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201 1970.78.15.0007 Skirt Handwoven; child's. Mostly natural in color with some yellow and orange woven into it and black painted black design. Color: TN,YL,OR
202 2006.6.0001 Textbook "American History: First book," by Arthur C. Perry, Jr. Ph. D. and Gertrude A. Price. American history text book covering period from 1492 to 1763. Written in narrative storylike style. Name "John Kathon" written on inside front cover along with "Elizabeth", crossed out. Color: GY,BR,WH
203 UNIM1988.11.0528 Necklace Necklace, amber, lt. golden cream and gold. 54" long, 5 1/16" dia. beads, 1/8" gold beads. Small gold beads separate larger beads. Strung with 1/8" gold beads in between larger beads. Two amber beads and one light golden cream bead is the string pattern. Light golden cream beads are smooth while amber beads have grooves running vertically from end to end. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, cream
204 Hat YMCA. World War I overseas service issue; full brim, dome style hat; heavy olive green wool felt material; knitted exterior hat band; braided black cap cord with decorative end knots; brown leather chin strap; metal air vents above; interior brown leather headband; interior leather band stamped with double gold eagle logo, "KNOX NEW YORK", "Y.M.C.A.". Color: GR,BK,BR
205 1989.22.0010 Engraving Studer Pl. XXXIII, print of American bittern, and Redwinged blackbird (male, female). Colored. Color: ML
206 UNIM1986.14.1980.12.0012 Blouse Dressy and fitted at waist, four snaps center front. Dutch collar with 5" W with lace included. Two rows lace at bottom. Sleeves 3/4 set-in gathered at top of shoulder. Bodice gathered to 24" waist band. Stains underarms, waistband not finished on lower edge (could be a top cut off a dress). Color: Off-WH
207 00.26.0012 Nuthatch, white-breasted None Nuthatch, white-breasted image
208 1990.53.0141 unk None
209 1995.21.0459 Transparency, slide Display case, sword factory. Several circular silver-colored objects in display case. Color: ML
210 1972. Sherd, pottery Incised design. Color: GY
211 2004.16.0013 Grayling, Arctic Greenish fish, mouth open, facing left. Two pelvic fins, one anal fin, truncate caudal fin. Very prominent rounded dorsal fin. Small second dorsal fin. Two pectoral fins. "4156" written on back of dorsal fin. Color: GR,BK,CR
212 11.11.0003 Azurite None
213 1975.4.0236 Reward of merit Flowers in basket on cover. On back, "Presented to Aletha Jacobs for being a good little girl by Grace Williams, Teacher." Color: ML
214 1971.11.30.0001 Ornament, dress Oval; bar across middle. Worked metal. Color: SL
215 2008.15.0007 Script Thin book, stapled rather than bound. Yellow covers with blue print. On the front cover are drama masks and "Bugbee's Plays: The Cream of Entertainment 1955". The words are printed in a large blue circle. Below the large blue circle is written "The Willis N. Bugbee Company - Syracuse, New York". The back cover is a post card addressed to Lorraine Turnipseed on the right side and to the left is an advertisement for other books from the same publisher. There is a round silver sticker to seal the book together that has been broken. Book contains various plays, monologues, recitations, etc. Color: Yellow, blue
216 Sandstone Faults.
217 1980.0052 Tooth, horse? Tooth; probably from a horse. Color: WH
218 00.26.0093 Crow, American None
219 1978.51.3.0038 Coin US Administration, 1 centavo.
220 UNIM1988.11.0781 Necktie Necktie with gray, spring green, blue and black stripes. 2" w x 57" l. "Welbley". Wear with black or gray suit. Price tag on end of tie.. "St. Clair Krieger, Marshalltown" "1.50". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, GR, BL, BK
221 2006.17.0019 point, projectile mississippian 1100-200 ybp; un-notched triangular point; distal end acute; cross-section biconvex; munsell-5yr 8/1 white Color: wh
222 Fern Iron ore and fossil fern.
223 2016-27-78 Report A form titled, "School Health Service Teacher-Nurse Observations, Iowa State Department of Health." Contains sections for student names, immunization history, symptoms, and a place to explain on the backside.  2016-27-78 (Report) image
224 1989.43.0110 Point, projectile Blade; stem missing.
225 1993.36.0002 Print, photographic ISTC. Eleven-member men's sports team, 5 of which are in white shorts & white tank tops with a diagonal strip running from right shoulder, to left waistline. Flanked by 2 coaches in street clothes. Standing before 2 windows on large stone building. Standing on grass. Color: BK,WH
226 Goat Color: WH
227 1995.30.1.0002 Mouse, house Skull is in very poor condition in many small pieces. Color: GY
228 1999.5.30.0134 Transparency, slide Bank Malli; rear.
229 1973.42.0010 Volcanic breccia None
230 1970.74.0124M Limestone Oolitic.
231 1968.10.493.0054 Chip, stone None
232 2004.17.206.0014 Newsletter "The Alumnus, Vol. 51, No. 4, December, 1966." Front cover shows black and white photo of the homecoming queen and her court. Twenty-one pages of current events for the campus. Addressed to Mrs. Lena M. McNeil Center Point, IA. Color: WH,BK 2004.17.206.0014 (Newsletter) image
233 1977.47.40.0001 Sherd, pottery Pre-Colombian pot sherd, baked red-brown. Small. Color: RD-BR
234 1978.63.0002 Sticker, bumper Round, blue, white lettering, "Grassley works", waxed paper backing attached. Chuck Grassley took office in January of 1981 and remains to be a US Senator from Iowa today (10/20/15). A student of UNI when it was still Iowa State Teachers College, he received both his Masters and Bachelors degrees from here. This bumper sticker is in support of Grassley as a Representative of Iowa's 3rd district. Grassley was a member from 1975-1981. 1978.63.0002 (Sticker, bumper) image
235 1980.5.0161 Pin, political Celluloid-type; black and whhite photograph of Jimmy Carter speaking with children, white background; blue and red lettered border inscription, "Jimmy Carter for a Better Future"; lower curl marked "c. 1976 MILLENNIUM GROUP INC. 924 CHERRY ST. PHILA. PA. 19107", single union "bug"; metal backing, pin back. Color: BK,RD,WH,BL
236 1972.2.3.0007 Stereograph International Exhibition, 1876, Philadelphia, Penn. Shows interior of large shed-like structure, filled with furniture and some sculptures. Resembles storage rather than display. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.0007 (Stereograph) image
237 1970.47.1.0217 Galena None
238 Calcite Drusy iridescent calcite crystals on black limestone.
239 1968.10.0140 Shell, turtle Drum made out of turtle shell, with a wooden drum stick attached by twine. 1968.10.0140 (Shell, turtle) image
240 UNIM1989.6.0007 Scrapbook SCI. Compiled by students of Home Management House, Fall, 1964.
241 2016-34-62 Jersey Size 48 short sleeve baseball style jersey with six buttons down the center. Northern Iowa logo on left chest area. Yellow and white strip around the circumference of each sleeve. Number 3 with "Braley" stitched above in the center of the back. 2016-34-62 (Jersey) image
242 Agate Clouded blue agate.
243 1989.43.0364 Drill, replica Flat base. Color: BR
244 00.27.0051 Mole None
245 1986.4.0028 Print, photographic Selling "CIrcle of Knowledge"; Aletha Jacobs with horse and buggy in the summer. 1986.4.0028 (Print, photographic) image
246 1991.18.0005 Clipping From the September 19, 1976 issue of the UNI Alumnus. Titled "Museum Seeks UNI Souvenirs". Color: BK,WH
247 1995.38.0001 Sculpture Tall, narrow; carved from one piece of wood. 11 small children grasping an adult. All have similar body features. Adult is largest figure. Children are wearing a garment wrap around the lower half of their bodies. 1995.38.0001 (Sculpture) image
248 1973.46.0009 Textbook "Physiology for Beginners", by Foster, M. and Shore, Louis E. 241 pp. Illus. In b/w. Bound in dark navy blue cover. Yellow-gold printing on bound-edge of book. On inside is written "Emma Sauer, 2nd year class, High School, 1894-1895." Elementary study of physiology with some background information on chemistry and physics. Color: BL,GD
249 1/15/2015 Photograph No. 29- Gentoo Penguin and Young A grown penguin and two young penguins are the focal point of the photograph Black and White
250 Fossil None
251 1970.74.0460M Halite Halite with water bubble (inside blue ring).
252 Duck, black One wing.
253 1999.5.30.0388 Transparency, slide Ardeshir sculpture, upper balcony, Gulshan pavilion.
254 UNIM1986.14.1984.2.0014 Booklet, Instruction Spinnin Men's Hand Knits. Instructions for men's knit sweaters. Publication Information: Spinnin Men's Hand Knits Volume 104, 25 cents. 24 pages.
255 1977.53.0224 Currency One dollar.
256 1986.4.0282 Certificate, teaching First Grade. Color: WH,BK
257 1994.30.0021 Shoe, miniature Sandals, pair, made from old tires. Both have rubber pieces across the front to hold the foot in place. There are 2 pieces of rubber in the back to hold the heel in place. There are strings coming out the top so the sandals can be tied. a. left, and b. right. Color: BK,TN
258 1992.29.1.0004 Pouch, shot Clipped onto the pistol belt and the same color, but the pouch is smaller than the pouches connected to the pistol belt.
259 1996.32.0004 Hat Woman's. Beige hat and veil. Hat is a hollow ring with a net veil stretched over the top and over the whole exterior. Veil ends 4" from bottom rim of the hat in the front. Two beige felt bows are 5" apart on the front of the hat. The outer brim of the hat has been folded upand sewn to create a seam around the entire hat bottom. The inside of the hat is the same material as the outside. There is a pearl-ended straight pin stuck in the front of the hat.
260 2000.2.0024 Platter Canoe-shaped with human head carvings at either end (one at one end, two facing opposite directions at other). Line design carvings on sides - remnant white pigmentation. Color: BR,WH 2000.2.0024 (Platter) image
261 Chalcopyrite Nodule.
262 Wood None
263 1970.74.0799M Pectolite None
264 1968.9.36.17072.0002 Shale Color: GR
265 1978.15.0060 Currency Copper hoe money, Copper metal strip, black color, swirled stains and blemishes. Wider at one end. Color: BK
266 2010.4.0020 Broom, Whisk Medium sized hand crafted broom, fashioned from long wild grass stalks that are encased and bound in shape by a series of braided millet stalks forming a base for the handle of the broom, there is also an attached loop at the bottom of the broom, possibly for ease of use and/or storage. 2010.4.0020 (Broom, Whisk) image
267 UNIM1994.13.0127 Purse chain stitch at top (5 rows) single crochet down two and one half inches, one row of double crochet, followed by 1 1/2'' single crochet at bottom, a 4'' long string of clear seed beads is doubled and ends attached to bottom of pusre, drawstring closure extends 15'' of chain stitch Color: RD, CL
268 2017-19-10A Hyposmeter Hyposmeter made Yoder Instrumsnets in East Palestine, Ohio. The object sits in a cardboard box with a thin cardboard insert. The box contains two books,"The Hypsometer for Action Mathematics" and "Manipulating mathematics laboratory and surveying equipment". The box also contains a small metal pendulum and a metal bolt with a washer and wingnut attached. The hypsometer has a slopped grid on it with a metal circle in the top center of the board. A small graphic depicting the proper use of the hypsometer in the upper left corner of the board.  2017-19-10A (Hyposmeter) image
269 1989.43.567.0008 Stereograph Balancing rock, Garden of the gods, Colorado, U. S. A. Shows one woman and two men, each standing at a different level of the rock, and two individuals on burros at ground level. Color: BK,WH 1989.43.567.0008 (Stereograph) image
270 1994.32.51.0012 Map Weather map, Des Moines, Iowa. Clipped from a newspaper. Date not given. Color: BK,WH
271 1986.4.0542 Card, Valentine Woman's hand holding rose; folds up to reveal giver's name: Geo. H. Bearboner. Color: ML
272 1970.74.1156M Tremolite Thin crystals in oolitic limestone. Color: LV
273 2006.14.0028 Vole, Meadow Skin: 2006.14.28A - Two wires visible on left side of specimen Skull: 2006.14.28B - Excellent condition Mandible: 2006.14.28C- Excellent condition Color: BR, GY
274 Scaup, lesser One male wing.
275 2001.7.0006 Textbook "A Childs Book of Teeth", Ferguson, Harrison Wader, D.D.S.; 106 pp. Illustrated by author. Cover - teeth marching in uniform carrying toothbrushes. Stamped on front leaf "School Property", written in ink "Pleasant Center No. 5" written in pencil "John". 32 chapters. Color: BR,WH,RD
276 Bixbyite Ferro-manganese bixleyite?
277 1968.9.50.14627.0015 Owl, barred Pellet.
278 UNIM1988.11.0069 Blouse Blouse has toast colored embroidery around scoop neckline and down center front; two snap back neck opening. Short kimono sleeves with 2 1/4 hem. Elastic at waist. Six and one half inch opening on left side closed with two snaps and a hook and eye at waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, toast
279 1988.25.0006 Book "Song Reader", by James M. McLaughlin . and W. W. Gilchrist. 153 pp, including index. 11sections, each with several chapters. Contains many different sheets of music from "Christmas, "Auld Lang Syne", Blue Bells of Scotland, etc. There are also sections that show scales, signature keys, etc. The first section describes how one is to teach music to a student. The cover of the book is brown and has faded red writing. There is a detailed design that forms a box that is done in red. In the box is written the title, in red. Under that is a picture of a lyre also done in red. Publisher's name is at the bottom in red. Inside cover has various pencil markings as does the cover page and back cover pages. Written on the front cover page in black in is "James Hay." Color: BR,RD
280 UNIM1996.3.0005 Book "Consumer Problems in Wartime," by Kenneth Dameron, ed. Color: BK,WH
281 2017-21-60 Book General Science written by Otis William Caldwell and William Lewis Eikenberry.  2017-21-60 (Book) image
282 1995.21.0048 Transparency, slide Angkor Thom, south entrance from NE. Large stone formation, rectangular at base and tapering to two pinnacles; has face carved in bas releif on one side. Color: ML
283 1993.24.0224 Card, Valentine Handmade of tan cardboard, in shape of heart. Top layer has red pencil border continued down the center opening. Pencil drawing of a flower near the top of each half, with green leaves. Words written in child's script in red "To My Valentine". Hinged at each side to open to a pencil written poem and signature. Color: CR,RD,GR
284 Sphalerite None
285 2002.7.0070 Announcement, Graduation Graduation invitation, blue ink on white paper. Color: WH,BL
286 1970.74.1523M Silicate, chrome Chrome silicate.
287 2006.15.0013 Azurite Basic copper carbonate/copper hydrocarbonate, miniature in size. Rough azurite crystals protruding from host rock, nobular in shape, deep blue (azure) with emerald green colour, submetallic luster, 3.5 on hardness scale Color: Blue/Green
288 UNIM1988.11.0338 Pillowcase Pair of white pillowcases with bows and flowers stamped design set in lower saw tooth edge repeated 4 times; hemstitched; cut apart tubing unsewn. Not embroidered and edges not finished. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
289 1988.44.0025 Textbook "English Grammar on the Productive System", by Roswell C. Smith. 192 pp. No illus. Tan cover with black writing and black binding. Color: TN,BK,WH
290 Feldspar Labradorite feldspar.
291 1983.12.0006 Belt Woven red, pink, teal, purple, green, on natural background, fringed at each end. Color: TN,RD,BK
292 1990.49.0012 Book "Soil Survey, of Grundy County, Iowa''. Report No. 47, June, 1927. From the Agronomy Section, Soils. The cover is grey to blue; 59 pp. Color: GY
293 1995.21.0301 Transparency, slide Statues, water-pouring, Elephant Cave. Three stone statues in front of stone wall pour a stream of water into low rectangular pool in foreground. Color: ML
294 1972. Sherd, pottery Gray with black stripe and black checkered design. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
295 1975.4.0077 Notebook The National Teachers Daily Attendance Record. No. 202 of the "National Series"; by Philo E. Hoadley. 64 pp. No illus. Book was made for rural and graded schools of the United States. The cover contains author and title plus "The National Series. Books, School records of all kinds, School Officers' Books and Records, School blanks, Pupils' report books, TeACHERS' Class Records, Song books, Note books, Diplomas, Etc. etc." Below this is a picture of an eagle holding an American flag. Under that is "National Publishing Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa." There is also a line done around all this in black leaf shapes. The inside of the book is set up on a grid to record students names & ages. The inside cover has a small example as to how to record attendance & grades. Written on the inside cover page in ink is "Aletha Jacobs, Brandon Iowa February 12, 1908." Written in the top right corner in pencil is "100". There is a loose piece of paper inside the book that has written in black ink the names of 47 children and their ages. Above the names is written "Lime Creek." On the other side of the paper is a list of names and at the top right corner is written "Spring Term. Apr. 15, 1907 to June 21st 1907." The back cover page continues on how to grade students on exams, attendance and general suggestions for teaching.
296 1970.9.0013 Rope Braided rope.
297 2007.17.0005 Booklet Money Management: Your Clothing Dollar. Pictures of people doidng various things with clothing. 36 pgs Color: RD, WH, PK, BK 2007.17.0005 (Booklet) image
298 Concretion Iron.
299 Sphalerite Dark crystals to 1/2" covering top of piece; also crystals on bottom partially in chert
300 UNIM1986.14.1980.16.0005 Purse Royal blue; evening bag. Color: BL