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40101 UNIM1996.9.15 Book “Money Management Library: Your Clothing Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40102 UNIM1996.9.16 Book “Money Management Library: Your Health Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40103 UNIM1996.9.17 Book “Money Management Library: Your Health and Recreation Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40104 UNIM1996.9.18 Book “Money Management Library: Your Equipment Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40105 UNIM1996.9.19 Book “Money Management Library: Your Automobile Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40106 UNIM1996.9.20 Book “Money Management Library: Your Recreation Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40107 UNIM1996.9.2 Booklet “American Standard: Dimensions, Tolerances, and Terminology for Home Cooking and Baking Utensils.” American Standard Association, October 27, 1949.
40108 UNIM1996.9.21 Book “Money Management Library: For Young Moderns” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
40109 UNIM1996.9.22 Book “Money Management Library: Children's Spending” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1955.
40110 UNIM1996.9.23 Book “Money Management Library: Time Management for Homemarkers” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1943.
40111 UNIM1996.9.24 Book “Family Income and Expenditures No. 375”
40112 UNIM1996.9.25 Book “Family Income and Expenditures No. 383”
40113 UNIM1996.9.26 Book “Family Housing and Facilities No. 399”
40114 UNIM1996.9.27 Book “Family Expenditures for Medical Care No. 402”
40115 UNIM1996.9.28 Book “Family Expenditures for Automobile and Other Transportation No. 415”
40116 UNIM1996.9.29 Book “Family Expenditures for Clothing – Urban & Village Series No. 422”
40117 UNIM1996.9.30 Book “Family Expenditures for Clothing - Farm Series No. 428”
40118 UNIM1996.9.3 Booklet “The Automatic Cook Book, 8th Edition” Chicago: Automatic Canning Services, Inc., Merchandise Mart, 1935.
40119 UNIM1996.9.31 Book “Family Expenditures for Housing and Household Operations No. 432”
40120 UNIM1996.9.32 Book “Family Expenditures for Furnishings and Equipment No. 436”
40121 UNIM1996.9.33 Book “Family Expenditures for Personal Care, Gifts, Selected Taxes, and Miscellaneous Items No. 455”
40122 UNIM1996.9.34A Book “Family Expenditures for Education, Reading, Recreation, and Tobacco No. 456”
40123 UNIM1996.9.35 Book “Family Expenditures for Housing & Household Operations No. 457”
40124 UNIM1996.9.36 Book “Family Income and Expenditures No. 462”
40125 UNIM1996.9.38 Booklet "The American Consumer." Information and Guidance for the Consumer Buyer. Volume 6, Number 6, September 1938. 
40126 UNIM1996.9.39 Booklet "The American Consumer." The Consumer Buyers Guide to Value and Wise Spending. Volume 7, Number 4, April 1939. 
40127 UNIM1996.9.4 Booklet “Cutlery Care and How to Carve” Milwaukee: John Oster Manufacturing Company.
40128 UNIM1996.9.40 Book The House: Its Plan and Use by Tessie Agan, M. S.    J. B. Lippincott Company, Chicago, 1939. 
40129 UNIM1996.9.41 Book Period Furnishings by C. R. Clifford. Clifford and Lawton, New York, 1911. 
40130 UNIM1996.9.42 Book Funk & Wagnalls' Standard Primer for Home Builders and Home Buyers by Kenneth Duncan. Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, 1947.
40131 UNIM1996.9.43 Book Inside Today's Home by Ray & Sarah Faulkner. Henry Holt & Company, New York, 1954. 
40132 UNIM1996.9.44 Book The Human House by Dorothy J. Field. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1939. 
40133 UNIM1996.9.45 Book The Study of Interior Decoration by Alice and Bettina Jackson. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York, 1929. 
40134 UNIM1996.9.46 Book Wood-Finishing by Harry R. Jefferey. The Manual Arts Press, Peoria, Illinois, 1924. 
40135 UNIM1996.9.47 Book The House and Its Care  by Mary Lockwood Mathews, B. S. Little, Brown and Company, Boston 1941. 
40136 UNIM1996.9.48 Book Accurate Home Estimating by Thomas A. & Ruth A. Roberts. The Bruce Publishing Company , Milwaukee, 1942. 
40137 UNIM1996.9.49 Book Interior Decoration for the Small Home by Amy L. Rolfe. The Macmillan Company, New York, 1929. 
40138 UNIM1996.9.5 Booklet “Healthful Living” Battle Creek, Michigan: The Battle Creek Food Company, 1934.
40139 UNIM1996.9.55B Book Houses for Family Living by Frederick Gutheim. The Woman's Foundation, Inc., 1948. 
40140 UNIM1996.9.56 Book Housing Standards by Leon N. Henderson. University of Florida, 1940. 
40141 UNIM1996.9.57 Book Heuga Review: Landscape Office. Heugatile Corporation, Kenilworth, New Jersey. 
40142 UNIM1996.9.58 Book Light Frame House Construction. U. S. Department of Commerse, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1940. 
40143 UNIM1996.9.59 Book Gertrude's New House by Willie Mae Miles. The Florida Committee for the Improvement of the Applied Economics part of the Teacher Education Program, 1946. 
40144 UNIM1996.9.6 Booklet “Recipes and Menus for ‘National Pressure Cooker’” & “Simultaneous Cooking” Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Northwestern Steel and Iron Works, 1923.
40145 UNIM1996.9.60 Book Care and Repair of the House  by Vincent B. Phelan. U. S. Department of Commerse, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1931. 
40146 UNIM1996.9.61 Book Wall Plaster: Its Ingredients, Preparation, and Properties. Department of Commerce, Washington Government Printing Office, 1924. 
40147 UNIM1996.9.63 Pamphlet Constant Temperature Equipment. Central Scientific Company, 1948. 
40148 UNIM1996.9.64 Pamphlet Measurements for the Household No. 55. Circular of the Bureau of Standards, Washington Government Printing Office, August 28, 1915. 
40149 UNIM1996.9.66 Pamphlet Safety for the Household. Number 463, National Bureau of Standards, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1947. 
40150 UNIM1996.9.67 Booklet “Dry-Cleaning in the Home” Brieflet #589
40151 UNIM1996.9.68 Booklet “Methods and Equipment for Home Laundering” Farmer’s Bulletin No. 1497: U.S. Department of Agriculture, June 1926
40152 UNIM1996.9.70 Booklet “Easier Laundering.” School of Agriculture, Pennsylvania State College, Circular 301, February 1947.
40153 UNIM1996.9.7 Book Management in Homes by Ella M. Cushman, M. S. The Macmillan Company, New York, 1945. 
40154 UNIM1996.9.72 Booklet “Home Washing Helps Bulletin No.1 - Soap” Colgate & Company: New Jersey, 1927
40155 UNIM1996.9.73 Booklet “Soap in Everyday Life.” Abby Josephine Spear: Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company, 1929.
40156 UNIM1996.9.74 Booklet “Soaps and other Detergents” Lucille Williamson: Bulletin 767 Cornell University, November 1949
40157 UNIM1996.9.75 Booklet “Soap and Water Softeners” Lucille Williamson – Bulletin 651, Cornell University, June 1944.
40158 UNIM1996.9.76 Booklet “Removal of Stains from Clothing and other Textiles” Harold Lang & Anna Whittelsey: Washington Government Printing Office, September 1917.
40159 UNIM1996.9.77 Booklet “Home Washing Helps Bulletin No. 4 Stains” Colgate & Co. New Jersey, 1927.
40160 UNIM1996.9.78A Booklet “Stain Removal from Fabrics” Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1474: U.S. Department of Agriculture, September 1942
40161 UNIM1996.9.78B Booklet “Stain Removal from Fabrics” Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1474: U.S. Department of Agriculture, September 1942
40162 UNIM1996.9.79 Book Curriculum Development In Education For Home & FamilyLiving: Some Procedures Used in Evolving a Philosophy, United States Department of the Interior, March 1939. 
40163 UNIM1996.9.80 Booklet “Progress Report of the Iowa Home Economics Curriculum Program” Issued by the Board of Vocational Education: The State of Iowa, 1945.
40164 UNIM1996.9.81 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 7 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. Florida Curriculum Laboratory. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
40165 UNIM1996.9.82 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 8 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
40166 UNIM1996.9.83 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 9 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. Florida Curriculum Laboratory. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
40167 UNIM1996.9.84 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 11 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
40168 UNIM1996.9.85 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 12 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, September 1, 1942. 
40169 UNIM1996.9.90 Book “Etiquette” By Emily Post – Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, 1960.
40170 UNIM1996.9.9A Book “The Good Housekeeping Book” Stamford House, New York, New York, 1947.
40171 UNIM1996.9.92 Book “Hand Tools, Standards and Curriculum Division Training Bureau of Naval Personnel.” US Government Printing Office, Washington, 1944.
40172 UNIM1996.9.93 Book "Use of Tools" Prepared by Standards & Curriculum Division Training Bureau of Naval Personnel. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1945. 
40173 UNIM1998.11.43 Dress Sheer floor-length dress with floral pattern and long sleeves. Color: BK, GR, PR, PK UNIM1998.11.43 (Dress) image
40174 UNIM2000.17.1 Tool Metal cookie cutter, design is in the shape of a lit candle in a crescent-shaped candlestick holder, there are two circular rings around the candle design. The back of the object is flat with a single metal handle and three circular punctures.
40175 UNIM2003.19.1 Suit Black wedding suit with A: Jacket, B: Vest, C: Pant, and D: Pant
40176 UNIM2003.19.2 Ensemble None
40177 UNIM2003.19.8C Garter Box Early 20th century Paris Garters box for men.
40178 UNIM2004.29.0017 Apron Black and white checked fabric half-apron with ties at waistband, gathered skirt, and three pocket strip at bottom hem. Clusters of red roses with green leaves decorate the pockets with scattered single flowers on main body of apron. Color: BL, WH, RD, GR
40179 UNIM2006.2.1 Suit Woven, A-line jacket mid thigh length. Round neckline w/center front opening 9" overlay down from neckline and around neck. 4 decorative buttons, bound non-functional button holes. Dound pockets 5" long each side of jacket. Skirt-waistband w/hook&eye, 7" L flapped zipper, 3" hem using 1/2" seam tape handsewn. Long sleeves w/1.5" cuff, front yoke of bodice extends down front of sleeves from shoulder. Elbow darts. Fully lined fitted jacket w/lining, darts on front. Overlay of jacket fabric trimmed w/skirt fabric sewn around neck & 9" down center front. Plastic decorative buttons down front opening. Color: TN;BR
40180 UNIM2007.19.0001 Dress None
40181 UNIM2010.16.1 Gown Made from a double bed sheet. Rectagular shaped sleeveless gown with deep slits in side seams (25" long) for armholes. Round hole gathered to form round neckline with center back opening (10") with snap closure. Large patch on right side (23" x 14"). Color: WH
40182 UNIM2011.7.0003 Handkerchief Plain border around sides. Floral design in blue and tan. Light tan vine around flower clusters. Color: WH, BL, TN
40183 UNIM2011.7.0004 Necklace Silver metal chain with gold metal pendant of floral design. Pink and blue flowers on pendant. Small pearls linked together with metal links. Color: SL,GD,PK, BL,WH
40184 UNIM2011.7.0033 Bracelet Charm bracelet with silver chain and moveable gold charms: 1). spinning lie detector 2). key 3). diary 4).lip stick 5). opening scissors 6). spinning chair 7). opening fan 8). functioning roller 9). heart with key 10). spinning circle one side reads "LV YU" while the other reads "I OE O" 11). hose shoe 12). bowling pin. UNIM2011.7.0033 (Bracelet) image
40185 UNIM2011.7.0034 Bracelet Adolescent girl's sweet 16 bracelet. Heart-shaped charm with "sixteenth" engraved on it attached to chain. Smaller heart charm with ruby red stone attached to the larger heart charm. Color: GD, RD UNIM2011.7.0034 (Bracelet) image
40186 UNIM2011.7.0035 Charm Round charm with open center and the number "13" attached in the opening. Surface is rough. The hole at the top used to attach to a charm bracelet has broken off. Color: GD UNIM2011.7.0035 (Charm) image
40187 UNIM2011.7.0036 Bracelet Seven different varieties of shells attached to a small linked chain bracelt. Color: SL,WH,YL,OR,GR UNIM2011.7.0036 (Bracelet) image
40188 UNIM2011.7.12 Fabric Chinese style pattern on heavy tapestry fabric. Edges have been turned to back. Color: PR,GR,RD,OR,BK,
40189 UNIM2011.7.32 Pin US American Legion stick pin. Writing on blue background. Brass star at center with "US" in star. Address of manufacturer is etched on back of keeper to the pin. Color: GD, BL
40190 UNIM2011.7.38 Pin Blue over gold around edge. Inscription "Jesus Never Fails" around a red center cross on a gold background. Color: RD, BL, GD UNIM2011.7.38 (Pin) image