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55426 UNIM2011.7.0033 Bracelet

Charm bracelet with silver chain and moveable gold charms: 1). spinning lie detector 2). key 3). diary 4).lip stick 5). opening scissors 6). spinning chair 7). opening fan 8). functioning roller 9). heart with key 10). spinning circle one side reads "LV YU" while the other reads "I OE O" 11). hose shoe 12). bowling pin.

UNIM2011.7.0033 (Bracelet) image
55427 UNIM2011.7.0034 Bracelet

Adolescent girl's sweet 16 bracelet. Heart-shaped charm with "sixteenth" engraved on it attached to chain. Smaller heart charm with ruby red stone attached to the larger heart charm. Color: GD, RD

UNIM2011.7.0034 (Bracelet) image
55428 UNIM2011.7.0035 Charm

Round charm with open center and the number "13" attached in the opening. Surface is rough. The hole at the top used to attach to a charm bracelet has broken off. Color: GD

UNIM2011.7.0035 (Charm) image
55429 UNIM2011.7.0036 Bracelet

Seven different varieties of shells attached to a small linked chain bracelt. Color: SL,WH,YL,OR,GR

UNIM2011.7.0036 (Bracelet) image
55430 UNIM2011.7.0037 Necklace

Dainty chain with heart pendant. Blue heart-shaped stone in the center of the heart. Color: GD, BL

55431 UNIM2011.7.0039 Pattern, sewing

McCalls Pattern #2901 Size 2. Coat pattern gathers to yoke with or without smocking below collared yoke.

55432 UNIM2011.7.0040 Pattern

McCall Pattern # 3343 Size 2. Young girl's coat pattern

55433 UNIM2011.7.12 Fabric

Chinese style pattern on heavy tapestry fabric. Edges have been turned to back. Color: PR,GR,RD,OR,BK,

55434 UNIM2011.7.32 Pin

US American Legion stick pin. Writing on blue background. Brass star at center with "US" in star. Address of manufacturer is etched on back of keeper to the pin. Color: GD, BL

55435 UNIM2011.7.38 Pin

Blue over gold around edge. Inscription "Jesus Never Fails" around a red center cross on a gold background. Color: RD, BL, GD

UNIM2011.7.38 (Pin) image
55436 UNIM2011.7.41 Pattern

McCall pattern # 4898 size 6 girl's dress pattern. Drop waist, above knee, assymetrical front closure.

55437 YL RD

"Let's Play Outdoors" by Juliet Scott Miller. 34 pp. Children's book of games and rules for playing outside. Color cover with children playing hide and seek. Yellow and brown lettering on the cover. Small picture on back cover. Two stamps on the inside of the front cover, black ink "Property of Pocahontas SchoolsT Color: GR





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