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41501 UNIM1991.11.29 Hat Wool yarn crocheted cloche style hat. Brown multi colored trim. Form fitting crown. Single crochet throughout; circle trim on right side with a total of 7 circles in multi colors. Turned up brim. Round crocheted handmade circle trim - orange, gold, blue, brown and grey yarn. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN
41502 UNIM1991.11.3 Coat Woven fabric. Black wool coat, Rep full length style. Silhouette is fit at neck with rolled collar (parcial). Bodice has V notch near each front. Slightly flared panels (6 front, 7 back) laid in opposite directions so alternate panels show light and dark as pile fabric. Slot pockets with welt edge. Raglan long sleeves. 5 buttons 1 1/16" plastic closure with (?) button holes. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41503 UNIM1991.11.30 Hat Red wool hat; crocheted with yard. Tam style. Flat crown; triangle shape. Single crochet stitch throughout. Single crocheted chain attatched at center of crown with tassel on end. Extends 8" total. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
41504 UNIM1991.11.31 Hat Red wool military style hat. Folds flat. When worn pleat opens at center top front to back, lined with matching twill. Top stitiched at folds, double stitched around bottom. Grosgrain bow at back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
41505 UNIM1991.11.32 Scarf Black crepe headscarf, 22" x 14" x 14" with 9" ties. Triangle shape Ties on each long end; scalloped edge on other two sides, double fabric. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41506 UNIM1991.11.33 Apron Pink nylon half apron, 18" x 1 3/4" waistband and 3 1/2" x 20" ties, 15" long. Has three flacked circle medallions. 2 outer medallions are pockets. Scalloped hem, self bound around edge. Apron gathered to waistband. Medallion with floral center design and lace 1" wide all around them add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK UNIM1991.11.33 (Apron) image
41507 UNIM1991.11.4 Coat Light weight knee length caramel colored coat. Woven twill flannel fabric, narrow sheath style. Narrow double breasted with 1 3/8" diameter buttons and loops at waist, smaller button 3/4" at neck with loop. Narrow 2 3/4" collar has top stitch design. Right end extends into a scarf 5 3/4" at bottom. Yoke and shoulder area extend into set in & raglan combination. Sleeves have edge stitching and turned back cuff with tab and button. 1/2 cape on front covering left sleeve, back of cape crosses over back to right underarm seam at waist level. Scalloped edge is top stitched 1" machine hemed. Beige satin lining badly worn. Lining ties join loop on fabric. Inter lining has pocket on right side with trimming on edge of opening. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN
41508 UNIM1991.11.44 Slip Peach colored slip with light blue ribbon at top
41509 UNIM1991.11.46 Slip Crocheted upper, sleeveless slip. Large flower on each side front and back crocheted top part. V-neck. Horizontal darts at waist. Color: WH
41510 UNIM1991.11.5 Coat Serge style black coat with turquoise floral embroidery lining. Shawl collar trimmed in satin braid seam from shoulder seams front and back runs to waist. 3 pin tucks down center back to bottom of garment. 1 button 3/4" diameter center front closure. Two piece set in long sleeves with three rows of black braid, 3 buttons below trim run vertically. Six tabs with 9 buttons 1/2" diameter run vertically on "x14" tabs with 6 rows of V shaped braid in between tabs. Two front pockets made between front and side tabs with 6 rows braid at top of pocket making a V shaped opening. Attatched belt crosses in front and buttons at center of each front side. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, BL
41511 UNIM1991.11.50 Slip White slip with lace on top and bottom of dress
41512 UNIM1991.11.6 Coat Navy colored coat with twill lining and gabordine outer shell. Curved and straight style. Flared, center front closure; 3 covered 7/8" buttons, machine buttonholes, partial collar with machine padding under collar. 2 piece tailored sleeves, front straight princess line takes horizontal line at shoulder yoke lines, tab with button trim, returns to princess line to waist. Where slanted welt pocket extends with tab with button, welt stitching of pockeet and tabs. Navy twill princess cut lining. Hem of lining stitched to hem of coat. Also a snap closure at waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41513 UNIM1991.11.69 Gloves a-b. Pair of white cotton above-the-wrist length gloves. "Elasticized" at wrists via trapunto stitching; this stitching circles around the entire wrist and creates a "V" shape on the backside. UNIM1991.11.69 (Gloves) image
41514 UNIM1991.11.7 Coat Full length coat. Wool gabardine, navy crepe lining. Front fitted sheath, back 6 flared panels. Center front closure; one brass button 1" diameter at neck only. Vertical bound button hole. 6 1/2" x 7 3/4" patch pockets lined at hip with tabs and 3/4" brass buttons. Reach in from sides. Top stitch on collar, pockets and tabs. 2 piece set - in sleeves. Wide with tab and button at back waist. Lining has side and center back seams. 3" machine hem. Hem of coat has bias taped edge. Machine hem. Shoulder dart at front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41515 UNIM1991.11.76 Gloves a-b. Pair of women's black wrist-length gloves. Gathers at wrists; these are attached to strips of elastic sewn on the interior. UNIM1991.11.76 (Gloves) image
41516 UNIM1991.11.81 Suit Men's brown suit with A: Jacket, B: Pant, and C: Vest
41517 UNIM1991.11.82 Suit Men's two-piece suit. a. Jacket. Fabric is gray with thin vertical orange stripes. Buttons up center with three gold buttons. b. Pants made out of same fabric as jacket.
41518 UNIM1991.11.83 Suit Men's black suit with A: Jacket, B: Pant, and C: Vest.
41519 UNIM1991.11.84A Suit Navy blue men's suit with jacket, vest, and pants. A: Jacket, B: Pants, and C: Vest.
41520 UNIM1991.11.84B Suit Navy blue men's suit with jacket, vest, and pants. A: Jacket, B: Pants, and C: Vest.
41521 UNIM1991.11.84C Suit Navy blue men's suit with jacket, vest, and pants. A: Jacket, B: Pants, and C: Vest.
41522 UNIM1991.11.85 Suit Men's Navy Blue suit. A: Jacket, B: Pants, C: Vest.
41523 UNIM1991.11.85B Pant Men's Navy Blue suit. A: Jacket, B: Pants, C: Vest.
41524 UNIM1991.11.85C Vest Men's Navy Blue suit. A: Jacket, B: Pants, C: Vest.
41525 unim1991.11.86 Suit Men's pants and vest, medium gray w/stripes.  
41526 UNIM1991.11.87 Pants Men's navy blue pinstripe dress pants. Cuffed at ankles. Belt loops at waistband. Six pale green buttons are sewn on the interior of waistband. Back pockets button shut. Front of pants are closed with a zipper and a single button.
41527 UNIM1991.11.88 Trousers Men's trousers, black herringbone twill weave. 
41528 UNIM1991.11.89 Pants Men's black pinstripe pants.
41529 UNIM1991.11.90 Vest Men's navy blue vest.
41530 UNIM1991.11.9 a-b Dress Dress with jacket. A line, empire waist. Turquoise. Dress is polyester with low V neck front and back with shaped facing bust fitting gathers above empire waist. 16" back zipped to waistline. Top stitching on neckline and waistline. Long perm. pleated chiffon set in sleeves with 2 3/4" cuff, 1 button closure (pearl button), 2 gore skirt front and back. 1 1/4" hand stitched hem. Boxy knit yoke in jacket is completely self -lined sleeve pleated chiffon. Narrowly hemmed partial roll knit collar with pointed and top stitched, open down front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL UNIM1991.11.9 a-b (Dress) image
41531 UNIM1991.11.9C Collar Packaging None
41532 UNIM1991.11.91 Vest Black faded stripe men's suit vest.
41533 UNIM1991.11.92 Robe Burgundy bathrobe with tie-around sash. Sewn-in label reads, "Style Craft / ROBE". Circled "M" on right side of label.
41534 UNIM1991.11.94A Shirt Collar Man's white Van Heusen brand cotton shirt collar. Size 15.
41535 UNIM1991.11.94B Collar Packaging Original wax paper Van Heusen shirt collar package. A silhouette of a man in profile (wearing a collar and striped tie) is on the left side within a black oval. To the right of the portrait is text. Text reads, "VAN HEUSEN / the World's Smartest COLLAR. © 1922 by PHILLIPS-JONES CORPORATION, 1225 BROADWAY. NEW YORK / 50c". Off to the right side are care instructions, partially torn away. It reads, "A Sugge/ The VAN HEUSEN / a handkerchief. Wa / soap. Boil at least / Add necessary Bluein / While still DAMP take / this stretch preserves the / To iron, lay collar out flat. / finishing on right side. Fold / along side of crease." Running horizontally across the bottom of the label is a set of drawings advertising their other collar styles. They are the "Van Nord," "Van Turo," "Van Dort," "Van Esty," "Van Garde," "Van Dell," "Van Ince," "Van Jack," "Van Kissed," "Van Phil," "Van Kent," and "Van Glo-" (this last one is partially torn away).
41536 UNIM1991.11.94C Collar Packaging Original Van Heusen shirt collar washing suggestions. A floral patterned border is printed on the paper. At the top is text reading, "Suggestion for washing".   Underneath is text that reads, "Dissolve a tablespoonful of Rinso in about a quart of very hot water. When completely dissolved add sufficient cold water to make suds lukewarm. If collars are being laundered with the family wash, the directions on the Rinso carton will give excellent results. With hard water, use more Rinso --- enough to make creamy, lasting suds. Soak collars in lukewarm suds fifteen or twenty minutes --- overnight if you wish. After soaking as above, rub briskly with any small brush which has been dipped in dry Rinso. Or, if preferred, dry Rinso may be sprinkled directly on the soiled spots, such as the edge and the spot on the back against which the collar button presses, and the collar rubbed between the hands until all soil or discoloration is removed. If Rinso is not available, soak the collars in good thick Lux suds or wash with some other pure mild soap and apply brush or rub between hands as indicated above. Iron flat while still fairly damp."   Underneath the instructions are the brand logo (silhouette of a man in profile above the words "VAN HEUSEN / the World's Smartest Collar"), the parent company (PHILLIPS-JONES CORPORATION) and the address (1225 BROADWAY, NEW YORK).
41537 UNIM1991.12.0005 Pin Leaf design with forked fronds along one side, curled fronds along the other. Safety pin on back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL UNIM1991.12.0005 (Pin) image
41538 UNIM1991.12.1 Shawl Hand dyed and handwoven. Four 7" wide vertical stripes in shades of lavender to burgundy. 2 rows bouquet near ends and 6" fringe with rows of knotting. Color: PR,LV
41539 UNIM1991.12.2 Scarf Machine knitted. Pale orange with 9" border of narrow stripes of beige, taupe and orange at each end. Knitted design pattern through center section repeats every 3 1/2" Color: OR,TN,CR
41540 UNIM1991.12.3 Scarf Batik, with black border around batiked edges. Border 3 5/8". Design is not just random crackling, but looks like a house set in wooded area. 2 sides are selvage; 2 have nerrow hems. Color: BK,GY
41541 UNIM1991.12.4 Bag Woven, with wooden handles. Borders at bottom and top of contrasting colors. Red fringe across bottom and up side @4". Embroidered design on each side: bullfighter on one side; bull on the other. Tapers up to handles above design. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY,ML
41542 UNIM1991.12.6 Box Hinged, lacquered box, with design of flowers, leaves and birds on top. Label shows Japan manufacturer. Has lock. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD-BR
41543 UNIM1991.3.1 Apron Percale bib-style apron, black ground with white cross-hatched line designs overall in weave. Purple daisy-type flowers in overall print; lavender binding. Top part has round neck and straight sides which meet skirt portion in right-angle corners. Small rounded bottom pocket on skirt at right side. Slips over head, ties at back waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: BK,WH,LV
41544 UNIM1991.3.2 Apron Half-apron, percale print, white with brown. 3 vertical panels, slightly flared. Middle panel gathers below pocket. One large pocket in center panel, 17" x 7". 3/8" wide embroidered trim around edges & top of pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: WH,BR
41545 UNIM1991.4.1 Dress Navy blue dress (a) with a matching dress coat (b). The dress has short sleeves and is straight-cut. The coat has long sleeves and is button down. The tag inside the coat reads, "George Brown Original Made in California Lou Rose of Santa Barbara."
41546 UNIM1991.4.11 Stockings Tan nylon women's stockings. Sheer fabric, reinforced at bottoms of feet. Two horizontal eyelet stripes circle thigh area. "Millay / TWIN THREAD / (faded, illegible) -EER / (faded, illegible) 460 / 10 LONG / ALL NYLON (faded, illegible)" is printed on the top of each stocking in red ink.
41547 UNIM1991.4.12 Stockings a-b. Pair of women's nylon stockings. Nylon is a peach-orange color; toe, bottom of foot, and heel are reinforced with nylon of the same color. There is a cutout reading "51" on the upper thigh portion of each stocking.
41548 UNIM1991.4.16 Scarf Beige scarf w/orange and brown designs; 47" x 8 1//4"; rolled hem.
41549 UNIM1991.4.17 Scarf Green scarf with multi-color floral design. This is a “Rogo Quality Product” UNIM1991.4.17 (Scarf) image
41550 UNIM1991.4.18 Scarf Woman's silk scarf. Rounded rectangle shape. Very long. Bright green color; features orange, gray, and light green geometric pattern with black floral pattern overlaid.
41551 UNIM1991.4.19 Scarf Square brown scarf with sheer "wave" pattern interwoven.
41552 UNIM1991.4.2 Ensemble Woman's dress and jacket. a. Mint green sleeveless dress. Collar and waistline decorated with faux pearls and clear beads sewn in a looping design. Interior of dress is lined in aqua fabric. b. Long-sleeved jacket made out of same mint green material as dress. Interior lined with aqua fabric. No decorations.
41553 UNIM1991.4.20 Scarf Square blue scarf with flocked border. Flocked border has floral pattern. Scalloped edges. Scarf is incredibly sheer. 27''. Attached tag reads, "100% NYLON / EXCLUSIVE OF / ORNAMENTATION / WPL 16329 / MADE IN JAPAN" in black stitching. 
41554 UNIM1991.4.22 Bandana Triangular bandana with blue and black fish pattern printed on white, blue, and black striped background. Stripes are very rugged and choppy, giving a "splatter paint" effect.
41555 UNIM1991.4.24 Gloves a-b. Pair of women's white nylon dress gloves. Elastic runs vertically down interior on both sides; fabric has been gathered to elastic to create ruffles. Size 7. a has interior tag that reads, "Van Raalte / nylon 7 / MADE IN U.S.A." in blue text on a white background. UNIM1991.4.24 (Gloves) image
41556 UNIM1991.4.25 Gloves a-b. Pair of just-below-the-elbow length beige dress gloves. Beige stitching runs from the cuff halfway down the length of the arm.
41557 UNIM1991.4.26 Gloves a-b. Pair of white just-below-the-elbow length dress gloves. Flares out near cuff. 3 slashes with zigzag stitching inside on the back side.
41558 UNIM1991.4.27 Gloves a-b. Pair of women's brown mid-forearm length gloves. Zigzag stitching, using cream thread, runs vertically down sides until stopping at wrists. 
41559 UNIM1991.4.28 Gloves a-b. Pair of women's white above-the-wrist length formal gloves. Five pearl buttons are sewn down length of wrist. Each button is on one tuck; these tucks create a "slouch" look.
41560 UNIM1991.4.29 Gloves a-b. Pair of white wrist-length gloves. Floral pattern (pink flowers connected by green stems with leaves) embroidered around base of the thumb. a has interior tag; text reads "Shalimar / MADE IN U.S.A."
41561 UNIM1991.4.30 Gloves a-b. Pair of white wrist-length dress gloves, possibly for a child. Cuffs have two layers of scallops with "buttonhole" stitch edging; 4 French knots are in each scallop.
41562 UNIM1991.4.31 Gloves a-b. Pair of wrist-length white dress gloves, possibly for a child. Two flower-shaped eyelets are on the back of each glove. Inside wrist dips into a "U" shape at center.
41563 UNIM1991.4.32 Gloves a-b. Pair of white gloves made from "waffle weave" fabric. Tab-style cuffs; one small, flat-surfaced mother-of-pearl button is on each tab for closure.
41564 UNIM1991.4.33 Gloves a-b. Women's pair of wrist-length gloves made from white kid leather. Trapunto-style stitching at wrist. 1/4'' elastic band along inside of wrist. White knit gussets on both sides.
41565 UNIM1991.4.4 Shirt Women's long-sleeved blouse made out of sheer tan fabric. Deep V-neck collar with lace border. Thin vertical pleats run down front and back of shirt. Buttons down center with 3 small snap closures and 3 fabric-covered buttons at waistline. Sleeves are cuffed.
41566 UNIM1991.4.8 Stockings a-b. Pair of women's thigh-high nylon hosiery. Nylon is a sheer tan color. Reinforced at heel, toes, and bottom of foot with black nylon, which creates the appearance of a shoe. "MAR-V-LUS / glamour leg / NYLONS / 51 GAUGE 15 DENIER / Petit Point / STYLE 104 / Black Heels" is printed on the upper thigh portion of stocking a.
41567 UNIM1991.5.0008 Dress Toddler's: 18 mos. - 2 yrs. Opens at center back with 3-button closure. Short bodice with narrow divided collar. Short bodice has tucks at center front. Gathers to fit bodice. 1 5/8" hem is nachine stitched. Opening at center back is bound. Long, set-in sleeves with 1' wide cuffs. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41568 UNIM1991.5.0010 Romper Wide midriff shaped yoke in front. Divided collar. Center back opening with 2 buttons. Kimono sleeves with narrow hem. Pants have 2 snaps. Yoke waistband with 4 buttonholes to join drop seat to bodice. Legs hemmed. Buttonholes hand-worked. Collar bound with white bias tape. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR
41569 UNIM1991.5.0015 Romper Front is cut all in one. Back is divided. Top has center back opening, with 4 snap closure. Extends below waist and has 4 large buttons, buttonholes and belt ends with button and buttonhole. Leg openings have 1 1/4' cuffs. Belts fasten at center front with button. Short kimono sleeves with 1 1/4' cuff. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41570 UNIM1991.5.1 Coat Woman's. Probably cotton; lining is black rayon twill weave. Double breasted. Sheath front, straight princess back. Front neck dart; full roll shawl collar all in one. Off-side front closure. 3 velvet-covered buttons; 1 at neck with braid loop; 2 at belt. Mediium-full long sleeves with 4 1/4" deep cuff. Narrow hem; lining is sewn to hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41571 UNIM1991.5.13 Pants Pants with shoulder straps. For 4-yr. old. Royal blue. Front slightly higher than waistline, creating a small bib. Straps extend up to go over shoulders and button with mother-of-pearl buttons. Short pants reach to waistline in back; legs have 1' seams. Hand worked buttonholes. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41572 UNIM1991.5.17 Sunsuit Eighteen-month size. Yellow with daisy and dandelion print. Front is higher, for "bib" effect. Back is rounded but lower. 16" long straps to tie at back neck. Very high leg openings; pocket on right side below waist. Neck opening and leg openings are bound with white bias tape. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YL
41573 UNIM1991.5.18 Playsuit One-piece 18 mos. size playsuit. Fabric has blue and white vertical stripes. Front is higher, for "bib" effect. Back is rounded but lower. 14" long straps to tie at back neck. Very high leg openings. Neck opening and leg openings are bound with pink bias tape. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41574 UNIM1991.5.19 Shoe For small child. High-top shoe with 6 eyelets. Rounded toe and flat heel. Plain. a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41575 UNIM1991.5.2 Dress Two-piece; for small adult. Round neckline; lace yoke and below that pintucks and lace detail. 21 1/2" center back opening with 7 white 3/16" buttons. Bottom edge is shaped; pointed at center front. Long set-in sleeves with 3 1/2" cuff with pintucks and edged with lace. Set in waistband - 1 1/2" covered with lace. Skirt 112" x 23". 3 clusters of horizontal tucks (1/8"). Top cluster has 4, middle cluster 5 and bottom cluster 6. No hem; top of skirt still pinned to bodice. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41576 UNIM1991.5.3 Dress One-piece with waistline seam and straight skirt. V-neck bodice with decoration at right shoulder. Stitched "straps" 12" x 1" loop back over selves, Button to secure "loop" at end. Two tucks near neckline. 2 released darts each side of waist in back. Short set-in sleeve with 1" hem. Shoulder pads. Skirt has decoration at left front; waistline dart each side of back. Left side zipper. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR-GY
41577 UNIM1991.5.4 Dress Burgundy. Restrained hourglass silhouette. V-neck front; shirred at shoulder and waist. 2 neck darts in back; 2 released waist darts each side. Rhinestone design around front neck, down center front and into upper skirt. Set-in 3/4 sleeves with shirring near elbow to create shaped hemline. Basic 12-gore skirt; left-side zipper. Over-the-knee length. Faced hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR
41578 UNIM1991.5.5 Dress Child's; about 6-year size. Shantung weave. Short waisted. Stripes run horizontally so pleated floral pattern shows in front. Narrow lace edging around neck. Center back opening with 2 snaps. Straight skirt gathers to fit bodice. 1 1/4' hem is hand-stitched. Short set-in sleeves with 3/4' cuff. Loops for belt. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YL,WH
41579 UNIM1991.5.6 Dress Three-year size yellow dress. Princess seams. Yoke both front and back extends into center panel to hem. Facing at neck in shape of collar outlined in black blanket stitch. Flared; deep inverted pleat at center back. Long set-in sleeves with 1 1/2" wide cuff. Armscyes interrupted by yoke seam. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YL
41580 UNIM1991.5.7 Dress Toddler's. Triangular yoke extends to form cap sleeve; armscyes faced with self fabric. Lowered neckline bound with self fabric. Short placket at center back neck. Flared skirt section extends from below yoke with three panels in front. Hem has been let out and faced. White organdy ruffle (7/8") around front and back yoke. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YL
41581 UNIM1991.6.0002 Pillow, throw Oblong. Rows of ruffled crochet, multi-colored, sewn to cream colored background. Back is plain, also cream. Color: ML
41582 UNIM1991.6.0003 Pillow, throw Square 9-patch patchwork pillow in star pattern. 4 1/2" blocks. Yellow center block; yellow & red star blocks, blue print corner and side center blocks. Back of pillow is plain yellow. Color: YL,BL,RD
41583 UNIM1991.6.1 Pants Women's size 16 pants. Fabric is orange, white, and black plaid. Pants flare out near the ankle. Fastens up front with black metal zipper and two brown buttons. Belt loops at waist. Interior tag at waistband reads, "Sears PERMA-PREST SIZE 16 / NO IRONING IF TUMBLE DRIED / AND REMOVED IMMEDIATELY / MACHINE WASH - WARM / DO NOT BLEACH / SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND CO., USA" in blue text on white fabric.
41584 UNIM1991.7.1 Purse Imitation leather vinyl envelope style purse with bail handle. Two openings: one has full-length hinged opening with clasp fastener. Inside is zippered pocket in center. Other opening is on boxy top; envelope style with turn-buckle fastener. 14" long bail handle. Open pocket on envelope-side for letters, keys, etc. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL UNIM1991.7.1 (Purse) image
41585 UNIM1991.7.2 Purse Womens' large, lizard grain envelope style, with bail handle. Inside has full-length centered zipper pocket in wide, open section and brass clasp opens a hinged, separate compartment. Flap of envelope exterior is riveted onto back. Handles 18 3/4' long; front one attached to flap, back one set into back @ half way down. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR UNIM1991.7.2 (Purse) image
41586 UNIM1991.7.3 Purse Color: BR,GD UNIM1991.7.3 (Purse) image
41587 UNIM1991.7.4 Purse Women's hinged-top leather-like. Hinged top has clasp. 7" long zippered pocket in back wall of lining. 2 full-length outside pockets on front and one on back. Two 18" bail handles; one set into back pocket @1/3 way down; front handle sewn into top of outermost pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR UNIM1991.7.4 (Purse) image
41588 UNIM1991.8.1 Pillow, throw Round pillow of random-shaped blocks consisting of various prints, patchwork front and back. Fabrics and colors not coordinated; not fully padded. Feather-stitching in different colors where patches join. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML
41589 UNIM1991.8.2 Pillow, throw Multi-colored rows of ruffled crochet, starting with a center row, and working around it 18 times. Center uses pink, green, purple, and pale orange, while the outer section features red, light blue, and yellow. Back is off-white muslin. Color: CR,ML
41590 UNIM1991.8.3 Pillow, throw Nine blocks arranged in the "Ribbon Star" quilt pattern. Yellow center block bordered by 1 red triangle on each side which is then bordered by 2 yellow triangles; blue print corner and side blocks with floral, striped, and dot patterns. Color: YL,BL,RD
41591 UNIM1991.9.0011 Hat Woman's striped rayon taffeta shell. Cut in 4 sections; 2 at center back are on bias (stripes are not matched). Panels at side also on bias, cut to form chevrons. Wire at edge covered with taffeta and machine sewn. 3/4" grosgrain ribbon headband. Lined. Bias cut band about 5" wide pleated across front, with vertical band at left front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML
41592 UNIM1991.9.0012 Eyeglasses Two parts. a. "Exotic' look glasses, silver frames & bows, dark lens & fancy trim of large "stars" and rhinestones at outer edges of frame & on bows. For fun wear, possibly for sun. b. Slip in case, 3 1/4' x 6 5/8". black, beige diagonally striped velvet. Open at one narrow end. Bound with brown grosgrain ribbon. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL UNIM1991.9.0012 (Eyeglasses) image
41593 UNIM1991.9.0015 Pattern Women's suit and dress patterns. a - k. a. 2-piece suit, McCall';s #7565, size 18, 50 cents, c. 1933. b. Dress, McCall #3092, size 38, 50 cents, c. 1938. c. Dress, Simplicity #3595, size 18, 15 cents, c. 1940. d. Dress, Simplicity #3459, size 18, 25 cents, c. 1940. e. Dress, Simplicity #3819, size 18, 25 cents, c. 1941. f. Dress, DuBarry #T546, size 36, 10 cents, c. 1940. g. Dress, ? #8267, size 36, 15 cents, c. 1940. h. Dress, Excella E4323, size 36, 25 cents, c. 1940. i. Dress, #209, size 36, c. 1937. j. Dress, Marian Martin, #9803, size 18, late 1940's. k. Two- piece maternity smock, Barbara Bell #1833, size 18, late 1930's.
41594 UNIM1991.9.0016 Pattern Two blouse patterns. a. Excella, size 18, c. 1940. Unprinted. Sold for 25 cents. b. Pictorial Review #6701, size 42, printed. c. 1940. Sold for 25 cents.
41595 UNIM1991.9.0017 Pattern Woman's blouse and shorts pattern, Pictorial Review #6785, size 18, printed. c. 1940. Sold @25 cents.
41596 UNIM1991.9.0018 Pattern Coverall apron, #4591, size Medium. Not printed. c. 1940. Instructions are printed on envelope.
41597 UNIM1991.9.0019 Pattern Six sleepwear patterns. a. Negligee, Simplicity #1470, size 38. Not printed. c. 1940. 15 cents. b. Housecoat, Simplicity #2879, Size 18. Not printed. 15 cents. c. Nightgown, Customode #8143. Not printed. Size 36. c. 1940. 25 cents. d. Nightgown, Pictorial Review #6884, size 36. Instructions printed on the envelope. late '30s. 25 cents. e. Lounging pajamas. Simplicity #2011, Size 36. Not printed. 15 cents. f. 2-pc. pajamas. Advance #1960, size 18. Not printed. c. 1940. 15 cents.
41598 UNIM1991.9.0020 Pattern Six women's lingerie patterns. a. Slip, Excella #E4338. Size 18, late '30s. 15 cents. Not printed; instructions on envelope. b. Slip, Simplicity #2515, size 36. Not printed. Late '30s; 15 cents. c. Slip, Advance #4315, Size 40; not printed. c. 1940. 25 cents. d. Slip and panties; Advance #4045. Size 40. c. 1940. Not printed; 25 cents. e. Maternity slip. Butterick #8698, Size 20. Not printed. 25 cents. f. Chemise; DuBarry #D481, size 36, not printed. c. 1940, Ten cents.
41599 UNIM1991.9.0021 Pattern Girl's. a. Slip and panties. Simplicity #4882, size 6. c. 1945. 15 cents. b. Coat. Simplicty #5148, size 3; printed. c. 1942. 35 cents.
41600 UNIM1991.9.1 Gown, evening Flared, tiered, wide-strap sleeveless formal. scarf & drawstring bag. a. Dress. Sheath style bodice, lowered round neckline in back; front neckline tapers to a V; gathers at center front to accent bustline. 2 waist darts, both front and back. Sleeveless; shoulder straps are about 12' wide bands gathered to 4 1/2' at top of shoulder. Bodice section is lined. Skirt is four-gore, flared and 3-tiered. 14' zipper at left side. Round hem. Underlined. b. Scarf. c. Drawstring bag. Color: YL