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41401 UNIM1990.6.25 Skirt Women's pleated skirt. Falls just below knee. Fabric is plaid print using brown, blue, green, and gray. 1 dart each side front and back, 2 tabs on waistband w/ 3/4'' diameter gold metal shank button on each tab, box pleat sewn down and released Color: BL, GR
41402 UNIM1990.6.26 Skirt a - skirt,16 gores, 7 buttonholes center front, 2 belt loops each side at front. Fabric is made from floral print that features red, yellow, blue, and orange flowers and green leaves on a white background. 7 red circular plastic buttons run vertically down the front. b - belt, 5/8'' by 58'' red grosgrain ribbon tie belt ribbon belt weaves in and out through shaped waist facing Color: RD, YL, BL, GR
41403 UNIM1990.6.27 Nightgown pointed collar, center front 4 button closure front midriff yoke. Set-in 3/4 sleeves with elastic 2'' up from bottom sleeve; tie belt attached at sides and ties at back; bodice gathers to midriff yoke under bust. Back yoke and gown gathered to yoke for fullness Color: BL, PK
41404 UNIM1990.6.28 Shirt Peter Pan collar meets at center front and back smocked yoke front and back, 5 fabric covered button closure at center front; set in short sleeves. Second to top button is missing. Buttons 4'' down front and is open 13'' to bottom rolled hem, 3/8'' hem on sleeves. Color: PK
41405 UNIM1990.6.29 Nightgown yoke around neck front and back, center back closure has 11 napps, short kimono style sleeves, two patch pockets on front below waist. Color: WH
41406 UNIM1990.6.3 Suit a. Shirt made out of white knit fabric. narrow cowl collar, 4 each fabric covered buttons on center back closure. 2'' hem at bottom, short set in sleeves with 1'' hem Silver vine design embroidered across back. b. Skirt made out of the same material as shirt. Manufactured by R & K Knits.
41407 UNIM1990.6.30 Slip adjustable 3/8'' ribbon shoulder straps, below knee length, side and center back seams, gathers under bust for fullness Color: CR
41408 UNIM1990.6.31 Slip Gathers under busy, embroidery knit overlay in bust area, adjustable 3/8'' ribbon shoulder straps, side seams and a seam at center back, snaps at knee area at front Color: PK
41409 UNIM1990.6.32 Slip elasticized lace trim around top front and back, shoulder straps and under busts, 1/8'' wide ribbon bow center front, six flared gores, half inch lace at hem, gathers under bust for fullness, below knee length, scalloped edge on elasticized lace
41410 UNIM1990.6.33 Slip adjustable half inch wide ribbon shoulder straps, flower applique in bust area and three at left side front skirt above hem, scalloped machine stitched design at top all around and at hem, gathers under bust Color: WH
41411 UNIM1990.6.34 Slip adjustable 5/8'' ribbon shoulder straps, 3/8'' wide lace around top and hem, six flared gores princess style, 3/8'' wide ribbon bow at center front Color: Peach
41412 UNIM1990.6.35 Slip 3/8'' adjustable ribbon shoulder straps, quarter inch wide lace around top and hem, bias cut inserts underbust and side, underarm length is 11 1/2'', two bust darts in each cup Color: WH
41413 UNIM1990.6.36 Petticoat half inch elastic at waist, four panel skirt, two diamond shaped trim with floral cneter and lace 3/8'' wide around diamond overlay, 3/8'' wide lace at hem, elastic doubled over 1 1/2'' wide to reduce waist size Color: CR
41414 UNIM1990.6.37 Undershirt V-neck, short sleeves, 7/8'' hem at bottom, 3/8'' wide stretch lace around neckline and sleeves Color: Peach
41415 UNIM1990.6.38 Brassiere center back two hook n eye wide and adjustable elastic at back and shoulder straps, lace overlay in cup area, adjustable straps half inch wide, 5/8'' wide tuck on right back side to make smaller Color: WH
41416 UNIM1990.6.39 Brassiere center back two hook and eyes wide adjustable size, very narrow edgin all around top and bottom, quarter inch wide ribbon bow at center front top, adjustable straps half inche wide spandex around cups and back, foggoting around top of cup Color: WH
41417 UNIM1990.6.4 Dress a - blouse, pointed collar, 7 button C.F. closure two waist darts each side front, bst dartsprincess style back, sleeveless with hemming tape finish b - skirt, wastband with 5/8'' clear plastic button, 7'' zipper at left side, A-line with 1 1/4'' hand sewn hem. Color: GY, RD
41418 UNIM1990.6.40 Brassiere 8 hook and eye 5 1/2'' long at center back, lace overlay at front, woven 3/4'' wide nylon adjustable shoulder straps, 1 1/2'' wide padding under bust for up lift, elastic 5/8 inch crosses between busts center front, nylon strap is attached to elastic of front and sewn to elastic at back Color: White
41419 UNIM1990.6.41 Brassiere 7 hooks and two rows of 7 eyes at back, foggoting stitch to join top of cup to bottom section, also three rows run vertically 1 under each cup and 1 at center front below cups, bow nylon cutout at top center front, adjustable nylon shoulder straps, elastic panels each side at center back Color: WH
41420 UNIM1990.6.42 Girdle 3 hook-n-eye at crotch, white flower w/ blue leaves at center front top, embroidery machine stitching with two cutouts with nylon backing, double spandex under cups and over tummy areas, 5/8'' wide elastic around legs, garters each side front and back, 1'' wide adgustable shoulder straps made of elastic Color: WH
41421 UNIM1990.6.43 Girdle 10'' left side zipper, 3/8'' wide ribbon attached to zipper pull for easier closing, satin panels front, back and sides with elastic in between garters located at front, back and side of legs with 1'' wide satin ribbon by 4'' long on top of each garter for a smoother look Color: CR
41422 UNIM1990.6.44 Girdle pull on closure, panel over tummy made with machine lace over nylon, girdle is from waist to over hips, 3 garters on each leg Color: WH
41423 UNIM1990.6.45 Girdle pullon, all elastic with 2 1/2'' wide bands of elastic reinforcement over tummy and hips, v-shaped reinforcement in back, v and inverted v in front, 3 garters at each side of legs Color: WH
41424 UNIM1990.6.46 Girdle slip on closure, machine blue colored feather stitching, front panel is 5'' wide at top and 2 1/4'' at bottom, garters at front and back of leg (2 each side) Color: TN, WH, BL
41425 UNIM1990.6.47 Girdle slip on, bow at top center front, fabric overlay reinforced front and back, center front and back seam, front back and side garter each leg Color: TN
41426 UNIM1990.6.48 Girdle slip on, bow at top center front, double fabric overlay reinforcement front and back, front side and back garters Color: TN
41427 UNIM1990.6.5 Dress a - bodice; scoop neckline w/ three rows of braid trim front and back bust darts, one dart each side at waist front two darts each side at waist back. Over shoulder sleeve with underarm gusset braid trim on edge. b - skirt; circle (full), 12'' zipper runs from underarm and down left side of skirt 2'' hem w/ hemming tape - hand sewn. Seam pockets each side. Belt 3/4'' wide with fabric covered buckle Color: GR, BL
41428 UNIM1990.6.50 Girdle 4 hook-n-eyes under a 10'' zipper on left side, satin panels center front and back, on each side, elastic waist band 2 1/4'' w on each side of front panel and all around back, nylon crotch with split opening, 3 garters each leg that extends over them, 1'' elastic band around legs Color: WH
41429 UNIM1990.6.51 Stocking seamless, sheer Color: GY
41430 UNIM1990.6.54 Shoes Low thick heeled flats, pieced together leather or different shades of brown, rounded toe, fake leather, size 9 ½, worn down brand on sole reads "Naturalizers". White paper stuck to shoes by oil, paper is crumpled and has ripped off parts of the leather finish, one shoe has paper taken off and conserved as much as possible. UNIM1990.6.54 (Shoes) image
41431 UNIM1990.6.55 Shoes 3 woven straps in three different colors, open heel with strap around it, covered heel, manmade sole, insoles have been put in the sandles, three different colored leather and straps woven together at vamp Color: CR,TN
41432 UNIM1990.6.57 Shoes Plum colored suede boots with a vinyl heel, stitching along the toe and back of heel, gold zipper, no brand UNIM1990.6.57 (Shoes) image
41433 UNIM1990.6.58 Dickey narrow full roll collar, six ea 3/8'' dia shank button center front closure, fully lined with same fabric, waist bust darts, strings tie around body to hold in place at bottom Color: PK
41434 UNIM1990.6.6 Dress boxy straight bodice w/ drop waist; b each 3/8 '' button closure at back, round collarless neckline with Vshaped yoke at front in see through light beige fabricw/ floral design in machine embroidery and beads below waist casing w/ same fabric draw string, skirt is gathered below casing; 1'' machine sewn hem; Dolman - set-in long sleeves
41435 UNIM1990.6.60 Belt buckle is 1 1/2 by 2'' covered with leather, has a loop in leather 1'' from buckle, 2 cords of same color are woven together as one, there are four different colors used, ends of belt is secured with leather stitched to ends, buckle fastens into weave Color: Multi
41436 UNIM1990.6.61 Scarf paisley and geometric mofifs, double thickness with seam down one long side, 3 3/4'' navy blue border on both long ends, fringe made with white and navy blue thread Color: BL, RD, YL
41437 UNIM1990.6.62 Scarf hand blocked floral border crea colored around edges pattern is left open in the center with four smaller flowers on cream background 3/8'' frayed edges, rich brilliant colored floral design Color: PK CR PR GR OR
41438 UNIM1990.6.63 Scarf Rolled hem, mofifs are larger on ends and get smaller at center length of scarf, motifs are two across and six rows down the length of scarf Color: WH
41439 UNIM1990.6.64 Scarf Machine lace with narrow hand stitched hem, design of small sprays of flowers on fine net background, sprays of flowers alternate in direction on rows Color: WH
41440 UNIM1990.6.66 Purse Frame hinged 3 1/2'' from top and expands 7'' wide for easy access, closure made by metal parts bypassing each other and clicking tight to close, linded in black acetate(?), has one small pocket and one larger pocket with an added zipper pocket on top of larger pocket inside the purse, purse has coinpurse attached inside with a cord doubled and twisted together which is 7'' long, coin purse has a brass click together closure, leather slightly gathered onto frame Color: BK, GD
41441 UNIM1990.6.68 Purse drawstring bag with 5/8'' wide by 1'' drawstring canvas handles, two sections of eyelet one 6'' high and one 5 1/2'' high both lined with light weight canvas Color: WH
41442 UNIM1990.6.69 Purse Drawstring bag, embroidery trim, double crochet stitch squares 3 rows high and 7 double crochet stitches wide with four open spaces inbetween squares, shell stitch around sides, bottom and top, twisted cord drawstring with fringed ends, weaves in and out between triple cochet openings, embroidered yarn trim over every other square in body of bag Color: TN RD GR PR GD
41443 UNIM1990.6.7 Dress a - bodice; Peter Pan Collar, set-in fabric at waist and up front and under front collar, 3 pleats under bust, 16 each - 3/4 dia fabric covered button closure at C.F. from neck to button of skirt, over shoulder sleeve with cuff short cape style. Skirt is box pleat with side pleats on each side of box pleat on both sides and 1 set of same at center back 1 3/4'' hem using hemming tape. b. Belt made out of same fabric as dress. Metal buckle. Color: BG
41444 UNIM1990.6.72 suit a - jacket; notched collar on jacket, breast pocket and two pockets below waist (all pockets have flaps), basic style front of jacket, back has a belt sewn in place, front of jacket and sleeves are fully lined, back has lining across shoulders only, pleat below belt in back b - trousers; 2 welt pockets at back, 2 front angled pockets, straight legs with cuff, wast band on trousers has hook with extended band with two bttons and 8'' zipper closure center front, waist band taken up to make smaller by dressmaker at C.B. Color: GY RD
41445 UNIM1990.6.73 Shirt breast pockets with button-down flaps on each side, shirttail hem, back yoke Color: CR
41446 UNIM1990.6.74 Shirt one button on cuff, back yoke extends across shoulder, shirt gathered to yoke in back, two breast pockets w/ flaps and button Color: BR
41447 UNIM1990.6.75 Boxer Shorts adjustable back belt for waist size, open dart each side at front below waistband, back has a 3'' opening for overlapping to adjust waist size, slightly gathered to waistband in back only, full seat area in back, open darts at sides in back Color: WH
41448 UNIM1990.6.76 Scarf double thickness with seam at long edge, brocade design of sailing ships, ships are in rows with every other row going in the opposite direction, decoration is brocade sailing ships at sea Color: RD
41449 UNIM1990.6.77 Scarf Square-shaped coral orange scarf. Meant to be worn folded into a triangle and tied around the neck. Rodeo/Old West design with rider on bucking horse, border of rope and rodeo pictures 2'' wide. "MADE IN U.S.A." printed in one corner. Color: OR, BR, RD, GR
41450 UNIM1990.6.78 Socks knee high socks with elasticized top 5'' high a - right sock b - left sock Color: BL
41451 UNIM1990.6.8 Dress a - bodice; round collarless neckline, 3 sets of 3 pearl button and button loops c.f. closure, waist darts front and back bust darts, skirt pleated with hook and eye at waist and 1 snap, 2'' machine hem c.f. closure continues 7'' below waist b - belt; 1 1/2'' wide tie belt w/ straight ends Color: GN
41452 UNIM1990.6.9 Dress straight shoulder is gathered in front. Shoulder pads V-neckline w/ rounded reveres collar c. back hook and eye closure 4'' long also left side zipper 12'' long. Pleat at waist each f. side. Fitted over hips w/ a flounce 6'' below waist that is 12'' wide. Straight skirt below flounce, skirt extends 16'' below flounce, 1 3/4 '' machine hem using hemming tape 3 each same fabric bows at left front from waist down to flounce; 3/4 in set in sleeves; gathers at top of lower arm Color: RD
41453 UNIM1990.7.1 Purse Front has tooled design of bird on a branch. Metal frame, chatelaine type closure. Leather gussets along sides. Laced with leather all around bag & handle. Suede leather lining, 2 inside pockets. Color: BR
41454 UNIM1990.8.0002 Shirt Light blue knit shirt, fitted, with 6-button center front closure. Long set-in sleeves with 2-button cuff. Wide border design of waterscene with moon and couple silhouetted. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41455 UNIM1990.8.0003 Shirt Fitted, with 7-button center front closure. Long set-in sleeves with 2-button cuff. Classical design of Greek architecture and people- overall print. Left breast pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN,PR
41456 UNIM1990.8.0004 Shirt Knit pullover with jewel neck, short set-in sleeves. Neck bound with rib knit fabric. Design center front of English stagecoach with people, front and back. Color: BL,BR
41457 UNIM1990.8.1 Blouse Women's shirt-style blouse with full roll collar and long fitted sleeves with 2-button duffs. 6-button closure at center front. 1" hem. Paisley and abstract flower design. Color: GD,BK
41458 UNIM1990.9.10 Pants Houndstooth pattern of black, beige and brown.
41459 unim1990.9.1 Blouse Women's blouse made of polyester and cotton, woven, size 18.  Buttoned down the back.  Collarless and sleeveless.  Machine embroidery light and dark blue flowers with green stem and leaves on front left upper area of blouse.  Color: white. 
41460 UNIM1990.9.12 Shoes Man's wing-tipped brogues; dark mahogany brown. 
41461 UNIM1990.9.13 Shoes Man's Slip-on loafers. Brown, Imperial Hanover. 
41462 UNIM1990.9.2 Pants Black men's pants
41463 unim1990.9.3 Suit Man's light blue knit suit; LEE jacket and slacks.  
41464 unim1990.9.4 Shirt Men's shirt made of polyester and cotton, woven, size 14 1/2.  Buttoned up the front.  Covertible collar and short sleeved.  Pocket on left front yoke in back with blue horizontal stripes.  Collar has wider collar in front, pointed longer Collar tips.  
41465 UNIM1990.9.5 Shirt Floral patterns ontop of background of small blue stripes.
41466 UNIM1990.9.7 Shirt Short-sleeved button down shirt with collar. Fabric is white with pattern of red vertical gridded stripes. Buttons down center with six pearlescent white buttons. Long point-style collar. Interior label reads, "A. J. August" in gold stitching on black fabric. Care tag reads, "65% ARNEL / 35% POLYESTER / KNIT / 15 1/2 / CARE INST. OVER". Back of tag reads, "MACHINE / WASH WARM / TUMBLE DRY / MEDIUM / RN 6675"
41467 UNIM1990.9.8 Shirt Orange colored long sleeve shirt with light blue large flowers.
41468 UNIM1991.0006 Slacks Straight cut, women's slacks, black and orange plaid, ankle length. 7" zipper at center front closure, 2 buttons at waistline. No waistband; 5 belt loops; fitted facing. No pockets. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: OR,BK
41469 UNIM1991.10.12 Handkerchief White handkerchief with wide purple border. Flowers are embroidered in one corner in orange, blue, and pink.
41470 UNIM1991.10.13 Handkerchief White handkerchief with machine lace trim. "MOTHER" is embroidered in one corner in purple; two blue roses with green leaves are beneath it.
41471 UNIM1991.10.14 Handkerchief White handkerchief with 8 small flowers embroidered in red and pink in one corner. Flowers have blue centers and green stems and leaves.
41472 UNIM1991.10.15 Handkerchief White handkerchief with hemstitched hem. White floral embroidery in one corner.
41473 UNIM1991.10.17 Handkerchief White handkerchief with lavender crocheted edging. Embroidered floral pattern in white in one corner.
41474 UNIM1991.10.18 Handkerchief Small white handkerchief with embroidered design in one corner. Design is a set of three flowers (one light blue, one yellow, one peach) with green stems. A chain of three smaller flowers, alternating between light blue and yellow, is on either side. A peach-colored dot is stitched below the central three flowers.
41475 UNIM1991.10.20 Handkerchief White handkerchief with printed blue-and-orange striped border design.
41476 UNIM1991.10.22 Suit a-c. Boy's summer suit. Size 6. a. White button-up short-sleeved shirt. Green shawl collar and sleeve cuffs. Two half-circle flaps with green bias edging, one on each side of chest, that create the appearance of pockets. One small pearl button on each flap. Three mother-of-pearl buttons run vertically down the center; larger buttons at waist for attaching to shorts. Tag at neck reads, "Kaynee / PRINCE POPLIN / OLIVER TWIST / 6." b. Pair of green shorts. Insert pockets at sides. c. Green belt with white trim and silver metal buckle. 
41477 UNIM1991.10.23 Suit a-c. Boy's play suit, size 6. a. Beige short-sleeved poplin shirt with Peter Pan collar. Once had tag at neckline that has been cut off. Four brown buttons run vertically down center. b. Brown "four-in-hand" style necktie. c. Brown wool shorts with white interior lining. Four brown buttons at waist in front and two in back. One back pocket.
41478 UNIM1991.11.0020 a-b Dress Black crepe like dress with belt. Waist darts front, back and armscye darts front, back shoulder darts. 3/4" length sleeves set in. Collarless, shaped neckline facing neck. 4" back neck zipper. 1 3/4" front neck yoke. Trim at center front 3/16" laced cording and 4 sets of 1/2" bias loops. Front skirt 5 basic gores and basic in back. Gores slightly flared. Left size 10" zipper, thread belt loops. 3/4" wide self belt has buckle and eyelet fastening. 2 1/2" hem dressmaker, has been shortened. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41479 UNIM1991.11.0062 Fur Shawl None
41480 UNIM1991.11.0072 Gloves a-b. Pair of lavender wrist-length gloves. Three pearlescent buttons at wrist; buttons are attached to fabric tags to create gathers. UNIM1991.11.0072 (Gloves) image
41481 UNIM1991.11.0080 Jacket None
41482 UNIM1991.11.10 a-b Dress Dress and jacket set. A.) Dress: V neckline with self shaped facing. Shaped empire waist in front, straight wasitline in back. 14" zipper back at neck. 2 bust darts and 2 back waist darts. Long dress with 2 gores front and back, flared to hem - 3 1/4". B.) Jacket: Handstitched. Same fabric. Boxy style, long set in sleeves with 3" cuff. 2 covered buttons on cuff. 5 covered buttons center front closure. Full rolled collar is shaped at front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GN, WH UNIM1991.11.10 a-b (Dress) image
41483 UNIM1991.11.11 Dress Waltz length lavender prom dress. Fitted bodice is net underlined with taffeta. Princess lines have feather-boning. Low V front neckline. Panel of net has 3/4" horizontal tucks. Net top edge V shaped and outlined with 1" ruffle to side seam. Back neck low straight across. Neckline faced center back 15" zipper with hook and eye closure above. 18" wide band of net around neck as halter neck. Ends tacked as top in front at princess seams. Center back snaps to back of zipper. Taffeta skirt gathers at waist 4 rows of ruffles 4" wide at 2 1/2" and 6 1/2" below waist and 10" and 13 1/4" above hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR
41484 UNIM1991.11.12 a-b Dress Floor length light blue dress with ribbon belt. Fitted bodice of taffeta with drop waist with rhinestone brads, princess style front and back with left side 14" zipper with hook and eye at top. Net over taffeta floor length skirt. Top of gown is strapless, neckline is slightly lower in front between princess seam. Princess seams have been re-stitched by hand by dressmaker. 1 1/4" hem on taffeta skirt. 48" x 5 1/2" ribbon belt. Taffeta ruffle around top of skirt where bodice is joined. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL UNIM1991.11.12 a-b (Dress) image
41485 UNIM1991.11.13 Dress Waltz length yellow prom dress with bolero. A.) Dress: Fitted bodice with 2 waist darts front and back. Net shoulder straps 7/8" wide. Bodice slightly lower in back made with taffeta with net ruffle at top. 10" left side zipper. Taffeta with net overlay gathered to bodice, narrow hem. B.) Bolero length jacket is sleeveless and short. Made with taffeta with net overlay. Center front opening, stand up net ruffle around neck. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW
41486 UNIM1991.11.14 a-b Dress Golden rod colored dress with bolero. A.) Dress: Fitted bodice with leather boning front and back, waist comes to a V shape at center front with taffeta and lace overlay. V neckline with center gather stitches vertical for shaping bust. Below waist continues with taffeta with lace overlay over hips coming to points and center front and center back and at sides. Left 14" zipper. Taffeta with net overlay skirt attatched with net double ruffle 4" to upper lace section. B.) Bolero: Lace sleeveless made to cover shoulders. Narrow hem. Lace has been turned under around armscyes and handstitched. Bolero snaps to gown. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW UNIM1991.11.14 a-b (Dress) image
41487 UNIM1991.11.15 Dress Black dress with jacket. A.) Dress: Straight silhouette; sheath style. Scooped neckline with rolled hem, sleeveless with rolled hem. Armscye bust darts, 18" zipper at center back. Belt loops at side seam. Straight with 2" hem machine stitched. B.) Long sleeves, Peter Pan collar with tabs. 5 each 3/4" covered buttons. Center front closure, set in sleeves. 1" hem machine blind stitched front side seam bust dart. Fake pocket welts at lower front, 3/4" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41488 UNIM1991.11.16 Dress Black dress and jacket. A.) Dress: Four front shoulder darts each side. 9 back neck darts set in fitted sleeves long with 1 3/8" facing vent with snap of crepe side out. Lowererd V neck front with 1 1/4" wide fitted facing of crepe. Crepe back jabot at center front has blue edging. 1 5/8" machine lace basted into neckline. At lowered waistline shaped midriff of crepe. Below skirt has 2 box pleats with pleat at either side. 1 3/4" facing at hem. Goes over head - no zipper. B.) Jacket: Crepe side used for jacket, satin side used for trim. Boxy style. Center front opening. No fasteners, fitted set in long sleeves with 1 3/4" satin fitted facing around lower sleeve and around neck and front. Crepe side used as trim on dress. Satin side used as trim on jacket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41489 UNIM1991.11.17 Dress Three parts. Dress with sleeveless jacket/vest. A.) Dress: Cream V neck with bias binding. Short sleeves with 1 1/4" cuff and shaped red tabs at cuff running vertically. Tab of red with cream colored 1 1/8" button (plastic) . No zipper. Natural waist. Basic 6 gore skirt front and back ends in a shallow box pleat at knee level. In front hip area seams have two scallops with 1 1/8" button in each. B.) Jacket/Vest: Bolero length with V front to waist. Fastens one button and bound buttonhole. Jacket button is different than the other buttons. It is a 1" diameter white glass button. Collar is cream color with scalloped outer edge. Neckline has cream bias facing. Sleeveless, bias facing at armscyes; narrow hem machine stitched. Front shoulder darts. C.) Belt: Fabric belt loops, 3/4" wide self fabric belt has 1 1/2" plastic buckle. Other end has 7 1/2" of red trim. 1 3/4" with at end. Shirt tail hem machine stitched. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41490 UNIM1991.11.18 Dress Black crepe dress. Sheath style with a straight silhouette. V neck colorless faced, elbow length kimono sleeves runs into shaped yoke in back with raglan sleeve line in front. Midriff yoke at waistline. Short center back neck opening self faced and 1 snap fasteners. Lower sleeve fitted to 2 1/4" wide cuff via large tucks. Cuff has 3 covered 1/4" dome buttons and loops. Skirt 5 gore (3 front) top stitched pleats in side front and center back seams. 2 3/8" hem hand stitched - has been shortened. Fabric loops for belt. Belt missing. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41491 UNIM1991.11.2 Coat Deep blue wool coat with beige parzette lining. Neckline darts each side front, round collar, 1 button 1 5/8" diameter. Double breasted closure, right underside controlled by side lining ties attatched to fabric loop on left edge. Panel at under arm sleeve, 1 7/8" wide. To waist divided 5 1/2" wide from waist to hem. Has horizontal pin tucks at 5/8" apart. Plain center panel in lower section. Two arrow heads at top of plain panel. Lining has a patch pocket 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" located on the belt inside just past overlap portion. 1 1/8" vertical pink tucks around base of sleeves attatched 1 1/2" above sleeve hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR, BL
41492 UNIM1991.11.20 Dress Two pieces. a. Black A-line dress. Long sleeves. Round neckline. Shoulder pads. Bodices features vine design up center sewn out of the same black fabric as dress. Zippers up in back. b. Black belt with buckle.
41493 UNIM1991.11.21 a-b Dress Royal blue dress with belt. Waistline darts front and back. Shoulder tucks in front, collarless wide square front neck, shaped facing center front panel. 5 3/4" at neckline tapers to 4 1/2" at waist, has horizontal pin tucks 3/4" apart with 3/4" cuff at neckline. Short set in sleeves with 3/4" hem machine blind stitched. 9" side zipper. 6 flared gores in front, 3 in back. Thread belt loops. 3/4" wide fabric belt with buckle and eyelets. 1 3/4" wide hem hand stitched. Rhinestone and silver metal ornament holds self fabric string bow at left upper bodice. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41494 UNIM1991.11.22 Dress Two parts. a. Dark grey dress and b. belt with turquoise trim. Fabric has turquoise silk threads 1/2" aprt running horizontally. Shaped V neck with mandarin collar around sides and back of neck. Center front opening slightly surplice snaps. 4" wide midriff yoke in front. Above bodice has 2 angled waist darts and narrow bias tie at center front. Short kimono sleeves have 1" to 2" cuff with vent at top. Skirt basic 4 gore flared. 3 released darts at each front side of waist and top stitched at 1/4" center front seam has 1" top stitch from 6" zipper to hem. 2 7/8" hem handstitched. Belt loops of fabric. 3/4" fabric belt has buckle and 5 eyelets. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, BL
41495 UNIM1991.11.23 a-c Dress Dress with belt and detachable collar. Sheath style, navy with white polka dots. Center front opening has 2 buttons. 1" navy plastic, machine stitched button holes. 2 personal waist darts each side front. 1 dart each side back. Center front roll back to form lapels. White waffle weave detachable collar snaps on. Machine embroidered flowers at corners with rhinestones; pearls and bead trim. Neckline has shaped facing. Short set in sleeves have 1 1/2" wide cuff. 9" side zipper. Shirt has basic 12 gores total front and back. Thread belt loops. 3/4" fabric belt has buckle and 5 metal eyelets. Self fabric shoulder pads. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH
41496 UNIM1991.11.24 Dress Charcoal gray dress (A) with belt (B). Keyhole neckline has white foille double fabric shaped facing, string bowtie and rhinestone pint at bottom of neck sash. 2 released waist darts each side of front, one in back. Gibson pleat at front shoulder, short sleeves have foille edging and facing. Left side 9" zipper. Skirt basic 10 gores. Gores flare slightly (10 gores front, 10 gores back) at hem. 2 1/2" hem handsewn (has been shortened). 3/4" fabric belt with buckle and 5 eyelet fabric belt loops. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41497 UNIM1991.11.25 Dress Light blue dress made of cotton and rayon. Embroidered paisley design in very light blue. Empire waist style. Low V neck front and back. Trimmed with self piping and facing to empire waist. 1 fitting dart each side, large bow (2 layer) at base of neckline. Bow is run through large buttonhole on front. 2 each 3/8" covered buttons with rhinestones in center. Underarm bust darts. Very short set in sleeves has piped edge and are faced. Skirt basic 6 gore front fits through lower bodice but flares widely toward hem. Basic 4 gore back. Seams on both sides of center. Seam continues to straight lines to shoulder plus long waistline darts closer to sides. Pocket set into seams at front side. Center back 14" zipper set in lap style at 2 1/2" below neckline. Thread belt loops (no belt). 2 1/8" hem hand stitched. Color: BL
41498 UNIM1991.11.26 Dress Polyester aqua colored dress. Lower scooped front neckline has 1" wide bias self fabric facing and self fabric bow at left front. Curved design line from left side front neckline to hip area using lapped seam. Three 3/4" domed buttons; metal with rhinestones set along lapped seam line in bust area. Bust line darts at sideseam front. 21" zipper center backwith hook and eye at top. Waistline dart at each side of center back (no waistline) seam. 1 1/2" hem machine blind stitched. Sleeveless - shaped facing of self fabric. Label "Lot 8; Size 16 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41499 UNIM1991.11.27 Blouse White blouse with 2 snaps for closure. Square neckline with no collar but a 2" lace ruffle around back and front sides of center front panel. Sleeveless. Center front has 5 1/4" x 6" panel set in at neckline. Opens along left side. 2 snap closure, 4 horizontal bands of net edged narrow lace. Neckline and front edged bound with white bias tape. Armscyes and hem area unfinished. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41500 UNIM1991.11.28 Blouse Unfitted white pullover blouse. Collarless; neckline is square with lace 1" wide around edge. Kimono style sleeves; elbow length with ruffle on edge. 2 each insertions of lace 2" wide x 3 1/2" long runs vertically from below neckline, narrow machine hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH