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201 Actinolite (Amphibole group) Massive variety known as nephrite. Color: GR
202 1992.31.10.0001 Figure, duck Toy Duck.
203 1997.15.0018 Hat Woman's. Royal blue. Cap over crown of head with rolled front edge. Stitched strip of same felt lies across the top from side to side, with a felt bow at each end. One row of 1" blue bugle beads lies in front of felt band. Medium weight navy veil.
204 2000.2.0087 Carving, ancestor Two full human figures and one human head figure; head attached to what appears to be a hornbill figure. Top figure standing on hips of second figure, hands downturned, tips touching secon figure's forehead. Has what appears to be breats and a penis. Second figure seated on hornbill figure, fingertips to knees. Head figure attached to hornbill and is upside-down with respect to other figures. Chin attached to second figure's toes. Scarification. Color: BK 2000.2.0087 (Carving, ancestor) image
205 1970.47.1.0010 Malachite None
206 1970.74.1271M Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite.
207 1981.8.0326 Currency J620362W, 10 yuan Front: Portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Back: Presidential Office Building. Color: ML
208 Print, photographic "Aurora" at Anchor, Hasselborough Bay. Dark wood frame. Tagged, "Copyrighted Photos from Dr. Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition." Color: BK,WH
209 Novelty Civil War novelty, sold to raise money during war; malt bag with apple seed and thread mice glued to stiff paper; pink ribbon on right side.
210 UNIM1994.14.0132 Shirt Toddler girl's dress pullover knit shirt. Turqoise color. Knit ribbing around sleeves ends and v-neck collar. Color: BL
211 1976.73.0002 Program Fiftieth Commencement of the ISTC. May 28 to June 1, 1926. Purple with gold lettering. Color: PR 1976.73.0002 (Program) image
212 1989.48.0006 Lava None
213 1994.32.0009 Print, photographic Shows river cascading under a long covered bridge built on a stone foundation. Buildings visible on left shore. Mounted on dark gray tagboard. Color: BK,WH,GY
214 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.0027 Sleeper White with blue floral print. Flared. Front has 9" zipper. Narrow machine hem at bottom. Kimono sleeves with elastic at wrists. Blue bias facing at neck and wrists. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,BL
215 2017-21-34 Book Barne's New National Third Reader. Written by Charles J. Barnes and J. Marshall Hawkes. 2017-21-34 (Book) image
216 1986.4.0546 Letter From Ruth; 3 Jan. Thank you note for a gift of stationery. Lists gifts received for Christmas. Includes envelope, also written in pencil. Color: BK,WH,ML
217 1994.33.0014 Fluorite Colorless to yellow, some purple, with inclusions. Color: GD, BR Fluorite image
218 2006.14.0133 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.133A- Left zygomatic arch broken Mandible: 2006.14.133B- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.133C- Penile bone Color: WH
219 unk Egg.
220 2002.3.0009 Print Two parts: (a) "The Sackville Children" by John Hoppner. # 21 in series. Depicts three young children on the edge of a wooded field; (b) Folder. "Instructor Picture Study Series." Color: WH,BL,YL,GR,BK,
221 UNIM1986. Trim Two 1/8 " wide woven strips stitched together with a zig-zag stitch. Picot edge on one side. Color: TN
222 1970.74.1675M Pyrite Aggregate.
223 00.26.0250 Teal, blue-winged One male.
224 1968.9.8.0002 Basket Covered. Round. a. Basket with upright handle. b. Lid.
225 1984.6.0110 Booklet "The Right To Fight", by Sherwood Eddy. 87 pp. Divided into three chapters. The first is about the morals of war. The second is why America was forced to fight during World War I. The third chapter is about the menace of irresponsible autocracy. The book discusses militarism, pacifism and Kaiser William II. Outside cover has a black shaded area. In this shaded area, the title is written at the top in black. Under the title is a picture of a candlestick with a coat of arms and a red and black candle burning. A bell above the candle is being held by an armored hand. On the bell is written "Liberty". Under the drawing written in black is "Sherwood Eddy." The inside cover page has written in blue ink at the top right "Harry L. Eells." There are no other markings on either the outside or inside and the pages and binding are in perfect shape. Color: BK,RD,WH Booklet image
226 1988.30.0007 Elk, (wapiti) Antler only. Color: BR
227 1973.0074 Felsite Color: GY
228 UNIM2011.7.0015 Button a. & b. 2 shank-style buttons made from black plastic with 3/8" rhinestone in center. Color: BK, CL UNIM2011.7.0015 (Button) image
229 1995.21.0103 Transparency, slide Guanio Valley, Las Cascades, Cundinamarca. Mountains on both sides. Color: ML
230 1993.24.2.0011 Form, warrant No. 48, no date, to Johnson Christensen Co. for $6.55 for oil nozzle on furnace. Signed by President, Maynard DeBoer and Secretary, Harry F. Barck. Used by Independent School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa as a record of payment made.
231 2002.7.0137 Book "Constitution and By-Laws of the Philomathean Society". Brown textured paper cover. 23 pp. "Fred W. Cover" written in pencil on the top of the front cover. Color: BR,WH,BK
232 1970.74.0257M Andradite (garnet group) Var. demantoid. Color: GR
233 2006.19.0010 Book "The Story of the Three Bears". 23 pages w/color & black/white drawings by L. Leslie Brooke. White sticker on upper left corner on cover with "withdrawn" on it. Picture of three bears climbing trees on cover and same picture on back cover. Upper binding damaged w/tape on it. Small tears throughout with tape on them. Color: YL, BL, RD, GR
234 UNIM1988.11.0512 Purse Bag from Laos; made of white aide cloth and cross stitched in bright colors of red, green, light blue, navy blue, seinna and salmon. 4" orange fringe on bottom corners and a 30" l x 3 1/2" w strap.Lined and has inside zipper compartment 5" h x 6" w. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
235 1984.9.0005 Moccasin Child's. Beaded.
236 Warbler, gold winged Skin.
237 Fossil Nut of trigocarpus?
238 1977.53.0236 Currency Ten piastres, serial no. 488880. Front: value and watermark, Back: People with Flag (2 stars) Color: BL,WH,RD
239 1990.53.0020 Azurite Crystals approx 1/8" scattered on white matrix.
240 Shale Argillaceous.
241 1995.21.0356 Transparency, slide Battery Hearn. Large tapered cylinder with two maller shorter cylinders, mounted on top. Large end on ground, other end raised several feet in air. Mounted outdoors in paved clearing. Color: ML
242 1988.48.0010 Book "Great Speeches, Wit, Wisdom and Eloquence of Col. R. G. Ingersoll." by J. B. McClure, Editor. Color: BK,WH
243 1993.24.87.0001 Invoice Completed in pencil. From Johnson-Christensen Company to Eddy School c/o Harry Barck, RFD #3. City. For floor mat, 2-burner stove, oil filter, electrodes, pipe and labor. Total $34.95. Marked "C. Ulrich Dir." and "Pd. with warrent (sic) No. 22."
244 1999.5.30.0201 Transparency, slide Carpet path for shah to west, Pahlavi Univ.
245 Marcasite Nodule.
246 2008.14.0010 Letter a. letter - hand written in ink on loose leaf paper. The paper has been folded in thirds and the writing is cursive. Evelyn Garrick is asking Mr. Ira Knapp for classroom supplies. The top left corner of the letter is rounded while the other corners are pointed. The right and bottom sides have been carefully torn. The letter is both front and back of the paper. B. envelope - has an upside down stamp along with an address and return envelope with no name. On the bottom left corner is R2 is written in ink. It was cut open from the right side. Color: WH
247 1974.37.93.0043 Bone Miscellaneous fish remains.
248 UNIM1986.14.1981.2.0023 Bag, shoe "Worn by shoes that travel."
249 Shale None
250 UNIM1988.11.0769 Necktie Rust red colored necktie. 2" w x 51" l. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
251 1980.25.0013 Print, photographic Hilma Peterson (ISNS, 1901), mounted on brown cardboard mat; mat front stamped, "Veatch Cedar Falls, Iowa". Color: BK,WH,BR
252 1989.32.0011 Letter Sent to the members of the ISTC class of 1908 appealing them to return for their fiftieth anniversary celebration. Signed by Fred D. Cram, Sponsor, class of 1908. Color: WH,BL
253 2016-27-102 Report Request for General Aid from Cedar No. 1, Van Buren County. "No school in this district" written in the center of the page.
254 1990.53.0293 Calcite, geode None
255 1993.38.84.0009 Tip, biface None
256 1999.5.30.0455 Transparency, slide "Hakkas" Chinese with curtained hats, New Territory.
257 Calcite Crystals.
258 Silver Silver carbonate.
259 2008.2.0010 Skirt On the top and bottom, 2 1/4" of bright colors: RD, GR, WH, YL-striped design. Between these section is a muted BR and ivory tones with geometric line pattern. Color: BR, BK, WH, RD
260 UNIM1989.5.0062 Apron Bibbed apron. 12 1/2" waistband extends into ties. Bib has 7/8" straps that go around the neck and tie. Pocket on right side. Edge of skirt has hand rolled hem. White rick rack across top of bib and pocket. Color: WH
261 1989.43.0228 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
262 2015-10-52D Plaque Small plaque attached to a bigger plaque for Division I State Music Festival. For Mixed Chorus in 2000. 2015-10-52D (Plaque) image
263 1978.37.0012 Coin Number 556-1598, Phillip II, cob--one real.
264 1990.58.0096 Stamp, postage Commemorates Ohio Sesquicentennial. Brown with the state outline and seal. From 1803-1953; 3-cent. Color: BR
265 1995.36.0055 Apatite group Var. wilkeite - a silicatian sulfatian apatite. Color: GR
266 1969.30.0005 Petticoat Woman's. Floor length. Color: WH
267 1994.18.0001 Dress Girl's. Hourglass silhouette; front is princess. Opens in back to waist, with buttons and buttonholes. Front has floral print panel with 10 buttons down center. Lowered round neckline. No waistline seam in front, but sides with elastic at back; 4 1/2" gathered flounce at hem. Long, bishop-style sleeve with elastic at waist. Tie sash from edge of front panel and at center back. 3/4' lace at neck, cuffs and hemline, 1/2" satin ribbon & lace along center front panel. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR,ML
268 Sulfur None
269 Stone Chipped stone tool. Artifacts of Paleolithic Man of Chellean Age. Found Near Chelles France Age about 500,000 years ago. Collected by 1st. Lt. Eugene Bovee. Donated August 23, 1945
270 1970.74.0709M Limestone Dendrites in matrix
271 1975.4.0195 Picture, cut-paper Blank circular piece of gray construction paper. Color: GY
272 1968.10.493.0061 Chip, stone None
273 UNIM1986.14.1984.2.0002 Collar White cotton collar. Floral design trimmed with eyelets and satin stitch embroidery. Scalloped edge has buttonhole stitching and machine lace 1/2" wide. Collar has been removed from a garment. Top edge is unfinished. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
274 1986.4.0128 Print, photographic Cedar No. 6, May 1914-1915 (School building). 1986.4.0128 (Print, photographic) image
275 Plate Pewter plate made in 1700
276 UNIM1991.5.0015 Romper Front is cut all in one. Back is divided. Top has center back opening, with 4 snap closure. Extends below waist and has 4 large buttons, buttonholes and belt ends with button and buttonhole. Leg openings have 1 1/4' cuffs. Belts fasten at center front with button. Short kimono sleeves with 1 1/4' cuff. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
277 Malachite None
278 1970.74.1050M Tourmaline group Crystals in milky quartz..
279 1973.30.0039 Lepidoptera Butterly families.
280 00.70.0006 Knife Large bifacial knife
281 1976.22.0011 Towel, hand Tatted insertion and edging. Striped design woven into it. Color: WH
282 1981.8.0168 Coin Twenty five piastes.
283 1968.9.24.0005 Dress Made of tapa cloth (mulberry bark) and trimmed with hibiscus fringe on collar, sleeves, around the bottom and pieces of it on the front and back of the dress. Dress has two string ties with balls of fringe at the end for a closing at the neck. Yellowish gold in color with natural color fringe. Color: YL,TN
284 2017-23-5 Book Normal Elective Courses in Common School and High School Branches. Instruction Book five made by Chicago Interstate School of Correspondence. 2017-23-5 (Book) image
285 1986.4.0384 Bulletin From E. Guy Greenawalt to teachers: #3. Color: WH,BK
286 1992.31.9.0006 Figure, pig Tiny pig. Color: WH
287 1997.4.0012 Drum, call Wooden cylinder with hide frum head on top and bottom. Painted in brown in a band of chevron pattern. Encircled at top and bottom with a stick which has been shaped & lashed together to secure drum head. These two bands are then lashed with cord between them. Attached to the lashing as a wrapped cord 3 1/2" long with a black wrapped knob 3/4" across, at end. Color: TN,BK
288 1970.47.1.0332 unk Unlabelled.
289 2005.6.0001 Ship, Model Four parts: a. Scale model of a sailing Micronesian boat. Has three sails, the largest positioned in the middle. Rigging is string attached to the sails and boat by wire hooks and through holes bored into the support beams of the sails. Model has three decks at different levels. Carved ladder connects the upper level decks. Rails surround the lowest deck. A small metal anchor hangs off the back end of the boat, while the opposite side a small launch is strung off the side by wire. Decorative carvings of flowers or pin-wheel shapes adorn sides of boat. b. Wooden plank. c. Wooden sail, also with carvings. d. Wooden stand. Color: TN,WH Ship, Model image
290 Limonite Iridescent.
291 1973.43.0106 Petticoat Infant's. Hand embroidered design at bottom. White cotton top. Sleeveless. Back opening. No buttons or snaps. Color: CR,WH
292 Nameplate "Pauline Sauer, Curator".
293 2017-17-14 Drum Double ended drum, skin covers both ends, attached and tightened with cord that extends vertically around the entire exterior. 2017-17-14 (Drum) image
294 1970.74.1425M Datolite Crystals.
295 00.26.0078 Goldfinch, American None Goldfinch, American image
296 1968.9.40.0005 Bark Ground.
297 UNIM1988.11.0057 Blouse Square neckline, short kimono style sleeves. Embroidery, cutwork and eyelet trim around neck, across shoulders and down sleeves around bottom of sleeves. Six 3/8" button center closure. Tape tie at waist. Six pin tucks on each side pink tuck back all the way to bottom of blouse. Three sets of three pin tucks on each side of front from shoulder down 6". Floral design on front only. Front of blouse is 4" longer in the center. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
298 UNIM1995.4.0001 Dress Infant's christening dress. Hem edge has 2 3/4" wide eyelet and satin stitch embroidery. Five groups of horizontal pin tucks in lower skirt. Gathered to yoke seam at 19". Wide V- shaped panel at center front yoke has tucks, as do short set-in sleeves. Center back opening 13" long with buton and buttonhole at waistline.. Drawstring at neckline. Eyelet and satin stitch scallloped hem. 1/2" wide lace around neck and short sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
299 1994.32.0111 Chart Student prepared weather chart signed, "David Barry" and marked in red pencil, "B-". Charts include headings "Wind Velocity & Direction, Precipitation, Sky condition, Cloud types, Atm. pressure, Temperature, Rel. Humidity, Dew point temperature, Vapor pressure and Specific Humidity. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
300 1995.15.0011 Newspaper ''National School Newspaper''. Front page story: "Explorers Start for Mt. McKinley." Other articles include: "Austria: Will Her Future Be Settled at Moscow?". "Glass - New Miracles in an Old Industry." Color: WH,BK