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42001 UNIM1994.14.191 Shirt casual top, unfitted style, pullover closure with two snaps, jewel neckline, short set in sleeves, Color: WH
42002 UNIM1994.14.192 Bootee A-B, Infant booties, knit and terrycloth fabric, top is ribbed knit sock style, shoe bootie is terrycloth with bias tape around shoe style at ankle, braid trim at center front running vertically at toe Color: WH
42003 UNIM1994.14.193 Shoe A-B, Toddler, woven canvas with rubber man made sole, low style, blue and red trim, size 3, round toe style, 3 red lace eyelets , red thread stitching Color: BL RD
42004 UNIM1994.14.194 Bootee A-B, Infant, size 1, country of origin Japan, red velvet bootie has fake white fur trim around top, lined with white flannel cloth, ribbon tie is fastened to side of booties and ties in front, Color: RD WH
42005 UNIM1994.14.196 Blanket Infant Bedding blanket, white with pink, blue, and green floral print, wider stripe has blue pink and green floral design, the narrow strip has small blue flowers only, rounded corners, every other wide stripe revereses in direction (no top or bottom to blanket) Color: WH PK BL GR
42006 UNIM1994.14.197 Doily Hand embroidery with one purple and two yellow flowers with green leaves on each end of white linen doily, one yellow flower with green leaves on each side, 4 rows of white hadn crochet with scalloped edge around doily Color: WH YL PR GR
42007 UNIM1994.14.198 Doily 3 Piece doily set, Size: 2 each 5" diameter 1 each 7" diameter, white doilies with varigated lavendar crochet, four rows of crochet lavendar, hand made edging 3/4" wide Color: WH PR
42008 UNIM1994.14.199 Booklet, Instruction "The Principles of Fitting" by Esther Drimen, Applied to Pattern Selection and Alteration, 20 pages
42009 UNIM1994.14.2 Coat round fur collar w/ 1 snap closure; c.f. 3 rows of double breasted 1 1/4'' diameter buttons-6 total; waist darts front; side seam pockets each side; set in long sleeves with elbow dart; dressmaker shortened coat 1''; same fabric bow below collar and above first row of buttons Color: BK
42010 UNIM1994.14.20 Blouse Women's blouse, white with orange and green stripes that run vertically except on front tab the stripes go diagonally, shoulder seams drop 1 1/4" to the front, unfitted style, pointed collar, short set-in sleeves, able to be cuffed Color: WH, GR, OR
42011 UNIM1994.14.22 Shirt Sleeveless, bateau neckline, shell style shirt with two peacock feathers stamped on left side front. Pink piping across shoulders and neckline. Color: WH,GR,YL,PR,PK
42012 UNIM1994.14.24 Skirt (a.) Woman's wrap around kilt style skirt with pleats in front held together with a large gold colored pin (b.). Plaid. Button waist band. Color: RD, YL, GR
42013 UNIM1994.14.25 Pants straight legged stretch ankle length pants with waistband (1 button) and left side zipper. Darts at top fron and back. Color: BL
42014 UNIM1994.14.26 Shorts Plain shorts with thin waistband and 4 small darts. Left side zipper with 1 small button. Color: GR
42015 UNIM1994.14.27 Dress Front opening 6 snap closures house dress with short, raglan sleeves, right side seam pocket, ribbon trim at neckline, eyelet lace trim on neckline and sleeve edges. Pastel print fabric with plastic covered buttons. Color: PK, BL, GR
42016 UNIM1994.14.28 Smock Round neckline with slit in back with tie closure. Rick rack trim around neckline, sleeve edges, just above sleeve edges, and across the shoulders. Sel fabric belt loops at each bottom side. Color: WH
42017 UNIM1994.14.29 Apron Round neckline slips over head. Yoke front and back. Back opens below yoke with a tie closure. Patch pockets at each side. Bias tape finishes the edges and around pockets. Knee length. Color: BL
42018 UNIM1994.14.30 Slip A-line below knee full slip. Very large size. Over head slip-on with round neckline. Made up of four panels. Scalloped edges around neck and arm holes. Color: WH
42019 UNIM1994.14.31 Slip Very large size a-line below knee length full slip with scalloped machine embroidery around breast area and on bottom hem. 2 small vertical darts under each breast. Empire style front and back. 5 panel skirt. Adjustable straps. Color: WH
42020 UNIM1994.14.32 Nightgown Below knee very large size nightgown with mandarin collar, gathered sleeves with cuffs, gathered body attached to yoke with slit openeing - 3 hook and eye closure. Color: GR, WH
42021 UNIM1994.14.33 Nightgown Ankle length gown with 5" ruffle, round collar, placket opening down center front, 3 pink 1/2" buttons, yoke front and back, set in sleeves. Hor pink piping all around collar and front yoke. Large size. Color: WH, PK
42022 UNIM1994.14.35 Trim Lace trim wound up on a rectangular piece of cardboard. 1" of the trim is plain to go into a seam. Lace edge is scalloped with little dots on a floral-like motif. Color: WH
42023 UNIM1994.14.38 Pants Men's brown and tan striped pants. Straight leg trouser style ankle length. 9" zipper, 2 snaps, Color: BR, TN
42024 UNIM1994.14.39 Pants Men's dress slacks with two small pleats at waist front, tapered legs, ankle length. Waist band 1 button and 4 belt loops. Two side seam pockets and two back bound pockets. Color: GY
42025 UNIM1994.14.4 Dress Straight style dress with gussets under arms, slanted darts from waist to breasts, rounded neckline, bodice attached to skirt at a lose waist. Floral decoration around nect with rhinestones. Short sleeves, left side 12" zipper, kick pleat 11 1/2" up center back. Color: PK
42026 UNIM1994.14.40 Dress Dress - a, belt - b. Drop waist, flaired skirt, straight bodice. Belted at the waist. Mini dress size seven junior girl. Round neckline with 13" zipper in back. 4 beltloops. Sleeveless. Color: WH, BL, RD
42027 UNIM1994.14.41 Dress Young woman's dress, woven fabric, light blue with blue and purple designs, straight style, round neckline faced, diagonal waist darts, no waist, 5 1/4" ruffle at bottom, shirt tail hem, sleeveless, blue tape around armsyces, blue piping at bottom above ruffle Color: BL, PR
42028 UNIM1994.14.42 Blouse Young woman's blouse, woven fabric, dress type, unfitted style, 5 buttons, pointed collar, set-in long sleeves with cuffs, 2 buttons on each cuff Color: ML
42029 UNIM1994.14.44 Jumper Young woman's jumper, woven fabric, dress type, slight a-line, fitted style, 12" zipper, jewel neckline, sleeveless, wide wale corduroy, Color: OR
42030 UNIM1994.14.45 Suit, jump Adolescent's jumpsuit, terrycloth fabric, floral design in blue, white, orange, and light pink flowers, one piece, v neck, centers front opening with ties to hold shut and ties in back, short set-in sleeves, long pants down to ankles, ties are pink at waist Color: PK
42031 UNIM1994.14.47 Skirt Adolescent's skirt, woven fabric, dressy type, pleated 3/" apart silhouette, 6" zipper, about knee length, 1 button at top of waistband, pleated all around Color: BK
42032 UNIM1994.14.48 Skirt Red and multicolored plaid, woven fabric construction, 28"waist, dressy type, flared with four gored silhouette, 6 1/2" zipper left side, about knee length, 1 1/4" waistband with 1 button at the top, total of 4 belt loops, c&f and c&b semas come together so plaid forms an inverted V Color: RD, ML
42033 UNIM1994.14.49 Brassiere Brassiere, knit fabric, size 12, overhead closure, lace trim, lace elastic 1" W at bottom, 1/4" lace trim around neckline, straps and armcyse, straps are made of ssame nylon fabric, front crosses over and overlaps Color: GD
42034 UNIM1994.14.5 Dress Short cap sleeved dress with full shirt, under arm gussets, and rounded neck. Fabric belt with twist in front. Gored skirt attached at waist to bodice. Blue & green floral print on white background. Color: BL, GR, WH
42035 UNIM1994.14.51 Pants Tan corduroy young men's pants, tan/carmel color, 28" W 23" inseam, trousers, tapered leg, ankle length, 2 frount and 2 back patches, 1 1/2" waistband, 7 belt loops
42036 UNIM1994.14.53 Pants Adolescent's young men blue jeans, woven fabric construction, size 27" W 23" inseam, Bell or boot cut, ankle length, patch pockets, snap at top of waistband, pockets on front extend to waist for belt loops on waist band and have flaps mid-way with snap (d?r only)
42037 UNIM1994.14.54 Pants 26" W 27" inseam, jeans, tapered leg, ankle length, darts control of fullness at waist, front inseam, left back pocket has a button Color: BL
42038 UNIM1994.14.55 Coat Red cotton pile lining in body, blue quilted lining in sleeves, double breasted A-line style, very heavy coat and very warm, peter pan collar with red piping around edge, CF closure with plastic clear buttons at neck and gold metal shank buttons below spaced 5" apart, vertical welt pockets each front side, set-in long sleeves, center back seam half way down coat that forms into a box pleat Color: BL, RD
42039 UNIM1994.14.56 Dress Children's dress, brown background with multicolored dots, A-line style, Size 8 1/2 Chubby, buttons on collar hold off-white tie under collar, pointed collar held down with a gold pleated shank button, 2 1/2" burnt orange tie is sewn on at shoulder seams, CB 3 button placket closure, set-in long sleeves with off-white cuff 2" wide, no waist seam, Color: BR, ML
42040 UNIM1994.14.57 Dress Children's dress in woven fabric with printed floral design, A-line style, Bateau collar come to points at CB 10" zipper CB closure, panels underarms, 4" W at bottom of skirt, 2" factory hem, set-in short sleeves, 8 pink flowers on a stem with leaves at center front, larger flowers at the borrom and gradually get bigger going up to neckline Color: WH, GR, PK
42041 UNIM1994.14.58 Shirt Children's shirt, knit fabric construction in size 12, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, jewel neckline, set in long sleeves, 3/4" same fabric binding around neck, 3/4" hem at bottom Color: GR
42042 UNIM1994.14.59 Shirt Child's blouse, woven fabric construction, white with yellow, pink, and green floral design, casual, unfitted style, 4 button CF closure, peter pan collar, sleeveless, piping around collar, hemming tape around armcyes, shirt-tail hem, heart motif between flowers Color: WH YL PK GR
42043 UNIM1994.14.6 Dress Cap sleeved, six buttons (non-functioning), fabric loops across neckline, fabric belt with round buckle, full gathered skirt attaches to bodice, darts front side center of bodice to breasts. Color: BL, GR, WH
42044 UNIM1994.14.60 Shirt Female child's shirt, knit fabric construction, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, jewel neckline, set0in short sleeves, orange and yellow ribbing around neck, 2 orange and 2 yellow flowers on front of shirt run diagonally below neckline Color: WH OR YL
42045 UNIM1994.14.61 Shirt Female child's shirt, white with blue and purple trim, knit fabric construction, size 6, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, set-in short sleeves, one blue and purple flower and stems on chest, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and at bottom Color: WH BL PR
42046 UNIM1994.14.62 Shirt Female child's shirt, size 6, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, jewel neckline, sleeveless, rib knitting around neckline and armscyes Color: BL
42047 UNIM1994.14.63 Shirt Female child's top, woven fabric construction, size 7?, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, square neckline, sleeveless, lace around armscyes, 2" shoulder straps, self lining in chest area, straps and upper part of top is turquoise blue, turquoise and white striped material is gathered to upper chest section, white lace trim is around armscyes and bottom of top Color: BL WH
42048 UNIM1994.14.64 Shirt female child's top, woven fabric construction, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, round neckline, sleeveless, hemmed with same fabric tape around neckline and armscyes, 2 1/4" eyelet trim with scalloped edge on both sides Color: WH BL
42049 UNIM1994.14.65 Dress Female child's sundress, woven fabric, white with black strips, flared/tent style, round neckline, no waist, no shaping, flares out, sleeveless, white bias tape around neckline, armscyes and bottom of dress, 4 kitten appliques around bottom on front side of dress Color: WH BK
42050 UNIM1994.14.66 Ensemble Female child's vest and skirt, Vest: V neckline, 2 ea. 1/2" dia plastic shank pearlized buttons on each shoulder closure, sleeveless, no darts-straight down to waist, Skirt: pleated, 1 1/2" waistband, center front and back seam, 3/4" W shoulder straps button to skirt crossing in back, buttons are 5/8" dia Color: RD
42051 UNIM1994.14.67 Skirt Child's skirt, woven fabric construction, red apple designs with green leaves, 18" waist, 3 types of apples: solid red, red with white dots, and red and white checked, casual, gathered style, 1 snap closure, about knee length, 1 3/4" waistband, red small dotted print with vertical rows of apples 7/8" dia, Apples: 1 row solid red alternate with polka dot and checked Color: WH RD GR
42052 UNIM1994.14.68 Skirt Child's skirt, red with white trim, knit fabric construction, size 6, wgt. 38-48, hgt. 41-46, casual, gathered silhouette, elastic waistband closure, 4 panel skirt, piping 2" from bottom at hem line Color: RD WH
42053 UNIM1994.14.69 Skirt Child's dressy skirt, woven fabric construction, size 8, 6" zipper CB, About knee length, shaped facing waistline, back and side seams with a shaped panel on each front side Color: WH TN PR
42054 UNIM1994.14.70 Skirt Child's dressy skirt, woven fabric construction, 24" waist, pleated around waistband (12 box pleats), 1 1/2" dia button closure, about knee length, shoulder straps 3/4" W are sewn to back and button in front, 3/4" factory hem Color: BL
42055 UNIM1994.14.71 Pants Female child's pants, bell bottom leg style, ankle length, 23" W x 21" inseam, elastic 7/8" waistband, 1" hem in legs (factory hem) Color: BL
42056 UNIM1994.14.72 Pants Child's dressy slacks, multicolored plaid, woven fabric construction, 24" W x 19 1/2" inseam, bell bottom leg style, ankle length, elastic waistline fitted facing, 1 1/2" dressmaker hem Color: RD BL GR YL ML
42057 UNIM1994.14.73 Pants Female child's casual pants, woven fabric construction, 26" W x 20" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, narrow hem machine stitched 3/8" W., waistband elastic at back only, white blue and purple large flowered print on brown Color: BR
42058 UNIM1994.14.74 Pants Female child's caual pants, knit olive green fabric, 24" W x 22" inseam, bell bottom leg style, ankle length, 1" hem on bottom of legs, elastic waistband, seam stitched down center front to form a permanent crease Color: YL GR
42059 UNIM1994.14.75 Shorts Female child's shorts, woven fabric construction, white with blue stripes, 22"W, 18" wide leg, short-short length, elastic wasitband with bow trim held in place, patch pocket with 2 ea 3/4" dia buttons (blue), 5" center back zipper, pocket trim has a plastic ring with tabs going through forming a bow shape, tabs are held down with blue 3/4" buttons on each side Color: WH BL
42060 UNIM1994.14.76 Shorts Female child's shorts, woven fabric construction, size 12, 19" W leg, short-short length, 2 darts in back of waist, 1 button at top of waistband, 7" left side zippers, 1 1/4" W cuff on bottom of legs
42061 UNIM1994.14.77 Pajamas Female child's pajamas, white with pink teddy bear print, size 3T, Top: v neckline, short sleeves, center front 3 snap closure, 3 snaps at waist to attach pajama bottoms, Bottoms: snap at center front and sides, attaches to top, bottoms have elastic in back of waist, long legged Color: WH PK
42062 UNIM1994.14.78 Pajamas Female child's pajamas, baby doll style, top with bloomers, same style as UNIM 1994.14.79, Top: round neckline with elastic and 3/4" lace, 3/16" wide ribbon bow at center front, sleeveless with lace around armzcyes, Bloomers: elastic around waist and around legs, legs have very narrow elastic sewn 3/4" up from bottom of legs Color: WH OR YL GR
42063 UNIM1994.14.79 Pajamas Female child's pajamas, baby doll style, same style as UNIM 1994.14.78, White with blue and pink fruit and blue lines making 7/8" squares print, Top: round neckline with elastic and 3/4" W lace, 3/16" wide ribbon bow at center front, sleeveless with lace around armcyes, Bloomers: Elastic around waist and legs, legs have very narrow elastic sewn 3/4" up from bottom of legs Color: WH BL PK
42064 UNIM1994.14.80 Pajamas Female child's sleeper pajamas, 30" from shoulder to feet, pink with white trim, one piece pajamas, ribing at neck and cuffs on long sleeves, center front 18" zipper closure with tab and snap at top, pajamas have feeet with platic lined in white flannel socks Color: PK WH
42065 UNIM1994.14.81 Panties female child's panties, knit fabric construction, size 14, elastic 1/2" W around waist, no trim, 1/4" w elastic around leg openings, double crotch
42066 UNIM1994.14.82 Panties Female child's panties, knit fabric size 10, elastic 1/2" w around waist, no trim, 1/4" elastic around leg openings, double crotch Color: WH
42067 UNIM1994.14.83 Panties Female child's panties, knit fabric, size 10, no trim, 1/2" w elastic at waist, 1/4" w elastic around leg openings, double crotch Color: WH
42068 UNIM1994.14.84 Panties Female child's panties, knit fabric, size 8, elastic waist closure, no trim, 1/2" elastic at waist, 1/4" elastic around leg opening, double crotch Color: WH
42069 UNIM1994.14.85 Jacket Male child's blue leisure jacket, acetate lining fully lined in white, woven fabric, 14" sleeve, dressy, unfitted style, 3 sets of 2 buttons center front, top stitched aroudn collar and down frontand around pocket flaps, notched collar, set-in long sleeves, 1/2" dia blue buttons, double breasted, pocket flaps at each side in front for decoration
42070 UNIM1994.14.86 Jacket Blue male child's jacket, dressy, unfitted style, 2 gold metal buttons on center front, size 5, notched collar, set-in long sleeves, 3/4" hem at sleeevs and bottom of jacket, not lined
42071 UNIM1994.14.87 Shirt Adolescent boy's dressy shirt, knit fabric construction, size small, unfitted style, 2 buttons on center front, pointed collar, set-in long sleeves with 1 button cuff, center front placket with two buttons 1/2" dia, breast pocket on left side, 3/4" factory hem at bottom Color: GR
42072 UNIM1994.14.88 Shirt Male child's casual shirt, unfitted style, pullover closure, turtleneck neckline, set-in long sleeves with cuff, ribbin on neck and cuffs, 3/4" factory hem, Color: GR
42073 UNIM1994.14.89 Shirt Male child's dress or casual shirt, unfitted style, 8" zipper center back, turtleneck neckline, set-in long sleeves, ribbed knit, 1" factory hem Color: OR
42074 UNIM1994.14.9 Dress Princess styling with slight A-line, sleeveless coat dress style, v-neckline, center front closure, fully lined, white buttons, 2 long front seams from mid-shoulder to hem Color: BL, WH
42075 UNIM1994.14.90 Shirt Boy or Girl's shirt, knit fabric, casual, unfitted style, 5 1/2" zipper center back, ribbing on neckline, set-in long sleeves, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and at bottom of shirt Color: BL
42076 UNIM1994.14.91 Shirt Male child's casual shirt, ribbed-knit fabric construction, red, white, and brown stripes, unfitted style, pullover, turtleneck, setin long sleeves, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and bottom of shirt, ribbing around neck is red Color: RD BR WH
42077 UNIM1994.14.92 Shirt Male child's dress shirt, unfitted style, placket with 2 snaps CF, Peter Pan collar with 2 rows of blue stitching on edge, setin short sleeves, ribbing around sleeve with two rows of blue, 4 1/2" placket at CF with two snaps closure, 3/4" factory hem at bottom, Color: WH BL
42078 UNIM1994.14.93 Shirt Female child's dress shirt, unfitted style, center front closure, placket with 2 snaps, Peter Pan collar with small trim at edge, setin short sleeves, ribbing on bottom of sleeves, 3/4" factory hem at bottom of shirt Color: WH
42079 UNIM1994.14.94 Shirt Male or Female child's casual shirt, Size medium 5-6, unfitted style, pullover, jewel neckline, sleeveless, ribbing around neckline and armcyes, 3/4" factory hem on bottom, knit fabric construction Color: WH
42080 UNIM1994.14.95 Shirt Male child's casual shirt, dark blue with white trim, 14" sleeve length, unfitted style, 4 button holes, v-neckline, setin long sleeves with cuff, two white stripes, 3/4" W sewn around left arm and spaced 3/8" apart at upper arm, white tab around neck and down center front Color: BL WH
42081 UNIM1994.14.96 Shirt Male child's casual shirt, burgundy, gray, black, and white stripes, unfitted style, 3 button holes CF, Notched collar, setin long sleeves with 1 1/2" cuff with one button, has a pocket on left chest 3 1/2" H/ 3" W with button at top Color: RD GY BK WH
42082 UNIM1994.14.97 Shirt Male child's casual shirt, unfitted style, 4 1/2" zipper CF, pointed collar, setin short sleeves, 1/2" factory hem on bottom, 3/4" hem on sleeves, top stitched around collar Color: BL RD WH
42083 UNIM1994.14.98 Shirt Female child's casual shirt, unfitted style, pullover closure, square neckline, sleeveless, 3/8" bottom factory hem, armcyes turned back 1/4" and has two rows of stitching around them Color: BL RD YL
42084 UNIM1994.14.99 Pants Male child's black dress pants, tapered leg, ankle length, permanent crease, back darts, inseam pockets, 1" faced waistband, 1 1/2" hem on leg bottom, 5 1/2" zipper CF with hook on 1 1/4" waistband closure, 1 1/2" hem on legs
42085 UNIM1994.15.0002 Gloves A pair of woman's cottons gloves.
42086 UNIM1994.17.0001 Ensemble Dress and jacket. Dress bodice has princess line, very little flair. Round neckline. Center back opening; ipper. Round neckline. Sleeves are short, set in front, in one with yoke in back. Satin bias trim around neck and daisy flower on shoulder. Jacket has narrow notched collar, 3/4 sleeves and daisy at waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
42087 UNIM1994.17.2 Ensemble Dress and jacket. Dress is fitted sheath. Waist darts, center back zipper. Short set-in sleeves. Skirt back has seam and zipper closure. Jacket has 3/4 sleeves. Line of tucks in dress bodice and across waistline of jacket. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
42088 UNIM1994.17.3 Dress Front is long waisted; back has yoke, then bodice & skirt panel. Short sleeves with satin cuffs and sash. One pocket at right front on skirt. Short, flared skirt. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL,BR
42089 UNIM1994.17.4 Ensemble Dress and jacket of orange print feed sack material. Dress is sundress with low square neck, sleeveless. Large tucks fit skirt to bodice; wide machine hem. Bolero jacket with shoulder darts; open at front. Short set-in sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: OR,WH
42090 UNIM1994.17.6 Sachet Made from 6 1/2" square folded diagonally, with cotton batting filler. One side has design of violets and leaves (embroidered). Feather stitch to hold layers, along 6 1/2" edges. Embroidery of purple flowers and dark greenleaves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,LV,GR
42091 UNIM1995.3.1 Dress Short sleeved floor-length dress. Color: YW UNIM1995.3.1 (Dress) image
42092 UNIM1995.4.2 Bonnet Infant's cap. White bobbin lace over white taffeta lining. Bobbin lace edging around front and bottom of bonnet. 1/2" blue satin ribbon ties. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,BL
42093 UNIM1995.5.3 Collar None
42094 UNIM1995.7.100 Book Outlines for Textiles Study by Ethel L. Phelps. Burgess Publishing Company, Minneapolis, 1939. 
42095 UNIM1995.7.102 Book Laboratory Swatch Book for Textile Fabrics, Part I by Isabel Wingate. Prentice-Hall, New York, 1937. 
42096 UNIM1995.7.103 Book Laboratory Swatch Book for All Textile Fabrics, Part II by Isabel B. Wingate. Prentice-Hall, New York, 1937. 
42097 UNIM1995.7.108 Book Directory of Approved Gas Appliances and Listed Accessories. American Gas Association Laboratories, Cleveland, 1950. 
42098 UNIM1995.7.109 Book Equipment Catalog. United States Testing Company, Hoboken, New York. 
42099 UNIM1995.7.110 Book Scott Testers, Catalog #50. Scott Testers, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island. 
42100 UNIM1995.7.111 Book Scott Testers, Catalog #51. Scott Testers, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island.