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41601 UNIM1991.9.10 Hat Woman's shell-style wool felt velour hat, navy blue. Wire frame at contour of hat, covered with felt & edge finished with navy grosgrain ribbon, 5/8" wide. 9 navy felt leaves across front of hat, with 2 rhinestones in each. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
41602 UNIM1991.9.13 Purse Clutch style ( no handle or strap for carrying). Perforated 1" squares of vinyl laced together with 3/16" wide black gimp. Zipper closure across top. Interior lined with 2 slip-in pockets sewn to lined sides; zipper tab has gimp & square decoration. Design in center of each square arranged in alternating stripes of blue and white. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,WH UNIM1991.9.13 (Purse) image
41603 UNIM1991.9.14 Magazine "McCall's Quarterly", summer, 1927. Shows fashions; sold for 25 cents. Color: BK,WH
41604 UNIM1991.9.3 Suit, bathing Woman's blue wool swimsuit; basic chemise cut with lowered neckline in front and low V-neck in back. 1' straps over shoulders. Skirt included in original cut of garment; pants sewn in @ about 7" above bottom of skirt. Double rows of stitching at neck; armseyes hem, & lowered waist.
41605 UNIM1991.9.4 Apron a. Straight bib-style bleached muslin apron with hand-embroidered designs at neckline, down front and in two rows around skirt. Straps cross at back; right shoulder strap ends at left side of skirt and left shoulder strap ends at right skirt top edge. Embroidery in cross stitch, lazy daisy and French knots. Narrow hem on all edges. Sides of top curve to form top of skirt section. b. Small teardrop-shaped pouch made out of white muslin and embroidered with a flower design using pink, gold, yellow, purple, and black thread. Attaches to apron with a single mother-of-pearl button. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,ML
41606 UNIM1991.9.5 Nightgown Straight, chemise-style muslin women's nightgown. Yoke at upper front with pintucks and embroidrey; low rounded V-neck with bottom closure 7 1/2" long. Shallow shaped back yoke. Elbow length sleeves have 1 1/4" hem and embroidery. Shallow shaped back yoke. 30" wide skirt gathers to yoke; 1 1 3/4' hem. Embroidered edging at neck & sleeve hem and embroidered design in yoke.
41607 UNIM1991.9.6 Shoes White with black overlay (saddle) in area of eyelets and at center back. 5-eyelet, laces. Sole is red rubber. Brand: Spalding
41608 UNIM1991.9.9 Hat Draped, turban sytle woman's hat. Skullcap shape, gathered vertically at center back. 4 1/4" band across front, gathered & folded to add interest. Shaped to give width across front. 2 brass rings @ 1 1/8' diameter. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR UNIM1991.9.9 (Hat) image
41609 UNIM1992.11.1 Coat Slightly flared style. Large, loose sleeves with 7 3/4' wide roll-back cuffs. Narrow collar widens at front and is pointed. One hook & eye at neckline. Vertical slot pockets. Lined with brown fabric ( rayon?). buttons on tips of collar. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR UNIM1992.11.1 (Coat) image
41610 UNIM1992.11.2 Coat Quite straight cut; shawl collar. Large button & loop near waist level. Wide, loose sleeves, hemmed. Slot pockets. Ties on inside with lining ties to loop on under flap of coat. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR-BK,GY UNIM1992.11.2 (Coat) image
41611 UNIM1992.12.0001 Neckpiece Shaped like collar; curved to fit around neck. Meets at center front; large button on left (inside) with corded loop on right to fasten. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY
41612 UNIM1992.12.0022 Stud Five parts. a. 1/4" Wood post. Pr0bably at back of neck. b. 3/8" white plastic. Probably at back of neck. c. 1/2" gold plate. Top disk is hollow at center as though an ornament goes in there. d. 1/2"; gold plate. top is white enamel. e. 1/2"; Gold plate. Top is pearl disk. a-c are rigid posts; d. & e. are hinged. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,GD
41613 UNIM1992.12.0027 Collar Three. to be worn with a sweater or jacket. Hook and eye fastener. a. - c. a. is slightly wider. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41614 UNIM1992.12.0028 Collar To be worn with sweater or jacket. Lining is quilted; gray-beige. Large hook & eye fastener. Color: BR
41615 UNIM1992.12.0029 Collar Separate collar to be worn with sweater or jacket. Velvet, lined with white loosely woven fabric. Also has a double-layered facing that fits inside the garment with which it is worn.. Snap fastener. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41616 UNIM1992.12.10 Shoes Women's red slingback pumps. Open toe, rounded square toe style. The top of shoe consists of two straps that cross over the top of the foot, and wrap around the ankle. The buckle on the strap is on the outer side. The heel is covered with suede. Continental covered 2 1/4' heel. A patch of moleskin has been added to the insole. Sketch is on the catalog sheet. No Brand. UNIM1992.12.10 (Shoes) image
41617 UNIM1992.12.11 Shoes Woman's plain pump. Open front with straps from sides which nearly meet at center front and lace to fasten. Back of shoe is built up to enclose foot. Dollar round toe. Cuban 1 3/4" covered heel. a. and b. Sketch on catalog sheet. Brand: Malie Engenue
41618 UNIM1992.12.12 Boots Womans' demi boots. Black fake leather, hightop ankle. Center front seam and seams 7/8' from center top which flare out as they get near the sole. Rounded square toe. Zipper on inside of leg. Glued on sole. Made of sewed together pieces. UNIM1992.12.12 (Boots) image
41619 UNIM1992.12.14 Boots Knee-high, calf, dark red boots. Zipper on inside of leg, rounded pointed toe. Stylized design at center front on vamp; stitched and flares back to midshank. Single needle, oval toe style; 3 5/8" covered, continental style heel. Sketch on catalog sheet. a. and b. Star cut into leather on top of the foot, “Golo” logo on the inside, made from cut parts sewed together. Golo brand is an American company that revolutionized the Go-Go Boot style. Barbra Stresiand famously modeled for them. They’ve been a company since 1915. UNIM1992.12.14 (Boots) image
41620 UNIM1992.12.15 Bag, shoe Twill weave in 1/2" checks. Rubberized inside. has side and bottom panels, so size can expand 14' zipper closure. About 15" strap handle fastened to bag with snap buttons. Brown handle and piping between front side panels and back. Rubberized inside. Color: BL,GR,BR
41621 UNIM1992.12.16 Fan Fifteen inner sticks or blades; 2 outer sticks or guards. Held with 1/4" side satin ribbon @1 1/2" from top. Outer edges rounded; form scallops. Outer 3" of blades are pierced and carved. Below this, a delicate floral pattern has been painted. Outer edges have narrow striping (@ 1/8") in blue. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR,ML UNIM1992.12.16 (Fan) image
41622 UNIM1992.12.17 Hatpin Five black and two white hat pins, seven total.
41623 UNIM1992.12.18 Iron, curling When wooden handles (@ 3 1/4" long) are squeezed together, metal end opens @3/8" round stem and "casing" to grasp strands of hair to be curled. "Leaf" spring at base of handles. Color: BR
41624 UNIM1992.12.19 Tree, shoe "Toe" is of block of wood, @ 2 3/8" x 1 5/8"; piece at heel is also a "bead" of wood, 1 1/8" x 7/8". Steel band between the wooden ends is 7 3/4" x 3/8"; slightly arched. Sketch on catalog sheet. Set of two, a and b.
41625 UNIM1992.12.2 Suit Women's boxy 2-pc. suit. Jacket has 4 button center front closure. Long sleeves with button cuff. Wide collar; lapels. Long full set-in sleeves with 2' wide cuff that buttons. Cuffs and fake pocket flaps cut on bias, as are bound buttonholes. Buttons mottled brown/beige plastic. Slightly flared skirt. Front cut on fold, has 2 pleats each side. Center back seam. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN,RD,BK
41626 UNIM1992.12.20 Shorts Man's. Slant pockets on front; 2 hip pockets; left has button. Set in waistband; back darts, straight leg. Color: TN
41627 UNIM1992.12.21A Collar Man's white collar. Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Has a buttonhole to fasten at center back neck. Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
41628 UNIM1992.12.21B Collar Man's white collar. Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
41629 UNIM1992.12.21C Collar Man's white collar. Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Has a buttonhole to fasten at center back neck. Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
41630 UNIM1992.12.21D Collar Man's white collar. Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Has a buttonhole to fasten at center back neck. Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
41631 UNIM1992.12.23A Cufflink Set of bronze cufflinks with an oval disk with "A" monogram etched into the surface.
41632 UNIM1992.12.23B Cufflink Set of bronze cufflinks with an oval disk with two etched flowers with gemstones as their disk.
41633 UNIM1992.12.23C Cufflink Set of bronze square cufflinks with a blue turquoise insert and the sign of the crescent moon and star in gemstone.
41634 UNIM1992.12.23D Cufflink Set of bronze plated round cufflinks. Back of link has an unique horseshoe design and has "G.H. Cant Lose Me" stamped into the back.
41635 UNIM1992.12.23E Cufflink Single cufflink with an oval disk and raised seven petaled flower with a blue gem center.
41636 UNIM1992.12.23F Cufflink Single cufflink with a polished abalone disk on both sides.
41637 UNIM1992.12.24A Garter Men's elastic sleeve garter. Have clasps which permit adjusting the overall length. Pinkish color.
41638 UNIM1992.12.24B Garter Men's elastic sleeve garter. Have clasps which permit adjusting the overall length. Pinkish color.
41639 UNIM1992.12.25 Collar Box Covered with imitation leather; metal box on top (5 studs included). Metal clasp to keep box closed. Interior has oval divider to store collars around. Lined with green satin. Box on lid has hinged, decorative lid. Push button to open. Box lid is hinged, @ 1 1/4' deep. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,GR
41640 UNIM1992.12.26 Key Two keys. Old style, as for bookcase, dresser, etc. a & c. 1 piece is 1" tall figure of a man. 1 piece is gold @ 1/2" looks like finial for a piece of jewelry. Color: BK
41641 UNIM1992.12.3 Suit Three-piece. women's suit, "butcher linen". Jacket is short, fitted front & back with waist darts & bust darts. 8-button center front closure. Flared back has center back seam. Small collar & machine-worked buttonholes. 2-pc. fitted sleeves, long, with 1 1/2' turn back cuff. Vest and jacket collar & cuffs are cream with a 1/2" taupe check pattern. Quite flared skirt has 3 knife pleats each side of center front, unpressed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN
41642 UNIM1992.12.30 Cap Child's. Rib stitch knitted cap. Ribbing is 7" at widest part; tapers near ends. 14 1/2" long ties with pompon tassels. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
41643 UNIM1992.12.31 Pin Rectangular background or base (7/8" ribbon, doubled). Embroidered lace flower, 1 1/2" diameter with embroidered daisy center and a pearl bead. Bar pin on back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
41644 UNIM1992.12.32 Belt Patent or plastic with leather back. On much of its length, it is divided into two 1/2" strips. Ends with 2 buckles and 2 ends to buckle. Color: BK
41645 UNIM1992.12.34 Letter Opener, Knife Design of a dragon embossed in handle portion on both sides. On side illustrated, viney type designs are carried down into blade. Both sides of blade seem equally sharp. Sketch on catalog sheet. Letter Opener
41646 UNIM1992.12.35 Tool Cake decorating set including a metal container with a plunger and five interchangeable tips with different shapes and sizes that can be used to make different types of decoration. Two screw-tops, one at the top and the other at the bottom, allow for the tips to be changed and frosting or other products to be inserted. Also included is a paper instruction sheet with information on instructions and techniques on how to use the product including images of what finished products may look like.
41647 UNIM1992.12.36 Tool An envelope with 9 tools to be used to make and decorate various foods. 36a: tan paper envelope with yellow trim, black text describes contents as tools for decorating with whipped cream, meringue, mayonnaise, creamed cheese, and more, provides instructions for how to use included materials, and features two recipes that can be made using the included tools. There is a large black and white picture displaying what types of food and decorations are possible when using the product. numbers at the bottom indicate that the product cost 50 cents. 36b: brown plastic tool consisting of a single circle which is beveled out and a straight, thin cylinder coming out from the center. 36c: brown cone which is open on both ends, the widest point is a smooth circle and the tip consists of six spikes that are widely spaced. 36d: brown cone which is open on both ends, the widest point is a smooth circle and the tip consists of six spikes that are moderately spaced. 36e: brown cone which is open on both ends, the widest point is a smooth circle and the tip consists of seven spikes that are closely spaced. 36f: brown cone which is open and smooth at the base and has five small slits at the tip. 36g: brown cone which is open and smooth at the base and has a single, small hole at the tip. 36h: brown cone which is open and smooth at the bottom and the tip has been shaped into a large angled line which is wider at the top and thinner at the bottom. There is a small crack that goes from the widest point at the top until 3/4ths of the way down to the base. 36i: brown cone which is open and smooth at the bottom and the tip has been shaped into a small angled line which is wider at the top and thinner at the bottom. 36j: brown cone which is open and smooth at the bottom and the tip has been shaped into a small half-circle with eight small spikes.
41648 UNIM1992.12.37 Saccharometer Glass instrument used to measure the density of sugar solutions at 60 F, most commonly used in the production of alcohol. At the very bottom is a bulb with a nib inside of which are several very small black ball bearings; above the bulb is a 13cm empty cylinder which tapers up to a very thin cylinder containing paper printed with the numbers used in measuring, this smaller cylinder is 12cm long. The paper contained within the thinner cylinder has both wide and small dash marks, numbers marking the wider dash marks start at the top at "0" and counts by twos up to "24" at the bottom of this thin area; There is a thin red line encircling the cylinder towards the top, it is marking the number "2"; "Balling's Saccharometer; Temp. 60° F." is printed along the side of the measuring marks. Object is contained in its original box which is brown and very visibly worn, there is water damage and discoloration in several places and the base has two pieces of masking tape being used to hold it together. This object has multiple parts, the saccharometer (12.37a), the box lid (12.37b), and the box base (12.37c).
41649 UNIM1992.12.38 Box Cardboard box containing Mendets brand patches for graniteware, aluminum, hot water bags, and more. The box is made up of two parts, the sheath (38a) which is green with blue text describing the product and its uses, and the insert, a plain brown box. Inside the box are two identical pieces of paper (38c&d) which depict a woman in a dress surrounded by different objects that can be fixed with the product and text saying why Mendets is the best for fixing them on one side, and another woman using the product along with small diagrams and instructions on the steps needed to use the product on the other side. Next inside are several silver aluminum nuts and screws in varying sizes as well as cork "washers" and a single aluminum wrench, all of which are counted together as 38e for simplicity. UNIM1992.12.38 (Box) image
41650 UNIM1992.12.4 Dress Dress and jacket. Dress is double knit, princess style. V-neck edged with rib knit. Zipper in back extends below waist. Eyelet white pique bib collar with 2 pearl buttons and white matching cuffs. Sleeveless; armseyes faced. Skirt is flared. Hem has been lengthened, using lace hem facing. Jacket is of rib knit; long sleeves with white cuffs. Color: BL
41651 UNIM1992.12.5 Shoes Women's high top, Black lace-up boots. Two sections in lower part of shoe. 19 eyelets. Triple needle toe style. Sole sewn to rest of shoe. Louis heel is stacked leather. Pointed toe. Worn off layer on the bottom, exposing the brown layer underneath. UNIM1992.12.5 (Shoes) image
41652 UNIM1992.12.6 Shoes Black patent and gray calf women's shoes. High across instep at front, tapering to mid-shank. Upper portion is gray kid, squared at center front with 3 buttons at upper outside. Circle or dolls round toe style; Cuban 1 7/8" heel. Brand: Naturalizer
41653 UNIM1992.12.7 Shoes Women's pump. Low throat with trim at bottom. Front of shoe is plain, with plastic buckle, & kid board. Rounded square toe style. Continental, covered heel with 2 1/8' lift.
41654 UNIM1992.12.8 Shoes Women's pump with 4 straps across instep. Low throat with 2 sets of kid straps. Front is navy patent; back portion & straps kid. Large patent buttons on straps. Inside heel liners. Square toe and 1 3/4" Cuban heel, kid-covered.
41655 UNIM1992.12.9 Shoes Women's pump with a very low throat. Stylized front tip over the toes is red with white piping. Center portion over the shank, the inside of the shoe, and the topline are a navy color. The heel section and the heel itself are red. Sketch is on the catalog sheet. Brand: Life Stride UNIM1992.12.9 (Shoes) image
41656 UNIM1992.13.0005 Suit, gym Knit top and shorts. top off-white, shorts navy. Sleeveless, V-neck finished with 3/4" binding. side seam bust darts; 1' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Shorts fitted, 1" waistband with elastic; 1' hems in legs. Color: BL,WH
41657 UNIM1992.13.0006 Suit, warm-up Jacket and slacks. Jacket has zip front, extends into full roll collar. 5/8" hem; no darts to fit. Sketch on catalog sheet. Slacks, slim or tailored fit. 1" hem at waistband has elastic. 1 " hem in legs, double sewn. UNI.
41658 UNIM1992.13.1 Suit, gym A. Jumper style, sleeveless, with straight legs, V-neck, wide pleats neck to bottom of legs, front & back. Belt loops; 2 1/2" wide belt fastens with buttons. Closure at left shoulder - 4 hooks & eyes. 11" side placket; 4 snap closure. ISTC P. E. club shield. Label at back neck: 9230 #90 black -45; Elaine gym suit. Bust 32 1/2", Waist 30" Hips 36 1/2". B. 2" black belt. C. Blouse, (newer):V-neck. 5 button closure. Yoke back & drop-shoulder front; short hemmed sleeves; full roll collar. UNIM1992.13.1 (Suit, gym) image
41659 UNIM1992.13.2 Suit, gym Sailcloth. Yoke at neck/shoulder; full roll collar. Lapels for V-neck. Fitted with darts. Center back pleat. Small pocket on left breast. Waistline seam. Pleats in side front. Center front and back open with 4 3/8" overlap. Short sleeve pleated at shoulder; 1' hem. Three pieces - a. suit, b. belt, and c. drawers. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41660 UNIM1992.13.3 Suit, gym Knickers, sweater vest & blouse. a. Vest, V-neck & sleevelss slipover syle, long. 1 1/4' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Knickers. Cut on bias; full floomer legs with elastic in hems. 27" x 1 3/8" wide waistband. 6 1/2' button placket. Flat fell seams. Blouse Size 12-32; 7-button front closure, flat collar, bust darts. ISTC. Color: BK
41661 UNIM1992.13.4 Suit, gym Gingham check sleeveless suit. Bodice has lowered neckline with divided (3-piece) flat collar. Armseyes bound with white bias. No waistline seam. Bloomer legs with elastic in hems. Crotch piece between legs. Tiny white pocket on right side of skirt front. Button closure, left shoulder. 2' wide belt buttons at front; no belt loops. White bias binding at armseyes & around white collar. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: LV,WH
41662 UNIM1992.14.0003 Purse Semi-ciruclar, with two 10 1/2" bail handles of top-sewn leather. Zipper closure; lined with rust-colored satin. Snap coin purse sewn to one side; open pocket on other side for mirror and lipstick. Enameled ball tab on zipper; small leather decoration on front side. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
41663 UNIM1992.14.1 Dress Fitted short-sleeve rust dress with attached taffeta slip. Bodice fitted; gathers at waist front; released darts in back. Deep V-neckline, turned back as hem. Short sleeves are very gathered at top of armseye. Lined with net; 1' hem. Skirt 2-gore, quite flared. 1 7/8" hem, handstitched. 11" side zipper. Shaped midriff yoke. b. Rust colored taffeta slip, fitted. Snaps in place and shaps on straps. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
41664 UNIM1992.14.2 Hat Wide-brimmed, rust. Crown @ 3 1/4" above brim, 1" below, rounded to top of crown. Bottom edge is bound with 1 1/2" grosgrain ribbon which is also headband. Brim 2 1/2' wide at back to 3 3/4" at sides and front. Edge is bound with straw tape. 11 1/2' of daisies across front & a grosgrain bow on under side of brim. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR UNIM1992.14.2 (Hat) image
41665 UNIM1992.14.4 Tablecloth Stair-stepped square shape, Hardanger cloth and embroidery. 7 3/4" plain center, surrounded by Kloster blocks. Other stitches include twisted bars, 8-point stars, satin-stitch & cut fabric threads and spiderweb filling stitch, eyelet holes, woven bars. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1992.14.4 (Tablecloth) image
41666 UNIM1992.14.5 Doily Star-burst design, filet crochet. Diamond mesh joined to 2 3/4" linen center. darning stitch used for embroidering design in each of 12 points. Feather stitching around edge of linen center. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41667 UNIM1992.15.0003 Gown, wedding Dress and slip. One-piece dress is straight with slight flare in skirt. Bodice, princess lines accented with 3/4' wide lace; standup collar; curved yoke alternating rows of lace & fabric. Center back closure with buttons; hook & eyes in collar. Long set-in sleeves. Three groups of 4 very small tucks, 3 bands of insertion lace & matching edging at wrist. Skirt has wide lace waistband, tiny released pleats (vertical) below waist. Lace & tuck detail above narrow hem. Slip has eyelet "lace". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41668 UNIM1992.15.1 Suit Four pieces. Women's gray twill weave suit jacket, slacks, belt, and two skirts. a. Plain gray jacket is double-breasted, fastened with snaps inside. Wide bias collar. Princess lines from neck & sleeve meet just above inseam pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Belt. Same plain gray fabric as jacket. c. Plain gray pencil skirt with gray lace lining on inside of skirt at hem. d. Red, gray, black, and white plaid skirt. e. Plaid slacks. same fabric as skirt D. Color: GY
41669 UNIM1992.15.4 Glove a-b. Wool knit women's gloves. Fingers and palm of hand are stockinette stitch; from wrist to elbow, rib stitch has increased gradually for larger circumference of arm. Cuff portion has horizontal stripes of blue and gold on brown background. Color: BR,BL,GD UNIM1992.15.4 (Glove) image
41670 UNIM1992.15.5 Dress Child's white checked dimity dropped waistline straight dress. Three panels in front of bodice, separated by insertion lace. Twelve narrow released pleats at neckline, center front. Back button closure has 5 buttons, 1/8". Elbow length sleeves with 1 5/8" hem + 2" lace edging. Underarm seam is 5/8" in front of sideseam. Skirt is side gathered to lace covered waistband. Band of insertion 5" below natural waist. 2 3/4" hem and 2' lace edging. Machine stitching but much handwork also. Sketch on catalog sheet.
41671 UNIM1993.0010 Hat None
41672 UNIM1993.10.2 Hat Man's black hat. 5 1/4' deep. Center dent and side dents. 1 3/4" grosgrain band at base. Leather sweat band. Rayon lining. Brim 1 7/8" side. Seems to be molded to crown. Slightly rolled. Edge bound with grosgrain. Labeled from DeLorbe's Waterloo, Iowa John B. Stetson Company.
41673 UNIM1993.11.0010 Glove Almost elbow-length dress gloves. Seams on inside except for top stitching on seams of 4 fingers, top edge. 1/4" elastic, 5" long with zig zag stitch, on sides of cuff. Color: RD
41674 UNIM1993.11.1 Jacket Knit wool casual style boxy, with wide convertible collar, set-in very wide long sleeves, hemmed. Brown leather trim 2 3/8' - 2 1/2" zigzagged onto clollar length & around sleeves @ 2 1/2" above hem. 1 1/4' tie belt. Lined with brown satin. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
41675 UNIM1993.11.2 Dress "Crimplene' knit. Curved princess dress and jacket. Bodice of dress is white with bust darts in front and neck darts in back. Center back zipper. "Built-up" neck facing. Skirt is red, slightly wider at hem. Short sleeves. Jacket collar and pocket flaps outlined with 5/8" bands of white knit. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD,WH
41676 UNIM1993.11.3 Gown, evening Olive green chiffon empire bodice underlined with matching crepe. Lowered neckline, waist darts, center back zipper. Center back seam in skirt which is underlined with crepe; flares to 66' circumference at floor-length hem. Short, set-in sleeves. 40" wide chiffon panel gathered to center back of skirt. Finished with a large bow at waistline. Gold braid at wasitline & bottom of sleeves; chiffon panel and 4 1/2' x 10" chiffon bow. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR UNIM1993.11.3 (Gown, evening) image
41677 UNIM1993.11.5 Dress, evening Coral pink. Lowered wide square neckline on bodice; georgette overlay has deep V; top gathered. Skirt, originally balloon, changed to deep hem; very full. Top gathered to 4 1/2" wide midriff. All underlined, 14". Zipper at center back. Sleeveless; faced. Matching taffeta slip. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
41678 UNIM1993.11.6 Dress Cocktail length. Georgette or chiffon & taffeta & net. Fitted bodice, V-neck, sleeveless; very full skirt: exaggerated hourglass silhouette. Bodice has shoulder & waist darts; chiffon overlay. Shaped midriff: chiffon pieces in horizontal pleats, crossing at center front.. Underlined. Skirt very full; has both net and flared taffeta slips; 9" hem. 14' center back zipper with hook & eye. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: AQ UNIM1993.11.6 (Dress) image
41679 UNIM1993.11.7 Dress Sea green chiffon & taffeta. Long-sleeved, coat style, underlined. Narrow convertible collar. Back shoulder darts; combined front dart. No waistline seam; 3' hem with lace seam binding. Long chiffon sleeves gather to 1 3/4' taffeta cuff. Long pink flowers painted on front and back of dress. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
41680 UNIM1993.11.8 Skirt Circular skirt with fitted 2 1/4' waistband with 2 buttons. Very narrow hem, machine-stitched. Seams at center back and center front only. Color: BK
41681 UNIM1993.11.9 Scarf Border @ 3 1/2" has 12 shields along each side, each a different heraldic design. Center area has diagonal cross lines jlining corners of shields. Hand-rolled hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,GD
41682 UNIM1993.12.0001 Blouse Dressy blouse, sheath style, with lowered V-neck. Embroidered panels @ 2 5/8" set together with 1" wide bobbin lace. Center back opening is fastened with 6 snaps. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41683 UNIM1993.12.2 Nightgown Unfitted sheath, lowered neckline & sleeveless. Drawstring to fit neck. Floor length, with 3 3/4" machine hem. Muslin body, filet lace floral at center front on yoke and sleeves.
41684 UNIM1993.12.3 Petticoat Floor length, with 9" placket and 2 snaps; hook & eye at waist. Top portion 21 3/4" long, Flared muslin; 1" wide insertion lace; top portion continues as "lining" 13" more. Over this is a 13" long ruffle with 1 7/8" lace edging. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41685 UNIM1993.12.4 Camisole Lowered neckline, fitted with drawstring. Top portion gathers to 5/8" twill tape at waistline. 3 1/2" "tuck in" band below waist. Drawstrings at bottoms of sleeves, also. Filet crochet yoke with square neckline extends to form cap sleeves. 3 buttons, hook & eye. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41686 UNIM1993.12.5 Combination One-inch set-in waistband. Bottom portion is "drawers" or split pants style. Bodice portion has lowered, square neckline. Middle muslin section gathers to yoke & waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41687 UNIM1993.14.1 Coat Black coat with cuffed sleeves and buttons that are covered in fabric. The tag on the inside reads, " B. Altman & Co. Fifth Avenue New York."
41688 UNIM1993.14.10 Jacket Striped dark and light green cape cloak style jacket, with sleeveless arm holes in front and clear silver button on top. 
41689 UNIM1993.14.11 Suit Pink women's 3-piece suit set and belt. Jacket is made out of woven pink, red, and orange fibers; skirt is same material. Shirt is sleeveless and made out of pink fabric. Shirt collar is made out of the same material as jacket and skirt. Label inside shirt reads "Tailorbrooke / DRY CLEAN ONLY". Label inside jacket reads "Limited Edition / EXCLUSIVELY FOR / B. Altman & Co"
41690 UNIM1993.14.12 Suit Women's three-piece suit. a. Solid aqua button-up blazer. Four gray-and-white striped buttons. b. Mid-length aqua skirt. Elastic in waistband, zipper and single blue button in back. Two inset pockets on front. c. Multicolored (Lilac, pale yellow, pale orange, aqua, navy blue) long-sleeved button-up blouse. Triangular pattern on fabric. High ruffled collar.
41691 UNIM1993.14.14 Suit Three parts. a. women's button up sweater pink purple and gray cheveron stripes. b. women's pink wool skirt. c. women's pink polyester blouse. 
41692 UNIM1993.14.15 Suit Two Parts. A. Pink Vest with two button closure, and two fake pocket details. B. Matching Skirt with zipper and two button closure.
41693 UNIM1993.14.16 Suit Four Parts. A. Red dress with small black and gray heart stitching. B. Velvet black belt. C. Matching red  jacket with black and gray heart stitching. D. Leather shiny black belt
41694 UNIM1993.14.17 Dress Three pieces. a. Short-sleeved dress. Fabric has cream and black flower pattern. Narrow V-neck. Zippers up in back. Belt loops at waist for belt. b. Black vinyl belt with silver metal buckle. c. Long-sleeved jacket made out of same fabric as dress. Square collar. Buttons up center with four buttons - buttons are black plastic in gold metal setting. Two pockets at waist.
41695 UNIM1993.14.18 Ensemble Woman's dress and jacket. a. Short-sleeved A-line dress. Fabric has geometric pattern consisting of navy blue and brown diamond shapes on off-white background. Round neckline. b. Jacket made out of same fabric as dress. Buttons up center with four brown fabric-covered buttons. Two panels (one on either side of buttons) to simulate pockets. Basic collar.
41696 UNIM1993.14.19 Dress Women's two-piece ensemble. a. Short-sleeved dress. Bodice is made out of yellow fabric with blue, red, and white flower design printed on. Asymmetrical collar. Skirt is made out of white fabric with a single pocket sewn on left side. Dress buttons up the middle with ten navy blue buttons. b. Belt made out of same fabric as skirt bodice. Buckle is navy blue leather. c. White (same fabric as dress skirt) coat. Decorative navy blue stitching at seams. Flower patch made out of same fabric as dress skirt sewn on right side of jacket. Left pocket features a sewn-in piece of fabric to create the appearance of a handkerchief in the pocket. Buttons up center with six navy blue buttons.
41697 UNIM1993.14.2 Coat Light pink coat with one large white button and one snap closure. The coat is slightly yellowed and one of the sleeves is cuffed. The inside tag reads, "Fluffolon 100% Orlon *Acrylic Fiber."
41698 UNIM1993.14.20 Dress Women's dress and jacket set. a. Dress. Bodice is white fabric with purple stitching. Three white and gold buttons; bottom button is sewn on upside down. Polo-style collar. Skirt is mid-length striped fabric (orange, red, white, purple, and yellow). b. Purple leather belt with buckle. c. Short-sleeved jacket made out of same fabric as dress skirt. Two pockets, one on either side.
41699 UNIM1993.14.21 Dress Long-sleeved, mid-length dress. Fabric is pale orange with lighter orange splashes. Round neckline. Coral pink ruffle is sewn onto neckline. Zips up in back. Interior tags read "B Altman & Co / FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK" and "Edna designs for / Samantha York". Tie-around belt made out of same fabric as dress included.
41700 UNIM1993.14.22 Dress Two pieces. a. Beige cable-knit sweater dress. Long sleeves. Round neckline. Zippers up in back. b. Belt covered in same beige cable-knit as dress. Buckle is a solid silver metal disk that latches with a piece on the other end of the belt. Beige vinyl backing. Was originally sold by B. Altman & Co.