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41801 UNIM1994.10.19.44D Napkin d. White linen napkin, part of set UNIM1994.10.19.44a-d. Embroidered floral design with eyelets on one corner. Scalloped edge with buttonhole stitch. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
41802 UNIM1994.13.0064 Comb used to hold hair back, shaped top with course teeth, comb is bowed to conform to head shape Color: BR UNIM1994.13.0064 (Comb) image
41803 UNIM1994.13.0065 hairpin large toroise shell hairpin with red rhinestone settings (12 stones) Color: BR, RD UNIM1994.13.0065 (hairpin) image
41804 UNIM1994.13.0073 Hat 4 3/4'' deep, dented front to back in top, and in side, 2'' grosgroin ribbon at base of crown, brim 1 3/4'' wide, in one piece w/ crown narrow hem at edge Color: BR
41805 UNIM1994.13.0086 Dress eyelet lace yoke front, plain back yoke lace edging all around center back placket closure (no buttons or snaps), dress gathers to yoke, long set in sleeves with elastic at wrist, lace at bottom, 3-inch hemstitched Color: WH
41806 UNIM1994.13.0087 Dress Lace insert yoke front, plain yoke back, placket opening center back, no fasteners, long sleeves set in, gathered at bottom and lace at hem, skirt gathers to yoke, 3'' hemstitched at bottom Color: WH
41807 UNIM1994.13.0093 Dress scalloped yoke front and back with lace edging, lace at round neckline, c.b. placket- no fasteners, skirt gathers to yoke, has pin-tucks and ruffle w/ lace adging at hem, long sleeves sewn to yoke, no shoulder seams, gathered at bottom with lace edging, lace inserts in yoke front and back Color: WH
41808 UNIM1994.13.0101 Bonnet back has a circle with cording around it and 3 rows of hemstitching, cording is all around edges of bonnet, there is 3 rows of hemstitching on sides of bonnet and 3 rows on the front where bonnet turns back over head which is 2'' Color: TN
41809 UNIM1994.13.0106 Hat 5 3/4'' deep seams to 8'' die, circle on top of crown Color: WH
41810 UNIM1994.13.0130 Ornament, Hair there are 13 flowers in a row, longer flowers at center with smaller as it goes to ends gradually decreasing in size, barrette is bowed, back side has holding teeth and henged keeper to hold in place in hair, keeper slips into a hook to hold Color: BR UNIM1994.13.0130 (Ornament, Hair) image
41811 UNIM1994.13.0135 Trim egg shaped form covered with fine cording runs vertically around form, small cording attached to end. Color: BK
41812 UNIM1994.13.0136 Trim has rounded top then tapers with a flat end, (ice cream cone shape), cording runs vertically on roam, small hole in top going through the bottom Color: BK
41813 UNIM1994.13.0138 Beads Small seed beads at least 4 teaspoons of small beads. UNIM1994.13.0138 (Beads) image
41814 UNIM1994.13.0139 Beads Black cylindrical shaped beads. There are about 3 Tablespoons worth of beads. UNIM1994.13.0139 (Beads) image
41815 UNIM1994.13.0140 Bead Round diamond cut bead with hole in one end. Bead is flattened where hole is located on bead. Color: BK
41816 UNIM1994.13.0141 Bead diamond cut glass beads. Used on the end of braid trim UNIM1994.13.0133. Color: BK
41817 UNIM1994.13.0142 Bead Dome shaped diamond cut beads with hole going through bead just above flat back. Color: BK
41818 UNIM1994.13.0143 Bead Smooth cylindrical shaped beads with hole through center. Color: BK
41819 UNIM1994.13.0145 Bead Thin small wafer shaped glass beads with small hole in center. Color: BK
41820 UNIM1994.13.0146 Button Two sets of frog style fastener with button. Used to close the front of a jacket. a&b. Color: BK
41821 UNIM1994.13.0147 Button Cloth covered round button with course thread wound around on top of cloth (crochet?). In the center the thread is filled in with spokes going off to the edge of the button. Set of 9. Color: BG
41822 UNIM1994.13.0148 Button Cylinder form slightly larger in diameter at center. Covered with black cording running vertical lines. Flat on back side. Set of 8. Color: BK
41823 UNIM1994.13.0149 Trim Round corded trim used to hang down on lower edge of item of clothing. Cording wrapped into a ball with braid attached at end for hanging. Set of 4. Color: BK
41824 UNIM1994.13.1 Dress Straight skirt with gathers at hips, no waist seam, patch pockets each side front with rounded hemstitched flaps. Set in short sleeves with 3" turned up cuffs. 8" center front 4 snap placket closure. 4" hem around bottom. Color: WH
41825 UNIM1994.13.10 Apron 1 1/2'' wide waistband by 19 1/2'', 3 3/4'' by 26'' ties, 7'' embroidered border above hem, 3/4'' deep leat at each side of front, gathers between pleat and sides, 1 pocket, 5'' square has 1 1/8'' embroidered panel, decoration includes: cross stitch, purple and white stitches on gingham squares Color: PR WH
41826 UNIM1994.13.100 Hat Womans nightcap with small round elastic in casing at bottom followed with a 1 1/4'' ruffle around head
41827 UNIM1994.13.102 Case, handkerchief front side extends half way back at the top to allow overlap, this allows the top to close over it with a snap fastener, the bottom has a double layer of fabric, all edges have been hadn sewn hemmed and then corners of case hand sewn 3'' high to form square case Color: WH
41828 UNIM1994.13.104 Pillowcase cutwork leaf design circles in each corner, pillowcase has 3 buttons and buttonhole closure on back side on one side Color: WH
41829 UNIM1994.13.105 Pillowcase pillow top is backed with wite cotton quilting material, green running stitch embroidery work Color: TN
41830 UNIM1994.13.107 Hat 5 1/2'' deep by 24'' circumference 8'' diameter Color: BK, PK
41831 UNIM1994.13.108 Hat varies in width front and back is 2 1/4'' wide, sides ared 3'' wide, 4 rows top stitching around brim is floppy Color: WH
41832 UNIM1994.13.109 Hat 5'' high to crown, flat circle crown 7 1/2'' diameter, light tan rayon lining hand-stitched to hat Color: OR, CR, RD
41833 UNIM1994.13.11 apron no waistband, 4 pleats each side, sewn down 1 1/2'' to fit at waist, narrow hem at sides, 1'' hem at bottom, hemmed muslin ties - 27'' by 1 5/8'' Color: WH, multi
41834 UNIM1994.13.110 Apron 1 1/8'' waistband ties sewn to edns of waistband with 2'' wide self fabrics lower apron gathers to waistband, bottom is turned up 8 1/2'', has 1'' home and sewn down to form three pockets across bottom Color: WH
41835 UNIM1994.13.112 Petticoat White placket w/ 1 button on waistband at left side, pin-tucks, lace insert and a ruffle with hemstitch trim at the bottom of ruffle
41836 UNIM1994.13.113 Camisole 3/8'' elastic at top of camisole above breasts for expansion, shoulder straps are 1 1/2'' wide, no hem, bottom is cut on salvage edge Color: GY
41837 UNIM1994.13.114 Brassiere hoop and eye closure, 2 at center back, ribbon flower at center front, elastic at lower center front, bottom of straps in back and center back at hook and eyes, back has been made larger by adding 3'' long elastic, adjustable straps Color: WH
41838 UNIM1994.13.115 Long Johns rib knit cuffs at ankle Color: WH
41839 UNIM1994.13.116 Shorts, Boxer elastic 1/2'' wide at waist, legs cover thighs Color: WH
41840 UNIM1994.13.117 Briefs elastic at waist and legs, 1/2'' wide at waist and 3/8'' wide around legs, double crotch Color: WH
41841 UNIM1994.13.118 Shirt overhead, back lower than the front, no trim, shoulder straps are 1/2'' wide and continue around neck and armseyes, back lower than front, small scallop around neck and armseyes on top edge Color: WH
41842 UNIM1994.13.119 Scarf red lining has leaves and fern print in small pattern, corduroy is fine green pinwale Color: GR, RD Lining of scarf is the same as fabric scrap UNIM1986.14.1980.18.7.
41843 UNIM1994.13.12 apron no waistband, waist area is faced with the large pocket-skirt slightly flayed and rounded at hem area, ties are 2 1/2'' by 19 1/2'', have narrow hem Color: WH BL YL
41844 UNIM1994.13.120 Gloves Pair of women's navy blue nylon above-wrist length gloves. Three vertical rows of 1/4'' elastic to gather top on outside, inseam stitching on palm side and top stitched on outer side. a&b. Color: BL
41845 UNIM1994.13.121 Gloves Pair of wrist-length cream-colored gloves. Inseam at palm side, top stitched on back of hand, tailored. a&b. Color: CR
41846 UNIM1994.13.122 Gloves Pair of plain navy blue knit gloves. Rib knit at top of glove. a&b. Color: BL
41847 UNIM1994.13.123 Gloves Pair of knit wool mittens. Hand and thumb are made with varigated yarn in red, orange, and cream, top is rib-knit in solid rust color. a&b. Color: RD, OR, CR
41848 UNIM1994.13.124 Hairnet course net weave, very light Color: BR
41849 UNIM1994.13.126 Apron Shoulder straps cross in back and come out large eyelets at each side and ties in front, large pocket across bottom tacked at top in two places at center, logo at center above pocket to top of bib on apron Color: CR, BK
41850 UNIM1994.13.127 Purse chain stitch at top (5 rows) single crochet down two and one half inches, one row of double crochet, followed by 1 1/2'' single crochet at bottom, a 4'' long string of clear seed beads is doubled and ends attached to bottom of pusre, drawstring closure extends 15'' of chain stitch Color: RD, CL
41851 UNIM1994.13.128 Net, Mosquito neting lays over head and foot board and side rails of baby crib Color: WH
41852 UNIM1994.13.129 Purse envelope style w/ snap closure, expands 2'' on sides and bottom, there are side pockets, one on each side, on the inside, purse has a 9/16'' band with gold trim on back side, front of purse has floral design in gold metallic thread with large flower in the center Color: BK, GD
41853 UNIM1994.13.132 Adornment Fabric adornment/attachments shaped flower petals filled in by 5 rows of beads, scalloped edge on flower formed with three beads of 5 scallops per petal, cording in center. Set of 8 matching
41854 UNIM1994.13.133 Trim Beaded cord/fringe has been folded in half and sewn onto something at one time, perhaps as a fringe a 3/8'' ball covered with beads is on end of cord, 2 small beads then one 1/4'' dia bead with a chain of 5 beads circled on end holding beads on cord.
41855 UNIM1994.13.16 Stay Pair of cream-colored corset stays. a-b. Color: WH
41856 UNIM1994.13.17 petticoat 1'' wide straps are not adjustable, 3/4'' machine hem at top and 1/2'' at bottom Color: WH
41857 UNIM1994.13.18 Garter Belt garters suspended on 5/8'' wide black elastic Color: BK
41858 UNIM1994.13.19 Pantyhose unusual color(peach) on legs, white at the top, elastic waist Color: WH, PK
41859 UNIM1994.13.2 Dress Red day dress with flared, six gored skirt, and a waist band, 7 1/2" left-side placket with 4 snap enclosures. A simple 2 piece v-neck which crosses at waist band and has slight gathers under each bust. Sleeveless with self fabric binding. Patch pockets with bands on each side of skirt. 1 1/2" hem. Made from woven butcher linen.
41860 UNIM1994.13.20 raincoat A. knee length, 3 snap closure down center front, hood, long sleeves, very thin plastic folds up compactly. B. small plastic case.
41861 UNIM1994.13.21 Hat traingle shaped raincap with 2 open box pleats at back of neck, folds out to cover forhead, ties under chin, seams covered with self netting binding Color: RD CL
41862 UNIM1994.13.22 Collar single fabric, blue embroidered chain stitch 1/4'' in from outer edge, self tape hem around neck, center back seam in collar, not in binding, binding is one continuous piece Color: TN, BL
41863 UNIM1994.13.23 Collar Lace Jabot - 3 snaps down sides and 3 around neck, snaps removed on one side (left), floral insert down center front with inserts down each side, net edges, neck has lace around it and edge of collar all around. Color: WH
41864 UNIM1994.13.24 Tie narrow hem by machine on all sides, has one seam where tie was made longer, single fabric thickness Color: RD
41865 UNIM1994.13.25 Scarf machine satin stitch embroidered floral design on one carmen takes up 1/4 of the scarf, done in white satin, hem is turned under 1'' and machine hemmed with 2 rows at scalloped stitching Color: WH
41866 UNIM1994.13.28 Scarf 6 floral bouguets along each side 12 smaller bouquets circle around inside outer bouquets with 8 bouquets circling cneter of head scarf and 1 bouquet in center, bouquets get smaller as they go in. Color: WH, BR, BK
41867 UNIM1994.13.29 Scarf, Headband snap closure on head band, machine stitched overcast hem on both scarf and head band, head band has double fabric. a&b. Color: BR
41868 UNIM1994.13.3 Cardigan Jewel neck cardigan with set in sleeves. 9 buttons and buttonholes. Rib knit around neck, cuff, and bottom edges. Color: WH
41869 UNIM1994.13.30 Scarf very fine machine rolled hem Color: BK
41870 UNIM1994.13.31 Scarf long sides are salvage edges, 7/8'' machine hem on short ends Color: BK
41871 UNIM1994.13.32 Scarf scalloped edges all around, machine lace made 10 rows wide in a zig zag pattern with every other row having a more open pattern Color: BK
41872 UNIM1994.13.33 Scarf machine hem all around 5'' long fringe tied on in four strands of yarn, trimmed with one pearl and one rhinestone side by side with 3 acrossed them two acrossed alternating with a total of nine rows, 5'' fringe (yarn) each end Color: BK
41873 UNIM1994.13.34 Tie 3 1/2'' at ends, ends of tie are different, one end vshaped, the other end is on a slant Color: WH
41874 UNIM1994.13.35 Handkerchief White handkerchief with flower applique of two deep pink flowers, embroidered stems and smaller flowers in green, deep pink and yellow. MOTHER is embroidered in gray across the stems, machine embroidery and edge around handkerchief, shaped corner with design Color: PK, WH
41875 UNIM1994.13.36 Handkerchief White linen handkerchief with drawnwork and white floral embroidery in one corner, very small rolled hem; machine stitched. Color: WH
41876 UNIM1994.13.37 Handkerchief White linen handkerchief with drawnwork hem and border, drawnwork and embroidered floral design with butterfly in white. Color: WH
41877 UNIM1994.13.38 Handkerchief Large white linen handkerchief with rectangular green applique 1 1/2'' by 1/2'' with green machine stitching around it 1 1/2'' by 3'', 2 green embroidered dots on one side and one dot on the other side, on one corner of handkerchief, machine rolled hem Color: WH, GR
41878 UNIM1994.13.39 Handkerchief Small white linen handkerchief with hemstitched hem, has design of three flowers-pink w/ green leaves and colored dots in pink and green on one corner Color: WH
41879 UNIM1994.13.4 Blouse Light pea green silk dress blouse with rose trim around sleeve edges and jewel neckline with extended tie at right shoulder. Short, kimono style sleeves. Pullover style. Color: GR
41880 UNIM1994.13.40 Handkerchief Small white linen handkerchief with hemstitched with design in one corner; two flowers in lavender and gold w/ green leaves embroidered, gold and lavender embroidered dots form a square at corner. Dots of the same colors surround the design. Color: WH
41881 UNIM1994.13.41 Handkerchief White cotton handkerchief with narrow satin stitch scalloped hem, satin stitch design all around sides makes a 1'' border Color: WH
41882 UNIM1994.13.42 Handkerchief White cotton handkerchief. "Dorothy" is machine embroidered in cursive using pink thread at one corner, woven floral and ribbon bows border 1 1/4'' wide, plain in center Color: WH
41883 UNIM1994.13.43 Handkerchief Small white cotton handkerchief with decorative border: 1/2'' lavender hand stitched hem, 3 rows of golden yellow and 2 rows of white drawnwork. Color: WH, PR
41884 UNIM1994.13.44 Handkerchief White linen handkerchief; features hemstitching with handmade white fine pointed lace edging. Color: WH
41885 UNIM1994.13.45 Handkerchief Rectangular cream-colored silk handkerchief. Drawnwork border, embroidered floral design in all corners with pink flowers, buttonhole stitch on scalloped hem. Color: TN
41886 UNIM1994.13.46 Handkerchief 1 5/8'' hems with hemstitching, no other decorative detail Color: TN
41887 UNIM1994.13.47 Handkerchief colors have crocked badly, pink of outer edge, blue chesters of flowers within 1 3/4'' hems Color: TN, PK, BL
41888 UNIM1994.13.48 Gloves Pair of red wrist-length gloves. Stitching (construction) on fourahettes is on the inside, but seam visible (on top side of glove) are to the outside overcast w/ a zigzag stitch. a&b. Color: RD
41889 UNIM1994.13.49 Gloves Pair of black above-the-wrist length gloves. Light-weight knit fabric, all seams are on the inside 1/2'' hem at top, glove body cut in one piece w/ seam at lower (little finger) edge, 1'' (illegible) at wrist and at 1 1/2'' elastic along seam below that. Clusters of 5-petaled flowers have been stitched in black thread along the top side. a&b. Color: BK
41890 UNIM1994.13.5 Skirt Woven wool straight skirt below knee with waistband (2 snaps) and slight gathers at waist. Patch pocket on front right side with tab band and 4 buttons. Color: BR, BG
41891 UNIM1994.13.50 Gloves Pair of black knit wool gloves. Plain. Knit pattern is in squares, with little texture, knit pattern all over, at wrist looks like large buttonhole stitch. a&b. Color: BK
41892 UNIM1994.13.51 Gloves a & b - Pair of elbow length black nylon gloves. Size 8. About 3/8'' hem, fourchettes on all fingers. Three pearlescent gray buttons at wrist for fastening. "NYLASUEDE / by HANSEN / 8" is stamped on the interior of each glove. c - foil stick on label "hansen gloves 8" and a card with cleaning instructions and address to send for gloves booklet for 25 cents Color: BK
41893 UNIM1994.13.53 Purse 10'' zipper closure at top has a button tied to the zipper pull, belt at top is only decoration, has a white vinyl lining without any pockets Color: BK
41894 UNIM1994.13.54 Purse raised peddle flower at center on both sides, crocheted balls attached with chain stitch at both lower sides and bottom of v shaped bottom at center Color: RD
41895 UNIM1994.13.55 Billfold tooled leather outside with mexican theme, inside has a mirror, zippered bill compartment, on one side, the other side has a coin compartment and a fold out picture holder Color: BR
41896 UNIM1994.13.56 Billfold Bill compartment has a divider, three pockets for cards on each side, black rayon lining Color: BK
41897 UNIM1994.13.57 Purse laced together with wine colored lacing snap closure on overlapping flap, leaf tooled design. a&b. Color: BR, RD, TN
41898 UNIM1994.13.59 Fan 17 purple ribs gold trim top edge, then pink followed by red floral design on ivory background, some white accent markings Color: WH PR PK GD RD UNIM1994.13.59 (Fan) image
41899 UNIM1994.13.60 Fan Ivory fan with 20 ribs held together with pink 3/16'' wide ribbon, ribs have cut out design above and below ribbon, top rib has a painted floral design at top end, a long ivory chain is attached with a metal clip, gold color, floral design is also painted on lower part of fan. UNIM1994.13.60 (Fan) image
41900 UNIM1994.13.61 Mask mask is over eyes and nose, black lace hand stitched to mask ot cover face down to chin, there is a chip on left side of mask with a black elastic string 20'' long Color: BK