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38201 UNIM1994.13.0110 Apron 1 1/8'' waistband ties sewn to edns of waistband with 2'' wide self fabrics lower apron gathers to waistband, bottom is turned up 8 1/2'', has 1'' home and sewn down to form three pockets across bottom Color: WH
38202 UNIM1994.13.0116 Shorts, Boxer elastic 1/2'' wide at waist, legs cover thighs Color: WH
38203 UNIM1994.13.0118 Shirt overhead, back lower than the front, no trim, shoulder straps are 1/2'' wide and continue around neck and armseyes, back lower than front, small scallop around neck and armseyes on top edge Color: WH
38204 UNIM1994.13.0130 Ornament, Hair there are 13 flowers in a row, longer flowers at center with smaller as it goes to ends gradually decreasing in size, barrette is bowed, back side has holding teeth and henged keeper to hold in place in hair, keeper slips into a hook to hold Color: BR
38205 UNIM1994.13.0138 Beads Small seed beads at least 4 teaspoons of small beads. UNIM1994.13.0138 (Beads) image
38206 UNIM1994.13.0139 Beads Black cylindrical shaped beads. There are about 3 Tablespoons worth of beads. UNIM1994.13.0139 (Beads) image
38207 UNIM1994.13.1 Dress Straight skirt with gathers at hips, no waist seam, patch pockets each side front with rounded hemstitched flaps. Set in short sleeves with 3" turned up cuffs. 8" center front 4 snap placket closure. 4" hem around bottom. Color: WH
38208 UNIM1994.13.2 Dress Day dress with flared, six gored skirt, and a waist band, 7 1/2" left-side placket with 4 snap enclosures. A simple 2 piece v-neck which crosses at waist band and has slight gathers under each bust. Sleeveless with self fabric binding. Patch pockets with bands on each side of skirt. 1 1/2" hem. Made from woven butcher linen.. Color: OR
38209 UNIM1994.13.25 Scarf machine satin stitch embroidered floral design on one carmen takes up 1/4 of the scarf, done in white satin, hem is turned under 1'' and machine hemmed with 2 rows at scalloped stitching Color: WH
38210 UNIM1994.13.33 Scarf machine hem all around 5'' long fringe tied on in four strands of yarn, trimmed with one pearl and one rhinestone side by side with 3 acrossed them two acrossed alternating with a total of nine rows, 5'' fringe (yarn) each end Color: BK
38211 UNIM1994.13.46 Handkerchief 1 5/8'' hems with hemstitching, no other decorative detail Color: TN
38212 UNIM1994.13.47 Handkerchief colors have crocked badly, pink of outer edge, blue chesters of flowers within 1 3/4'' hems Color: TN, PK, BL
38213 UNIM1994.13.5 Skirt Woven wool straight skirt below knee with waistband (2 snaps) and slight gathers at waist. Patch pocket on front right side with tab band and 4 buttons. Color: BR, BG
38214 UNIM1994.14.0001 Coat Women's coat with wide, round collar with 1 button 1 1/4'' diameter; c.f. 4 button, bound buttonholes closure, all buttons are shank style in shades of gold plastic; front shoulder darts; raglon sleeves, slit pockets, welt style center back seam; fully lined; coat has been shortened 2'' by dressmaker; buttons design has 3 circles outer circle is darker gold and other circles are lighter. Color: GR, GD, BK
38215 UNIM1994.14.0003 Coat Fitted jacket w/ 6 ea. 7/8'' diameter c.f. button closure w/ bound buton holes on tab; slant pockets each side below waist; front waist darts, front yoke; seams down each side in back; long set in sleeves w/ cuff; fully lined in white and blue acetate stripe design; lining extends over cuffs and around neck; underarm gusset; 2 darts at elbow on sleeves; front darts go up from pockets
38216 UNIM1994.14.0004 Dress Straight style dress with gussets under arms, slanted darts from waist to breasts, rounded neckline, bodice attached to skirt at a lose waist. Floral decoration around nect with rhinestones. Short sleeves, left side 12" zipper, kick pleat 11 1/2" up center back. Color: PK
38217 UNIM1994.14.0007 Dress Size 44 slightly flared skirt attached to bodice at waist. 2 darts each side slanting up just under arms, teal floral pattern with hot pink centers with white accents. Rounded collar with a short tie and 18" zipper down front. Color: BL, PK, WH
38218 UNIM1994.14.0008 Dress Straight shirt style dress with a self fabric belt and covered buckle. Slash pockets with placket at each front hip. Placket down front with 5 fabric covered buttons and a notched collar. Short set-in sleeves. Size 24. 2 long vertical darts. Center front and side seams. Color: BK
38219 UNIM1994.14.0152 Shoe Toddler brown and blue plaid canvas shoes (a & b). Rounded toe with laces (6 eyelets each shoe, three on each side of tongue). Sewn in two sections. Brown tape around top edge and around tongue. Color: BR, BL
38220 UNIM1994.14.0193 Shoe A-B, Toddler, woven canvas with rubber man made sole, low style, blue and red trim, size 3, round toe style, 3 red lace eyelets , red thread stitching Color: BL RD
38221 UNIM1994.14.199 Booklet, Instruction "The Principles of Fitting" by Esther Drimen, Applied to Pattern Selection and Alteration, 20 pages
38222 UNIM1994.14.2 Coat round fur collar w/ 1 snap closure; c.f. 3 rows of double breasted 1 1/4'' diameter buttons-6 total; waist darts front; side seam pockets each side; set in long sleeves with elbow dart; dressmaker shortened coat 1''; same fabric bow below collar and above first row of buttons Color: BK
38223 UNIM1994.14.5 Dress Short cap sleeved dress with full shirt, under arm gussets, and rounded neck. Fabric belt with twist in front. Gored skirt attached at waist to bodice. Blue & green floral print on white background. Color: BL, GR, WH
38224 UNIM1994.14.6 Dress Cap sleeved, six buttons (non-functioning), fabric loops across neckline, fabric belt with round buckle, full gathered skirt attaches to bodice, darts front side center of bodice to breasts. Color: BL, GR, WH
38225 UNIM1994.14.9 Dress Princess styling with slight A-line, sleeveless coat dress style, v-neckline, center front closure, fully lined, white buttons, 2 long front seams from mid-shoulder to hem Color: BL, WH
38226 UNIM1994.15.0002 Gloves A pair of woman's cottons gloves.
38227 UNIM1994.17.0001 Ensemble Dress and jacket. Dress bodice has princess line, very little flair. Round neckline. Center back opening; ipper. Round neckline. Sleeves are short, set in front, in one with yoke in back. Satin bias trim around neck and daisy flower on shoulder. Jacket has narrow notched collar, 3/4 sleeves and daisy at waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
38228 UNIM1994.17.2 Ensemble Dress and jacket. Dress is fitted sheath. Waist darts, center back zipper. Short set-in sleeves. Skirt back has seam and zipper closure. Jacket has 3/4 sleeves. Line of tucks in dress bodice and across waistline of jacket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
38229 UNIM1994.17.3 Dress Front is long waisted; back has yoke, then bodice & skirt panel. Short sleeves with satin cuffs and sash. One pocket at right front on skirt. Short, flared skirt. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL,BR
38230 UNIM1994.17.4 Ensemble Dress and jacket of orange print feed sack material. Dress is sundress with low square neck, sleeveless. Large tucks fit skirt to bodice; wide machine hem. Bolero jacket with shoulder darts; open at front. Short set-in sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: OR,WH
38231 UNIM1995.5.0003 Collar None
38232 UNIM1995.7.100 Book Outlines for Textiles Study by Ethel L. Phelps. Burgess Publishing Company, Minneapolis, 1939. 
38233 UNIM1995.7.102 Book Laboratory Swatch Book for Textile Fabrics, Part I by Isabel Wingate. Prentice-Hall, New York, 1937. 
38234 UNIM1995.7.103 Book Laboratory Swatch Book for All Textile Fabrics, Part II by Isabel B. Wingate. Prentice-Hall, New York, 1937. 
38235 UNIM1995.7.108 Book Directory of Approved Gas Appliances and Listed Accessories. American Gas Association Laboratories, Cleveland, 1950. 
38236 UNIM1995.7.109 Book Equipment Catalog. United States Testing Company, Hoboken, New York. 
38237 UNIM1995.7.110 Book Scott Testers, Catalog #50. Scott Testers, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island. 
38238 UNIM1995.7.111 Book Scott Testers, Catalog #51. Scott Testers, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island. 
38239 UNIM1995.7.114 Book Avitex Textile Finishing Agents, Bulletin 2B. E. I. DuPont DeNemours & Company, Wilmington, Delaware, 1940. 
38240 UNIM1995.7.115 Book Effects of Mechanical Changes in the Cotton-Textile Industry, 1910-36. From the Monthly Labor Review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States. Department of Labor, Washington D. C., 1937. 
38241 UNIM1995.7.116 Book Aerotex Softener H., American Cyanamid Co., Textile Resin Department, New Jersey. 
38242 UNIM1995.7.117B Book Aerotex Resin 7513 by Ralph M. Fischer. American Cyanamid Company, Textile Resin Department, New Jersey.
38243 UNIM1995.7.118 Book Flame Resistant Fabrics: Their Specifications, Properties and Applications. Philadelphia Textile Finishers, Inc., Norristown, Pennsylvania. 
38244 UNIM1995.7.119 Book The Inhibition of Gas Fading of Acetate Dyes with Aerotex Resin M-3 by Louis I. Fidell. Textile Finishing Bulletin #102. American Cyanamid Company, Textile Resin Department, New Jersey. 
38245 UNIM1995.7.120 Book The Manual of Sanforized-Shrunk.
38246 UNIM1995.7.121 Book Methods of Testing Hosiery by E Max Schenke & Howard E. Shearer. Circular C422, U. S. Department of Commerce, Washington D. C., 1938. 
38247 UNIM1995.7.122A Book Aerotex Resin M-3 by Leon E. Moody. American Cyanamid Company, Textiles Resin Department, New Jersey. 
38248 UNIM1995.7.123 Book A Serviceability Study Comparing an All-Cotton Chambray with a Chambray of Cottom Warp and Viscose Rayon Filling. University of Alabama, Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Related Art, School of Home Economics, 1947. 
38249 UNIM1995.7.124 Book Stiffness in Fabric Produced by Different Starches and Starch Mixtures, and a Quantitative Method for Evaluating Stiffness. United States Department of Agriculture, Washington D. C.
38250 UNIM1995.7.129 Pamphlet Rural Handicrafts in the U.S. by Allen and Lucinda Crile. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington D. C., November 1946. 
38251 UNIM1995.7.136 Magazine Home Needlework Magazine, Volume 14. Printed 1912. 
38252 UNIM1995.7.137 Magazine Home Needlework Magazine, Volume 15. Published 1913.
38253 UNIM1995.7.138 Magazine Home Needlework Magazine, Volume 16. Printed 1914. 
38254 UNIM1995.7.139 Magazine Home Needlework Magazine, Volume 17. Printed 1915. 
38255 UNIM1995.7.140 Book Raphia and Reed Weaving by Elizabeth Sanborn Knapp. Published by Milton Bradley Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1902. 
38256 UNIM1995.7.141 Book Educational Stitchery Series. WPA Iowa Craft Project.
38257 UNIM1995.7.143 Prints, Block Block Prints of Milwaukee High School. Created by the Works Progress Administration in Wisconsin, 1939. 
38258 UNIM1995.7.144 Pattern Portfolio Applied Design Portfolio - Blockprinted textiles Volume I, Surface Patterns. An educational service prepared by the Milwaukee WPA Handicraft Project
38259 UNIM1995.7.145 Pattern Portfolio Applied Design Portfolio - Blockprinted textiles Volume II, Surface Patterns. An educational service prepared by the Milwaukee WPA Handicraft Project
38260 UNIM1995.7.146 Pattern Portfolio Applied Design Portfolio - Blockprinted textiles Volume IV, Border Designs. An educational service prepared by the Milwaukee WPA Handicraft Project
38261 UNIM1995.7.18A Book McCall's Dressmaking Made Easy. McCall Corporation, New York, 1943. Sold for $0.25. 
38262 UNIM1995.7.19 Book McCall's Step-by-Step Sewing Book. McCall Corporation, New York, 1969. Sold for $0.75. Programmed Learning Copy. 
38263 UNIM1995.7.20 Book McCall's Tips on Easy Sewing. McCall Corporation, New York, 1968. Sold $0.75. Programmed Learning. 
38264 UNIM1995.7.21 Book Simplicity Sewing Book. Simplicity Pattern Company, Inc., New York, 1970. Sold for $1.00. Programmed Learning Copy 2. 
38265 UNIM1995.7.22 Book Sewing Techniques by Rosella Reinertson. ELOT Publishing Company, Long Beach, California, 1976.
38266 UNIM1995.7.23 Pamphlet "The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction." Advance Pattern Company, New York, 1955. 
38267 UNIM1995.7.24 Pamphlet "Coat Making At Home" by Margaret Smith. Farmer's Bulletin #1894. U. S. Department of Agriculture, December 1941. 
38268 UNIM1995.7.25C Pamphlet "Fitting Coats and Suits". Home and Garden Bulletin, Volume 11. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington D. C., 1959.
38269 UNIM1995.7.26 Book "How to Tailor a Woman's Suit" by Margaret Smith. Miscellaneous Publication #591. U. S. Department of Agriculture, March 1946. 
38270 UNIM1995.7.27B Book "How to Tailor a Woman's Suit". Home and Garden Bulletin #20, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington D. C., October 1956. 
38271 UNIM1995.7.28 Pamphlet "Making a Dress at Home" by Margaret Smith. Farmer's Bulletin #1954. U. S. Department of Agriculture, May 1944. 
38272 UNIM1995.7.29A Pamphlet "A Laboratory Evaluation of Certain Features of Cotton Housework Dress Construction." U. S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, Agriculture Research Administation, Washington D. C., May 1952. 
38273 UNIM1995.7.30 Pamphlet "Fit is Fundamental to Fashion". Butterick Basic Fitting Pattern #200. 
38274 UNIM1995.7.31 Pamphlet "Body Measurements of American Boys and Girls for Garment and Pattern Construction." U. S. Department of Agriculture, Miscellaneous Publication #366, July 1941.
38275 UNIM1995.7.32 Pamphlet "Pressing in Dressmaking" by Helen Knott Staley. Cornell Extension Bulletin #765, New York State College of Home Economics at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1949. 
38276 UNIM1995.7.33 Pamphlet "Ladies' Glovemaking" by Virginia Groneman, from the book Applied Leathercraft by Chris H. Groneman, 1952. 
38277 UNIM1995.7.34 Pamphlet "The Invention of the Sewing Machine." Singer Sewing Machine Company, Summer, 1955.
38278 UNIM1995.7.35 Pamphlet "Buying Your Home Sewing Machine." United States Department of Agriculture, January 1954.
38279 UNIM1995.7.37 Pamphlet "Service Your Sewing Machine" by Max Ingwer, 1952.
38280 UNIM1995.7.38 Pamphlet "Care and Adjustment of the Sewing Machine." Cornell Extension Bulletin 815, New York State College of Agriculture, Ithaca, New York, 1956.
38281 UNIM1995.7.39 Pamphlet "Sewing Machines: Cleaning and Adjusting," University of Maryland, August 1943. 
38282 UNIM1995.7.40 Pamphlet "Reconditioning the Sewing Machine for Efficient Service," Agriculture Extension Office, Ames, Iowa, August 1940. 
38283 UNIM1995.7.41 Pamphlet "Reconditioning the Sewing Machine," Agriculture Extension Office, Ames, Iowa, October 1945. 
38284 UNIM1995.7.42 Pamphlet "The Sewing Machine," College of Agriculture Extension Service, Madison, Wisconsin, May 1940.
38285 UNIM1995.7.43 Pamphlet "Sewing Machine Adjustment and Care," University of Illinois, College of Agriculture, Urbana, Illinois, April 1945.
38286 UNIM1995.7.44 Pamphlet "Your Sewing Machine, Its Care and Adjustment," Oregon State College, Federal Coop. Extension Service, Corvallis, Oregon, September 1943. 
38287 UNIM1995.7.45 Pamphlet "Threading Chart - Rotary Hook Machine 201," The Singer Manufacturing Company, 1946. 
38288 UNIM1995.7.46 Book ABC's of White Sewing Magic. Published by White Sewing Machine Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, 1951. 
38289 UNIM1995.7.47 Pamphlet "Convenient Ironing Equipment" by Charlotte A. Beatty. Brieflet #820. 
38290 UNIM1995.7.48 Pamphlet Women's Preferences Among Selected Textile Products by the U. S. Department of Apriculture, December 1947. 
38291 UNIM1995.7.49 Pamphlet Judging Fabric Quality by Bess Viemont Morrison. Farmers' Bulletin #1831. U. S. Department of Apriculture, December 1939. 
38292 UNIM1995.7.5 Book Tailoring for Women, Step by Step by Dorothy Donielson and June Pond. Published by Hallen Publishing Company, San Jose, California, 1963.
38293 UNIM1995.7.50 Pamphlet Properties of Serviceability of Selected Household and Clothing Fabrics by Hazel M. Fletcher and S. Helen Roberts. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington D. C. 1955. 
38294 UNIM1995.7.51 Pamphlet "Better Buymanship" #23. Use and Care of Fabrics, Household Finance, etc., 1946. 
38295 UNIM1995.7.52 Pamphlet Guides for Buying Sheets, Blankets, Bath Towels by Bess M. Viemont. U. S. Department of Agriculture, December 1936. 
38296 UNIM1995.7.53 Pamphlet "Psychological Effects of Clothing" by Mary S. Ryan. Cornell University of Agriculture Experiment Station, Bulletin #898, July 1953. 
38297 UNIM1995.7.54 Pamphlet Teenage Girls Discuss their Wardrobe and their Attitudes Toward Cotton and Other Fibers. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington D.C., 1957. 
38298 UNIM1995.7.55 Pamphlet "Selction of Ready-to-Wear Garments" by Delphine Dawson and Blanche E. Hyde. Bulletin 345-A, June 1936. 
38299 UNIM1995.7.56 Pamphlet "Mothers' Opinions of Fibers in Selected Items of Children's Clothing." U. S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics Bulletin #65, Washington D. C., 1951. 
38300 UNIM1995.7.57 Pamphlet "Buying Boys' Suits." Farmer's Bulletin #1877, U. S. Department of Agriculture, July 1941.