 cents. Color: BK,WH
157 UNIM1990.14.0001 Pattern Two. a. Butterick #4013, Women's jacket, top, skirt & pants; Size 38, $1.50. b. Butterick #4160, Women's jacket, skirt, pants & scarf; Size 18 1/2; $1.50.
158 1986.4.0038 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs, in back, with 3 unidentified women; standing on a concrete ledge beside and a few feet below the wooden roadbed of a bridge with metal railings. 1986.4.0038 (Print, photographic) image
159 1995.39.0010 Deer, red Left turn shoulder mount. Color: BR,BK,WH
160 1973.4.1.0005 Sculpture Figure with headdress with feather design. There are two faces, one above the other as part of headdress. Hole in center of top. Color: TN Tlaloc, rain god, replicas from archaeological ruins at San Juan Teotihuacan, northeast of Mexico City
161 1970.74.0869M Spodumene None
162 Box Two stars. Color: BK
163 1976.102.0014 Pencil, mechanical "Scripto" engraved pocket clip. Color: OR
164 1999.5.30.0398 Transparency, slide Nurses waiting, Nemagee.
165 UNIM1986.14.1984.6.0009 Pattern Designer Transfer #10598; motifs suitable for pillow, shields, scarf, covers, etc. 30 cents.
166 1978.51.1.1430 Coin 1662-1722, Ching Dynasty, 2nd Emperor.
167 1968.10.493.0038 Chip, stone None
168 Coal None
169 1981.8.0081 Coin Ten pfennigs.
170 1986.4.0293 Book "Latest Edition Websters Self-pronouncing Vest Pocket Dictionary.". 194 pp. Clear and concise definitions, correct accentuation and full markings of all difficult words.
171 1970.74.0133M Siderite Siderite with cryolite and chalcopyrite:white is cryolite; rainbow color is calcopyrite
172 Scaup, lesser One female wing.
173 2017-4-50 Book Bound copies of St. Nicholas magazines. Volume 53, November 1925-April 1926.
174 1970.74.1215M Sphalerite Massive sphalerite intertwined with chert.
175 1994.30.0031 Hat, miniature Black band around the brim of the white hat. Black trim is tied into a bow; on top of the bow there are 3 round pieces of black yarn that are connected to a fourth in the center. Brim is turned up all the way round. Inside is not painted. Color: WH,BK
176 Earth Ferruginous.
177 1968.9.50.0005n Swift, chimney Nest.
178 2010.7.9.0001 Book, Record Hardcover book. The front cover reads "Metropolitan Attendance and Classification Register" published by Metropolitan Supply Company; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The back cover is blank. On the front and back cover corners are small triangles that match the binding. Inside are pages with grids to record attendance and grades of students. This book is from Prairie Grove School. On the inside of the back cover is a pocket for the teacher to file a copy of the term reports. Buchanan co, Fairbank Twn, Prairie Grove School Color: RD, BK
179 1976.78.0003 Sticker, Political Sticker- Round sticker attached to a square backing. The backing is white in color while the sticker is blue on top and red below with a white border. On the blue section in white letters is "Ford," while "Dole" is in white letters on the red. There is a white line seperating the two sections. Color: RD,WH,BL
180 1986.4.0550 Letter From Fanny Kalkwarf, 29 Oct. Handwritten on lined paper. Color: BK,WH
181 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.024 Magazine "The Ladies Home Journal." 10c per copy, $1 per year. 32 pp. with 4-page supplement of items for sale. Gives advice on many topics. Enclosed contents from front cover. Color: GY,BL
182 1989.43.567.0018 Stereograph "Victoria Salon, Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden." Shows elegant carved tables and upholsterede chairs, a huge carpet, mirrored panels on the walls and several crystal chandeliers. A bust of a man is mounted on a pedestal in a prominent position in front of a mirrored panel. Color: BK,WH 1989.43.567.0018 (Stereograph) image
183 1994.32.51.0022 Map Weather map, Des Moines, Iowa. Clipped from a newspaper. Date not given. Color: Bk,WH
184 UNIM1994.14.0073 Pants Female child's casual pants, woven fabric construction, 26" W x 20" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, narrow hem machine stitched 3/8" W., waistband elastic at back only, white blue and purple large flowered print on brown Color: BR
185 1973.8.0001 Envelope From General Science Service 1815 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was mailed to the Department of Geology, State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa. There is a 3-cent postage stamp on the envelope.
186 1970.74.1604M Wood None
187 Sylvanite Metamorphized.
188 2006.14.0121 Vole Skull: 2006.14.121A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.121B- Good condition Both skull and mandible look very similar to other Microtus species. Color: WH
189 Stereograph "Naval Reserve Class 4 'Rookie Drill' Manual of Arms -- Shoulder Arms! Charlestown Navy Yard, Mass." is printed on the lower right corner. Two photos are mounted on gray cardboard with the number "178" on the top of the front side. Photos are nearly identical with U. S. Army troops marching down a gravel road with fatigue uniforms and hats on. Besides a few officers everyone else is carrying a rifle over their right shoulder. There are trees on both sides of the road. Color: BK,WH, GY
190 Fern None
191 1978.73.0009 Textbook "The Silver Song Series, Number 2, Part Songs and Choruses for Second and Third Grades, selected, composed and arrangeed by Frederic Allison Lyman. 80 pp. Illus. In b/w. Cover is brown with a harp in the middle and a little design branching out from it. Color: BR
192 1968.9.8.0017 Bag, shoulder Man's over the shoulder bag made from tightly coiled twine. Alternating bands of purple, natural and red. No pockets. Handle extends 12" above bag. Color: TN,PR,RD
193 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Real Irish picot lace edging sample. Crocheted. The top edge has fillet stitches. The lower edge has pointed scallops across the bottom. Color: WH
194 UNIM1996.4.2e.0013 Pattern Simplicity pattern. 9049 (1970). Jiffy midi-vest, coat, mini skirt & pants; sz. 12. Color: TN
195 2016-22-1 Attendance Record A Daily Attendance Record from Dawson Township No. 3, Greene County Iowa. The first record begins in August 1925 and the last entry recorded was in May 1937. There is a list of two names in the back under "List of Graduates in School District No. 3 Dawson." A visitors record was also kept and additional pages for this record were attached to the last page.  2016-22-1 (Attendance Record) image
196 Calcite Fibrous. Gummed label 239 3.
197 1988.31.0003 Booklet Constitution and By-Laws of the Cliosophic Society of the ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1988.31.0003 (Booklet) image
198 1990.21.0129 Flute Wooden flute with four holes.
199 1995.21.0058 Transparency, slide Apsara dancer. Chan Lay Tevoda temple, Angkor Wat. Bas relief of standing female figure in long dress and elaborate headdress. May be to left of an entrance, barely visible. Color: ML
200 Talc None