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54601 UNIM1991.5.0019 Shoe

For small child. High-top shoe with 6 eyelets. Rounded toe and flat heel. Plain. a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

54602 UNIM1991.6.0001 Pants None
54603 UNIM1991.6.0002 Pillow, throw

Oblong. Rows of ruffled crochet, multi-colored, sewn to cream colored background. Back is plain, also cream. Color: ML

54604 UNIM1991.6.0003 Pillow, throw

Square 9-patch patchwork pillow in star pattern. 4 1/2" blocks. Yellow center block; yellow & red star blocks, blue print corner and side center blocks. Back of pillow is plain yellow. Color: YL,BL,RD

54605 UNIM1991.7.0001 Purse

Imitation leather vinyl envelope style purse with bail handle. Two openings: one has full-length hinged opening with clasp fastener. Inside is zippered pocket in center. Other opening is on boxy top; envelope style with turn-buckle fastener. 14" long bail handle. Open pocket on envelope-side for letters, keys, etc. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

UNIM1991.7.0001 (Purse) image
54606 UNIM1991.7.0002 Purse

Womens' large, lizard grain envelope style, with bail handle. Inside has full-length centered zipper pocket in wide, open section and brass clasp opens a hinged, separate compartment. Flap of envelope exterior is riveted onto back. Handles 18 3/4' long; front one attached to flap, back one set into back @ half way down. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

UNIM1991.7.0002 (Purse) image
54607 UNIM1991.7.0003 Purse

Color: BR,GD

UNIM1991.7.0003 (Purse) image
54608 UNIM1991.7.0004 Purse

Women's hinged-top leather-like. Hinged top has clasp. 7" long zippered pocket in back wall of lining. 2 full-length outside pockets on front and one on back. Two 18" bail handles; one set into back pocket @1/3 way down; front handle sewn into top of outermost pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

UNIM1991.7.0004 (Purse) image
54609 UNIM1991.8.0001 Pillow, throw

Round pillow of random-shaped blocks, patchwork f ront and back. Fabrics and colors not coordinated; not fully padded. Feather-stitching in different dolors where patches join. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML

54610 UNIM1991.8.0002 Pillow, throw

Multi-colored rows of ruffled crochet, starting with a center row, and working around it 18 times. Back is off-white muslin. Color: CR,ML

54611 UNIM1991.8.0003 Pillow, throw

Nine blocks. Yellow center block; blue print corner blocks; others are red, yellow and print "pinwheels". Color: YL,BL,RD

54612 UNIM1991.9.0001 Gown, evening

Flared, tiered, wide-strap sleeveless formal. scarf & drawstring bag. a. Dress. Sheath style bodice, lowered round neckline in back; front neckline tapers to a V; gathers at center front to accent bustline. 2 waist darts, both front and back. Sleeveless; shoulder straps are about 12' wide bands gathered to 4 1/2' at top of shoulder. Bodice section is lined. Skirt is four-gore, flared and 3-tiered. 14' zipper at left side. Round hem. Underlined. b. Scarf. c. Drawstring bag. Color: YL

54613 UNIM1991.9.0003 Suit, bathing

Woman's; basic chemise cut with lowered neckline in front and low V-neck in back. 1' straps over shoulders. Skirt included in original cut of garment; pants sewn in @ about 7" above bottom of skirt. Double rows of stitching at neck; armseyes hem, & lowered waist.

54614 UNIM1991.9.0004 Apron

Straight bib-style bleached muslin apron with hand-embroidered designs at neckline, down front and in two rows around skirt. Straps cross at back; right shoulder strap ends at left side of skirt and left shoulder strap ends at right skirt top edge. Embroidery in cross stitch, lazy daisy and French knots. Narrow hem on all edges. Sides of top curve to form top of skirt section. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,ML

54615 UNIM1991.9.0005 Nightgown

Straight, chemise-style muslin women's nightgown. Yoke at upper front with pintucks and embroidrey; low rounded V-neck with bottom closure 7 1/2" long. Shallow shaped back yoke. Elbow length sleeves have 1 1/4" hem and embroidery. Shallow shaped back yoke. 30" wide skirt gathers to yoke; 1 1 3/4' hem. Embroidered edging at neck & sleeve hem and embroidered design in yoke.

54616 UNIM1991.9.0006 Shoe

White with black overlay (saddle) in area of eyelets and at center back. 5-eyelet, laces. Sole is red rubber. Color: WH,BK

54617 UNIM1991.9.0007 Hat

Women's cloche-style off the face ribbon hat. Narrow ribbon is coiled from center top to form dome-shaped crown @ 7 1/2" diameter x 3 1/2' deep. Right side has tapered red brim 3 1/2' at widest part, sewn from 1" from center back to 1 1/2'-2" beyond center front. Folds at right side front. On left side, black brim originates near center back, turns up at left front, overlapping red brim. Veil. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD,BK

54618 UNIM1991.9.0008 Hat

Shell-style feathered hat in shaded blues. Buckram covered with black plain weave rayon lining. Edges bound with black velvet ribbon glued to base. V-cutout on left side varies contour. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

54619 UNIM1991.9.0009 Hat

Draped, turban sytle woman's hat. Skullcap shape, gathered vertically at center back. 4 1/4" band across front, gathered & folded to add interest. Shaped to give width across front. 2 brass rings @ 1 1/8' diameter. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR

UNIM1991.9.0009 (Hat) image
54620 UNIM1991.9.0010 Hat

Woman's shell-style wool felt velour hat, navy blue. Wire frame at contour of hat, covered with felt & edge finished with navy grosgrain ribbon, 5/8" wide. 9 navy felt leaves across front of hat, with 2 rhinestones in each. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

54621 UNIM1991.9.0011 Hat

Woman's striped rayon taffeta shell. Cut in 4 sections; 2 at center back are on bias (stripes are not matched). Panels at side also on bias, cut to form chevrons. Wire at edge covered with taffeta and machine sewn. 3/4" grosgrain ribbon headband. Lined. Bias cut band about 5" wide pleated across front, with vertical band at left front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML

54622 UNIM1991.9.0012 Eyeglasses

Two parts. a. "Exotic' look glasses, silver frames & bows, dark lens & fancy trim of large "stars" and rhinestones at outer edges of frame & on bows. For fun wear, possibly for sun. b. Slip in case, 3 1/4' x 6 5/8". black, beige diagonally striped velvet. Open at one narrow end. Bound with brown grosgrain ribbon. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL

UNIM1991.9.0012 (Eyeglasses) image
54623 UNIM1991.9.0013 Purse

Clutch style ( no handle or strap for carrying). Perforated 1" squares of vinyl laced together with 3/16" wide black gimp. Zipper closure across top. Interior lined with 2 slip-in pockets sewn to lined sides; zipper tab has gimp & square decoration. Design in center of each square arranged in alternating stripes of blue and white. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,WH

UNIM1991.9.0013 (Purse) image
54624 UNIM1991.9.0014 Magazine

"McCall's Quarterly", summer, 1927. Shows fashions; sold for 25 cents. Color: BK,WH

54625 UNIM1991.9.0015 Pattern

Women's suit and dress patterns. a - k. a. 2-piece suit, McCall';s #7565, size 18, 50 cents, c. 1933. b. Dress, McCall #3092, size 38, 50 cents, c. 1938. c. Dress, Simplicity #3595, size 18, 15 cents, c. 1940. d. Dress, Simplicity #3459, size 18, 25 cents, c. 1940. e. Dress, Simplicity #3819, size 18, 25 cents, c. 1941. f. Dress, DuBarry #T546, size 36, 10 cents, c. 1940. g. Dress, ? #8267, size 36, 15 cents, c. 1940. h. Dress, Excella E4323, size 36, 25 cents, c. 1940. i. Dress, #209, size 36, c. 1937. j. Dress, Marian Martin, #9803, size 18, late 1940's. k. Two- piece maternity smock, Barbara Bell #1833, size 18, late 1930's.





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