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54526 UNIM1991.11.0010 a-b Dress

Dress and jacket set. A.) Dress: V neckline with self shaped facing. Shaped empire waist in front, straight wasitline in back. 14" zipper back at neck. 2 bust darts and 2 back waist darts. Long dress with 2 gores front and back, flared to hem - 3 1/4". B.) Jacket: Handstitched. Same fabric. Boxy style, long set in sleeves with 3" cuff. 2 covered buttons on cuff. 5 covered buttons center front closure. Full rolled collar is shaped at front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GN, WH

54527 UNIM1991.11.0011 Dress

Waltz length lavendar prom dress. Fitted bodice is net underlined with taffeta. Princess lines have feather-boning. Low V front neckline. Panel of net has 3/4" horizontal tucks. Net top edge V shaped and outlined with 1" ruffle to side seam. Back neck low straight across. Neckline faced center back 15" zipper with hook and eye closure above. 18" wide band of net around neck as halter neck. Ends tacked as top in front at princess seams. Center back snaps to back of zipper. Taffeta skirt gathers at waist 4 rows of ruffles 4" wide at 2 1/2" and 6 1/2" below waist and 10" and 13 1/4" above hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR

54528 UNIM1991.11.0012 a-b Dress

Floor length light blue dress with ribbon belt. Fitted bodice of taffeta with drop waist with rhinestone brads, princess style front and back with left side 14" zipper with hook and eye at top. Net over taffeta floor length skirt. Top of gown is strapless, neckline is slightly lower in front between princess seam. Princess seams have been re-stitched by hand by dressmaker. 1 1/4" hem on taffeta skirt. 48" x 5 1/2" ribbon belt. Taffeta ruffle around top of skirt where bodice is joined. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

54529 UNIM1991.11.0013 a-b Dress

Waltz length yellow prom dress with bolero. A.) Dress: Fitted bodice with 2 waist darts front and back. Net shoulder straps 7/8" wide. Bodice slightly lower in back made with taffeta with net ruffle at top. 10" left side zipper. Taffeta with net overlay gathered to bodice, narrow hem. B.) Bolero length jacket is sleeveless and short. Made with taffeta with net overlay. Center front opening, stand up net ruffle around neck. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW

54530 UNIM1991.11.0014 a-b Dress

Golden rod colored dress with bolero. A.) Dress: Fitted bodice with leather boning front and back, waist comes to a V shape at center front with taffeta and lace overlay. V neckline with center gather stitches vertical for shaping bust. Below waist continues with taffeta with lace overlay over hips coming to points and center front and center back and at sides. Left 14" zipper. Taffeta with net overlay skirt attatched with net double ruffle 4" to upper lace section. B.) Bolero: Lace sleeveless made to cover shoulders. Narrow hem. Lace has been turned under around armscyes and handstitched. Bolero snaps to gown. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW

54531 UNIM1991.11.0015 a-b Dress

Black dress with jacket. A.) Dress: Straight silhouette; sheath style. Scooped neckline with rolled hem, sleeveless with rolled hem. Armscye bust darts, 18" zipper at center back. Belt loops at side seam. Straight with 2" hem machine stitched. B.) Long sleeves, Peter Pan collar with tabs. 5 each 3/4" covered buttons. Center front closure, set in sleeves. 1" hem machine blind stitched front side seam bust dart. Fake pocket welts at lower front, 3/4" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54532 UNIM1991.11.0016 Dress

Black dress and jacket. A.) Dress: Four front shoulder darts each side. 9 back neck darts set in fitted sleeves long with 1 3/8" facing vent with snap of crepe side out. Lowererd V neck front with 1 1/4" wide fitted facing of crepe. Crepe back jabot at center front has blue edging. 1 5/8" machine lace basted into neckline. At lowered waistline shaped midriff of crepe. Below skirt has 2 box pleats with pleat at either side. 1 3/4" facing at hem. Goes over head - no zipper. B.) Jacket: Crepe side used for jacket, satin side used for trim. Boxy style. Center front opening. No fasteners, fitted set in long sleeves with 1 3/4" satin fitted facing around lower sleeve and around neck and front. Crepe side used as trim on dress. Satin side used as trim on jacket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54533 UNIM1991.11.0017 Dress

Three parts. Dress with sleeveless jacket/vest. A.) Dress: Cream V neck with bias binding. Short sleeves with 1 1/4" cuff and shaped red tabs at cuff running vertically. Tab of red with cream colored 1 1/8" button (plastic) . No zipper. Natural waist. Basic 6 gore skirt front and back ends in a shallow box pleat at knee level. In front hip area seams have two scallops with 1 1/8" button in each. B.) Jacket/Vest: Bolero length with V front to waist. Fastens one button and bound buttonhole. Jacket button is different than the other buttons. It is a 1" diameter white glass button. Collar is cream color with scalloped outer edge. Neckline has cream bias facing. Sleeveless, bias facing at armscyes; narrow hem machine stitched. Front shoulder darts. C.) Belt: Fabric belt loops, 3/4" wide self fabric belt has 1 1/2" plastic buckle. Other end has 7 1/2" of red trim. 1 3/4" with at end. Shirt tail hem machine stitched. Sketch on catalog sheet.

54534 UNIM1991.11.0018 Dress

Black crepe dress. Sheath style with a straight silhouette. V neck colorless faced, elbow length kimono sleeves runs into shaped yoke in back with raglan sleeve line in front. Midriff yoke at waistline. Short center back neck opening self faced and 1 snap fasteners. Lower sleeve fitted to 2 1/4" wide cuff via large tucks. Cuff has 3 covered 1/4" dome buttons and loops. Skirt 5 gore (3 front) top stitched pleats in side front and center back seams. 2 3/8" hem hand stitched - has been shortened. Fabric loops for belt. Belt missing. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54535 UNIM1991.11.0020 Dress None
54536 UNIM1991.11.0020 a-b Dress

Black crepe like dress with belt. Waist darts front, back and armscye darts front, back shoulder darts. 3/4" length sleeves set in. Collarless, shaped neckline facing neck. 4" back neck zipper. 1 3/4" front neck yoke. Trim at center front 3/16" laced cording and 4 sets of 1/2" bias loops. Front skirt 5 basic gores and basic in back. Gores slightly flared. Left size 10" zipper, thread belt loops. 3/4" wide self belt has buckle and eyelet fastening. 2 1/2" hem dressmaker, has been shortened. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54537 UNIM1991.11.0021 a-b Dress

Royal blue dress with belt. Waistline darts front and back. Shoulder tucks in front, collarless wide square front neck, shaped facing center front panel. 5 3/4" at neckline tapers to 4 1/2" at waist, has horizontal pin tucks 3/4" apart with 3/4" cuff at neckline. Short set in sleeves with 3/4" hem machine blind stitched. 9" side zipper. 6 flared gores in front, 3 in back. Thread belt loops. 3/4" wide fabric belt with buckle and eyelets. 1 3/4" wide hem hand stitched. Rhinestone and silver metal ornament holds self fabric string bow at left upper bodice. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

54538 UNIM1991.11.0022 Dress

Two parts. a. Dark grey dress and b. belt with turquoise trim. Fabric has turquoise silk threads 1/2" aprt running horizontally. Shaped V neck with mandarin collar around sides and back of neck. Center front opening slightly surplice snaps. 4" wide midriff yoke in front. Above bodice has 2 angled waist darts and narrow bias tie at center front. Short kimono sleeves have 1" to 2" cuff with vent at top. Skirt basic 4 gore flared. 3 released darts at each front side of waist and top stitched at 1/4" center front seam has 1" top stitch from 6" zipper to hem. 2 7/8" hem handstitched. Belt loops of fabric. 3/4" fabric belt has buckle and 5 eyelets. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, BL

54539 UNIM1991.11.0023 a-c Dress

Dress with belt and detachable collar. Sheath style, navy with white polka dots. Center front opening has 2 buttons. 1" navy plastic, machine stitched button holes. 2 personal waist darts each side front. 1 dart each side back. Center front roll back to form lapels. White waffle weave detachable collar snaps on. Machine embroidered flowers at corners with rhinestones; pearls and bead trim. Neckline has shaped facing. Short set in sleeves have 1 1/2" wide cuff. 9" side zipper. Shirt has basic 12 gores total front and back. Thread belt loops. 3/4" fabric belt has buckle and 5 metal eyelets. Self fabric shoulder pads. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH

54540 UNIM1991.11.0024 a-b Dress

Charcoal gray dress with belt. Keyhole neckline has white foille double fabric shaped facing, string bowtie and rhinestone pint at bottom of neck sash. 2 released waist darts each side of front, one in back. Gibson pleat at front shoulder, short sleeves have foille edging and facing. Left side 9" zipper. Skirt basic 10 gores. Gores flare slightly (10 gores front, 10 gores back) at hem. 2 1/2" hem handsewn (has been shortened). 3/4" fabric belt with buckle and 5 eyelet fabric belt loops. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, WH

54541 UNIM1991.11.0025 Dress

Light blue dress made of cotton and rayon. Embroidered paisley design in very light blue. Empire waist style. Low V neck front and back. Trimmed with self piping and facing to empire waist. 1 fitting dart each side, large bow (2 layer) at base of neckline. Bow is run through large buttonhole on front. 2 each 3/8" covered buttons with rhinestones in center. Underarm bust darts. Very short set in sleeves has piped edge and are faced. Skirt basic 6 gore front fits through lower bodice but flares widely toward hem. Basic 4 gore back. Seams on both sides of center. Seam continues to straight lines to shoulder plus long waistline darts closer to sides. Pocket set into seams at front side. Center back 14" zipper set in lap style at 2 1/2" below neckline. Thread belt loops (no belt). 2 1/8" hem hand stitched. Color: BL

54542 UNIM1991.11.0026 Dress

Polyester aqua colored dress. Lower scooped front neckline has 1" wide bias self fabric facing and self fabric bow at left front. Curved design line from left side front neckline to hip area using lapped seam. Three 3/4" domed buttons; metal with rhinestones set along lapped seam line in bust area. Bust line darts at sideseam front. 21" zipper center backwith hook and eye at top. Waistline dart at each side of center back (no waistline) seam. 1 1/2" hem machine blind stitched. Sleeveless - shaped facing of self fabric. Label "Lot 8; Size 16 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

54543 UNIM1991.11.0027 Blouse

White blouse with 2 snaps for closure. Square neckline with no collar but a 2" lace ruffle around back and front sides of center front panel. Sleeveless. Center front has 5 1/4" x 6" panel set in at neckline. Opens along left side. 2 snap closure, 4 horizontal bands of net edged narrow lace. Neckline and front edged bound with white bias tape. Armscyes and hem area unfinished. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54544 UNIM1991.11.0028 Blouse

Unfitted white pullover blouse. Collarless; neckline is square with lace 1" wide around edge. Kimono style sleeves; elbow length with ruffle on edge. 2 each insertions of lace 2" wide x 3 1/2" long runs vertically from below neckline, narrow machine hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54545 UNIM1991.11.0029 Hat

Wool yarn crocheted cloche style hat. Brown multi colored trim. Form fitting crown. Single crochet throughout; circle trim on right side with a total of 7 circles in multi colors. Turned up brim. Round crocheted handmade circle trim - orange, gold, blue, brown and grey yarn. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN

54546 UNIM1991.11.0030 Hat

Red wool hat; crocheted with yard. Tam style. Flat crown; triangle shape. Single crochet stitch throughout. Single crocheted chain attatched at center of crown with tassel on end. Extends 8" total. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD

54547 UNIM1991.11.0031 Hat

Red wool military style hat. Folds flat. When worn pleat opens at center top front to back, lined with matching twill. Top stitiched at folds, double stitched around bottom. Grosgrain bow at back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD

54548 UNIM1991.11.0032 Scarf

Black crepe headscarf, 22" x 14" x 14" with 9" ties. Triangle shape Ties on each long end; scalloped edge on other two sides, double fabric. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54549 UNIM1991.11.0033 Apron

Pink nylon half apron, 18" x 1 3/4" waistband and 3 1/2" x 20" ties, 15" long. Has three flacked circle medallions. 2 outer medallions are pockets. Scalloped hem, self bound around edge. Apron gathered to waistband. Medallion with floral center design and lace 1" wide all around them add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK

UNIM1991.11.0033 (Apron) image
54550 UNIM1991.11.0046 Slip

Crocheted upper, sleeveless slip. Large flower on each side front and back crocheted top part. V-neck. Horizontal darts at waist. Color: WH





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