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37801 UNIM1988.11.275A Shirt Cuff Cuff is 9" long x 2 3/4" wide. It has a square ends with two button holse on each end. Size 8
37802 UNIM1988.11.275B Shirt Cuff Cuff is 9" long x 2 3/4" wide. It has a square ends with two button holse on each end. Size 8
37803 UNIM1988.11.277A1 Cufflinks Flat round 5/8" diameter circle with initial designs. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b.Color: GD
37804 UNIM1988.11.277A2 Cufflinks Flat round 5/8" diameter circle with initial designs. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b.Color: GD
37805 UNIM1988.11.277B1 Cufflinks One in a pair of gold 3/4" length arrow shaped cuff links with ridges on the top surface.
37806 UNIM1988.11.277B2 Cufflinks One in a pair of gold 3/4" length arrow shaped cuff links with ridges on the top surface.
37807 UNIM1988.11.28 Dress Bittersweet- Dress. Long Torso style dress with scoop neckline and a tie sewn to back of neck to shoulder seams. Tie hangs from neck down 23" and the tassel hangs 15" longer from end of tie. Set in sleeves have 1 1/4" band around bottom. Long torso 22" long from shoulder. Skirt is 15" long, straight style with a dressmaker hem that has been shortened. 7" down from drop waist is a 2" w band sewn on front of skirt only. Deep waist has a 1/2" w band where is attatched to the skirt front and back. A bow of some fabric is sewn off center to the left side just below drop waist. No closures. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL
37808 UNIM1988.11.282 Dress Beige dress with coral, brown and grey 1 1/2" diameter floral clusters not shown in sketch. Bertha collar trimmed with lace and has 8 points total. Bodice gathered in center front and back. Center back closure with five 1/2" diameter buttons and two hooks and eyes at waistband. 7" placket down skirt. Skirt fully gathered to waistband. Ruffle 3 1/2" wide at hem trimmed with lace 3/8" wide. Midriff and sleeves are lined. Puff short sleeves with a 1 1/4" band with lace edge at bottom of set in sleeves. Beige lace trim 1/2" wide, points on collar 8" long and waistband styled like a cummerbund add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet.
37809 UNIM1988.11.29 Dress Style = shift - knee length. Scoop neckline and raglan sleeves 3/4 length with 3" w black and off white floral machine embroidery trim around neck collar in back, and of sleeves and around bottom of dress. Elastic is encased around lower part of hips. A cord is on the left side above elastic for a belt (?) no belt with dress. Sketch on catalog sheeet.
37810 UNIM1988.11.292 Undershirt Machine edging around neckline and machine shell stitch down edge of left front center opening; seven 3/8" diameter button center front closure, drawstring at bottom. Front is 3" longer than back. Vest has long sleeves. "Maline TradeMark" size 5. Same as UNIM1988.11.029.
37811 UNIM1988.11.302E Earrings Two cloth flower earrings with a single pearl in the center.
37812 UNIM1988.11.302H Earrings Two screw on type earrings in a red and white flower shape.
37813 UNIM1988.11.303A Pin Grey felt moccasins with clear and ruby bead trim sewn together. Has a string of clear beads attached at the heels. A small pin is used to pin it to your clothing and wear as a pin. Sketch on catalog sheet. UNIM1988.11.303A (Pin) image
37814 UNIM1988.11.303B Doll Small figure made of beads made to look like a Native American chief with headress. The headress is made of two horisontal rows of clear beads, followed by an alternating row of yellow and red beads. UNIM1988.11.303B (Doll) image
37815 UNIM1988.11.303C Bracelet Beaded bracelet with triangles and chevrons leading into a diamond in the middle of the bracelet. The beads are sewn into a strip of leather with a metal clasp attached to the ends. UNIM1988.11.303C (Bracelet) image
37816 UNIM1988.11.303D Pin Small sombrero style hat connected to a small safety pin. The brim of the hat is lined with yellow beads and on the top, the beads spell out, "TAMA". UNIM1988.11.303D (Pin) image
37817 UNIM1988.11.31 Dress V Neckline with shawl collar edged with a blue ruffle and a off white ruffle net as wide on top of the blue ruffle. Piping is sewn around collar above the ruffle. 2 1/4" w print bow is attatched where collar is sewn together in front left side. Sleeveless with self tape around arm hole. A V shaped print fabric insert is on the right side from waist down 8" l at top of V. Another insert continues at side seam and is V shaped coming up to waistline 3 1/2" in from left side seam. Self belt with blue 1 1/2" round metal buckle and 3/4" w belt is attatched to waistline in front 3 1/2" from left side seam. 1/4" machine hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL
37818 UNIM1988.11.32 Dress Chelsea white collar and center front panel trimmed with black biss(?) tape trim. White side inserts 2 1/2" w run vertically at each side of back of skirt trimmed in black biss(?) tape. Cap sleeve trimmed in black on outer edge also. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BK, Gold
37819 UNIM1988.11.34 Dress Black wool trimmed with multicolored rayon fabric and embroidery cut out work. Buttons are diamonds. Scoop neckline with multicolored print binding and a center front panel of same print. Black wool fabric lays over panel leaving a V shape pleat exposing the print panel. Below V a box pleat is formed that goes down C.F. stitched on sides of pleat 10" above hem is open on pleat without being stitched on edges. Set in long sleeves is black with print fabric at sleeves forearms. Machine embroidery 1 3/4" w at at out work in earth tone colored floral design with black braid on top edge circles around sides and black of drop waist. Three red buttons 3/8" dia are sewn on each side of panel of printed material on the black fabric for decoration except top buttons have black braid button loop for closure. There is guasets on each hip of black fabric under drop waist embroidery trim. Interfacing is tacked in upper back across shoulder blade area. Dress maker bias tap backing on 1/2" hem. Two tabs 4" l by 1" w are sewn vertically to waist trim on each side on back of dress with braid and stitching around edges. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, multicolor
37820 UNIM1988.11.35 Dress V neck navy blue wool dress with red silk stand away collar, long torso, set in two piece. Long sleeves with ruffle at wrist lined in red silk. Two underarm darts on each side. Two rows of red, blue and green colored braid down front of dress to drop waist. One row of same braid around drop waist and above ruffles on end of sleeve. Skirt is flared with 3 dores in front and two in back. Bound hem 1/4" w. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, RD
37821 UNIM1988.11.39 Dress One piece square neckline yoke front and back, empire waistline. Skirt is pleated front and back. Short sleeves. Bright embroidery floral design on yoke with crochet stitch in white thread around neck and lower edge on front only. Embroidery work underarms and center front below empire waistline 2 1/4" w x 6" l. Two more rows of embroidery 8" h x 15" l are 4" apart on front of daress. 2" dressmaker hem with slits on each side. Embroidery on yoke only on back of dress. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
37822 UNIM1988.11.40 Dress Yoke front and back with 3" l match at center front. Short raglar sleeves. Dress gathered to yoke front and back. Turquoise fringe at hem. Strips are set wide apart in light blue, blue and turquoise colors. Knobby lines run horizontally through material randomly. Slits up both sides 10" l from fringe up. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, turquoise
37823 UNIM1988.11.400 Hanging Large dragon fills center of hanging embroidered in olive colored cording with blue eyes. Edges secured to paper with thread to hold for framing. Silk cloth in wine red was used for background. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD, GR
37824 UNIM1988.11.402 Box, Handkerchief Top opens and all four sides stand seperately. Straw floral design on top of sides, two pieces of bark are sewn together with straw binding. A 1 1/8" ruffle is around edges. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: multi
37825 UNIM1988.11.41 Dress Jewel neckline with lace overlay all the way around coming to a V shape in c.f. Underarm darts, two pleats 2" d on left side front run from shoulder seam to hem sewn shut horizontally at waist. Long set in sleeves gathered to cuff with 2 buttons fabric covered 3/4" dia closure. 1 1/4" w x 37" l same fabric covered belt. Belt loops on each side of dress. Antique lace overlay and pleats accent styling. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: maroon, cream
37826 UNIM1988.11.46 Dress A-line floor length silhouette. Jewel neckline with v-shaped lace insert center front. 20" centered zipper at center back with hook and eye at neckline. Skirt continues from bodice without waist seam. Set in, long fitted sleeves with lace insert at top of wrist. 1/2" spaghetti tie belt. 2" machine stitched hem. Machine lace inserts in same shade of blue as dress. Same fabric binding around neckline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, GY
37827 UNIM1988.11.50 Dress Scoop neckline front and back, wrap around with sash on drop waist. Sash faced with teal blue silk. No waist seam in front, waist seam back only- drop waist. Skirt is very short. Set in fitted sleeves, 5 pin tucks and 2 bows with gold metal buckles on top of wrist. Under waist 2 snaps for closure. Extra teal blue scarf 22 1/2" l x 10" at lower end. Blue silk trim on edge of wrap around fabric on belt side and on both edges of sash that is 4 1/2" w. Dressmaker hem shortened 4 1/2". "Mariam E. Andrews, Gowns, Marshalltown, Iowa" on label.
37828 UNIM1988.11.6 Jacket Wide lapel and collar 8" wide. Sailor styles back only shoulder dart front. Set in sleeves. One 1/4" plastic button at neck and on pockets (both sides) and on belt 1/2" wide and snaps on extend belt inside and on coat at waistline. Two matching buttons on each sleeve cuff. Inside of pockets and cuffs are lined with black material. Back of coat has set in yoke. Sleevs set in with flat felt seams. Sketch on calalog sheet. Color: WH, BK, GR
37829 UNIM1988.11.708 Buttonhook Tiny, collapsible buttonhook. Piece of a Victorian chatelaine. The handle is 14k gold with three, small gemstones inlaid. The stone colors are blue, green and red. The handle also has a floral design etched into each side. UNIM1988.11.708 (Buttonhook) image
37830 UNIM1988.11.72 Skirt Insert on each side front down to 15" from bottom, has 1 1/4" and three 3/4" dia cloth covered buttons with black velvet center and black and white striped material around edge. Back has wide tuck that turns into a pleat 15" up from hemline on each side. Floor length. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, WH
37831 UNIM1988.11.75 Skirt Horizontal tucks in alternate panels front and back; lower portion has box pleat with another pleat on each side. Center back 6 hook and eye closure until box pleat over top. Woven braid around bottom of hem on inside. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
37832 UNIM1988.11.76 Skirt Pleating sewn down from waist 16" over hip area then open to floor. 2 3/4" hem machine stitched; adjustable snaps on waistband and ribbon tie holds material over center front to hide opening. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
37833 UNIM1988.11.78 Skirt Insert on both sides at waist front and back with three 5/8" dia buttons on each side. Front and back are navy colored. 3 1/4" machine stitched hem. Inisde coin pocket at waistline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: navy
37834 UNIM1988.11.81 Skirt 3" w cloth belt with 2 1/4" round buckle, metal. Belt loops. No side seam. Seams are on front and back 2" in from sides. Pockets just below waistband. Waistband finish is 1 1/4" w. Sketch on catalog. Color: turquoise
37835 UNIM1988.11.82 Jumper 38" underarm bust measurment. Scoop neckline in front, two inset pockets front on each side; brown rayon braid trim around neckline, pockets and arm holes, 2 shoulder pleats on each side front. 3" dressmaker hem. A-line style. Below the knee length. No closure, goes on over head. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, BR
37836 UNIM1988.11.86 Caftan Teal blue with rose trim at neckline and belt openings, floral print of rose, yellow, white and black colors. Two belt openings in front and back, scoop neckline with center front closure 10" l with two hooks and eyes. Slits 3 1/2" l on each side at bottom. Dressmaker shortened garment 2 3/4" and did not put the slit in. Rose sateen trim adds to the looks. Ankle length. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL rose YL BK
37837 UNIM1988.11.9 Jacket 3/4 length jacket with 3/4 length sleeves. Wrap around style, no closure. Set in sleeves, back shoulder darts, underarm bust darts. 12 1/2" side seam slits on each side. Facing under slits and neckline. No collar. Unlined. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
37838 UNIM1988.5.0001 Coat None
37839 UNIM1988.5.0002 Coat None
37840 UNIM1988.5.0004 Coat None
37841 UNIM1988.5.0008 Jacket None
37842 UNIM1988.5.0009 Dress None
37843 UNIM1988.5.0012 Dress None
37844 unim1988.5.10 Dress Floral patterned dress in a floral pattern with gold brocade lame and belt.  
37845 unim1988.5.11 Dress Blue and Green dress made of polyester with a seperate tie belt.  Bodice is darted in the front under the arm, skirt has a 5" kick pleat in center back, and the dress is sleveless.  
37846 UNIM1988.5.13 Suit None
37847 UNIM1988.5.3 Coat None
37848 UNIM1988.5.5 Coat None
37849 UNIM1988.6.1 Cape Nurse's. Hip length, with straps crossing in front under the cape. Photo on catalog sheet. Color: BL
37850 UNIM1988.7.0001 Hat "Whimsey". Black velvet ribbon in tailored bow with black, gray and wine feathers. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,GY,PR UNIM1988.7.0001 (Hat) image
37851 UNIM1988.8.1 Cape Plain weave olive drab World War II Army nurse's cape. Completely lined with same fabric; almost reversible. Narrow full-roll collar. 1/2' top-stitching around collar, along front edges and hem. 1 tab and button at neck. No openings for arms. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
37852 unim1988.8.2A Jacket Women's military jacket once part of a set including a skirt, tie, utility cap, and garrison cap.  
37853 UNIM1988.8.3 Uniform World War II Army jacket and poly tie. Center front closure with 4 buttons. Slightly flared. 4 patch pockets. Pointed collar, revers. Center back seam and 2 Princess seams. 1 1/2' wide set-in belt in back. Center back pleat below belt. Epaulets with buttons. Brass buttons and cloth insignia over right breast pocket. 2-piece long sleeves. b. Tie. Sketch on catalog sheet. Honorable discharge patch on the chest. Color: GR
37854 UNIM1988.8.4 Uniform World War II man's military jacket & garrison cap. Jacket has front closure, 4 plastic buttons. Slightly fitted and flared. Center back seam and 2 princess seams. 1 3/8" wide belt across back. Center back pleat beneath belt.Pointed collar revers. 2 patch breast pockets, 2 welt pockets with flaps. Epaulets with buttons. 2-pc. long set in sleeves. Sgt. stripes. "Red bull" patch on left sleeve. Hash mark for service: III= 9 yr. yellow - 3 yr. combat zone. b. Garrison cap with red braid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
37855 UNIM1988.8.5 Pants World War II Army uniform. Long straight-cut legs. Button placket, center front. Darts, bound pockets. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
37856 UNIM1988.8.6 Uniform U. S. Navy uniform. a. Blouse. Sailor collar. Welt yoke seam front and back. Cut straight. Left welt breast pocket. Long sleeves. 2-button cuff has 3 narrow white bands of braid. 3 light blue hash marks near left shoulder. "PHIBCB2" on right side. b. Pants. Lace to adjust at center back. Front has buttoned center panel. 2 pockets below front waistband. Right hip pocket. Legs slightly flared at bottom. 3/8" x 1 1/2" red & yellow pin. Sketch on catalog sheet. c. National defense Medal found on chest. Rank of Seaman. Color: BL
37857 UNIM1988.8.7 Uniform U S Navy summer uniform. Blouse has sailor collar, left breast patch pocket. Long sleeves with 3 light blue hash marks near shoulder. Left sleeve; "PHILCB2" right sleeve. Pants have 4-button front placket. bound pocket below waist band, each side. 7 belt loops. Have been lengthened; old hemline shows. Legs slightly flared at hemline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Rank of Seaman. Color: WH
37858 UNIM1988.8.8 Pants U S Navy uniform pants. Straight legs with slight flare at leg bottom. Bound pockets; butrton and buttonhole. Waistband. ID: Miller, W. 6987447. Unhemmed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
37859 UNIM1989.10.1 Tuxedo Two parts. a. Jacket. Semi-fitted; shoulder pads. Lapels of different fabric & wider than collar lapels come to a point that extends beyond collar. Double-breasted; buttons either way. 4 buttons center front (3 decorative, 1 actually buttons). 2 welt hip pockets, 1 breast pocket, inner pocket, fitting darts on either side of front, set-in sleeves, 3 buttons on each cuff. Back has center back seam, no vents or pleats; partially lined. b. Trousers. 2 pleats either side in front; side pockets. Back has 2 welt pockets, decorative braid along side leg seams, fly center front, buttons to accommodate suspenders. c. Not original suspenders; navy blue elastic, gold colored snap clips attach to pants & metal piece at center back, adjustable. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
37860 UNIM1989.12.7 Machine Travel size sewing machine. Hand crank at right side. Wheel is 5 1/2" diameter. No bobbin case, as only one thread is used to make a chain-type stitch. Base clamps to sewing table for stability. Bottom is covered with green felt to avoid scratching furniture. Singer trademark on back of pedestal.
37861 UNIM1989.13.9 Photograph Six photos taken in Home Economics labs, UNI. Wright 209 - Foods; 210 Child & the Home; 314, Clothing Lab. a. Students working in foods lab. b. Students working with electric mixers. c. Students eating - meal managment class. d. Entertaining lady from India. e. Hallowe'en in Child & the Home Pre-School. f. Draping Class - Marlys Folkers and ?.
37862 UNIM1989.14.1983.9.8 Sash Variagated teal, light to dark. Cut on the bias, shirt tail hem on sides. Selvage edge on ends. Machine hemmed. Color: GR
37863 UNIM1989.5.0001 Apron None
37864 UNIM1989.5.16 Cup 1 cup measure with handle. Markings for 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 on one side and 1/3 and 2/3 on other side. Rolled edge. Color: SL
37865 UNIM1989.5.20 Eggbeater Hand crank turbine style beater with wooden turn knob. Gear has pieced edge with knob attached to it. Single beater is a pieced disk at the end of a rod. Color: SL, BR
37866 UNIM1989.5.4 Stove Fireless cook stove. Box has 2 lids on top that have latches. 2 open aluminum lined & insulated compartments . A small pot with lid fits into the smaller compartment, and a large pot with lid fits into the larger opening. 3 soap stone disks are heated and then put into the bottom of each compartment under the pots. A. box b. pot c. lid d. pot e. lid f-h. soap stones.
37867 UNIM1989.5.55 Tablecloth royal blue colored plain woven linencloth. Machine stitched edge with a buttonhole stitch. Color: BL
37868 UNIM1989.5.57 Tablecloth Rust colored plain weave square linen tablecloth with rolled hems all sides. Color: RD
37869 UNIM1989.5.58 Tablecloth Flower pattern along border and around rectangle in center. Rolled hems on ends and selvages on sides. Color: CR
37870 UNIM1989.7.0001 Iron Electric iron and stand. a. Iron. plug-in socket in base. b.Table stand or base, same shape as soleplate of iron. To protect pressing surface when iron not in use. Sketch on catalog sheet.
37871 UNIM1989.7.0002b Iron, steam Cap for water chamber; temperature adjustment knob on top of tank. High rounded appearance; plug in on base at back; thumb depression in hnadle. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. and c. additional handles.
37872 UNIM1989.7.0004b Cord, electric b. Smaller, stainless steel spring protector at base of plug. Both standard plug-ins; would fit various irons &/or other appliances.
37873 UNIM1989.8.0004A Stand, hat Six; similar except height. Square base 5 1/4" x 1" thick. Square pedestal tapers from 1 1/4" at bottom to 5/8" at top. Dome cap 3 5/8" x 3/4' thick. Decoration at bottom of pedestal, 2" square. Metal rod runs through center of pedestal; recessed bolt-end on base bottom. a - f. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: GY,GR A-C are located 124-J4-1
37874 UNIM1989.8.0004B Stand, hat Six; similar except height. Square base 5 1/4" x 1" thick. Square pedestal tapers from 1 1/4" at bottom to 5/8" at top. Dome cap 3 5/8" x 3/4' thick. Decoration at bottom of pedestal, 2" square. Metal rod runs through center of pedestal; recessed bolt-end on base bottom. a - f. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: GY,GR A-C are located 124-J4-1
37875 UNIM1989.8.0004C Stand, hat Six; similar except height. Square base 5 1/4" x 1" thick. Square pedestal tapers from 1 1/4" at bottom to 5/8" at top. Dome cap 3 5/8" x 3/4' thick. Decoration at bottom of pedestal, 2" square. Metal rod runs through center of pedestal; recessed bolt-end on base bottom. a - f. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: GY,GR A-C are located 124-J4-1
37876 UNIM1989.8.0004D Stand, hat Six; similar except height. Square base 5 1/4" x 1" thick. Square pedestal tapers from 1 1/4" at bottom to 5/8" at top. Dome cap 3 5/8" x 3/4' thick. Decoration at bottom of pedestal, 2" square. Metal rod runs through center of pedestal; recessed bolt-end on base bottom. a - f. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: GY,GR A-C are located 124-J4-1
37877 UNIM1989.8.0004F Stand, hat Six; similar except height. Square base 5 1/4" x 1" thick. Square pedestal tapers from 1 1/4" at bottom to 5/8" at top. Dome cap 3 5/8" x 3/4' thick. Decoration at bottom of pedestal, 2" square. Metal rod runs through center of pedestal; recessed bolt-end on base bottom. a - f. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: GY,GR A-C are located 124-J4-1
37878 UNIM1989.8.1 Base Iron millinery with rectangular wooden base, with cylindrical pedestal extending up. Into pedestal screw one of two detachable heads. Short (3 1/2") electric cord near bottom of pedestal. a. Rod and pedestal. b. Head with a flat surface. c. Dome shaped head. d. Base. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: GR
37879 UNIM1989.9.0002 Dress Loose fitting multi-colored (pink, yellow, green, purple, blue) dress of Pellon-like pressed paper. Lowered curved neckline, faced. Bust darts. Zipper at center back, about 17 1/2". Sleeveless; armseyes faced. Skirt has 2 rows of horizontal ruffles 6 3/4' at bottom. Mini length; no hem. Large self-material bow at left front, at top of ruffles. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML
37880 UNIM1989.9.1 Dress Straight cut, unfitted. Dusty pink. Long waisted; lowered bound U-neck. Pin tucks to fit in neck and shulders. Kimono sleeves, short. Hem edge bound with darker shades of pink. Straight skirt gathered to waistline seam. Rolled hem, hand-stitched. Embroidery, darker pink block arranged in pattern with hemstitching. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
37881 UNIM1990.10.2 Drawers Petti pants with flared legs and shaped yoke at waistline. Hooks & eyes at waist placket. 1 3/8" wide ecru lace on bottom of legs. Yoke waistband has 4' deep V in front; 7" placket on left. Center front and center back seams only; legs flare to 18 1/4" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PC
37882 UNIM1990.10.3 Watch Ladies Elgin National Watch Company Victorian pocket watch made in the U.S.A. The pocket watch goes with a chain unim1990.5.0010. The pocket watch is gold plated hunter case with two covers. Both front and back covers have engraved designs of a bird, both are two different birds on a branches decorated with flowers and filigree. The watch has 11 jewels and a winding crown at the top of the watch. Back cover has engraving "Lizzie Cox." Inside second cover into the exposed part of the watch is the engravings "Wadsworth PILOT - guaranteed 20 years" and "#326521". UNIM1990.10.3 (Watch) image
37883 UNIM1990.12.0001 Jacket Loose, unstructured, boxy back and front. Front opening rounded slightly at neckline. No collar. Front opening faced; hem at neck edge. Narrow hem; finished with seam tape. Long, very full sleeves. 10 rows of shirring at sleeve cap; elastic to fit at wrist. Shoulders padded. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
37884 UNIM1990.12.0003 Apron Long apron on waistband. Textured, "windowpane check". 3 vertical panels joined with flat-felled seams. Center panel 21", each side panel 11". Selvages side edges. Gathered to 21 1/2" waistband with 23" ties. 2" hem. 2 5/8" knitted lace sewn to bottom edge. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
37885 UNIM1990.13.0005 Booklet, instruction "What Shall I Wear?" filmstrip manual. Use with clothing Selection classes. 11 pp.
37886 UNIM1990.13.6 Lamp, miniature Three and one-half inch tall curved rod from which a 2 1/4" chain is suspended with a 2' "poker". Bottom of "firebox" is covered with wax. 1/8" thick lid has about a 1/2" curved opening at tip for oxygen & smoke. "AHEA 1937" engraved on top of lid.
37887 UNIM1990.5.0004 Tam-o-shanter Woman's. Hand knitted, with crochet around bottom edge. Covered button at center of crown. Crochet edge coming unravelled. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK UNIM1990.5.0004 (Tam-o-shanter) image
37888 UNIM1990.5.0008 Comb Tortoise shell appearance with wedge shapes in an ornate fan pattern above five teeth 3 1/2" to 3 7/8" long. Brown and green coloring.
37889 UNIM1990.5.0016 Tie, bow Bow mounted on 1" wide bias band. Piece of elastic 1/2" x 4 1/2" has metal slide so tie can be adjusted for size. Fastens with hook & ring. Color: WH
37890 UNIM1990.5.0018 Mitten Hand knit wine and cream men's mittens. Look almost like two right mittens; probably in way end was sewn at finger tips. a&b. Color: PR,CR
37891 UNIM1990.5.0019 Mitten Man's handknit mittens, striped design. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b. Color: PK,PR
37892 UNIM1990.5.0020 Set, shaving Four pieces. a. Straight razor. Cutting blade @3" x 5/8"; folds into 5 1/2' black handle. b. Mug. 3 5/8' tall x 3 1/4" diameter; white with green border & floral design; handle. c. Shaving brush. 1 1/4" diameter, bristles light brown color. d. double-swing strop, 20" x 2 1/2"; 1 strop is leather, other probably linen; swiveling. Sketch on catalog sheet.
37893 UNIM1990.5.10 Chain Women's Victorian watch chain necklace. The watch chain has a sliding piece with pink rhinestones and pearls. On the pendant is four pink rhinestones and four white pearls set in a crescent shape. The clip on the end is where the watch would tuck into waistband or top. The initials L.C. are on the back of the pendant piece in cursive for Lizzie Cox. The chain is apart of a two piece set with the watch as unim1990.10.0003 UNIM1990.5.10 (Chain) image
37894 UNIM1990.5.15 Shirt Man's dress shirt with long closed bosom and detachable collar and cuffs. Long sleeves have 1 1/2" cuff plackets; 2 buttonholes for link buttons. Narrow neck band, yoke in shoulders @ 15" placket for back neck opening. Shirt-tail. b. stiff detachable collar, size 15. 1 1/2" hemline, wide rounded front corners.
37895 UNIM1990.5.15C Shirt Cuff Link style rubber cuff, size 16 1/2. Polished finish.
37896 UNIM1990.5.15D Shirt Cuff Link style rubber cuff, size 16 1/2. Polished finish.
37897 UNIM1990.6.0001 Suit a - jacket - reverse collar w/ 1'' binding overlay on top surface over shoulder darts 3 wrist darts each side front, fitted back w/ waist dart each side. Center back seam, shoulder seams to jacket bottom. Sleeve - long; narrow at wrist with box pleat 3 1/2'' up from bottom trim and with tab and button to hold in pleat. Shaped jacket pockets, 4 each 5/8'' dia button and bound button hole center front clousure b - skirt, 31 1/2'' long 29'' waist, 3 panel back; 3 outside pleats each side front kick pleat center front, L. side 7'' zipper; 2 hook and eye at waist band Color: BL,BG
37898 UNIM1990.6.0003 Suit a - narrow cowl collar, 4 each fabric covered buttons on center back closure. 2'' hem at bottom, short set in sleeves with 1'' hem Color: CR
37899 UNIM1990.6.0005 Dress a - bodice; scoop neckline w/ three rows of braid trim front and back bust darts, one dart each side at waist front two darts each side at waist back. Over shoulder sleeve with underarm gusset braid trim on edge. b - skirt; circle (full), 12'' zipper runs from underarm and down left side of skirt 2'' hem w/ hemming tape - hand sewn. Seam pockets each side. Belt 3/4'' wide with fabric covered buckle Color: GR, BL
37900 UNIM1990.6.0006 Dress boxy straight bodice w/ drop waist; b each 3/8 '' button closure at back, round collarless neckline with Vshaped yoke at front in see through light beige fabricw/ floral design in machine embroidery and beads below waist casing w/ same fabric draw string, skirt is gathered below casing; 1'' machine sewn hem; Dolman - set-in long sleeves Color: BG, PK,GR