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Cat. # Name Description
201 Barite Misidentified as dolomitic material.
202 Wulfenite None
203 Scheelite Pale gray, massive.
204 Wulfenite Small, golden cubes in vugs.
205 Heulandite None
206 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK-OR
207 Diopside (Pyroxene group) Pyroxene, var. Diopside.
208 Aragonite 277 Aragonite CaCO3, Cianciana, Sicily, Foote, Philad'a. Label says dana 814 Scheelite, Tetragonal, Ca WO4, Zinnwald, bohemia. Card says Dana 814, Ward, Tetragonal, scheelite, Ca WO$, Zumwald, Bohemia see 331-13.
209 Aragonite None
210 Aragonite Twinned crystals.
211 Realgar Massive on matrix, glassy coating. Color: RD
212 Garnet group Color: YL
213 Almandine (Garnet group) Crystals in nephelite - syenite matrix. Color: RD BR
214 Calcite Catalog says "Two cards present. One says: Drusy surface of carboniferous limestone, Mahaska Co., Iowa. The other says: dogtooth spar on iridescent surface of limestone."
215 Copper None
216 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite cementing pieces of matrix. Color: BR
217 Pyrite Similar to but listed in old notebook as "astrocarpus" ???
218 Columbite (Tantalite group) Massive. Color: BK
219 Enargite Dark gray, massive.
220 Autunite Yellow flat crystals scattered on matrix.
221 Calcite Geode.
222 Skutterudite Massive. Color: SL-YL
223 Skutterudite Massive; var. smaltite. Color: SL-YL
224 Nickeline Massive. Color: YL
225 Muscovite Microcrystalline. Color: YL
226 Siderite None
227 Barite Massive, pink.
228 Muscovite Muscovite mica.
229 Gypsum Curved crystal groups on matrix, selenite.
230 Chalcopyrite Crystals on dolomite crystal matrix.
231 Quartz Crystals.
232 Quartz Quartz, rock crystals.
233 Quartz Botryoidal. Inside of geode.
234 Quartz Iron, stained quartz crystals.
235 Quartz Geode.
236 Aragonite Twinned crystals.
237 Halite Massive.
238 Quartz, amethyst None
239 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
240 Iron Concretion in the semblance of a duck.
241 Bornite Massive, iridescent blue.
242 Bornite Dark gray, massive.
243 Bismuth Rhombohedral.
244 Antimony Rhombohedral.
245 Pyrargyrite Massive, dark gray, shiny. Foote label attached
246 Cinnabar One-quarter" crystal sprays on breccia. Color: RD
247 Cinnabar An ore sample; very sparse grains of possible cinnabar. Color: RD
248 Corundum var. Sapphire Broken crystals. Color: BL
249 Cinnabar Microcrystalline & earthy mass. Color: RD
250 Cinnabar Small crystals scattered on matrix (possibly chert). Color: RD
251 Copper Native copper in conglomerate.
252 Copper Copper, native.
253 Copper None
254 Copper Copper, native.
255 Copper Copper, native.
256 Copper Two specimens; only one specimen present. Color: BR, GR Copper image
257 Copper None
258 Copper Copper, native.
259 Copper Copper, native.
260 Copper Copper, native.
261 Copper None
262 Copper Native copper from Kansan Drift.
263 Galena Drusy chalcopyrite crystals cover 40%. Lead and copper ore.
264 Galena Massive, plumose. Color: GY
265 Quartz Quartz, pyrite, galenite?
266 Galena Group of cubic crystals, largest 1" x 1" Color: GY
267 Galena Large chunk showing many shiny cleavage faces. Some chalcopyrite present. Color: GY
268 Galena Interlocking crystal cubes with scattered small chalcopyrites and encrustations. Color: GY
269 Galena Vein of crystals. Color: GY
270 Galena Massive galena, showing cleavage faces, on quartz. Color: GY
271 Chalcopyrite Massive interrelated chalcopyrite galena and quartz.
272 Galena Massive, coarsely granular. Color: GY
273 Galena Cubic cast coated with dolomite crystals containing cubo-octahedral crystals. Color: GY
274 Galena Large weathered cubic crystals. Color: GT
275 Gold Nugget.
276 Gold Native. Color: WH, GD, GY Gold image
277 Fluorite Only one specimen; catalog says 2.
278 Fluorite Isometric.
279 Pyrargyrite Massive, black, metallic.
280 Sphalerite Dark crystals to 1/4" with pale purple fluorite cubes (1/2 of a paper label)
281 Cryolite Monoclinic.
282 Halite None
283 Halite None
284 Halite None
285 Halite None
286 Halite Isometric. From Ward's.
287 Sphalerite None
288 Sphalerite Two miniatures are basically massive; hand ball of crystals
289 Sphalerite Mammilated sphalerite on short matrix.
290 Sphalerite With iron pyrite.
291 Sphalerite Crystals to 1/2" covering one side; few chalcopyrite crystals at one end
292 Sphalerite Sphalerite nodule with partial galena filling.
293 Marcasite Nodular aggregates starting to deompose.
294 Marcasite Marcasite--radiating structures.
295 Realgar Almost totally changed to orpiment -As2S2. Color: OR
296 Pyrite Massive with one side covered with cubes to 1/4". Other scattered crystals; some striated faces.
297 Pyrite Parts of cubic crystals, brassy.
298 Pyrite Three dark (tarnished?0 cubes 1 - 1/4" x 14" 2 - 1/8" x 1/8"
299 Chalcocite Mostly sphalerite with clear "ruby" crystals on one side
300 Hessite None