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41101 UNIM1988.11.735 Lace Fragment White lace insertion. 1/2" x 52" and a shorter piece. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41102 UNIM1988.11.736 Lace Fragment White lace insertion 5/8" x 48" & 1 piece 5/8" x 3" Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41103 UNIM1988.11.737 Lace Fragment White lace edging 5/8" x 6". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41104 UNIM1988.11.738 Lace Fragment White lace edging 5/8" x 4 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41105 UNIM1988.11.739 Lace Fragment White lace insertion 1/4" x 2 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41106 UNIM1988.11.740 Case, Needle Envelope 3 1/8" x 2" used to place needles in when purchased. Labeled "120 Large Eyed Imported Needles". From London. Sketch on catalog sheet. Likely held sewing needle UNIM1988.11.238. UNIM1988.11.740 (Case, Needle) image
41107 UNIM1988.11.741 Case, Pin White batiste cloth envelope 3 1/4" x 5" made by dressmaker for a gift. Addressed with brown and wine colored embroidery work saying "Merry Xmas to Mary 1905". "Merry Xmas" and "Mary" are in brown embroidery while "to" and "1905" are in wine. A stamp with same brown holly leaf with wine berries embroidered in upper right corner. Two small brown four-pointed stars are stitched underneath the envelope flap. Eight straight pins (UNIM1988.11.742) are kept inside. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1988.11.741 (Case, Pin) image
41108 UNIM1988.11.742 Pin, Straight 8 pins were pinned to the back of envelope (UNIM1988.11.741, formerly known as UNIM1988.11.0238c). Pins removed to protect fabric envelope. Color: SL UNIM1988.11.742 (Pin, Straight) image
41109 UNIM1988.11.745 Pin, Straight 5 brass straight pins, 3" l, pinned to a fabric scrap. Fabric scrap is red with blue and white floral pattern. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD
41110 UNIM1988.11.75 Skirt Horizontal tucks in alternate panels front and back; lower portion has box pleat with another pleat on each side. Center back 6 hook and eye closure until box pleat over top. Woven braid around bottom of hem on inside. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41111 UNIM1988.11.754A Slipper Small soft leather blue slipper (one only) 2" long with teel fabric edging hand sewn around top of slipper that is moccasin style. Color: BL
41112 UNIM1988.11.755 Sampler Crocheted sampler of pineapple stitch in brown thresh. 2 1/2" h x 2 1/4" w. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN
41113 UNIM1988.11.756 Pouch Hand crocheted hanging envelope style pouch, white shell stitches trimmed in baby blue edging, 10 chain stitch strands 3 1/4" long are attatched to pouch with a plastic hanging ring 1" dia. At the top for hanging. Pouch is 4"w x 2 1/2" h. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL
41114 UNIM1988.11.757 Pouch Hand crocheted hanging envelope style pouch, white shell stitch, 10 chain stitch strands, 3" long are attatched to pouch that is 4" w x 2 1/8" h, a 1" ring that has been crocheted around is used to hang pouch. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41115 UNIM1988.11.76 Skirt Pleating sewn down from waist 16" over hip area then open to floor. 2 3/4" hem machine stitched; adjustable snaps on waistband and ribbon tie holds material over center front to hide opening. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41116 UNIM1988.11.77 Skirt Floor length, waistband is off white; 4 1/2" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
41117 UNIM1988.11.78 Skirt Insert on both sides at waist front and back with three 5/8" dia buttons on each side. Front and back are navy colored. 3 1/4" machine stitched hem. Inisde coin pocket at waistline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: navy
41118 UNIM1988.11.793 Necktie Necktie with dark brown, light brown, yellow and black stripes. 2 1/2" w x 55" l. "St. Clair - Krieger Co." "Marshalltown, Iowa" "by damon". All silk. Price label price $3.00. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN, YL, BK
41119 UNIM1988.11.8 Jacket Box style. Front shoulders dart, patch pockets both sides at bottom of jacket. Natched shawk collar. Trim color sewn in seperately across back shoulders, below bust and at waist in back. Sleeves have trim colors around sleeve 7" above. Design of birds and deer woven in fabric in black and white. Colored trim sewn over square shapes in fabric. Covered buttons of some fabric 5/8" dia. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BK, BL, RD
41120 UNIM1988.11.81 Skirt 3" w cloth belt with 2 1/4" round buckle, metal. Belt loops. No side seam. Seams are on front and back 2" in from sides. Pockets just below waistband. Waistband finish is 1 1/4" w. Sketch on catalog. Color: turquoise
41121 UNIM1988.11.82 Jumper 38" underarm bust measurment. Scoop neckline in front, two inset pockets front on each side; brown rayon braid trim around neckline, pockets and arm holes, 2 shoulder pleats on each side front. 3" dressmaker hem. A-line style. Below the knee length. No closure, goes on over head. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, BR
41122 UNIM1988.11.825 Necktie Wine red necktie with small white dots. 4 1/8" wide x 55" long. "Dry Clean Only" "JcPenney" "9". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD, WH
41123 UNIM1988.11.826 Necktie Off white necktie with two sized red dot patterns. Larger dot has a navy center. 4" wide x 56" long. "Kegs and Lackwood New York". "100% Polyester". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL, RD
41124 UNIM1988.11.827 Necktie Grey and traces of gold thread in background with red and gold designs. 3" wide x 53" long. "Lichtenstein's Corpus Christi" "Superba Cravats". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, GD, RD
41125 UNIM1988.11.828 Necktie Necktie with black background with grey and white design. 3" wide x 56" long. "Thomas California" "all silk". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, GY, WH
41126 UNIM1988.11.83 Suit, Bathing Woman's tan wool bathing suit. Bust 26" Hip 34". Scoop neckline front and back, closure on left top shoulder with one 5/8" button, elastic at waist; skirt covers pants that are mid thigh length and hang 1 1/2" lower than skirt. Skirt has slits 4" l on each side. Two stripes around bottom of skirt of dark brown, burnt orange on both sides of brown then a narrow dark brown stripe on each edge located 1 1/2" up from bottom of skirt. Sketch on catalog sheet. Label on the suit has the description, "Annette Kellerman Two-In-One Bathing Suit, Asbury Mills."
41127 UNIM1988.11.84 Suimsuit Woman's black wool bathing suit manufactured by Louis Pelton. Patent No. 1666504. Scoop neckline front and back; left top shoulder strap closure with 1/2" button. The strap is sewn shut by dressmaker with built in brassiere, elastic at waist and a skirt covering shorts. Back open 12" held in place with green, orange, and lavender wool tubing spaced apart.
41128 UNIM1988.11.85 Swimsuit Women's one-piece navy blue cotton swimsuit. Scoop neckline front, dressmaker shortened 4 1/2" with wide tuck around midriff; legs are 6" long; left shoulder closure using two 1/2" diameter buttons. White tape trim around neckline and armholes. Medium sized. UNIM1988.11.85 (Swimsuit) image
41129 UNIM1988.11.86 Caftan Teal blue with rose trim at neckline and belt openings, floral print of rose, yellow, white and black colors. Two belt openings in front and back, scoop neckline with center front closure 10" l with two hooks and eyes. Slits 3 1/2" l on each side at bottom. Dressmaker shortened garment 2 3/4" and did not put the slit in. Rose sateen trim adds to the looks. Ankle length. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL rose YL BK
41130 UNIM1988.11.862 Handkerchief White cotton handkerchief with woven white striped border 14 1/2" x 15 1/2", found in back trouser pocket of UNIM1988.11.0250. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41131 UNIM1988.11.9 Jacket 3/4 length jacket with 3/4 length sleeves. Wrap around style, no closure. Set in sleeves, back shoulder darts, underarm bust darts. 12 1/2" side seam slits on each side. Facing under slits and neckline. No collar. Unlined. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41132 UNIM1988.11.924 Tiara Tiara is 7" diameter, made of artificial lily of the valley flowers attatched to green covered wire. Presumably used with wedding dress in UNIM1988.11.0419 Color: GN, WH
41133 UNIM1988.11.93 Nightgown White with blue stripes, hand embroidery in blue, pink and yellow floral design center front below scoop neckline with blue embroidery running stitch trim. Short kimono sleeves also have blue running stitch around bottom. Slight A-line style. 1 1/2" hem. Hand embroidery wok. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL, PK, YL
41134 UNIM1988.11.94 Nightgown Scoop neckline with two rows of lace around front only. Sleeveless and has lace around arm hole in front only. Midriff waistline with tie belt at side seams. A - line style. Wide tuck 10" from bottom. Lace insert on each side front 7" h to bottom of gown. There is a yellow flower with green leaves made from ribbon at top of insert. 1/2" w lace all around the bottom. Four ribbon flowers on neckline. Conservation measures taken include the sewing on of a flower on the second row of lace at neckline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41135 UNIM1988.11.96 Slip Front tab buttons 3/4" dia, 4 each and 1/2" dia button at waist embroidered band with beading, beading at scooped neckline and waist. Lace trim at neck and armscyes; embroidered border scalloped edge. Alternately strips of fabric and lace insertations on front bodice. 5/8" tuck has been taken out of skirt located 13 1/2" above bottom of slip. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41136 UNIM1988.11.98 Slip Over head with drawstring to adjust to chest area. Cut at sides of waist and gathered skirt to top for fullness over hips. 3/4" shoulder straps of same fabric; hand stitched 13" deep hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: beige
41137 UNIM1988.12 Shoes Woman's platform sandal. Wedgie style heel, 2 5/8". Stap across instep fastens with buckle. 2 3/8" band across instep, leather lacing with 4 triangular cutouts. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41138 UNIM1988.5.1 Coat Women's red wool coat. Buttons up center with three buttons. Buttons are red and molded in the shape of a rose flower. Interior is lined with red satin. Long sleeves; sleeves' interior lining bunches together at wrists. Johnny-style collar. Inset pockets at waist. Two interior tags; the first, at neckline, reads "Wolf's / waterloo, iowa" in gray stitching on silver fabric. The second, located on the interior near center opening of coat, reads "Fashionbilt / The Well Made Garment" in gray stitching on silver fabric.
41139 unim1988.5.10 Dress Floral patterned dress in a floral pattern with gold brocade lame and belt.  
41140 unim1988.5.11 Dress Blue and Green dress made of polyester with a seperate tie belt.  Bodice is darted in the front under the arm, skirt has a 5" kick pleat in center back, and the dress is sleeveless.  
41141 UNIM1988.5.12 Dress Pink dress with grey tule over the entire dress and grey tule sleeves. The collar is beaded with grey and white beads. There is a clasp at the top of the back with a zipper that goes halfway down the dress, although stitching continues the line all the way to the bottom of the skirt. The tag on the inside reads, "Leslie Fay Original."
41142 UNIM1988.5.13 Suit Green two-piece suit. a. Green jacket. Barry Ashley label. b. Green slacks.
41143 UNIM1988.5.2 Coat Woman's pink-orange coat. Long sleeves. Fastens in center with a single button, covered in same fabric as coat. Notched shawl collar. Inset pockets. Interior is lined with pink fabric. Interior tag reads, "ROTHMOOR" in black text on white fabric. Label also has illustration of a Scottish terrier above text.
41144 UNIM1988.5.26 Tool Two wooden paddles with grooved surface on one side for working butter. Both have rounded handles that come to a very slight point at the end and rectangular heads that are smooth on one side and grooved on the other. 5.26a has a small crack at the top. 5.26b has some darker discoloration on the top left and right of the paddle and "Save- Use for Defrosting Ref." is hand written in black on the back, towards the top of the paddle.
41145 UNIM1988.5.3 Coat Women's black fleece md-length coat. Long sleeves. Interior is lined with black fabric. Buttons down left side with three large silver buttons; button design consists of a crown above two shields flanked by leaves. Rounded sailor-style collar.
41146 UNIM1988.5.4 Coat Black coat with green, pink, blue, orange, and yellow flowers embroidered all across it. The coat is button down. The tag on the inside reads, "Marvin McCoy Originals created in California."
41147 UNIM1988.5.5 Coat Gray women's coat. Interior is lined with lilac fabric. Double-breasted; two buttons on each side, one at the shoulders and one at the waist. Waist buttons support a belt made out of the same gray fabric as coat with black ribbon borders. Buttons are circular and decorated with a cover of small black rhinestones. Inside label reads "WOLF'S" / "waterloo, iowa" in black cursive on cream fabric.
41148 UNIM1988.5.6 Fur Coat Long fur coat, with four plastic buttons. Color:BR UNIM1988.5.6 (Fur Coat ) image
41149 UNIM1988.5.7 Fur Coat Long gray fur coat with three plastic buttons. Color:GY UNIM1988.5.7  (Fur Coat) image
41150 UNIM1988.5.8 Jacket Long-sleeved jacket. Fabric is black and white houndstooth pattern. Black sailor-style collar. Double-breasted; buttons up right side. Buttons are black plastic. Inset pockets. Fabric is yellowing badly in some places.
41151 UNIM1988.5.9 Dress Two pieces. a. High-neckline sleeveless dress. Dress is made out of off-white fabric with silver threads stitched through at an angle. Mid-length. Zips up in back. b. Belt made out of same fabric as dress. Ties around waist.
41152 UNIM1988.6.1 Cape Nurse's. Hip length, with straps crossing in front under the cape. Photo on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41153 UNIM1988.7.1 Hat "Whimsey". Black velvet ribbon in tailored bow with black, gray and wine feathers. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,GY,PR UNIM1988.7.1 (Hat) image
41154 UNIM1988.7.2 Sadiron For sleeves or flounces. Removable handle. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41155 UNIM1988.7.3 Dress Two-piece christening dress, for infant up to two months old. a. Dress. Round neck with 3" deep yoke. Vertical & horizontal bands of fine lace in yoke area & embroidery and lace down center front and 8 bands at hem. Long sleeves, lace trimmed. Center back 6" placket with 2 buttons. b. Slip. Waist 7" long with skirt gathered to it. Center back buttons to waist; open in skirt back. Color: WH
41156 UNIM1988.7.4 Slip For infant, 4 - 6 months old. Waist is 7 1/2' long @26" around. Low round neck and armseyes trimmed with crochet. 7 1/4" back placket has 2 buttons, 3 rows of pintucks in skirt, a 3" band of diamond pattern midway and above hem lace endging. Back same. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41157 UNIM1988.8.1 Cape Plain weave olive drab World War II Army nurse's cape. Completely lined with same fabric; almost reversible. Narrow full-roll collar. 1/2' top-stitching around collar, along front edges and hem. 1 tab and button at neck. No openings for arms. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
41158 UNIM1988.8.2 Uniform a-e. a. Women's olive green military jacket. Notched shawl collar. Jacket once fastened down front with four buttons, but buttons are missing. Two flap pockets at chest area; these pockets once fastened with buttons, but they are also missing. Buttons that were present at the shoulders have also disappeared. b. Olive green military skirt. c. Khaki-colored tie. d. Olive green utility cap. "A. WILLIAMS" is written on the underside of the crown in black marker. "22" is stitched in black thread on a yellowed label attached to underside of cap. e. Olive green garrison cap trimmed with gold and black braid. Interior is lined with brown fabric. "A. I. WILLIAMS" is written faintly on brown lining with black marker. A label reading "21" is sewn to the interior of the brim; "A. I. Williams" and "AIW" have been written on this label with reddish-orange ink.
41159 UNIM1988.8.3 Uniform World War II Army jacket and poly tie. a. Center front closure with 4 buttons. Slightly flared. 4 patch pockets. Pointed collar, revers. Center back seam and 2 Princess seams. 1 1/2' wide set-in belt in back. Center back pleat below belt. Epaulets with buttons. Brass buttons and cloth insignia over right breast pocket. 2-piece long sleeves. b. Tie. Sketch on catalog sheet. Honorable discharge patch on the chest. Color: GR
41160 UNIM1988.8.4 Uniform World War II man's military jacket (a) & garrison cap (b). a. Jacket has front closure, 4 plastic buttons. Slightly fitted and flared. Center back seam and 2 princess seams. 1 3/8" wide belt across back. Center back pleat beneath belt. Pointed collar revers. 2 patch breast pockets, 2 welt pockets with flaps. Epaulets with buttons. 2-pc. long set in sleeves. Sgt. stripes. "Red bull" patch on left sleeve. Hash mark for service: III= 9 yr. yellow - 3 yr. combat zone. b. Garrison cap with red braid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
41161 UNIM1988.8.5 Pants World War II Army uniform. Long straight-cut legs. Button placket, center front. Darts, bound pockets. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
41162 UNIM1988.8.6 Uniform U. S. Navy uniform. a. Blouse. Sailor collar. Welt yoke seam front and back. Cut straight. Left welt breast pocket. Long sleeves. 2-button cuff has 3 narrow white bands of braid. 3 light blue hash marks near left shoulder. "PHIBCB2" on right side. b. Pants. Lace to adjust at center back. Front has buttoned center panel. 2 pockets below front waistband. Right hip pocket. Legs slightly flared at bottom. 3/8" x 1 1/2" red & yellow pin. Sketch on catalog sheet. c. National defense Medal found on chest. Rank of Seaman. Color: BL
41163 UNIM1988.8.7 Uniform U S Navy summer uniform. a. Blouse has sailor collar, left breast patch pocket. Long sleeves with 3 light blue hash marks near shoulder. Left sleeve; "PHILCB2" right sleeve. b. Pants have 4-button front placket. bound pocket below waist band, each side. 7 belt loops. Have been lengthened; old hemline shows. Legs slightly flared at hemline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Rank of Seaman. Color: WH
41164 UNIM1988.8.8 Pants U S Navy uniform pants. Straight legs with slight flare at leg bottom. Bound pockets; butrton and buttonhole. Waistband. ID: Miller, W. 6987447. Unhemmed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41165 UNIM1988.8.9 Insignia, military Six cards of military insignia. All insignia were removed from uniforms, to prevent tarnishing marks on uniforms. Cards 1-3 were extra, "loose" insiginia. Card 1. a. - e. U. S. pin 3/4" x 1/2". f-g. U. S. pin 1 5/8"s. Card 2. h. - i. Nurse's pin 1 1/4' x 1". j. - k. Nurse's pin 1 1/4' x 1" l. - o. silver bar, 1' x 1/4". Card 3. p.gold eagle pin 3 1/2' x 2 1/4". q. gold bar 1" x 14". r. silver bar 1" x 1/4" . s - t. gold buttons with eagle. u. silver button with eagle. Card 4 with sketch; to accompany UNIM1986.14.1988.8.2. Card 5 with sketch; to accompnay UNIM1986.14.1988.8.3. Card 6 with sketch; to accompany UNIM1986.14.1988.8.4. Color: ML
41166 UNIM1988.9 Mender, run Directions for use and other information on original paper stored with mender. "Knit from lower end of run, with latch hook away from you.". Sketch on catalog sheet. UNIM1988.9 (Mender, run) image
41167 UNIM1989.10.1 Tuxedo Two parts. a. Jacket. Semi-fitted; shoulder pads. Lapels of different fabric & wider than collar lapels come to a point that extends beyond collar. Double-breasted; buttons either way. 4 buttons center front (3 decorative, 1 actually buttons). 2 welt hip pockets, 1 breast pocket, inner pocket, fitting darts on either side of front, set-in sleeves, 3 buttons on each cuff. Back has center back seam, no vents or pleats; partially lined. b. Trousers. 2 pleats either side in front; side pockets. Back has 2 welt pockets, decorative braid along side leg seams, fly center front, buttons to accommodate suspenders. c. Not original suspenders; navy blue elastic, gold colored snap clips attach to pants & metal piece at center back, adjustable. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41168 UNIM1989.12.0001 Book ''Course in dress patternmaking.'' 3 parts. a. Book, "Course in Dress Pattern Making". 64 pp. b. large sloper 26" x 10". Heavy board. Extends 5+" below hip line. Sketch on catalog sheet. Has curves for sleeves, also. c. 1/2 size slope 13" x 4 5/*' Oaktag weight; yellow. ISTC. Color: GY
41169 UNIM1989.12.0008 Pattern Two parts. a. Butterick #6376. Misses Vest and Dress, Cost $2.00. b. McCall's #7173. Misses Blouse. Cost $2.25.
41170 UNIM1989.12.2 Book Editors of American Fabrics Magazine: AF Encyclopedia of Textiles. "An iullustrated and authoritative source book on textiles, presenting a complete and practical coverage of the entire field, its history and origins, its art, and design, its natual and man-made fibers, its manufacturing and finishing processes, colors and dyes, textile printing, specialy end uses. Plus a comprehensive dictionary of textile terms." Color: BK
41171 UNIM1989.12.3 Book "Staple Cotton Fabrics Swatch Book". Three-ring looseleaf notebook. by Jon Hope. 2nd ed. Color: BK
41172 UNIM1989.12.4 Textile, Sample Two brown cardboard boxes have lid that folds down over bottom sections. Box a. Index (2 cards, dup.) 2 cards "How to Use Customers Shopping Guide, & 10 cards, Record of Purchases. Card #1-24 (dup. copies). Box b. Cards #25-40 (dup. copies). Misc. supp. cards; sources not known. Sketch of box on catalog sheet. UNIM1989.12.4 (Textile, Sample) image
41173 UNIM1989.12.5 Magazine "Swiss Textiles" (Eng. edition), Chas. Blaser, Editor, Swiss Office for the Department of Trade, Zurich & Lausanne, #3, 1950. Describes work of designers, fabrics and fashions of the period. Color: BK,WH
41174 UNIM1989.12.6A Zigzagger Attaches to sewing machine. Model 160985 for Singer Sewing Machines of classes 15, 201, 221 and 1200 (straight needle). Produces a variety of ornamental stitches, blind stitched hems, simple mending. a. Zigzagger. UNIM1989.12.6A (Zigzagger) image
41175 UNIM1989.12.6B Zigzagger Attaches to sewing machine. Model 160985 for Singer Sewing Machines of classes 15, 201, 221 and 1200 (straight needle). Produces a variety of ornamental stitches, blind stitched hems, simple mending.  B. Buttons for stitch pattern control. UNIM1989.12.6B (Zigzagger) image
41176 UNIM1989.12.6C Box Attaches to sewing machine. Model 160985 for Singer Sewing Machines of classes 15, 201, 221 and 1200 (straight needle). Produces a variety of ornamental stitches, blind stitched hems, simple mending. C. Box UNIM1989.12.6C (Box) image
41177 UNIM1989.12.6D Booklet Attaches to sewing machine. Model 160985 for Singer Sewing Machines of classes 15, 201, 221 and 1200 (straight needle). Produces a variety of ornamental stitches, blind stitched hems, simple mending. D. Instruction Book UNIM1989.12.6D (Booklet) image
41178 UNIM1989.12.6E Booklet Attaches to sewing machine. Model 160985 for Singer Sewing Machines of classes 15, 201, 221 and 1200 (straight needle). Produces a variety of ornamental stitches, blind stitched hems, simple mending. E. Stich patterns. UNIM1989.12.6E (Booklet) image
41179 UNIM1989.12.7 Machine Travel size sewing machine. Hand crank at right side. Wheel is 5 1/2" diameter. No bobbin case, as only one thread is used to make a chain-type stitch. Base clamps to sewing table for stability. Bottom is covered with green felt to avoid scratching furniture. Singer trademark on back of pedestal. UNIM1989.12.7 (Machine) image
41180 UNIM1989.13.0002 Cart, tea Cart with two removable boxes. a. Galvanized sheet metal, painted, with angle iron used at bottom & ends of frame. Front wheels metal with hard rubber tires; smaller wheels at back, 5' diameter with 1/2" hard rubber tires; these wheels swivel. b.and c. Two boxes 22" x 16 1/4" x 5 1/2' deep, heavy gauge wire loop handles at each end. Sketch on catalog sheet. UNI. Color: GY
41181 UNIM1989.13.3 Coffeepot Three coffee pots, 2 qt. capacity. a & b. White with black trim. c. Tin. a. & c. have hinged lids; b. lid just sits on top. Pour spouts, open handle at back of pot. Small open handle on lids. c. is same style as others, but seems older. Seem to be molded all in one piece, except for spout, handle & lid. Sketch on catalog sheet. UNI. Color: WH,BK
41182 UNIM1989.13.3A Coffeepot Coffee pot, 2 qt. capacity. White with black trim. Hinged lid. Pour spouts, open handle at back of pot. Small open handle on lids. Seem to be molded all in one piece, except for spout, handle & lid. Sketch on catalog sheet. UNI. Color: WH,BK
41183 UNIM1989.13.4 Container Large metal coffee pot with wood accents. The metal has blue and white speckled enamel on the entire surface of the outside with the exception of the handle, which is entirely blue; the inside has been painted with the same enamel but is entirely white. Weld lines can be found where the bottom is attached as well as in two lines running top to bottom where two separate sheets of metal were attached together to form the base; there is also a decorative ring around the base just above the middle. Just below the lid are two pieced of metal with holes where a wire handle attaches, this handle is made of a thick, grey wire and has a piece of wood at the center which was once varnished but nearly all of the varnish has worn away. Another, metal handle can be found welded on to one side of the base with the top just below the lid, it curves up then angles in to reattach below the decorative ring; opposite of this handle is a welded-on spout, the area of the base under the spout has several holes punched into it to function as a strainer. the lid is domed and is completely removable from the base, it has a small, wooden knob attached via a pin in the center. This object is made up of two parts, the base (4a) and the lid (4b).
41184 UNIM1989.13.5 Tool Metal food shredder with removeable shredding attachment and hand crank. The outer base is all one piece, painted red; there is a square holding reservoir at the top, under which is a cylindrical guard for the shredding mechanism that has a spout shape at the bottom for collecting or disposing of juices, below this the mechanism for attaching the device to a tabletop, made up of a flat, horizontal are of metal and a 2"bolt at the very bottom. The detachable shredding mechanism is made up of a silver metal cylinder with regularly spaced, repeating holes, the outside of which have sharp barbs, the inside is not sharp and there is a large spring made of thick wire for reinforcement; the crank attaches to the center spoke of the cylinder, on the opposite side of the base, it has a screw for tightening onto the spoke on one end and a wooden handle that has been painted black on the other. The red paint has been worn away and chipped in some areas and there are splotches of yellow, white, and blue paint in a few areas; "*Be sure to Leave Screw in handle" has been written in what appears to be white paint on the back of the cylindrical shredder casing. Object is made up of three parts, the solid metal base (13.5a), the cylindrical shredder (13.5b), and the hand crank (13.5c)
41185 UNIM1989.13.6 Tool Metal manual crank food shredder with wood on crank handle. The back base is one piece, a cylindrical casing for the shredding mechanism with a square holding cup at attached to the top is welded on to this back piece. The shredding mechanism is made up of a cylinder with holes that have sharp barbs on one side that is located on the front of the back plate, and an attached metal crank with a smooth, shaped wooden handle on the other side. At the bottom of the base are two flat, horizontal tabs and a 2' bolt with a flat head which are used to fasten the object to a table top. "MADE IN USA" is etched on the back.
41186 UNIM1989.13.7 Scoop, ice-cream Cone shaped; 2 revolving knives on inside cut the ice cream loose. Turn the handle on the bottom to turn knives. 5" heavy wire-loop handle. Sold by size. Number of dishes per quart, 4s,5,6, 8,10 - 14 cents to 10 cents cost. Color: SL
41187 UNIM1989.13.9 Photograph Six photos taken in Home Economics labs, UNI. Wright 209 - Foods; 210 Child & the Home; 314, Clothing Lab. a. Students working in foods lab. b. Students working with electric mixers. c. Students eating - meal managment class. d. Entertaining lady from India. e. Hallowe'en in Child & the Home Pre-School. f. Draping Class - Marlys Folkers and ?.
41188 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Floral design over sheer fabric lace sample. Cutwork between embroidered flowers. Edges are the same scallop design. Color: WH
41189 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Lace sample with plant pattern on net background. Color: WH
41190 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Knitted lace sample. Very fine thread knitted into eyelet and floral pattern. Color: WH
41191 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Valenciennes style lace sample. Uneven fillet net background with floral design embroidered on top of fillet. Color: WH
41192 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Valenciennes type lace sample. Uneven net background with flowers and scallop worked into the net on lower edge, Mesh has woven overall star design. Color: TN
41193 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Woven lace sample with eyelet swirl pattern throughout. Shiny gold thread accents. Color: TN
41194 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Uneven light lace. Fine mesh with floral pattern worked into mesh. Flowers are highlighted with an embroidered outline. Color: TN
41195 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Lace sample with uneven floral pattern worked over net background. Very light fine lace. Sheen on pattern. Color: TN
41196 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Lace insert sample. Uneven floral pattern shaped and held together with fancy stitches. Heavier type lace. Color: WH
41197 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Plain net lace sample. Uneven cut edge on both sides of strip. No pattern. Color: WH
41198 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Trim sample of lightweight fabric with satin stitch 1/2" daisy style flowers with eyelet centers. Color: WH
41199 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Eyelet trim sample with a satin stitch floral pattern. The leaves are eyelet. Color: WH
41200 UNIM1989. Lace fragment Eyelet trim sample with satin stitch vine and eyelet leaves. Color: WH