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54676 UNIM1992.12.26A Key

Three keys. Old style, as for bookcase, dresser, etc. a. - c. c. 1 piece is 1" tall figure of a man. 1 piece is gold @ 1/2" looks like finial for a piece of jewelry. Color: BK

54677 UNIM1992.13.0001 Suit, gym

A. Jumper style, sleeveless, with straight legs, V-neck, wide pleats neck to bottom of legs, front & back. Belt loops; 2 1/2" wide belt fastens with buttons. Closure at left shoulder - 4 hooks & eyes. 11" side placket; 4 snap closure. ISTC P. E. club shield. Label at back neck: 9230 #90 black -45; Elaine gym suit. Bust 32 1/2", Waist 30" Hips 36 1/2". B. 2" black belt. C. Blouse, (newer):V-neck. 5 button closure. Yoke back & drop-shoulder front; short hemmed sleeves; full roll collar.

UNIM1992.13.0001 (Suit, gym) image
54678 UNIM1992.13.0002 Suit, gym

Sailcloth. Yoke at neck/shoulder; full roll collar. Lapels for V-neck. Fitted with darts. Center back pleat. Small pocket on left breast. Waistline seam. Pleats in side front Center front and back open with 4 3/8" overlap. Short sleeve pleated at shoulder; 1' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet.

54679 UNIM1992.13.0003 Suit, gym

Knickers, sweater vest & blouse. a. Vest, V-neck & sleevelss slipover syle, long. 1 1/4' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Knickers. Cut on bias; full floomer legs with elastic in hems. 27" x 1 3/8" wide waistband. 6 1/2' button placket. Flat fell seams. Blouse Size 12-32; 7-button front closure, flat collar, bust darts. ISTC. Color: BK

54680 UNIM1992.13.0004 Suit, gym

Gingham check sleeveless suit. Bodice has lowered neckline with divided (3-piece) flat collar. Armseyes bound with white bias. No waistline seam. Bloomer legs with elastic in hems. Crotch piece between legs. Tiny white pocket on right side of skirt front. Button closure, left shoulder. 2' wide belt buttons at front; no belt loops. White bias binding at armseyes & around white collar. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: LV,WH

54681 UNIM1992.13.0005 Suit, gym

Knit top and shorts. top off-white, shorts navy. Sleeveless, V-neck finished with 3/4" binding. side seam bust darts; 1' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Shorts fitted, 1" waistband with elastic; 1' hems in legs. Color: BL,WH

54682 UNIM1992.13.0006 Suit, warm-up

Jacket and slacks. Jacket has zip front, extends into full roll collar. 5/8" hem; no darts to fit. Sketch on catalog sheet. Slacks, slim or tailored fit. 1" hem at waistband has elastic. 1 " hem in legs, double sewn. UNI.

54683 UNIM1992.13.0007 Shoe

Oxford style, divided for laced closure. This portion and around to center back is lighter brown; lower part & tip (toe) is darker brown. Circle or dollar round toe style; flat heel. Color: BR,TN

54684 UNIM1992.14.0001 Dress

Fitted short-sleeve rust dress with attached taffeta slip. Bodice fitted; gathers at waist front; released darts in back. Deep V-neckline, turned back as hem. Short sleeves are very gathered at top of armseye. Lined with net; 1' hem. Skirt 2-gore, quite flared. 1 7/8" hem, handstitched. 11" side zipper. Shaped midriff yoke. b. Rust colored taffeta slip, fitted. Snaps in place and shaps on straps. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

54685 UNIM1992.14.0002 Hat

Wide-brimmed, rust. Crown @ 3 1/4" above brim, 1" below, rounded to top of crown. Bottom edge is bound with 1 1/2" grosgrain ribbon which is also headband. Brim 2 1/2' wide at back to 3 3/4" at sides and front. Edge is bound with straw tape. 11 1/2' of daisies across front & a grosgrain bow on under side of brim. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

UNIM1992.14.0002 (Hat) image
54686 UNIM1992.14.0003 Purse

Semi-ciruclar, with two 10 1/2" bail handles of top-sewn leather. Zipper closure; lined with rust-colored satin. Snap coin purse sewn to one side; open pocket on other side for mirror and lipstick. Enameled ball tab on zipper; small leather decoration on front side. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

54687 UNIM1992.14.0004 Tablecloth

Stair-stepped square shape, Hardanger cloth and embroidery. 7 3/4" plain center, surrounded by Kloster blocks. Other stitches include twisted bars, 8-point stars, satin-stitch & cut fabric threads and spiderweb filling stitch, eyelet holes, woven bars. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

UNIM1992.14.0004 (Tablecloth) image
54688 UNIM1992.14.0005 Doily

Star-burst design, filet crochet. Diamond mesh joined to 2 3/4" linen center. darning stitch used for embroidering design in each of 12 points. Feather stitching around edge of linen center. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54689 UNIM1992.15.0001 Suit

Four pieces. Women's gray twill weave suit and jacket, plus coordinated plaid slacks and jacket. a. Plain gray jacket is double-breasted, fastened with snaps inside. Wide bias collar. Princess lines from neck & sleeve meet just above inseam pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Basic skirt, lined like jacket. 1" waistband, center back zipper, with hook & eye. c. Plaid slacks. d. Long jacket, lined, with long tie belt and 2-piece set-in long sleeves. Color: GY

54690 UNIM1992.15.0002 Suit

Womans's suit, men's suiting. Straight princess lines jacket, lowered neckline and shawl collar. In-seam welt pockets. Center back seam and 2 shoulder darts. Long sleeves, set-in, with 1 3/8" - 1/34" roll back cuff. Dissasembled skirt, 2-gore with seams at center front and back. Pleat in center back seam. 1 dart each side of center front and center back waist. size zipper. Covered buttons. Color: BR

54691 UNIM1992.15.0003 Gown, wedding

Dress and slip. One-piece dress is straight with slight flare in skirt. Bodice, princess lines accented with 3/4' wide lace; standup collar; curved yoke alternating rows of lace & fabric. Center back closure with buttons; hook & eyes in collar. Long set-in sleeves. Three groups of 4 very small tucks, 3 bands of insertion lace & matching edging at wrist. Skirt has wide lace waistband, tiny released pleats (vertical) below waist. Lace & tuck detail above narrow hem. Slip has eyelet "lace". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54692 UNIM1992.15.0004 Glove

Wool knit women's gloves. Fingers and palm of hand are stockinette stitch; from wrist to elbow, rib stitch has increased gradually for larger circumference of arm. Cuff portion has horizontal stripes of blue and gold on brown background. Color: BR,BL,GD

UNIM1992.15.0004 (Glove) image
54693 UNIM1992.15.0005 Dress

Child's checked dimity dropped waistline straight dress. Three panels in front of bodice, separated by insertion lace. Twelve narrow released pleats at neckline, center front. Back button closure has 5 buttons, 1/8". Elbow length sleeves with 1 5/8" hem + 2" lace edging. Underarm seam is 5/8" in front of sideseam. Skirt is side gathered to lace covered waistband. Band of insertion 5" below natural waist. 2 3/4" hem and 2' lace edging. Machine stitching butr much handwork also. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54694 UNIM1993.0010 Hat None
54695 UNIM1993.10.0001 Dress

Semi-fitted, with underarm darts only. Centerfront seam. Back seam with zipper. Closure yoke neckline. Unfitted skirt, Center front and center back seams. Hem has been let down and faced with lace. Short slieeves with "placket' at lower edge. Three buttons to trim. Tie belt 1 1/2' x 66 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD

54696 UNIM1993.10.0002 Hat

Man's. 5 1/4' deep. Center dent and side dents. 1 3/4" grosgrain band at base. Leather sweat band. Rayon lining. Brim 1 7/8" side. Seems to be molded to crown. Slightly rolled. Edge bound with grosgrain. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR

54697 UNIM1993.10.0003 Hatbox

On top label: "Disney - Exclusive Hatter, Founded 1885, New York". On side label: "Founded 1885; Crest - Hatter, Disney, New York, Registered." Sketch on catalog sheet.

54698 UNIM1993.11.0001 Jacket

Knit wool casual style boxy, with wide convertible collar, set-in very wide long sleeves, hemmed. Brown leather trim 2 3/8' - 2 1/2" zigzagged onto clollar length & around sleeves @ 2 1/2" above hem. 1 1/4' tie belt. Lined with brown satin. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR

54699 UNIM1993.11.0002 Dress

"Crimplene' knit. Curved princess dress and jacket. Bodice of dress is white with bust darts in front and neck darts in back. Center back zipper. "Built-up" neck facing. Skirt is red, slightly wider at hem. Short sleeves. Jacket collar and pocket flaps outlined with 5/8" bands of white knit. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD,WH

54700 UNIM1993.11.0003 Gown, evening

Olive green chiffon empire bodice underlined with matching crepe. Lowered neckline, waist darts, center back zipper. Center back seam in skirt which is underlined with crepe; flares to 66' circumference at floor-length hem. Short, set-in sleeves. 40" wide chiffon panel gathered to center back of skirt. Finished with a large bow at waistline. Gold braid at wasitline & bottom of sleeves; chiffon panel and 4 1/2' x 10" chiffon bow. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR





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