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42201 UNIM1995.7.55 Pamphlet "Selction of Ready-to-Wear Garments" by Delphine Dawson and Blanche E. Hyde. Bulletin 345-A, June 1936. 
42202 UNIM1995.7.56 Pamphlet "Mothers' Opinions of Fibers in Selected Items of Children's Clothing." U. S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics Bulletin #65, Washington D. C., 1951. 
42203 UNIM1995.7.57 Pamphlet "Buying Boys' Suits." Farmer's Bulletin #1877, U. S. Department of Agriculture, July 1941. 
42204 UNIM1995.7.58 Pamphlet "Family Clothing Inventories and Purchases with an Analysis to Show Factors Affecting Consumption." Agriculture Information Bulletin #148, U. S. Department of Agriculture, April 1956. 
42205 UNIM1995.7.59 Pamphlet "Fabrics and Designs for Children's Clothes." Farmer's #1778, U. S. Department of Agriculture, October 1937. 
42206 UNIM1995.7.60 Pamphlet Consumer Satisfaction with Women's Blouses. Part I: University of Rhode Island, Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin #349, 1959. 
42207 UNIM1995.7.61 Pamphlet Consumer Satisfaction with Women's Blouses. Part II: Laboratory Wear Studies, Northeast Regional Bulletin #35, University of Rhode Island Bulletin #342, June 1958. 
42208 UNIM1995.7.62 Pamphlet "Women's Dresses and Slips: A Buying Guide." Farmer's Bulletin #1851. U. S. Department of Agriculture, September 1940. 
42209 UNIM1995.7.63 Pamphlet "Better Buymanship" No. 4, Shoes and Stockings. Household Finance Corporation and Sobsidiaries, 1934. 
42210 UNIM1995.7.65 Pamphlet "How to Buy Shoes" by Frieda C. Stoll and Meta E. Martin. Bulletin #335, Purdue University, Division of Home Economics, 1947. 
42211 UNIM1995.7.67 Pamphlet "The Antioch College Studies of the Effects of Modern Shoes upon Proper Body Mechanics." 1924-1935. 
42212 UNIM1995.7.68 Pamphlet "Feet and Shoes, Foundations of Style." Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Ames, Iowa, January 1939. 
42213 UNIM1995.7.74 Pamphlet Knit Fabrics by Jessie Caplin. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, 1940. 
42214 UNIM1995.7.75 Pamphlet Cotton and Cotton Fabrics. Cotton Bulletin #15. Good Housekeeping, Department of Merchandise Education, 1939. 
42215 UNIM1995.7.76 Pamphlet Crease-Resistance and Cotton. National Cotton Council of America, Textile Research Institute, Inc., New York, 1949
42216 UNIM1995.7.77 Pamphlet The Study of Textiles by Nellie Crooks. Gaylord Brothers, Syracuse, New York, 1908. 
42217 UNIM1995.7.78 Folder, Pamphlet DuPont Textile Fibers Newsletter. 
42218 UNIM1995.7.79 Pamphlet The History of Moygashel (Linen). Hamilton Adams Imports, New York. 
42219 UNIM1995.7.80A Pamphlet Irish Linen: The Fabric of Elegance. Elliot and Nelson (for the Irish Linen Guild), New York, 1945. 
42220 UNIM1995.7.80B Pamphlet Irish Linen: The Fabric of Elegance. Elliot and Nelson (for the Irish Linen Guild), New York, 1945. 
42221 UNIM1995.7.81 Pamphlet Is it Wool?. The Wool Bureau, New York. 
42222 UNIM1995.7.83 Pamphlets Knitting Fabrics. American Bemberg Corporation, New York, 1944. 
42223 UNIM1995.7.83 Pamphlets Selection of Cotton Fabrics. Farmer's Bulletin #1449. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington D. C., 1926.
42224 UNIM1995.7.84 Pamphlet Cotton in Retail Piece Goods by Frank A. McCord and Raymond Steinback, Jr. National Cotton Council of America, Utilization Research Division, Memphis, Tennessee, 1952. 
42225 UNIM1995.7.85 Pamphlet Naphtalated Wood Worsted, Fleece to Fabric. Arlington Mills, Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1944. 
42226 UNIM1995.7.86 Pamphlet A New Word. United States Testing Company, Hoboken, New York, 1944. 
42227 UNIM1995.7.87 Pamphlet Quality of Woven Clothing Fabrics Purchased 1944-1946. United States Government Printing Office, Washington D. C., 1949. 
42228 UNIM1995.7.88 Pamphlet "The Romance of Leather." Tanners' Coucil of America, New York. 
42229 UNIM1995.7.89 Pamphlet The Selection and Conservation of Textiles. Department of Research, Laundryowners National Association, Carlottesville, Virginia. 
42230 UNIM1995.7.91 Pamphlet "Massachusetts - Beehive of Business" by William Joseph Showalter. (Excerpts from National Geographic.) Washington D. C., March 1920. 
42231 UNIM1995.7.92 Pamphlet Qualities of Cotton by George A. Sloan. The Cotton-Textile Institute, New York, 1928. 
42232 UNIM1995.7.93 Pamphlet The Story of Cotton. National Cotton Coucil, Memphis, Tennessee. 
42233 UNIM1995.7.94 Pamphlet The Story of Rayon. The Viscose Company, New York, 1925. 
42234 UNIM1995.7.95 Pamphlet A Story of Wool. North Star Woolen Mill Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
42235 UNIM1995.7.96 Book Survey of Canvas Awning Fabricators. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Washington D. C. 
42236 UNIM1995.7.97 Pamphlet What Crown Tested Means to You. American Viscose Corpoation, 1941. 
42237 UNIM1995.7.98 Pamphlet What You Should Know About Rayon Yarn. E. I. DuPont De Nemours & Company, New York, 1940. 
42238 UNIM1995.7.99 Book Problems in Textiles by Katherine Paddock Hess, M. S. and Ester Bruner.  J. B. Lippincott, Chicago, 1931. 
42239 UNIM1995.8 Kente Cloth Kente Cloth, Purchased from Ghanan student in 1979 UNIM1995.8 (Kente Cloth) image
42240 UNIM1995.8.1 Shoes Pair of white Barney branded child shoes, two velcro straps across the tongue, pink rubber soles, Barney the dinosaur appears 10 times on the shoes.
42241 UNIM1996.1.1 Pants Flared straight leg jeans. Yoke in back; welt seams. 6 fabric belt loops. Waistband and 5-button placket. Sketch on catalog sheet.
42242 UNIM1996.3.0017 Book "Managment in Family Living, 3rd edition," by Paulena Nickell; Jean Dorsey; and Marie Budolfson. Color: BK,WH
42243 UNIM1996.3.3 Book Paperback book "Consumers Can Help Win the War,'' by Jessie Coles. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles.
42244 UNIM1996.3.5 Book Hadback book "Consumer Problems in Wartime," by Kenneth Dameron, Ed. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.
42245 UNIM1996.5.2 Dress Wine colored, satin moire dress (2-piece), muslin hoop skirt.  Student reproduction of an 1857 Afternoon Dress.
42246 UNIM1996.5.3 Dress Floor-length cotton dress with small floral designs, and long sleeves. Color: BL, WH UNIM1996.5.3 (Dress) image
42247 UNIM1996.6.1 Coat Tan trench-style coat w/3 button front closure, pointed collar, shoulder pads, seam center back and down each side in front. 2 belt loops, slit pockets in front. Fully lined in toast colored crepe fabric. Long sleeves w/wide cuffs. Belt with same fabric. 3-1" shank plastic buttons.
42248 UNIM1996.6.2 Dress Woven, mid-calf length dress w/shoulder pads, V-neckline revers collar, center front closure w/thee 3/4" buttons and machine button holes. Two darts each side & slight gathers sewen to 4 panel skirt. Underarm darts, set-in sleeves with 1.5" cuff. Belt is 43" l x 1 1/8" w & buckle. Buttons are covered with dress fabric. Color: BL
42249 UNIM1996.6.3 Dress Woven, A-line,V-neck, center front placket closure to waist (homemaker sewn shut). Collar. 6 panel skirt (3 front, 3 back), mid-calf length with 2" hem. Piece of fabric cut out of back side of placket. Homemaker sewed collar down to hold in place. Leaf design in 1" square alternating color print. Color: Lt.BL, BL,YL,GR
42250 UNIM1996.6.4 Dress Purple dress (a) with matching belt (b) that has light pink stripes. 
42251 UNIM1996.6.5 Dress Green floral short sleeve dress with brown and blue flowers and brown buttons.
42252 UNIM1996.6.6 Dress Woven, A-line, V-neckline, notched revers collar stops at shoulder seams. Bust darts, 2 waist darts each side. Center front closure w/5 buttons 3/4" dia. 5 panel skirt closure continues from waist down, snaps at waist. Bodice slightly gathered in back at waist. Short set-in sleeves w/1.2" cuff. Belt with same fabric 42" L x 1 1/4 W has buckle. Patch pocket 5.5" square. Color: Off WH;GY;BL
42253 UNIM1996.6.7 Dress A-line, waistline slightly higher in center front. V-neckline, pointed collar ends at shoulder seams, bust darts both sides, 2 waist darts each side; slightly gathered in back. Center front closure w/5 white buttons, snaps at waist, closure extends 10" below waist. 5-panel skirt with 1.5" hem. Short kimona sleeves with 1 1/4" cuff. 1-pocket on right 5.5" W x 5.5" H on one side and 6" H on other side. Wide rick-rack w/narrow rick-rack on collar and pocket. Color: GY;WH;GD;BL
42254 UNIM1996.6.8 Slip 2" lace trim at bottom above shirt tail hem. Fully lined to waist, V-neckline front and back. 1/2" straps, not adjustable. Empire style, A-line. Pinned up 2" in front using 3 safety pins making slip shorter in front. Stains at neckline and down front and back. Safety pin holes in fabric at top of lace in front. Top stitched around waist. Color: PR
42255 UNIM1996.6.9 Shirt Casual, unifitted, front closure w/4shank 1/2" dia. Buttons & 3/8" button at neck w/loop button hole. Two patch pockets w/shank buttons on each side on front chest. Shank buttons on cuff, regular one button barrel cuff. Both cuffs have buttons broken off. Flat felt seams except on back yoke. 1/2" hem. Color: BL;Dk.BL;WH
42256 UNIM1996.7.0002 Necklace Continuous ring made up of clusters of 4 shells grouped together. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1996.7.0002 (Necklace) image
42257 UNIM1996.7.1 Shawl "Jusi" shawl, of banana fiber. 1/2" horizontal stripes of green, rust, yellow and pink, with a black stripe between each two of the other colors. Pink predominates. 5 3/4" pink border at each end has landscape scenery of trees and houses. 3 1/2" fringe at each end is black. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK,GR,BR,YL,BK
42258 UNIM1996.8.1 Culottes Woman's culottes. Fabric is blue, green, and purple paisley print. Panels are sewn on at hip area to create pockets. Zips up side with blue metal zipper. Culottes are very flared; create the illusion of an A-line skirt when legs are together.
42259 UNIM1996.8.11 Shoe Last Wooden shoe last. 8 1/2 AA stamped on one half of the last. Red wax on the bottom. Metal soles. Metal hole located in the top back portion of the last.
42260 UNIM1996.8.12 Shoe Last Wooden childs shoe last with small hole above the heel. 
42261 UNIM1996.8.17 Shoes White faux leather children's shoe, " John Paul's 1st shoe" written on bottom in pen. 
42262 UNIM1996.8.2 Shoes Pair of Pavilia by johansen brand heels, large foot, dark green color with cream stitching, inside sole is silver, bottom is wood. 
42263 UNIM1996.8.22 Wood Stamp Woodcut block from India purchased by donor at a Waterloo store.
42264 UNIM1996.8.24 Book "Home Comfort Cook Book" Wrought Iron Range Company: St. Louis, USA. 1916
42265 UNIM1996.8.25 Book "A Book for a Cook" Pillsbury: Minneapolis, Minnesota 1905
42266 UNIM1996.8.26 Magazine Ladies Circle Needlework. 
42267 UNIM1996.8.27 Magazine Modern Needlecraft.
42268 UNIM1996.8.28 Catalog, Pattern Modes Royale. Winter Catalog, 1969-1970. 
42269 UNIM1996.8.3 Collar Woman's collar made from three tiers of scalloped netting-style lace. Once white; has some discolorations. Specific areas are embroidered with white thread to emphasize the scallops.
42270 UNIM1996.9.1 Book “Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis’s Cook Book” New York: The Success Company, 1909.
42271 UNIM1996.9.11 Book “Money Management Library: Your Budget” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42272 UNIM1996.9.12 Book “Money Management Library: Your Shopping Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42273 UNIM1996.9.13 Book “Money Management Library: Your Food Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42274 UNIM1996.9.14 Book “Money Management Library: Your Shelter Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42275 UNIM1996.9.15 Book “Money Management Library: Your Clothing Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42276 UNIM1996.9.16 Book “Money Management Library: Your Health Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42277 UNIM1996.9.17 Book “Money Management Library: Your Health and Recreation Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42278 UNIM1996.9.18 Book “Money Management Library: Your Equipment Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42279 UNIM1996.9.19 Book “Money Management Library: Your Automobile Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42280 UNIM1996.9.20 Book “Money Management Library: Your Recreation Dollar” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42281 UNIM1996.9.2 Booklet “American Standard: Dimensions, Tolerances, and Terminology for Home Cooking and Baking Utensils.” American Standard Association, October 27, 1949.
42282 UNIM1996.9.21 Book “Money Management Library: For Young Moderns” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1954.
42283 UNIM1996.9.22 Book “Money Management Library: Children's Spending” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1955.
42284 UNIM1996.9.23 Book “Money Management Library: Time Management for Homemarkers” – Household Finance Corporation, Chicago 1943.
42285 UNIM1996.9.24 Book “Family Income and Expenditures No. 375”
42286 UNIM1996.9.25 Book “Family Income and Expenditures No. 383”
42287 UNIM1996.9.26 Book “Family Housing and Facilities No. 399”
42288 UNIM1996.9.27 Book “Family Expenditures for Medical Care No. 402”
42289 UNIM1996.9.28 Book “Family Expenditures for Automobile and Other Transportation No. 415”
42290 UNIM1996.9.29 Book “Family Expenditures for Clothing – Urban & Village Series No. 422”
42291 UNIM1996.9.30 Book “Family Expenditures for Clothing - Farm Series No. 428”
42292 UNIM1996.9.3 Booklet “The Automatic Cook Book, 8th Edition” Chicago: Automatic Canning Services, Inc., Merchandise Mart, 1935.
42293 UNIM1996.9.31 Book “Family Expenditures for Housing and Household Operations No. 432”
42294 UNIM1996.9.32 Book “Family Expenditures for Furnishings and Equipment No. 436”
42295 UNIM1996.9.33 Book “Family Expenditures for Personal Care, Gifts, Selected Taxes, and Miscellaneous Items No. 455”
42296 UNIM1996.9.34A Book “Family Expenditures for Education, Reading, Recreation, and Tobacco No. 456”
42297 UNIM1996.9.35 Book “Family Expenditures for Housing & Household Operations No. 457”
42298 UNIM1996.9.36 Book “Family Income and Expenditures No. 462”
42299 UNIM1996.9.38 Booklet "The American Consumer." Information and Guidance for the Consumer Buyer. Volume 6, Number 6, September 1938. 
42300 UNIM1996.9.39 Booklet "The American Consumer." The Consumer Buyers Guide to Value and Wise Spending. Volume 7, Number 4, April 1939.