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54626 UNIM1991.9.0016 Pattern

Two blouse patterns. a. Excella, size 18, c. 1940. Unprinted. Sold for 25 cents. b. Pictorial Review #6701, size 42, printed. c. 1940. Sold for 25 cents.

54627 UNIM1991.9.0017 Pattern

Woman's blouse and shorts pattern, Pictorial Review #6785, size 18, printed. c. 1940. Sold @25 cents.

54628 UNIM1991.9.0018 Pattern

Coverall apron, #4591, size Medium. Not printed. c. 1940. Instructions are printed on envelope.

54629 UNIM1991.9.0019 Pattern

Six sleepwear patterns. a. Negligee, Simplicity #1470, size 38. Not printed. c. 1940. 15 cents. b. Housecoat, Simplicity #2879, Size 18. Not printed. 15 cents. c. Nightgown, Customode #8143. Not printed. Size 36. c. 1940. 25 cents. d. Nightgown, Pictorial Review #6884, size 36. Instructions printed on the envelope. late '30s. 25 cents. e. Lounging pajamas. Simplicity #2011, Size 36. Not printed. 15 cents. f. 2-pc. pajamas. Advance #1960, size 18. Not printed. c. 1940. 15 cents.

54630 UNIM1991.9.0020 Pattern

Six women's lingerie patterns. a. Slip, Excella #E4338. Size 18, late '30s. 15 cents. Not printed; instructions on envelope. b. Slip, Simplicity #2515, size 36. Not printed. Late '30s; 15 cents. c. Slip, Advance #4315, Size 40; not printed. c. 1940. 25 cents. d. Slip and panties; Advance #4045. Size 40. c. 1940. Not printed; 25 cents. e. Maternity slip. Butterick #8698, Size 20. Not printed. 25 cents. f. Chemise; DuBarry #D481, size 36, not printed. c. 1940, Ten cents.

54631 UNIM1991.9.0021 Pattern

Girl's. a. Slip and panties. Simplicity #4882, size 6. c. 1945. 15 cents. b. Coat. Simplicty #5148, size 3; printed. c. 1942. 35 cents.

54632 UNIM1992.11.0001 Coat

Slightly flared style. Large, loose sleeves with 7 3/4' wide roll-back cuffs. Narrow collar widens at front and is pointed. One hook & eye at neckline. Vertical slot pockets. Lined with brown fabric ( rayon?). buttons on tips of collar. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

54633 UNIM1992.11.0002 Coat

Quite straight cut; shawl collar. Large button & loop near waist level. Wide, loose sleeves, hemmed. Slot pockets. Ties on inside with lining ties to loop on under flap of coat. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR-BK,GY

54634 UNIM1992.12.0001 Neckpiece

Shaped like collar; curved to fit around neck. Meets at center front; large button on left (inside) with corded loop on right to fasten. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY

54635 UNIM1992.12.0002 Suit

Women's boxy 2-pc. suit. Jacket has 4 button center front closure. Long sleeves with button cuff. Wide collar; lapels. Long full set-in sleeves with 2' wide cuff that buttons. Cuffs and fake pocket flaps cut on bias, as are bound buttonholes. Buttons mottled brown/beige plastic. Slightly flared skirt. Front cut on fold, has 2 pleats each side. Center back seam. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN,RD,BK

54636 UNIM1992.12.0003 Suit

Three-piece. women's suit, "butcher linen". Jacket is short, fitted front & back with waist darts & bust darts. 8-button center front closure. Flared back has center back seam. Small collar & machine-worked buttonholes. 2-pc. fitted sleeves, long, with 1 1/2' turn back cuff. Vest and jacket collar & cuffs are cream with a 1/2" taupe check pattern. Quite flared skirt has 3 knife pleats each side of center front, unpressed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN

54637 UNIM1992.12.0004 Dress

Dress and jacket. Dress is double knit, princess style. V-neck edged with rib knit. Zipper in back extends below waist. Eyelet white pique bib collar with 2 pearl buttons and white matching cuffs. Sleeveless; armseyes faced. Skirt is flared. Hem has been lengthened, using lace hem facing. Jacket is of rib knit; long sleeves with white cuffs. Color: BL

54638 UNIM1992.12.0005 Shoe

Women's high top, lace shoes. Two sections in lower part of shoe, sewn to uppers. 19 eyelets. Triple needle toe style. Sole sewn to uppers. Louis heel is stacked leather. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54639 UNIM1992.12.0006 Shoe

Black patent and gray calf women's shoes. High across instep at front, tapering to mid-shank. Upper portion is gray kid, squared at center front with 3 buttons at upper outside. Circle or dolls round toe style; Cuban 1 7/8" heel. Color: BK,GY

54640 UNIM1992.12.0007 Shoe

Women's pump. Low throat with trim at bottom. Front of shoe is plain, with plastic buckle, & kid board. Rounded square toe style. Continental, covered heel with 2 1/8' lift. Color: GY

54641 UNIM1992.12.0008 Shoe

Women's pump with 4 straps across instep. Low throat with 2 sets of kid straps. Front is navy patent; back portion & straps kid. Large patent buttons on straps. Inside heel liners. Square toe and 1 3/4" Cuban heel, kid-covered. Color: BL

54642 UNIM1992.12.0009 Shoe

Women's pump. Very low throat, stylized front tip over toes is red with white piping. Center portion over shank is navy; Heel section and heel itself, red. a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD,BL

54643 UNIM1992.12.0010 Shoe

Women's sling back pump. Open toe; top of shoe is only straps which cross above ball of foot. Heel covered with suede. Patch of moleskin added at ball of foot, insole. Rounded square toe style, Continental covered 2 1/4' heel. Strap with buckle fastening on outer side.a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR

54644 UNIM1992.12.0011 Shoe

Woman's plain pump. Open front with straps from sides which nearly meet at center front and lace to fasten. Back of shoe is built up to enclose foot. Dollar round toe. Cuban 1 3/4" covered heel. a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54645 UNIM1992.12.0012 Boot

Womans' demi boot. Center front seam and seams 7/8' from center top which flare out as they get near the sole. Rounded square toe. Zipper on inside of leg. Military, covered 1 3/4" heel. a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK

54646 UNIM1992.12.0013 Boot

Demi style. Seam over center front of toe section; stitching from bottom of zipper around to center back. Double-stitched. Center backseam in upper portion. Circle toe, 2 1/4" continental, covered heel. Center front zipper with cord and metal tassel. Sketch on catalog sheet. a. and b. Color: WH

54647 UNIM1992.12.0014 Boot

Knee-high, wine. Zipper on inside of leg. Stylized design at center front on vamp; stitched and flares back to midshank. Single needle, oval toe style; 3 5/8" covered, continental style heel. Sketch on catalog sheet. a. and b. Color: PR

54648 UNIM1992.12.0015 Bag, shoe

Twill weave in 1/2" checks. Rubberized inside. has side and bottom panels, so size can expand 14' zipper closure. About 15" strap handle fastened to bag with snap buttons. Brown handle and piping between front side panels and back. Rubberized inside. Color: BL,GR,BR

54649 UNIM1992.12.0016 Fan

Fifteen inner sticks or blades; 2 outer sticks or guards. Held with 1/4" side satin ribbon @1 1/2" from top. Outer edges rounded; form scallops. Outer 3" of blades are pierced and carved. Below this, a delicate floral pattern has been painted. Outer edges have narrow striping (@ 1/8") in blue. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR,ML

54650 UNIM1992.12.0017 Hatpin

Fourteen pins. 4 are fancy heads and probably cost 25 cents. Sketch on catalog sheet of one of the pins. Color: BK,WH,ML





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