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54701 UNIM1993.11.0004 Gown, evening

Two parts. a. Crystalette and taffeta net or tulle. Lowered bateau neckline; waisline darts front and back. Shoulder formed by gathered band across front and back. Skirt mid-calf length. Very full; gathers to natural waistline. Net or tulle underslip. Taffeta "slit" open at center back. Side zipper. Sleeveless. Skirt hem is pulled up in 8 places and fasted with nosegays. b. Taffeta half-slip; fitted yoke & waistband open in back. 2 very gathered lower sections; ruffles & netting fullness added 5' above hem. Gathers in horizontal banding at neck. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL

54702 UNIM1993.11.0005 Dress, evening

Coral pink. Lowered wide square neckline on bodice; georgette overlay has deep V; top gathered. Skirt, originally balloon, changed to deep hem; very full. Top gathered to 4 1/2" wide midriff. All underlined, 14". Zipper at center back. Sleeveless; faced. Matching taffeta slip. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK

54703 UNIM1993.11.0006 Dress

Cocktail length. Georgette or chiffon & taffeta & net. Fitted bodice, V-neck, sleeveless; very full skirt: exaggerated hourglass silhouette. Bodice has shoulder & waist darts; chiffon overlay. Shaped midriff: chiffon pieces in horizontal pleats, crossing at center front.. Underlined. Skirt very full; has both net and flared taffeta slips; 9" hem. 14' center back zipper with hook & eye. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: AQ

UNIM1993.11.0006 (Dress) image
54704 UNIM1993.11.0007 Dress

Sea green chiffon & taffeta. Long-sleeved, coat style, underlined. Narrow convertible collar. Back shoulder darts; combined front dart. No waistline seam; 3' hem with lace seam binding. Long chiffon sleeves gather to 1 3/4' taffeta cuff. Long pink flowers painted on front and back of dress. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR

54705 UNIM1993.11.0008 Skirt

Circular skirt with fitted 2 1/4' waistband with 2 buttons. Very narrow hem, machine-stitched. Seams at center back and center front only. Color: BK

54706 UNIM1993.11.0010 Glove

Almost elbow-length dress gloves. Seams on inside except for top stitching on seams of 4 fingers, top edge. 1/4" elastic, 5" long with zig zag stitch, on sides of cuff. Color: RD

54707 UNIM1993.11.9 Scarf

Border @ 3 1/2" has 12 shields along each side, each a different heraldic design. Center area has diagonal cross lines jlining corners of shields. Hand-rolled hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,GD

54708 UNIM1993.12.0001 Blouse

Dressy blouse, sheath style, with lowered V-neck. Embroidered panels @ 2 5/8" set together with 1" wide bobbin lace. Center back opening is fastened with 6 snaps. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54709 UNIM1993.12.0002 Nightgown

Unfitted sheath, lowered neckline & sleeveless. Drawstring to fit neck. Floor length, with 3 3/4" machine hem. Muslin body, filet lace floral at center front on yoke and sleeves.

54710 UNIM1993.12.0003 Petticoat

Floor length, with 9" placket and 2 snaps; hook & eye at waist. Top portion 21 3/4" long, Flared muslin; 1" wide insertion lace; top portion continues as "lining" 13" more. Over this is a 13" long ruffle with 1 7/8" lace edging. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54711 UNIM1993.12.0004 Camisole

Lowered neckline, fitted with drawstring. Top portion gathers to 5/8" twill tape at waistline. 3 1/2" "tuck in" band below waist. Drawstrings at bottoms of sleeves, also. Filet crochet yoke with square neckline extends to form cap sleeves. 3 buttons, hook & eye. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54712 UNIM1993.12.0005 Combination

One-inch set-in waistband. Bottom portion is "drawers" or split pants style. Bodice portion has lowered, square neckline. Middle muslin section gathers to yoke & waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH

54713 UNIM1993.13.0001 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1938.

54714 UNIM1993.14.0001 Coat None
54715 UNIM1993.14.0002 Coat None
54716 UNIM1993.14.0003 Coat None
54717 UNIM1993.14.0004 Jacket None
54718 UNIM1993.14.0005 Jacket None
54719 UNIM1993.14.0007 Dress None
54720 UNIM1993.14.0008 Coat None
54721 UNIM1993.14.0010 Jacket None
54722 UNIM1993.14.0011 Suit None
54723 UNIM1993.14.0012 Suit None
54724 UNIM1993.14.0014 Suit None
54725 UNIM1993.14.0015 Dress None





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