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Cat. # Name Description
38201 UNIM2003.19.1 Suit Black wedding suit with A: Jacket, B: Vest, C: Pant, and D: Pant
38202 UNIM2003.19.2 Ensemble None
38203 UNIM2003.19.8C Garter Box Early 20th century Paris Garters box for men.
38204 UNIM2004.29.0017 Apron Black and white checked fabric half-apron with ties at waistband, gathered skirt, and three pocket strip at bottom hem. Clusters of red roses with green leaves decorate the pockets with scattered single flowers on main body of apron. Color: BL, WH, RD, GR
38205 UNIM2006.2.1 Suit Woven, A-line jacket mid thigh length. Round neckline w/center front opening 9" overlay down from neckline and around neck. 4 decorative buttons, bound non-functional button holes. Dound pockets 5" long each side of jacket. Skirt-waistband w/hook&eye, 7" L flapped zipper, 3" hem using 1/2" seam tape handsewn. Long sleeves w/1.5" cuff, front yoke of bodice extends down front of sleeves from shoulder. Elbow darts. Fully lined fitted jacket w/lining, darts on front. Overlay of jacket fabric trimmed w/skirt fabric sewn around neck & 9" down center front. Plastic decorative buttons down front opening. Color: TN;BR
38206 UNIM2007.19.0001 Dress None
38207 UNIM2010.16.1 Gown Made from a double bed sheet. Rectagular shaped sleeveless gown with deep slits in side seams (25" long) for armholes. Round hole gathered to form round neckline with center back opening (10") with snap closure. Large patch on right side (23" x 14"). Color: WH
38208 UNIM2011.7.0003 Handkerchief Plain border around sides. Floral design in blue and tan. Light tan vine around flower clusters. Color: WH, BL, TN
38209 UNIM2011.7.0004 Necklace Silver metal chain with gold metal pendant of floral design. Pink and blue flowers on pendant. Small pearls linked together with metal links. Color: SL,GD,PK, BL,WH
38210 UNIM2011.7.0033 Bracelet Charm bracelet with silver chain and moveable gold charms: 1). spinning lie detector 2). key 3). diary 4).lip stick 5). opening scissors 6). spinning chair 7). opening fan 8). functioning roller 9). heart with key 10). spinning circle one side reads "LV YU" while the other reads "I OE O" 11). hose shoe 12). bowling pin. UNIM2011.7.0033 (Bracelet) image
38211 UNIM2011.7.0034 Bracelet Adolescent girl's sweet 16 bracelet. Heart-shaped charm with "sixteenth" engraved on it attached to chain. Smaller heart charm with ruby red stone attached to the larger heart charm. Color: GD, RD UNIM2011.7.0034 (Bracelet) image
38212 UNIM2011.7.0035 Charm Round charm with open center and the number "13" attached in the opening. Surface is rough. The hole at the top used to attach to a charm bracelet has broken off. Color: GD UNIM2011.7.0035 (Charm) image
38213 UNIM2011.7.0036 Bracelet Seven different varieties of shells attached to a small linked chain bracelt. Color: SL,WH,YL,OR,GR UNIM2011.7.0036 (Bracelet) image
38214 UNIM2011.7.12 Fabric Chinese style pattern on heavy tapestry fabric. Edges have been turned to back. Color: PR,GR,RD,OR,BK,
38215 UNIM2011.7.32 Pin US American Legion stick pin. Writing on blue background. Brass star at center with "US" in star. Address of manufacturer is etched on back of keeper to the pin. Color: GD, BL
38216 UNIM2011.7.38 Pin Blue over gold around edge. Inscription "Jesus Never Fails" around a red center cross on a gold background. Color: RD, BL, GD UNIM2011.7.38 (Pin) image