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40901 UNIM1988.11.262A Necktie Man's "wemlon" fabric necktie. Features brown, rust, tan, and cream geometric design. Tags read, "Wemlon Fabric / Wembley" and "For brown, olive, or black suit." UNIM1988.11.262A (Necktie) image
40902 UNIM1988.11.262B Necktie Men's necktie with diagonally striped design in tan, brown, blue, teal, cream, white, black, and deep green. Tags read "The Men's Shop" and "J. C. Penney." UNIM1988.11.262B (Necktie) image
40903 UNIM1988.11.262D Necktie Man's brown necktie with lighter brown diamond pattern. Features embroidered light turquoise motifs (a crown surrounded by laurels and a torch) running diagonally across the tie. UNIM1988.11.262D (Necktie) image
40904 UNIM1988.11.262E Necktie Man's olive, lavender, sienna, and gray diagonally striped tie with embroidered geometric pattern. White lining. Tag reads, "Younkers." UNIM1988.11.262E (Necktie) image
40905 UNIM1988.11.262F Necktie Man's "wemlon" fabric necktie. Black, white, and blue plaid with solid blue and black diagonal stripes overlaid. Tag reads, "Wemlon by Wembley / Crush, Knot, Even Wash It / For Blue, Black, or Grey Suit." UNIM1988.11.262F (Necktie) image
40906 UNIM1988.11.262G Necktie Man's acetate-polyester fabric necktie. Navy blue with lighter blue diagonal stripes; these stripes have navy blue geometric patterns within. Tags read, "beau brummel," "Mr. Wonderful," "Dry Clean Only," and "60% Acetate 40% Polyester." UNIM1988.11.262G (Necktie) image
40907 UNIM1988.11.262H Necktie Man's "wemlon" fabric necktie with design featuring diagonal stripes of blue, yellow, gray, orange, and brown. Stripes vary in thickness. Thicker stripes have brown geometric designs. Wembley brand. UNIM1988.11.262H (Necktie) image
40908 UNIM1988.11.262I Necktie Man's "wemlon" fabric tie featuring diagonal stripes of gold, green, and blue with a faint diamond pattern overlaid. Tags read, "Wemlon by Wembley," "100% Polyester - Wash and Wear," and "For blue, black, or gray suit." UNIM1988.11.262I (Necktie) image
40909 UNIM1988.11.263C Necktie Man's off-white polyester necktie with red dot patterns in two sizes. The larger dots have a navy center and the smaller dots have gray centers. Tags read, "Kegs & Lockwood, New York," and "100% Polyester." UNIM1988.11.263C (Necktie) image
40910 UNIM1988.11.263E Necktie Man's silk necktie. Black background with gray and white geometric design. Tag reads, "Thomas, California / All Silk."  UNIM1988.11.263E (Necktie) image
40911 UNIM1988.11.263F Necktie Man's navy polyester necktie with embroidered white geometric design. Wide. White lining. Tag reads, "DON LAPER / OF CALIFORNIA / IMPORTED FABRIC / 100% POLYESTER." UNIM1988.11.263F (Necktie) image
40912 UNIM1988.11.263H Necktie Man's silk necktie. Rust-colored with orange and teal paisley pattern. Tag reads, "100% Silk." UNIM1988.11.263H (Necktie) image
40913 UNIM1988.11.263J Necktie Man's tan polyester tie with floral pattern in tan, gray, and blue. Wine-colored lining. Tags read, "Prince Frederics," "100% Polyester." UNIM1988.11.263J (Necktie) image
40914 UNIM1988.11.263K Necktie Man's silk necktie. Rust color with blue diamond design, Tag reads, "100% Silk." UNIM1988.11.263K (Necktie) image
40915 UNIM1988.11.263L Necktie Man's silk necktie. Brown with small tan dots. Peach lining. Tag reads, "Keys & Lockwood / New York." UNIM1988.11.263L (Necktie) image
40916 UNIM1988.11.263M Necktie Man's tan "wemlon" fabric tie with gold, tan, and red diamond pattern. Gold lining. Tags read, "Wemlon Fabric Wembley," "Crush It, Knot It, Even Wash It," and "For Brown, Olive, or Black Suit." UNIM1988.11.263M (Necktie) image
40917 UNIM1988.11.263N Necktie Man's necktie. Dark brown with repeated motif (gold bird with outstretched wings and blue crown on gold background surrounded by white laurels). White lining. Tag reads, "Pride of England / Blair." Price tag still attached - $9.00. Has ribbon (6 3/4'' x 7/8'') located where the tie goes around neck to protect it from wear. UNIM1988.11.263N (Necktie) image
40918 UNIM1988.11.263O Necktie Man's gray polyester tie with wine red and red geometric design. Melon red lining. Tag reads, "All Polyester." UNIM1988.11.263O (Necktie) image
40919 UNIM1988.11.263P Necktie Man's brown necktie with forest green, lime green, gold and blue geometric design. Red lining. Tag reads, "BOURNE & HOLLINGSWORTH / OXFORD ST W.I." UNIM1988.11.263P (Necktie) image
40920 UNIM1988.11.263R Necktie Man's polyester necktie with small square pattern in bronze, red, and gray with black borders between squares. Tag reads, "HABAND'S / 100% DACRON POLYESTER." UNIM1988.11.263R (Necktie) image
40921 UNIM1988.11.263S Necktie Man's lavender polyester tie with dark lavender and purple circle designs. Bright yellow lining. Tags read, "Kenagy's, Marshalltown, Iowa," and "100% Dacron Polyester." UNIM1988.11.263S (Necktie) image
40922 UNIM1988.11.264A Necktie Man's necktie with printed "watercolor" pattern in grayish blue, gray, tan, and white. Light blue lining. Wide. Tag reads, "Specially Hand Made by Lyllis." UNIM1988.11.264A (Necktie) image
40923 UNIM1988.11.264B Necktie Man's polyester necktie. Gray background with white, gray, wine, and peach colored dot pattern. One end is lined in pink and the other end is lined in gray. Tag reads, "Damon / Imported Textured Polyester / $8.50." UNIM1988.11.264B (Necktie) image
40924 UNIM1988.11.264C Necktie Man's gray "wemlon" fabric necktie with red and white floral design. Wembley brand. UNIM1988.11.264C (Necktie) image
40925 UNIM1988.11.264D Necktie Man's polyester necktie. Design features solid black squares and red, blue, and navy "streaked" squares with yellow lines running through them diagonally. Background is blue with slightly darker blue paisley pattern. Pink lining. Tag reads, "100% Imported Texturized Polyester." UNIM1988.11.264D (Necktie) image
40926 UNIM1988.11.264F Necktie Man's navy blue polyester with blue, white, and light blue "bubble" pattern consisting of small circles and larger partial circles. Wide end of tie is lined with gold lining. Tag reads, "100% Polyester." UNIM1988.11.264F (Necktie) image
40927 UNIM1988.11.264G Necktie Man's navy blue polyester necktie with blue and tan rectangle and square shapes. White lining. Tag reads, "All Polyester." UNIM1988.11.264G (Necktie) image
40928 UNIM1988.11.264J Necktie Man's gold silk necktie with variously-sized squares and rectangles in wine, brown, orange, orange-brown and green. White lining. Tags read, "Pure Thai Silk," and "Hand Work." Made in Thailand. UNIM1988.11.264J (Necktie) image
40929 UNIM1988.11.264K Necktie Man's "wemlon" fabric necktie. Features geometric design of half-circles and lines in light blue and burnt orange on a peach background. White backside lining. Wembley brand. UNIM1988.11.264K (Necktie) image
40930 UNIM1988.11.264L Necktie Men's "nile green" rayon necktie. Features geometric design in burnt orange, cream, and navy. White backside lining. Tags read, "Dorosin's Peoples Store, Marshalltown, Iowa," "Wilson Faultless," and "Made in U.S.A, Rayon."
40931 UNIM1988.11.265A Necktie Man's olive green necktie. Design features a painted red, purple, and yellow pheasant standing in tall green and yellow grass. Yellow section runs vertically above the pheasant for 23''. White lining. Tags read, "Hand Painted in California," "Pilgrim reg." "Rayon cravats," "Acetate woven with nylon." UNIM1988.11.265A (Necktie) image
40932 UNIM1988.11.265B Necktie Man's teal green polyester tie with orange, white, teal, green, and spring green butterflies. White lining. Tags read, "Montgomery Ward," and "100% Imported Polyester." UNIM1988.11.265B (Necktie) image
40933 UNIM1988.11.265C Necktie Man's navy blue necktie with gray stagecoach and steam train motif embroidered throughout. Stagecoaches have red windows and the trains have red bells. Tag reads, "100% DACRON POLYESTER / EXCLUSIVELY BY SUPERBA / WASHABLE...NEEDS NO PRESSING." UNIM1988.11.265C (Necktie) image
40934 UNIM1988.11.265D Necktie Man's acetate necktie featuring hunting motifs. Tie is mostly black; a cream diamond is at the bottom of the tie. Tie has gold, black, gray, and cream thread stitched throughout to create stripes. A red and navy rooster is stitched on the cream diamond; two cream and red rifles (arranged to make an "X" shape) are on a black background above the stripes. White lining. Tag reads, "Pilgrim / Acetate Cravat / Sears Roebuck and Co., USA." UNIM1988.11.265D (Necktie) image
40935 UNIM1988.11.265E Necktie Man's acetate-nylon mix tie. Gray with seascape scene - sailboats, birds, and mountains, all in varying shades of red and orange. Gray lining. Tags read, "Palace Clothiers by Damon" and "IMPORTED / 65% ACETATE  / 85% NYLON." UNIM1988.11.265E (Necktie) image
40936 UNIM1988.11.266 Hat Boater or straw style summer hat. Woven spirally from center top. 2 3/4" high. Has 2" wide black grosgrain ribbon at base with bow on side. Net lining and leather interior. White bow on the inside with a white ribbon along the netting. Brim is 2 1/2" wide at sides; 2 3/4" at front and back. Brand smudged, from Marshalltown Iowa.
40937 UNIM1988.11.267 Hat Derby, Bowler; style black felt hat. 5" high. Rounded2" wide brown sweatband has name of retailer reading "Heller &. Pouna Clothers Marshalltown Iowa" Brim is 1 3/4" wide bound with grosgrain ribbon - rolled edges on sides. 1" wide black grosgrain ribbon around base of crown in a bow provides decorative detail.
40938 UNIM1988.11.27 Dress Chemise style. Off white edge trimmed in blue. Placket opening 4" l. Round collar, pin tucks from above bust running the length of the dress. 3 1/2" square patch pockets on each set of pintucks set below hip. Pockets are trimmed with 8 pintucks and 8 shank white buttons 3/8" dia on both sides of pockets 26" l. Back has pintucks in center back from collar to button of dress. Set in sleeves (long) with all white cuffs around outer edge of cuff. Neckline has 19" ties in center front for closure. 4" dressmaker hem. Belt ties in back.
40939 UNIM1988.11.270 Hat Snap brim center crease Genuine panama leather style straw hat. 4 1/2" high with telescope crown. Circular crease. Pleated brown fabric hand @ 1 1/2" wide at base of crown. Brim is 3" wide. Turned down in front and on left side; up in back and right side. Decorative detail includes a brown fabric band overlaps on the left side. Branded "Bond" With "Elaine" and "Bethy" Written on the inside. Be Ray M. written on the outside.
40940 UNIM1988.11.271 Hat Snap even center crease Panama style hat made of straw. Top of crown and brim spirally woven; sides of crown are open weave. 4 1/2" high. Sides are open weave. Not lined. 1 5/8" wide brown leather sweatband. Brim is 2 1/2" wide. Brim turns down in front, up at sides and back. Decorative detail includes dark brown fabric pleated to 1 1/2" width. Inside brand reads Penney's Marathon.
40941 UNIM1988.11.272 Hat Snap brim center crease Panama style hat made of imitation straw. Narrow strips sewn spirally from center of crown. 3/4" high. Has telescope crown. Circular crease. 1 7/8" brown perforated sweatband. 2" wide brim. Likely turned down in front, up at sides and back. Edge bound. Decorative detail includes bias band around base of crown; pleated red and navy stripes on ribbon. Brown Bow in inside. Inside Labeled Penny's Marathon New York.
40942 UNIM1988.11.274 Handkerchief White cotton handkerchief with blue and wine striped border. 16 1/2" square. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL, wine
40943 UNIM1988.11.275A Shirt Cuff Man's shirt cuff. Fabric has been plasticized or rubberized. Cuff is 9" long x 2 3/4" wide. It has a square ends with two button holes on each end. Size 8. Paired with UNIM1988.11.275B.
40944 UNIM1988.11.275B Shirt Cuff Man's shirt cuff. Fabric has been plasticized or rubberized. Cuff is 9" long x 2 3/4" wide. It has a square ends with two button holes on each end. Size 8. Paired with UNIM1988.11.275A.
40945 UNIM1988.11.277A2 Cufflinks Flat round 5/8" diameter circle with initial designs. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b.Color: GD
40946 UNIM1988.11.277B1 Cufflinks One in a pair of gold 3/4" length arrow shaped cuff links with ridges on the top surface.
40947 UNIM1988.11.277B2 Cufflinks One in a pair of gold 3/4" length arrow shaped cuff links with ridges on the top surface.
40948 UNIM1988.11.28 Dress Bittersweet- Dress. Long Torso style dress with scoop neckline and a tie sewn to back of neck to shoulder seams. Tie hangs from neck down 23" and the tassel hangs 15" longer from end of tie. Set in sleeves have 1 1/4" band around bottom. Long torso 22" long from shoulder. Skirt is 15" long, straight style with a dressmaker hem that has been shortened. 7" down from drop waist is a 2" w band sewn on front of skirt only. Deep waist has a 1/2" w band where is attatched to the skirt front and back. A bow of some fabric is sewn off center to the left side just below drop waist. No closures. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL
40949 UNIM1988.11.280 Dress Shift belted dress with tie belt. Woven organdy fabric ochre colored. Lawn dress with 1" wide tie belt 85" long. Bertha collar with drawn thread and lace around edge. Nine vertical rows of drawn thread down front from collar to hem. Has gathers at lower hips. 9 rows vertical drawn thread at drop waist and horizontal rows (5) back and front 11" from hem bottom. Hem 6 1/2" wide. Kimono short sleeves with drawn thread around lower edge 7/8" from bottom. Center back 3" closure with hook and eye. The drawn threads accept dress and 5/8" wide lace around collar adds to simple style. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ochre
40950 UNIM1988.11.281 Dress Yellow dicky style front and back has gathering stitches at top edge. So neckline front closure at right side of dicky with 5 hook and eyes to waistband, 2 hook and eyes on waist band vertically and 4 horizontally on lower edge of waistband to right side where skirt is open 9 1/2" with hook and eye closure. Some lace that is on sleeves is on edge of dicky to waist front and back and around neckline in back. Yellow insert 5 1/2" wide is placed 7 1/2" up from bottom of hem horizontally around skirt. Bodice is slightly gathered to top edge of waistband (2"); skirt has more gathers attatched to lower edge of waistband. Dress material has woven pattern strips that run vertically on bodice and sleeves and runs horizontally around the skirt with drawn threads top and bottom. Sleeves are set in, comes down to elbows. 7/8" lace on bottom. Yellow insert 1 1/2" wide located 2" up from bottom of sleeve. Under arm sleeve length is shorter than sleeve on top of arm (outer side). Lace and yellow inserts add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, YW
40951 UNIM1988.11.282 Dress Beige dress with coral, brown and grey 1 1/2" diameter floral clusters not shown in sketch. Bertha collar trimmed with lace and has 8 points total. Bodice gathered in center front and back. Center back closure with five 1/2" diameter buttons and two hooks and eyes at waistband. 7" placket down skirt. Skirt fully gathered to waistband. Ruffle 3 1/2" wide at hem trimmed with lace 3/8" wide. Midriff and sleeves are lined. Puff short sleeves with a 1 1/4" band with lace edge at bottom of set in sleeves. Beige lace trim 1/2" wide, points on collar 8" long and waistband styled like a cummerbund add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40952 UNIM1988.11.283 Petticoat Center back button on waistband 1" wide. Lace at hem 5 3/4" wide. Skirt gathered to waistband. Side seams center back placket 7" long. 3/4" tuck on outside and a 3 1/2" tuck on inside of slip. There is a row of lace, eyelet insert followed by three more rows of lace at hem a total of 6" wide. A small tag with the letter D is sewn on center back waistband inside on button side. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40953 UNIM1988.11.285 Necktie Girl's necktie. Braid 1" wide is black with gold metallic thread flowers and has 11 rhinestones (one missing) set 1" apart down braid. Braid is sewn onto gold grosgrain ribbon that has been doubled and has a piece of the ribbon folded in half and placed 1 1/4" down from top gathering in ribbon forming a tie. There isn't any fastener to hold tie on garment. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, BK
40954 UNIM1988.11.286 Handkerchief Large handkerchief made from sheer white fabric. Printed "Valentines" design. Scalloped edge in red with pink and red flowers in each scallop with red hearts between flowers, a blue ribbon with red hearts attached are above all around edges. A 1/2" wide strip with white dots is above the blue ribbon. A 6/8" strip of rosebuds and leaves goes all around the white strip followed by red hearts and another row of blue flower buds with green leaves goes all the way around leaving a 7 1/4" square center with hearts in red and pink flower buds with green leaves filling the center.
40955 UNIM1988.11.29 Dress Style = shift - knee length. Scoop neckline and raglan sleeves 3/4 length with 3" w black and off white floral machine embroidery trim around neck collar in back, and of sleeves and around bottom of dress. Elastic is encased around lower part of hips. A cord is on the left side above elastic for a belt (?) no belt with dress. Sketch on catalog sheeet.
40956 UNIM1988.11.291 Undershirt Girl's white (but yellowed) long sleeved undershirt. Machine edging around neckline with machine shell stitch down edging on left side front. 7 buttons, 3/8" diameter. Center front closure, drawstring at bottom. Front is 3" longer than back. "Maline -TradeMark size 5". Price tag 25 cents. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40957 UNIM1988.11.292 Undershirt Machine edging around neckline and machine shell stitch down edge of left front center opening; seven 3/8" diameter button center front closure, drawstring at bottom. Front is 3" longer than back. Vest has long sleeves. "Maline TradeMark" size 5. Same as UNIM1988.11.029.
40958 UNIM1988.11.293A Handkerchief Cotton handkerchief with printed design. Turquoise with white and turquoise border, white kitten with red bow around neck, red tongue, green and black eyes, yellow nose, black whiskers, highlights in black and grey. Green dish with "KITTY" written on side of dish sits at kitten's front paws. White inside dish. 9 3/4" wide x 9" high.
40959 UNIM1988.11.293B Handkerchief White cotton handkerchief with thinly stitched border in blue. In one corner is a picture of a gray dog with a blue ribbon around the neck printed onto the fabric.
40960 UNIM1988.11.295 Purse Pouch style purse. Purse leather pleated to metal hinge at top. Snap shut top. Handle is leather 1/4" w x 9 1/2" long attatched to purse with metal rings. Lined in cotton fabric with floral design in burnt orange also a owl and birds (birds have some blue color); background of fabric is tan. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL, teal
40961 UNIM1988.11.297G Barrette Blue barrette in the shape of a bow. UNIM1988.11.297G (Barrette) image
40962 UNIM1988.11.297H Barrette Pink hat barrette UNIM1988.11.297H (Barrette) image
40963 UNIM1988.11.297L Barrette Small blue barrette with missing clip piece. UNIM1988.11.297L  (Barrette) image
40964 UNIM1988.11.3 Coat Box style with wide collar, three center front buttons 1 1/8" dia. with bound button holes, wide, welt pockets on each side of front. Set in sleevves narrowing at wrist. Back has a yoke with slightly gathered back attatched. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR, BK
40965 UNIM1988.11.30 Dress Bishops collar has tab ends with a button for decoration. Tab closure center front 10" long with seven 1/2" dia buttons (white). Set in short sleeves with cuff 2 1/2" w & 2 white 1/2" dia buttons for deocration. Below hip horizontal above a box pleat on each front sides of dress. Deep hem 6 3/4" w. Back of dress is plain. Strips in dress run vertically. Buttons are all alike. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40966 UNIM1988.11.302A Pin Purple metal cross pin.  UNIM1988.11.302A (Pin) image
40967 UNIM1988.11.302B Pin Silver and Pink Sequin pin.  UNIM1988.11.302B (Pin) image
40968 UNIM1988.11.302E Earrings Two cloth flower earrings with a single pearl in the center.
40969 UNIM1988.11.302H Earrings Two screw on type earrings in a red and white flower shape.
40970 UNIM1988.11.303A Pin Grey miniature moccasin pin. Fabricated using grey felt, glass beads, and white thread or string. Artifact is decorated with a star pattern on both toes of the toe shoes. The pattern is comprised of clear and pink glass beads. There are ornamental designs using clear beads and attached with white thread around the outside edge of both moccasins. The moccasins are connected with a loop of clear beads. There is a gold safety pin hooked to the loop for pinning to one's shirt as a brooch. The shoes are also sewn together. UNIM1988.11.303A (Pin) image
40971 UNIM1988.11.303B Doll Small figure made of beads made to look like a Native American chief with headress. The headress is made of two horisontal rows of clear beads, followed by an alternating row of yellow and red beads. UNIM1988.11.303B (Doll) image
40972 UNIM1988.11.303C Bracelet Beaded bracelet with triangles and chevrons leading into a diamond in the middle of the bracelet. The beads are sewn into a strip of leather with a metal clasp attached to the ends. UNIM1988.11.303C (Bracelet) image
40973 UNIM1988.11.303D Pin Small sombrero style hat connected to a small safety pin. The brim of the hat is lined with yellow beads and on the top, the beads spell out, "TAMA". UNIM1988.11.303D (Pin) image
40974 UNIM1988.11.304C Political Pin, Ephemera Political stick pin worn on clothing or jacket. Small white elephant pin with red lining or trim. The letters "G.O.P." are in the center of the pin standing for Grand Old Party or to represent the Republican Party. UNIM1988.11.304C (Political Pin, Ephemera) image
40975 UNIM1988.11.304E Button United Nations button. Button has the United Nations emblem of the world map and two olive branches in white with a blue background. Surrounding the emblem are the words "United Nations" on the top and "Guided Tour" on the bottom. 
40976 UNIM1988.11.304E Button, Pin United Nations lapel button has the United Nations symbol in the center with the world map and 2 olive branches in white with a blue background. Surrounding the United Nations symbol are the words "United Nations" on the top and "Guided Tour" at the bottom. On the back of button is the United Nations flag and the numbers 634 and 313. UNIM1988.11.304E (Button, Pin) image
40977 UNIM1988.11.304F Coin Vietnam coin. On one side of the coin is the profiles of 3 Vietnamese women. These three women represent three regions of Vietnam. From left to right, the first women reperesents South Vietnam, the second middle Vietnam (Hue, Vietnam), the third is from North Vietnam. The words "QUOC-GIA VIET-NAM" are represented on the top and "1953" at the bottom. A rice plant is represented on the other side with the words "VIET-NAM" at the top with "20" on the right of the rice plant and "SU" on the left. UNIM1988.11.304F (Coin) image
40978 UNIM1988.11.305 Jacket Navy blue jacket 14" long with 22" waist and 10" long sleeves. Notched reverse collar, set in long sleeves. Back has box pleat in center 9" long starts 4" below neck and has small darts on each side of pleat. Belted in back 3/4" wide x 10" long sewn to side seams. Two 1/2" diameter buttons sewn on 2 piece belt. Center front closure. Double rows of three buttons 3/4" diameter, white flap pockets each side front. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40979 UNIM1988.11.306 Overalls White bib overalls with 10 1/2" inseam and 24" wide. Bib overalls have dressmaker button holes on bib and at each side of waist. 1/2" diameter buttons on straps. Two pockets on front; 1 1/4" hem on legs by dressmaker. No back pockets. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40980 UNIM1988.11.307 Overalls Yellow bib overalls 22" wide with a 13" inseam. Button holes on bib and each side of waist in front. Pockets on each front side. Buttons on straps are 1/2" diameter. Legs have neckline stitched 1" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40981 UNIM1988.11.308 Bonnet Child's faux fur bonnet. Bonnet has box pleat ruffle 3/4" wide all around bonnet. Braid is around edges of bonnet and lining. 18" long ties of same satin as ruffle. 3" diameter at back of head with bonnet pleated around it for fullness for head. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40982 UNIM1988.11.309 Nightgown Nightgown with long sleeves. 11 1/2" at shoulders, 14" sleeves and 32" long. 1/2" stand up collar, yoke front and back, center back three buttons closure, gown is gathered to yoke for fullness. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40983 UNIM1988.11.31 Dress V Neckline with shawl collar edged with a blue ruffle and a off white ruffle net as wide on top of the blue ruffle. Piping is sewn around collar above the ruffle. 2 1/4" w print bow is attatched where collar is sewn together in front left side. Sleeveless with self tape around arm hole. A V shaped print fabric insert is on the right side from waist down 8" l at top of V. Another insert continues at side seam and is V shaped coming up to waistline 3 1/2" in from left side seam. Self belt with blue 1 1/2" round metal buckle and 3/4" w belt is attatched to waistline in front 3 1/2" from left side seam. 1/4" machine hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL
40984 UNIM1988.11.310 Pajamas 2 piece flannel pajamas. 9 1/2" across shoulders, 9" inseam on bottoms. Blue and white striped. V neckline, long set in sleeves, stripes run vertically except for pocket on right side of top and around the neck and down center. 3 button closure tab. Stripes are 1/2" wide. The changing direction of the stripes add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH
40985 UNIM1988.11.311 Shoe High top shoes with 7 eyelets for lace. Made in four sections. 1.) toe 2.) across top of foot 3.) heel and lace eyelets are made with two sections. Leather hard sole. Decorative details include the style and double stitching. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
40986 UNIM1988.11.312 Jacket Double crochet stitch in V shape makes bottom of jacket fuller and with scalloped lower edge of long sleeves and lower edge of jacket. Single crochet chain in white drawstring at neck. White edging of single crochet with picos adds decorative detail. White and mint green in color. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40987 UNIM1988.11.313 Bonnet Very thick warm bonnet, looks to be crocheted but at a closer look it seems to be woven. Inside bonnet has pattern running diagonally, outside has vertical and horizontal pattern to weave. 1 1/2" wide shell stitch crocheted edging all around. Satin ribbon ties are 12 1/2" long x 5/8" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40988 UNIM1988.11.314 Bonnet Yellow yarn baby bonnet. Knitting runs horizontally on top and sides and runs vertically at back of head area. Has knit same as back around neck and front edge of bonnet that turns back. Has 5/8" wide x 8" long yellow ties with bows where tie fastens to bonnet. White six petaled flower embroidered on top of head using same angora white yarn. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40989 UNIM1988.11.315 Bonnet Center back has four rows of double crochet followed by two rows open chain stitch and a row of triple crochet stitches. Pattern repeats 5 times ending with triple crochet stitches making a scalloped turn back edge in front. No ties. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ecru
40990 UNIM1988.11.316 Bonnet Hand embroidered around edges and eyelet design; 2 piece front and back of head. Ribbon ties 2 1/2" wide x 19" long have drawn thread and scalloped embroidery hem. 5 eyelets just above hem have hand embroidery around 5 eyelets. Floral eyelet design embroidered with ecru thread. Back at neck has a seperation. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
40991 UNIM1988.11.317 Booties Light blue booties with white trim with angora yarn, white buttons. The different knitting stitches made a nice pattern with top and bottom of foot having some pattern with plain knit stitch around heel and top of foot, knit stitch is used down center of top of foot. White angora yarn sewn around ankle, one shank button 3/8" diameter closure at top of bootie at outer ankle. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH
40992 UNIM1988.11.318 Dress Off-white batiste A -line style dress 40" long at center front. Dress has rows of 1/4" insertion lace down center front matching lace edging at neck and bottom of long banded sleeves. Five buttons 5/16" diameter back neck opening; handworked buttonholes. Set in sleeves. 3" hem. Dainty lace trim provides decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40993 UNIM1988.11.319 Gown, Dressing Cotton extreme A line style robe in blue. 26" long, 13" center back to cuff. Open center front tab opening goes around neck, yoke front and back has bodice gathered to yoke for fullness, band on end of long sleeve 1 1/4" neckline hem. Set in sleeves. Embroidery feather stitch down both sides of front tab band on sleeves and bottom edge of yoke with white thread. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40994 UNIM1988.11.32 Dress Chelsea white collar and center front panel trimmed with black biss(?) tape trim. White side inserts 2 1/2" w run vertically at each side of back of skirt trimmed in black biss(?) tape. Cap sleeve trimmed in black on outer edge also. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BK, Gold
40995 UNIM1988.11.320 Kimono Cotton kimono 11" center back to bottom of sleeve and 20" center back to button of kimono. Light sky blue with white down front and blue embroidery work. Sky blue with center front opening, blue binding ribbon around neck and ties. Center front has 1 1/4" white flannel trim with scalloped edges and blue flower embroidery design. Flat left seams across shoulders and around set in sleeves, shirt tail hem. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40996 UNIM1988.11.321 Kimono Knit kimono 7" center back to bottom of sleeve and 15 3/4" center back at neck to bottom of kimono. Green and pink trim. Pink like fabric binding around neck center front opening around bottom and around the short sleeves. Pink ribbon tie closure center front. Kimono short sleeves. Embroidered pink flower spray with three flowers on each side in front chest area. Sketch on catalog sheet.
40997 UNIM1988.11.322 Bib Double crocheted stitched was used with shell stitch down center front and at top where bib is wider. Shell stitch around sides and bottom. Crocheted strap of two rows of double crochet stitch buttons around neck at left side. Single crochet stitches in yellow all around bib and strap. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, YW
40998 UNIM1988.11.323 Bib Pink binding around bib and ties. A dog walking in a stand up position is carrying a pail and a shovel and wearing purple pants. The pail and shovel are red. Dog has red tongue and blue eye. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, PK, PR
40999 UNIM1988.11.324 Bib Blue binding around bib and ties. A clown is embroidered in a sitting position in a yellow and blue clown suit and hat with hool-a-hoop behind him. Black hands, face and feet. Hool-a-hoop is orange. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL, YW, OR
41000 UNIM1988.11.325 Bellyband a-c. Three belly bands. Fabric is doubled and sewn together around edges. Ties are 3/8" wide tape that is 6" long sewn 1 1/2" in from edge on one end and in the center of band. Two ties secures band around babies abdomen over umbilical cord area. All three alike. 2 (A & B) look as though they were never used. C has stains. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH