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37701 UNIM1988.11.0881 Ornament, Hair Silver edges with pink center bow shaped barrette 2" long x 3/4" wide. Metal snap together keeper. Pink center removable - for color change? Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK, SL UNIM1988.11.0881 (Ornament, Hair) image
37702 UNIM1988.11.0882 Ornament, Hair Red orange barrette with four birds sitting on a tree branch, trimmed in gold. Metal snap together keeper. 2 1/4" long x 5/8" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD, OR, GD UNIM1988.11.0882 (Ornament, Hair) image
37703 UNIM1988.11.0883 Ornament, Hair Blue bow barrette with metal snap together keeper. 2 1/4" long x 3/8" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL UNIM1988.11.0883 (Ornament, Hair) image
37704 UNIM1988.11.0884 Ornament, Hair Pink hat shaped barrette trimed with blue and gold flowers. Gold crown and ribbon. Metal snap together keeper. 7/8" diameter. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK, BL, GD UNIM1988.11.0884 (Ornament, Hair) image
37705 UNIM1988.11.0885 Ornament, Hair Blue barrette, bar curved, rubber band keeper (missing). 1 1/4" long x 3/8" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL UNIM1988.11.0885 (Ornament, Hair) image
37706 UNIM1988.11.0886 Ornament, Hair 2 all metal hair clips. One silver and the other gold. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL, GD UNIM1988.11.0886 (Ornament, Hair) image
37707 UNIM1988.11.0887 Box, Hairpin Plastic box "Tip Top Curlers" "Omaha, Nebraska" 4"wide x 3 1/2" deep x 1 1/4". Used to hold barrettes and pin UNI1988.11.0298. Has border design on lid. Green with clear lid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GN, CL UNIM1988.11.0887 (Box, Hairpin) image
37708 UNIM1988.11.11 Suit A.) Jacket V Neck with narrow shawl collar waist darts front and back. Back dart extends to sleeve. Center back seam. Front center closure with 3 tan buttons 7/8" dia. & neckline button holes. Long set in sleeves with one button 1/2" dia. placed 3" above lower edge of sleeve. Front of jacket is shorter than the back making a inverted v shape. Back of jacket is self faced interfacing is used. Lining in jacket of blue and white checked rayon has been removed. Cotton lintting shoulder seams down to under bust. There is three rows of piping around collar. Three ornamented buttons 3/8" in dia. on lower part of collar with piping in tan under each. Sleeve is made with 2 pieces of cloth for shaping. Top stitching in sleeve 1 7/8" above lower edge. B.) Skirt eight gore, four hook and eye placket on a gore seam which is off center. Center back has light gathers. Seams are top stitched. Three buttons 7/8" dia., which match buttons on the jacket, on each seam of the gore a total of six buttons. Bottom button is 4" up from bottom of hem with 2" between buttons. There is a 2 1/2" machine stitched hem. Bottom of sheet is 84" around. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, TN, BK
37709 UNIM1988.11.12 Suit A.) Jacket Notched reverse collar houndstooth with silk(?) trim. Turn up cuffs with silk guaset on outer edge. Long 2 piece sleeves with 3 buttons 3/8" dia. on cuff. 3 shank buttons 5/8" dia on center front closure. Belted and sewn to garment from center of each front side and around black. There is a tab sewn over belt in center back with 3 buttons 5/8" in dia. Shoulder darts front. Pleated 3" from side seam on each front design on silk(?) fabric. Fully lined in black with white tie ends of belt are 23" L. B.) Skirt black taffeta long skirt sewn with light brown thread and seams bound with same color seam binding. 1 1/8" tuck taken 7" up from bottom of skirt. 2" machine hem. Bottom of skirt is 78" around. Box pleats at waist attatched to 2" fasgrain ribbing backing. Belt band 3/4" w pleated and sewn down in front of skirt and hangs from side seams. 9" with 2 1/4" tassels, 4 each on each end. A total of 11 1/4" long. 271/2" waist with side placket with 2 hook and eyes on waist band and 4 hooks and eyes on placket below waist band. One tuck around lower end of skirt has been taken out. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, WH
37710 UNIM1988.11.14 Dress Dress is straight with bust darts under arm, kimono cape sleeves, jewel neckline, waist darts each side in back, back flap 22" zipper with hook and eye and neckline closure, 2 7/8" hem & tie belt. Jacket has Peter Pan collar, raglan long sleeves, 5 fabric covered 5/8" dia buttons with 2 button holes at top made on jacket that is visable, 3 button holes are made on inner tab and hidden. Jacket has floral embroidery with some yarn on upper front half of jacket and on shoulder of sleeve worked on top of fabric. Jacket is hip length. Includes tie belt. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: OR
37711 UNIM1988.11.15 Dress Dress (A) has jewel neckline, sleeveless, waist darts front, shoulder darts back. 23" laped zipper closure in back, 2 1/2" w piece sewn in around waist, 3" hem put in with seam tape. Skirt is slightly gathered to waist band. Coat (B) reveres set in sleeve, clutch coat style, figured patterns in tan, light and medium blue, lined in cream colored lining (fully lined). Sketch on catalog sheet Color: BL, TN
37712 UNIM1988.11.161 Scarf Narrow blue satin scarf with fringed ends, exotic bird design on each end, small black dots in between bird design. 36" l x 6" w. Sketch on catalog sheet. a-f. Color: BL UNIM1988.11.161 (Scarf) image
37713 UNIM1988.11.162 Scarf A.) Red silk scarf with black pile in rayon stripes; lined with red silk from China, 36" x 10". Made in Japan. Sketch on catalog sheet. a-e. Color: RD, BK UNIM1988.11.162 (Scarf) image
37714 UNIM1988.11.163 Scarf Deep turquoise; silk (?), 36" square. Sketch on catalog sheet. a-g. Color: turquoise UNIM1988.11.163 (Scarf) image
37715 UNIM1988.11.18 Dress High stand up collar with two amber plastic pieces 1/4" w x 3" l to hold collar up in back. Collar is made of cream colored light net fabric. The same net is sewn below the collar 1" w around back and fills in front below collar 6" w tapering to 5" w and is 4 1/2" down front of bodice. Floral tape trim 1" w in pink and green flowers machine sewn with brown thread and brown edges is placed around back of high collar and on each side of net in front a separate piece goes down to waist. A Separate piece of trim is placed at the bottom of the net horizontally 4 1/2" below stand up collar. Center back placket closure continues 11" below waist using hook and eyes. Set in short sleeves have sewn on cuffs 1 3/4" H with cream colored piping around top and bottom is sewn in the top of the waist band. The front of the bodice has three pleats sewn down on each side from shoulder to waist. The center front of bodice is gathered to waistband. Piping is also around net insert on front of dress. Skirt of dress is sewn to the 26" x 1 3/4" w waist band and is pleated with pleats sewn down 10" from waist. Skirt has side and center back seams. Skirt has a 4" machine hem with 3/4 w tape sewn on the inside of lower edge of hem to prevent wear to bottom edge of skirt. Skirt is floor length. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, CR, BR, GR
37716 UNIM1988.11.20 Dress Turtle collar with wine velvet piping on top edge. Yoke front and back with 2" trip top stitched around yoke. There is velvet piping on both edges of trim. Two pin tucks down bodice front with pin tucks partially sewn in two groups of five on each side. Line under yoke and collar. Leg-o-mutton sleeves with cuff attatched above allow with velvet piping on top edge of cuff and three 3/8" dia velvet covered buttons. Two groups of 5 pin tucks on upper sleeve on back side. Center back closure of hook and eyes. Group of 5 pin tucks partially sewn down in back of bodice at shoulder blades. There is a peplum all the way around the bottom 4" w. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY and wine
37717 UNIM1988.11.2 Coat Black nubby outershell and black satin full lining. Straight lined coat with tan fur collar (mink), welt packet on each side front. 3 buttons, front closes, fabric covered 1 1/4" diameter with bound button holes. Fur collar has 2 hook and eyes to close at front nect. Set in sleeves with elbow dart. Large snap closes at neck on coat. Four rows on top stitching between button holes and to hemline. Secured bottom button of coat as a conservation measure. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, TN
37718 UNIM1988.11.212 Fan Fabric 6" high, bamboo bracing and handle. Brass pin and loop for hanging (?). Pin holds base of fan together. Thirteen braces. Dark brown stiff fabric. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN UNIM1988.11.212 (Fan) image
37719 UNIM1988.11.213 Fan Wood plated - gold. 4" fabric in height (missing). Tan wood bracing and handle painted metalic gold. Pin holds base of fan together. Has a gold metal hanger anchored with same pin at base. Eleven braces counting ends. Cut work design on each brace all with same pattern. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: tan UNIM1988.11.213 (Fan) image
37720 UNIM1988.11.214 Fan Black with lavendar shades. Green, blue and yellow design. Silver top edge. Fabric 4" h attatched to 1/4" w black braces. Black fabric has silver edge on top with painted floral design. Shades of lavendar flowers with green leaves. Blue small flowers with yellow centers accent large flowers. Pin holds base together with silver hanger held on by same pin. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK UNIM1988.11.214 (Fan) image
37721 UNIM1988.11.22 Blouse Bodice: Waist darts in front, yoke in red silk, front and back overlaid with black lace and gathered black ribbon and 2 rows of piping on lower edge. Yoke continues over top of sleeve at the shoulder. Sleeve is long fitted with elbow pleats and ribbon and piping on bottom of sleeve. Sleeves are set in. Back of bodice has center seam and two princess style seams on each side. Center front closure using large hooks and eyes. Right center flaps over closure to hide it. There is black ribbon around the bottom. Top is self lined and has 10 stays 7 1/2" long around midriff. Black tape is around jewel neckline. Top comes to V shape in back. Flap on front of top is sewn in on right side and has a center seam and extends equal distance to the left side and is held at the top by a hook and eye on the left side. Flap is gathered at the waist and held sheet with two hooks and eyes. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, RD
37722 UNIM1988.11.225 C Earrings Coiled metal leaf shapped costume earrings.
37723 UNIM1988.11.225A Earrings Two clip on type earrings with silver half domes.
37724 UNIM1988.11.225B Earrings Two clip on type earrings with silver half domes covered in vine etchings.
37725 UNIM1988.11.225D Earrings Two leaf shapped clip on earrings.
37726 UNIM1988.11.225E Earrings Two clip on type earrings with white plastic half domes.
37727 UNIM1988.11.225G Earrings Two large clip on earrings with green and blue beads on the base and a large hanging blue-green bread at the bottom.
37728 UNIM1988.11.225K Earrings Two large costume jewlery earrings with lime green beads held together with small metal tacks.
37729 UNIM1988.11.225L Earrings Two clip on type earrings with plastic half domes with gold edging.
37730 UNIM1988.11.228A Cufflink Round cuff links have gold metal edge holding mother of pearl center. Cuff links are the same on both sides of the cuffs. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b. Color: WH
37731 UNIM1988.11.228B Cufflink Round cuff links have gold metal edge holding mother of pearl center. Cuff links are the same on both sides of the cuffs. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b. Color: WH
37732 UNIM1988.11.234 Basket, Needlework Triangle shaped made of woven bamboo and braided and then woven bamboo. Clasp on front of basket, handle 2 1/4" w x 1 1/2" h. Hinged lid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN
37733 UNIM1988.11.234B Brush Brown shoe brush with wooden handle. Made with synthetic bristles.
37734 UNIM1988.11.234C Awl Mechanical stitching Awl. Short wooden handle attached to metal top.  
37735 UNIM1988.11.239A Spool Old wooden spool "J & P Coats" "Best Six Cord". 2" h x 1 1/4" diameter. Sketch on catalog sheet. UNIM1988.11.239A (Spool) image
37736 UNIM1988.11.239B Spool Wooden spool.
37737 UNIM1988.11.239D1 Shirt Cuff Cotton shirt cuff size 16 -16.5
37738 UNIM1988.11.239D2 Shirt Cuff Cotton shirt cuff size 16 -16.5
37739 UNIM1988.11.239E2 Collar Sanforized Cotton stiff collar size 16.5 (Tab Collar Style)
37740 UNIM1988.11.249 Suit Brown suit with blue fine stripes. Jacket has notched collar, 2 buttons 6/8" diameter for closure, brest pocket on left side, inside on right side, bound pockets on lower jacket on both sides with a flap which can be worn inside or outside of pocket. Trousers has welt pockets on both sides in back, one waist dart above each pocket, seam pockets on sides, no pleats or cuffs. Three buttons on lower edge of sleeve seam. Jacket is lined across shoulders & sleeves, 11 1/2" l center back flap, 2 piece sleeve, shoulder pads. Chest jacket 48", sleeve 38", pants 40" w, inseam 29". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN, BL
37741 UNIM1988.11.250 Suit Navy suit with light gray trim. # 253 could be second pair of trousers to suit. Leisure suit has notched collar, patch pockets, 2 piece sleeve has 4 buttons 9/16" diameter on lower outside seam. Light gray fabric on patch pockets forms a T. Light gray thread top stitching around collar and down front of jacket, breast, and patch pockets also around darts in front. Jacket lined across shoulders down front. Jacket lined across shoulders down front of pocket and sleeves in gray lining. Wide lapel shoulder pads. Two 12" open flap on back of jacket. Trousers are slightly belled to 22 1/2" at bottom. Bound back pockets. No front pleats. 4 belt loops 2" h x 3 1/2" l. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, GY
37742 UNIM1988.11.252 Jacket Wool jacket with shades of blue, plaid with god threat accent. Notch collar with wide lapel, shoulder pads, breast pocket and two pockets with flaps on lower front, two 7/8" button front closure, three 1/2" buttons on bottom outer seam of sleeve. Back open pleat 13" l center back. Two piece sleeve. Front of jacket, sleeves & shoulders across back is lined in lavendar lining. Stitches around collar, lapels, down front and around bottom of jacket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, GD
37743 UNIM1988.11.253 Pants Gray polyester (?) trousers. Same style as #250 and could be second pair of pants to the suit. Bell bottoms 22 1/2" at bottom, bound back pockets and has front pockets. 4 belt loops 2" h x 3 1/2" l. No front pleats. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY
37744 UNIM1988.11.259A Necktie Glossy green and blue necktie. Changes color when moved. 55" long, 4" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. a-n. Color: BL, PK, GR UNIM1988.11.259A (Necktie) image
37745 UNIM1988.11.259D Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259D (Necktie) image
37746 UNIM1988.11.259E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259E (Necktie) image
37747 UNIM1988.11.259G Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259G (Necktie) image
37748 UNIM1988.11.259I Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259I (Necktie) image
37749 UNIM1988.11.259M Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259M (Necktie) image
37750 UNIM1988.11.259N Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259N (Necktie) image
37751 UNIM1988.11.259O Necktie None UNIM1988.11.259O (Necktie) image
37752 UNIM1988.11.260AB Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260AB (Necktie) image
37753 UNIM1988.11.260AC Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260AC (Necktie) image
37754 UNIM1988.11.260C Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260C (Necktie) image
37755 UNIM1988.11.260E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260E (Necktie) image
37756 UNIM1988.11.260F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260F (Necktie) image
37757 UNIM1988.11.260G Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260G (Necktie) image
37758 UNIM1988.11.260M Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260M (Necktie) image
37759 UNIM1988.11.260R Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260R (Necktie) image
37760 UNIM1988.11.260T Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260T (Necktie) image
37761 UNIM1988.11.260V Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260V (Necktie) image
37762 UNIM1988.11.260Z Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260Z (Necktie) image
37763 UNIM1988.11.261A Necktie Grey, red, blue plaid necktie; 55" long, 4" wide. "Made in The Amanas". Soiled. Sketch on catalog sheet. a-h. Color: GY, RD, BL UNIM1988.11.261A (Necktie) image
37764 UNIM1988.11.261B Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261B (Necktie) image
37765 UNIM1988.11.261D Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261D (Necktie) image
37766 UNIM1988.11.261E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261E (Necktie) image
37767 UNIM1988.11.261F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261F (Necktie) image
37768 UNIM1988.11.261G Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261G (Necktie) image
37769 UNIM1988.11.261H Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261H (Necktie) image
37770 UNIM1988.11.262A Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262A (Necktie) image
37771 UNIM1988.11.262B Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262B (Necktie) image
37772 UNIM1988.11.262D Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262D (Necktie) image
37773 UNIM1988.11.262F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262F (Necktie) image
37774 UNIM1988.11.262G Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262G (Necktie) image
37775 UNIM1988.11.262H Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262H (Necktie) image
37776 UNIM1988.11.262I Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262I (Necktie) image
37777 UNIM1988.11.263C Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263C (Necktie) image
37778 UNIM1988.11.263E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263E (Necktie) image
37779 UNIM1988.11.263H Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263H (Necktie) image
37780 UNIM1988.11.263J Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263J (Necktie) image
37781 UNIM1988.11.263K Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263K (Necktie) image
37782 UNIM1988.11.263L Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263L (Necktie) image
37783 UNIM1988.11.263M Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263M (Necktie) image
37784 UNIM1988.11.263N Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263N (Necktie) image
37785 UNIM1988.11.263O Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263O (Necktie) image
37786 UNIM1988.11.263P Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263P (Necktie) image
37787 UNIM1988.11.263S Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263S (Necktie) image
37788 UNIM1988.11.264B Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264B (Necktie) image
37789 UNIM1988.11.264C Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264C (Necktie) image
37790 UNIM1988.11.264D Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264D (Necktie) image
37791 UNIM1988.11.264F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264F (Necktie) image
37792 UNIM1988.11.264G Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264G (Necktie) image
37793 UNIM1988.11.264J Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264J (Necktie) image
37794 UNIM1988.11.264K Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264K (Necktie) image
37795 UNIM1988.11.264L Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264L (Necktie) image
37796 UNIM1988.11.265A Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265A (Necktie) image
37797 UNIM1988.11.265B Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265B (Necktie) image
37798 UNIM1988.11.265D Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265D (Necktie) image
37799 UNIM1988.11.265E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265E (Necktie) image
37800 UNIM1988.11.27 Dress Chemise style. Off white edge trimmed in blue. Placket opening 4" l. Round collar, pin tucks from above bust running the length of the dress. 3 1/2" square patch pockets on each set of pintucks set below hip. Pockets are trimmed with 8 pintucks and 8 shank white buttons 3/8" dia on both sides of pockets 26" l. Back has pintucks in center back from collar to button of dress. Set in sleeves (long) with all white cuffs around outer edge of cuff. Neckline has 19" ties in center front for closure. 4" dressmaker hem. Belt ties in back.