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201 2012.0005 Booklet, Instruction "Marshall Center School: Celebrating our Educational History, Learning from the Past." Compilation of the history of the School, student reflections, and photos. Color: BK, WH, ML
202 41334 Pin, Lapel Shield shaped. Front is two shades of purple with inscription "UNI Teacher Education" bordering images of a torch, apple and books.
203 41335 Pin, Lapel Shape of State of Iowa; purple with "UNI" in gold letters and gold star marking the location of Cedar Falls.
204 41336 Pin, Lapel Brass Flat keychain fob with the UNI crest on the front and "University of Northern Iowa stamped in. Chain is missing
205 42005 Photograph "In the Catacombs - No. 61" Man in the forefront of the photograph is leaning on a shovel. In the background, the entrance of the catacomb is seen. Light is shining into the photograph from the entrance of the catacomb. An explorer is seen in the back
206 42006 Photograph No. 75- Greenland Esquimax Dogs Two black and semi colored dogs lying in the snow. The dogs take up most of the photograph. Black and white
207 42007 Photograph No.5- Weather-worn pack ice near the Antarctic circle: Packed ice is seen in the forefront of the photograph. The middle ground has several bodies of packed ice floating in the water. The back ground has a vast number of packed ice floating in the water
208 42008 Photograph No.74- Building a Cairn for a Food Depot on the Platform: Snow in the foreground, two men are building a cairn. Two tents in the background. Two men in the back of the tents- one on top of an ice mound throwing a piece of ice down to the other. Black a
209 42009 Photograph No.57- Nadigan the Meteorologist A man with a hooded winter jacket. Ice has formed on the perimeter of the opening. Nose and right eye are visible. White and black
210 42010 Photograph No.17- A Cow Sea-Elephant and Calf: In the foreground of the photograph- a cow sea-elephant and a calf are seen. In the background, two more sea elephants are present with rock formations behind them.
211 42011 Photograph No.21- Weddell Seals at Home: In the foreground- two seals are laying on a drifting piece of packed ice. In the middle ground- various number of seals are on several different ice formations floating in the water. Black and white
212 42012 Photograph No.114- Winter Quarters- Queen Mary's Land "Winter" Photograph shot in afternoon (dark)- Catacomb/cave is seen in the bottom middle of the photograph- Light is extruding from opening. Equipment is scattered everywhere. Four upright shovels are right abo
213 42013 Photograph No.39- Steaming the Mertz Glaciar off Adelia Land: Water is in the foreground and background. In the background of the photograph- starting from left to right- an ice wall is seen with a cave at the end of the wall. A boat is next to the cave. Black an
214 42014 Photograph No. 105- On a Platform Going South A team of dogs and a sled are seen in the photograph. Three men are behind the sled in full winter gear. Black and White
215 42015 Photograph No.83- Silver Grey Petrel Nesting seagull in the snowbank among rocks
216 42016 Photograph No. 62 Return of the Night Watchmen Individual holding a lamp digging a hole to his home. Shovel in foreground. Black and White
217 42017 Photograph No. 59- An experiment in the workworm Four men standing -looking at a bright flash, which is positioned in the middle of the photograph. The bright flash illuminates the workroom. Black and White
218 42018 Photograph No. 7- The Aurora at Achor Hasselborough Bay Water is in the foreground accompanied with rock formations on both sides. Middle ground- water and rock formations are seen. Back ground- a ship is seen. The photograph was taken on a clear sunny day. Black
219 42019 Photograph No. 29- Gentoo Penguin and Young A grown penguin and two young penguins are the focal point of the photograph Black and White
220 42020 Photograph No.28- A Precocious Victoria Penguin A penguin is the focal point of the photograph. The penguin is standing on a bed of sticks gazing away from the lens. The top of the penguins head is flat. Spikes are created by this. Black and White
221 42021 Photograph No. 20- Crab-Eater Seal A seal is spotted lying on a bed of snow. The seals mouth is open. Black and White
222 42022 Photograph No.1- Becalmed in the Pacific A ship is full sail in the water- comprises photograph. Black and White
223 42023 Photograph No. 19- A Ross Seal A seal is lying on the snow. Its head is slanted upwards- its neck is in a bloated state. Black and White
224 42024 Photograph No. 93- A Terminal Merraine The foreground , middle ground, and back ground are filled with rock formations. On the top right side of the photograph- a pocket of snow is visible- a man is standing in the pocket of snow.
225 42025 Photograph No. 64- Walking into the face of a high wind Two men are seen walking. The men are slouched over- creating right angles. One man is significantly closer then the other in the photograph. Black and White
226 42026 Photograph No. 103- A shattered surface Snow/ice formations take up the photograph. Looks to be shattered. Black and White
227 42027 Photograph No. 72- In the teeth of the blizzard In the foreground- two men clothed in winter gear are walking towards the camera man. In the back ground- a man is walking the opposite way- snow is everywhere. Black and White.
228 42028 Photograph No. 15- A Seal Elephant Refuge A vast number of seals are taking up the foreground, middle ground, and back ground. Mountains are visible- the seals are lying down. Black and White
229 42029 Photograph No. 14- A Grizzly Old Sea Elephant The photograph is a close up of a sea elephant. The sea elephants hyde is cracked from old age. Black and White
230 42030 Photograph No. 25- Antarctic Skua Gulls feeding on the carcas of a Sea Elephant. A flock of skua gulls feeding on a carcas of a sea elephant. Two skua gulls on left waiting. Black and White
231 42031 Photograph No. 31- Protection An adult penguin is standing tall with his/her wings in a fixed position. A baby penguin is found under the adult penguins torso. Black and White
232 42032 Photograph No. 32- Cormorant's Nest A adult bird is at the edge of the nest hovering over it. Two baby birds are underneath the adult bird's torso. One is laying asleep- the other is sitting in the nest. Black and White
233 42033 Photograph No. 80- MacCormick Skua Gull A bird is sitting in a nest watching over its egg. Black and White
234 42034 Photograph No. 40- Young Floe-Ice off Adelie Land Water with ice island's all sporadically placed. Snow is seen around the right side of the photograph. Black and White
235 42035 Photograph No. 33- At the Cormorant Rookery Multiple penguins are seen in the photograph. The penguins are placed on a bed of rocks. Some penguins are seen in nests tending to their baby penguins. White and Black
236 00.1.0013 Model, topographic "Flood Plain". Plaster model of geologic environment. Harvard Geographical Models, No. 13
237 00.1.0014 Marble Exhibit box 27. The work of marble.
238 00.1.0015 Marble Exhibit box 16. Preparation of hydraulic cement.
239 00.17.0001N Nest Hornet nest in a wire frame. On wooden stand.
240 Pyrite Four concretions round & knobby - starting to deteriorate; 1` "log" of crystals to 1/4" in matrix. Supposed to be 13 specimens
241 Calcite Dog tooth spar on carboniferous limestone. Catalog says that this was deaccessioned in 6/93.
242 Calcite Geode and limestone.
243 Pyrite Massive, tarnished.
244 Calcite None
245 Calcite None
246 Calcite None
247 Calcite Crystal.
248 Calcite Crystals.
249 Calcite Dogtooth spar.
250 Calcite Crystals.
251 Calcite None
252 Calcite Crystals.
253 Calcite Crystals.
254 Calcite Book says 20 specimens, but 19 were deaccessioned.
255 Calcite Crystals.
256 Calcite Crystals. Catalog says that specimen was presented by S. H. Bishop.
257 Calcite None
258 Calcite Crystals with hematite crystals.
259 Calcite None
260 Calcite None
261 Calcite Gummed label 1585; book says 11 specimens but 10 of the 11 were deaccessioned.
262 Calcite None
263 Calcite Rhombic spar.
264 Calcite Crystals.
265 Calcite Iceland spar.
266 Calcite Crystals.
267 Calcite Styolitic.
268 Calcite With drusy surface.
269 Calcite Limestone bearing calcite crystals.
270 Gypsum Small seam of clear crystals.
271 Calcite None
272 Calcite None
273 Calcite None
274 Calcite Iridescent.
275 Calcite Rhomb spar.
276 Calcite None
277 Calcite Satin spar.
278 Calcite None
279 Calcite Fibrous. Gummed label 239 3.
280 Calcite Fibrous.
281 Calcite Vein.
282 Calcite Ferruginous.
283 Calcite Limestone pockets bearing calcite crystals.
284 Calcite Crystals in calcite geode.
285 Calcite Geode.
286 Calcite Geode.
287 Calcite Geode.
288 Calcite Geode.
289 Calcite Pirolitic geode.
290 Calcite Calcite crystals in coal.
291 Calcite Bituminous shale matrix; lined with dog-tooth spar.
292 Barite Calcite vein-stuff in carboniferous shale.
293 Calcite Carboniferous shale bearing dog-tooth spar; Catalog says 3 specimens.
294 Calcite Crystals in coal material.
295 Calcite With curved calcite crystals.
296 Calcite Crystals on carboniferous limestone.
297 Calcite Drusy iridescent calcite crystals on black limestone.
298 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
299 Calcite Dog-tooth spar.
300 Calcite Dogtooths spar on carboniferous limestone. Catalog says that this was deaccessioned in 6/93.