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42301 UNIM1996.9.39 Booklet "The American Consumer." The Consumer Buyers Guide to Value and Wise Spending. Volume 7, Number 4, April 1939. 
42302 UNIM1996.9.4 Booklet “Cutlery Care and How to Carve” Milwaukee: John Oster Manufacturing Company.
42303 UNIM1996.9.40 Book The House: Its Plan and Use by Tessie Agan, M. S.    J. B. Lippincott Company, Chicago, 1939. 
42304 UNIM1996.9.41 Book Period Furnishings by C. R. Clifford. Clifford and Lawton, New York, 1911. 
42305 UNIM1996.9.42 Book Funk & Wagnalls' Standard Primer for Home Builders and Home Buyers by Kenneth Duncan. Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, 1947.
42306 UNIM1996.9.43 Book Inside Today's Home by Ray & Sarah Faulkner. Henry Holt & Company, New York, 1954. 
42307 UNIM1996.9.44 Book The Human House by Dorothy J. Field. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1939. 
42308 UNIM1996.9.45 Book The Study of Interior Decoration by Alice and Bettina Jackson. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York, 1929. 
42309 UNIM1996.9.46 Book Wood-Finishing by Harry R. Jefferey. The Manual Arts Press, Peoria, Illinois, 1924. 
42310 UNIM1996.9.47 Book The House and Its Care  by Mary Lockwood Mathews, B. S. Little, Brown and Company, Boston 1941. 
42311 UNIM1996.9.48 Book Accurate Home Estimating by Thomas A. & Ruth A. Roberts. The Bruce Publishing Company , Milwaukee, 1942. 
42312 UNIM1996.9.49 Book Interior Decoration for the Small Home by Amy L. Rolfe. The Macmillan Company, New York, 1929. 
42313 UNIM1996.9.5 Booklet “Healthful Living” Battle Creek, Michigan: The Battle Creek Food Company, 1934.
42314 UNIM1996.9.56 Book Housing Standards by Leon N. Henderson. University of Florida, 1940. 
42315 UNIM1996.9.57 Book Heuga Review: Landscape Office. Heugatile Corporation, Kenilworth, New Jersey. 
42316 UNIM1996.9.58 Book Light Frame House Construction. U. S. Department of Commerse, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1940. 
42317 UNIM1996.9.59 Book Gertrude's New House by Willie Mae Miles. The Florida Committee for the Improvement of the Applied Economics part of the Teacher Education Program, 1946. 
42318 UNIM1996.9.6 Booklet “Recipes and Menus for ‘National Pressure Cooker’” & “Simultaneous Cooking” Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Northwestern Steel and Iron Works, 1923.
42319 UNIM1996.9.60 Book Care and Repair of the House  by Vincent B. Phelan. U. S. Department of Commerse, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1931. 
42320 UNIM1996.9.61 Book Wall Plaster: Its Ingredients, Preparation, and Properties. Department of Commerce, Washington Government Printing Office, 1924. 
42321 UNIM1996.9.63 Pamphlet Constant Temperature Equipment. Central Scientific Company, 1948. 
42322 UNIM1996.9.64 Pamphlet Measurements for the Household No. 55. Circular of the Bureau of Standards, Washington Government Printing Office, August 28, 1915. 
42323 UNIM1996.9.66 Pamphlet Safety for the Household. Number 463, National Bureau of Standards, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1947. 
42324 UNIM1996.9.67 Booklet “Dry-Cleaning in the Home” Brieflet #589
42325 UNIM1996.9.68 Booklet “Methods and Equipment for Home Laundering” Farmer’s Bulletin No. 1497: U.S. Department of Agriculture, June 1926
42326 UNIM1996.9.70 Booklet “Easier Laundering.” School of Agriculture, Pennsylvania State College, Circular 301, February 1947.
42327 UNIM1996.9.7 Book Management in Homes by Ella M. Cushman, M. S. The Macmillan Company, New York, 1945. 
42328 UNIM1996.9.72 Booklet “Home Washing Helps Bulletin No.1 - Soap” Colgate & Company: New Jersey, 1927
42329 UNIM1996.9.73 Booklet “Soap in Everyday Life.” Abby Josephine Spear: Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company, 1929.
42330 UNIM1996.9.74 Booklet “Soaps and other Detergents” Lucille Williamson: Bulletin 767 Cornell University, November 1949
42331 UNIM1996.9.75 Booklet “Soap and Water Softeners” Lucille Williamson – Bulletin 651, Cornell University, June 1944.
42332 UNIM1996.9.76 Booklet “Removal of Stains from Clothing and other Textiles” Harold Lang & Anna Whittelsey: Washington Government Printing Office, September 1917.
42333 UNIM1996.9.77 Booklet “Home Washing Helps Bulletin No. 4 Stains” Colgate & Co. New Jersey, 1927.
42334 UNIM1996.9.78A Booklet “Stain Removal from Fabrics” Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1474: U.S. Department of Agriculture, September 1942
42335 UNIM1996.9.78B Booklet “Stain Removal from Fabrics” Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1474: U.S. Department of Agriculture, September 1942
42336 UNIM1996.9.79 Book Curriculum Development In Education For Home & FamilyLiving: Some Procedures Used in Evolving a Philosophy, United States Department of the Interior, March 1939. 
42337 UNIM1996.9.80 Booklet “Progress Report of the Iowa Home Economics Curriculum Program” Issued by the Board of Vocational Education: The State of Iowa, 1945.
42338 UNIM1996.9.81 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 7 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. Florida Curriculum Laboratory. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
42339 UNIM1996.9.82 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 8 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
42340 UNIM1996.9.83 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 9 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. Florida Curriculum Laboratory. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
42341 UNIM1996.9.84 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 11 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, 1942. 
42342 UNIM1996.9.85 Book Let's Work Magic     Grade 12 by Kathryn Eastwood Reed. University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, September 1, 1942. 
42343 UNIM1996.9.90 Book “Etiquette” By Emily Post – Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, 1960.
42344 UNIM1996.9.9A Book “The Good Housekeeping Book” Stamford House, New York, New York, 1947.
42345 UNIM1996.9.92 Book “Hand Tools, Standards and Curriculum Division Training Bureau of Naval Personnel.” US Government Printing Office, Washington, 1944.
42346 UNIM1996.9.93 Book "Use of Tools" Prepared by Standards & Curriculum Division Training Bureau of Naval Personnel. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1945. 
42347 UNIM1997.6.0004 Dress Woven, A-line, notched shawl neckline, collar divides in back. Large front pleat center front closure. Two darts each side in front. Slight gathers in back attached to waist of skirt. Diagonal pockets each side starting at waist. Short set-in sleeves with cuffs. 2" hem. 2 belt loops and belt of same fabric. Threads scattered over entire dress. Color: GY; PK
42348 UNIM1998.11.0200 Hat Sailor style hat used in a political campaign. 3" high, flat across top. 1" red and white striped plastic ribbon around base of crown. 2" wide brim, horizontal. Bound with white plastic. Weaving pattern in straw is twill weave; plastic ribbon. Both add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
42349 UNIM1998.11.43 Dress Sheer floor-length dress with floral pattern and long sleeves. Color: BK, GR, PR, PK UNIM1998.11.43 (Dress) image
42350 UNIM2000.17.1 Tool Metal cookie cutter, design is in the shape of a lit candle in a crescent-shaped candlestick holder, there are two circular rings around the candle design. The back of the object is flat with a single metal handle and three circular punctures.
42351 UNIM2003.19.1 Suit Black wedding suit with A: Jacket, B: Vest, C: Pant, and D: Pant
42352 UNIM2003.19.2 Uniform 1920's wool baseball uniform consisting of a pinstripe top (a) matching pants (b) and cap (c) The stripes are green and the fabric itself is a faded light green color. Some of the stitching is done in cream to accent it. The top is button down with white buttons and has the word "WAKONDA" across it in black sewn on letters. The waist of the pants closes with black buttons, and the ankles on the pants have an elastic cuff to cinch the material. Wide leather brim hat. Was owned by donors father, Ervin Cornelius Mikkelsen. 
42353 UNIM2003.19.4 handkerchief A wedding handkerchief with a white and red border filled with geometric symbols and blue staining on one edge. 
42354 UNIM2003.19.8 Garters a. Pale yellow elastic with orange, green, and blue stripes woven in. Silver hook attaches at section of tan fabric. Silver buckle for adjusting. b. Identical to a. c. Early 20th century Paris Garters box for men. Design on front features a man in a tank top and shorts sliding a garter over his leg. Underneath are the words, "PARIS GARTERS / NO METAL CAN TOUCH YOU". The design is printed in blue with white backing. "272" and "PALM BEACH" are stamped on one side. a-c.
42355 UNIM2004.29.1 Apron Turquoise cobbler style smock apron with 3 - 8" pockets across bottom front. Round neckline, button at back of neck, waist darts, tie belt sewn in darts. Open back with neck closure. Gold geometric design on turqoise, gold bias tape around neck, armholes, and across pocket tops. Color: BL, GD
42356 UNIM2004.29.10 Apron Bib style apron of quilted fabric. 2 wooden rings at top corners with neck tie attached. Edges trimmed with bias tape. Ties extend at sides to be tied in back. Ends of ties are knotted. Small blue flowers with yellow centers and green leaves decorate center. Color: WH, YL, GR, BL
42357 UNIM2004.29.11 Apron White apron with bib and gathered skirt with one pocket. Red rickrack trim on waistband and lower skirt edge. Round neckline with back closure of one button and a button loop. Tie belt attached to back at waistband. Color: WH, RD
42358 UNIM2004.29.12 Apron Reversible, double thick cloth half-apron with waistband and gathered skirt. Same on both sides. Tie belt at waist with a red & white polka dot patch pocket on right side front. Pocket has a blue flap with one button closure. Color: BL, RD, WH
42359 UNIM2004.29.13 Apron White half apron with red rickrack on waistband with green bias tape trim and gathered waist with back ties. Green strip with red rickrack and green bias tape trim on botton edge. Color: WH, GR, RD
42360 UNIM2004.29.14 Apron Half apron with top of waistband trimmed in brown. Two brown strips at waist for casing with gathered waist. Tan cord attached to waistband for belt ties. Brown woven design in three strips across bottom part of apron skirt. Color: GR, BR
42361 UNIM2004.29.18 Apron Yellow fabric with brown border at bottom of half-apron. Brown tulip and heart designs, with green leaves decorate the bottom border. Apron has gathered skirt, waistband, back ties, patch pocket on right front side. Color: YL, BR, GR
42362 UNIM2004.29.19 Apron Half-apron, turquoise main color with yellow, red, and brown rickrack trim on pocket top and bottom edge of skirt. Gathered skirt style with waistband and ties. Patch pocket is on right side of front. Color: BL, YL, RD, BR
42363 UNIM2004.29.2 Apron Smock style apron is below knee length and wraps around to overlap in the front (3 armholes). Whit bias tape around the neck, armholes, edges and bottom. Floral designs. Color: GR PK,BL WH,OR,
42364 UNIM2004.29.20 Apron a. Half-apron is clear plastic with white floral design, green edges and green ties. B. Manufacturer's information slip "Beautiful Ladies Hostess Apron. Practical, Cleans In A Jiffy, Just Wipe With Damp Cloth". Color: Clear, WH, GR
42365 UNIM2004.29.21 Apron White with pick bias tape around all edges. Two clothes pins pictured on long pocket across bottom edge with "Clothes-pins" embroidered in cursive writing on pocket. Darts at hip both sides. Color: WH, PK, GY
42366 UNIM2004.29.22 Pillowcase White fabric with yellow floral oval border in center. Color: WH, YL, OR, GR
42367 UNIM2004.29.25 Pad, hot Maroon hexagon shaped floral weave with fringed edges. Very thick. Color: BR
42368 UNIM2004.29.27 Pad, hot Single crocheted hexagon shaped pot holder. Alternating bands of white and yellow, with white in the center and on outside edge. Color: WH, YL
42369 UNIM2004.29.29 Pad, hot Round with scalloped edge in orange. Center is orange. White shell stitch for 6 rows. Single crochet in orange separates shell stitches from center to the outer edge. Double thickness. Creates the appearance of a daisy. Same pattern on back side but in orange. Color: WH, GD
42370 UNIM2004.29.3 Apron One size fits all over-the-head style apron. Back has straps on each side to waist, bib at front. Tie belt on each side at waist, one patch pocket, v-shaped scalloped bottom, pink floral sprays throughout, green bias tape around all edges and around 1 front right side slanted patch pocket. Color: GR, CR, PK
42371 UNIM2004.29.30 Pad, hot White quilted fabric with a floral design in center featuring yellow, blue, and orange flowers and green leaves. "© 1977 CORNING" is printed next to the design in green letters. Yellow bias tape all around the edges. Backside is entirely yellow. Wooden ring attached for hanging. Color: WH,OR,YL,BL, GR
42372 UNIM2004.29.4 Apron Over the head style below the knee with round neckline, back has straps to waist, tie belt at waist, patch pockets 5" x 8" on each side front. Blue bias tape on all edges down front at edge of pocket to bottom. 7' square border all around bottom with floral design. Bib straps have been shortened and the back of apron has been sewn together. Color: WH, BL
42373 UNIM2004.29.6 Apron Back shoulder straps button to front straps. Tie belt at backwaist. Floral print fabric with turquoise buttons. Patch pockets 6 1/4" at each front hip. Long darts from bust to hem. Green bias tape around edgeas and across pockets. Color: PR, GR, BL
42374 UNIM2004.29.8 Apron Bibbed apron in brown quilted fabric with white lining. Bias tape all around and extends for neck strap and tie belt. Color: BR, WH
42375 UNIM2004.29.9 Apron Bib style full apron of quilted fabric with colored food pantry print trim and bias tape edges extending for neck strap and back ties.
42376 UNIM2006.18.0001 Dress Woven, A-line, V-neckline, revers collar stops at shoulder seams. Bust darts, 2 darts on each side at waist. Center front 5-button 3/4" dia. Skirt w/patch pockets 5.2" square. 5-panel skirt w/1 3/4" hem. Bodice w/gathered back. Short set-in sleeves w/1.2 cuff sewn to dress on top edge. Sm. Floral design print, snaps at waist. Belt of dress fabric w/buckle removed. Color: GR,BR,WH,BL
42377 UNIM2006.2.1 Suit Woven, A-line jacket mid thigh length. Round neckline w/center front opening 9" overlay down from neckline and around neck. 4 decorative buttons, bound non-functional button holes. Dound pockets 5" long each side of jacket. Skirt-waistband w/hook&eye, 7" L flapped zipper, 3" hem using 1/2" seam tape handsewn. Long sleeves w/1.5" cuff, front yoke of bodice extends down front of sleeves from shoulder. Elbow darts. Fully lined fitted jacket w/lining, darts on front. Overlay of jacket fabric trimmed w/skirt fabric sewn around neck & 9" down center front. Plastic decorative buttons down front opening. Jacket's interior tag reads, "J. S. Martin Company / SIOUX CITY, IOWA" in blue stitching on gold fabric. Color: TN;BR
42378 UNIM2007.19.1 Dress Brown dress with small red fringe on the bottom of the skirt. The top has a white lacy pattern on the lapels and folded sleeves. (A & B).
42379 UNIM2010.16.1 Gown Made from a double bed sheet. Rectagular shaped sleeveless gown with deep slits in side seams (25" long) for armholes. Round hole gathered to form round neckline with center back opening (10") with snap closure. Large patch on right side (23" x 14"). Color: WH
42380 UNIM2011.7.0004 Necklace Silver metal chain with gold metal pendant of floral design. Pink and blue flowers on pendant. Small pearls linked together with metal links. Color: SL,GD,PK, BL,WH
42381 UNIM2011.7.0034 Bracelet Adolescent girl's sweet 16 bracelet. Heart-shaped charm with "sixteenth" engraved on it attached to chain. Smaller heart charm with ruby red stone attached to the larger heart charm. Color: GD, RD UNIM2011.7.0034 (Bracelet) image
42382 UNIM2011.7.0035 Charm Round charm with open center and the number "13" attached in the opening. Surface is rough. The hole at the top used to attach to a charm bracelet has broken off. Color: GD UNIM2011.7.0035 (Charm) image
42383 UNIM2011.7.0036 Bracelet Seven different varieties of shells attached to a small linked chain bracelt. Color: SL,WH,YL,OR,GR UNIM2011.7.0036 (Bracelet) image
42384 UNIM2011.7.10 Fabric Sample card of hand screened wool sample. Muted colors softly blended. From Imperial Silks, Woolens, Novelties in New York City.
42385 UNIM2011.7.11 Fabric Sample card with 2 swatches. Cotton fabric is black and tan check. Linen fabric is solid tan. From Imperial Silks, Woolens, Novelties in New York City.
42386 UNIM2011.7.12 Fabric Chinese style pattern on heavy tapestry fabric. Edges have been turned to back. Color: PR,GR,RD,OR,BK,
42387 UNIM2011.7.2 Trim 2 black bows held together with woven black plastic braid. Two layers of felt make bows. Top layer is smaller than bottom layer. Plastic braid edges. Felt band ties at center of each bow. Color: BK
42388 UNIM2011.7.3 Handkerchief Large cotton handkerchief with printed design. Plain border around sides. Floral design in blue and tan. Light tan vine around flower clusters. Color: WH, BL, TN
42389 UNIM2011.7.32 Pin US American Legion stick pin. Writing on blue background. Brass star at center with "US" in star. Address of manufacturer is etched on back of keeper to the pin. Color: GD, BL
42390 UNIM2011.7.33 Bracelet Charm bracelet with silver chain and moveable gold charms: 1). spinning lie detector 2). key 3). diary 4).lip stick 5). opening scissors 6). spinning chair 7). opening fan 8). functioning roller 9). heart with key 10). spinning circle one side reads "LV YU" while the other reads "I OE O" 11). hose shoe 12). bowling pin. UNIM2011.7.33 (Bracelet) image
42391 UNIM2011.7.38 Pin Blue over gold around edge. Inscription "Jesus Never Fails" around a red center cross on a gold background. Color: RD, BL, GD UNIM2011.7.38 (Pin) image
42392 UNIM2011.7.5 Fabric Bird and fish print. Negative space around fish at bottom becomes birds in flight at top. The fish then becomes the negative space around the birds. Color: BR, TN
42393 UNIM2011.7.6 Fabric Egyptian themed print with queen and warriors. Color: BK,OR,GD,GR,PR
42394 UNIM2011.7.7 Fabric River scene with birds, boats and trees. Color: WH, TN
42395 UNIM2011.7.8 Fabric Sample card of Jacquard cotton. Fine light blue line pattern on a dark blue background.
42396 UNIM2011.7.9 Fabric Sample card with 2 swatches. Red wool made in Scotland and grey worsted wool. From Imperial Silks, Woolens, Novelties in New York City.