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54576 UNIM1991.11.84B Suit

Navy blue men's suit with jacket, vest, and pants. A: Jacket, B: Pants, and C: Vest.

54577 UNIM1991.11.84C Suit

Navy blue men's suit with jacket, vest, and pants. A: Jacket, B: Pants, and C: Vest.

54578 UNIM1991.11.85 Suit

Men's Navy Blue suit. A: Jacket, B: Pants, C: Vest.

54579 UNIM1991.11.85B Pant

Men's Navy Blue suit. A: Jacket, B: Pants, C: Vest.

54580 UNIM1991.11.85C Vest

Men's Navy Blue suit. A: Jacket, B: Pants, C: Vest.

54581 unim1991.11.86 Suit

Men's pants and vest, medium gray w/stripes.  

54582 UNIM1991.11.87 Pants None
54583 UNIM1991.11.88 Trousers

Men's trousers, black herringbone twill weave. 

54584 UNIM1991.11.89 Pants None
54585 UNIM1991.11.90 Vest None
54586 UNIM1991.11.91 Vest

Black faded stripe men's suit vest.

54587 UNIM1991.11.92 Robe None
54588 UNIM1991.11.94A Shirt Collar

Van Heusen cotton shirt collar size 15

54589 UNIM1991.11.94B Collar Packaging

Original wax Van Heusen shirt collar package

54590 UNIM1991.11.94C Collar Packaging

Original Van Heusen shirt collar washing suggestions 

54591 UNIM1991.11.9C Collar Packaging None
54592 UNIM1991.12.0001 Shawl

Hand dyed and handwoven. Four 7" wide vertical stripes in shades of lavender to burgundy. 2 rows bouquet near ends and 6" fringe with rows of knotting. Color: PR,LV

54593 UNIM1991.12.0002 Scarf

Machine knitted. Pale orange with 9" border of narrow stripes of beige, taupe and orange at each end. Knitted design pattern through center section repeats every 3 1/2" Color: OR,TN,CR

54594 UNIM1991.12.0003 Scarf

Batik, with black border around batiked edges. Border 3 5/8". Design is not just random crackling, but looks like a house set in wooded area. 2 sides are selvage; 2 have nerrow hems. Color: BK,GY

54595 UNIM1991.12.0004 Bag

Woven, with wooden handles. Borders at bottom and top of contrasting colors. Red fringe across bottom and up side @4". Embroidered design on each side: bullfighter on one side; bull on the other. Tapers up to handles above design. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY,ML

54596 UNIM1991.12.0005 Pin

Leaf design with forked fronds along one side, curled fronds along the other. Safety pin on back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL

UNIM1991.12.0005 (Pin) image
54597 UNIM1991.12.6 Box

Hinged, lacquered box, with design of flowers, leaves and birds on top. Label shows Japan manufacturer. Has lock. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD-BR

54598 UNIM1991.3.0001 Apron

Percale bib-style apron, black ground with white cross-hatched line designs overall in weave. Purple daisy-type flowers in overall print; lavender binding. Top part has round neck and straight sides which meet skirt portion in right-angle corners. Small rounded bottom pocket on skirt at right side. Slips over head, ties at back waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: BK,WH,LV

54599 UNIM1991.3.0002 Apron

Half-apron, percale print, white with brown. 3 vertical panels, slightly flared. Middle panel gathers below pocket. One large pocket in center panel, 17" x 7". 3/8" wide embroidered trim around edges & top of pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: WH,BR

54600 UNIM1991.4.0001 Dress None





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