UNI seeks to establish the UNI Museum as the premier academic research museum in Iowa where students will have direct experience working with historical collections using state of the art equipment. To support this goal, the museum developed the UNI Museum CultureLab. This dedicated space, located directly in the museum's storage facility space in Rod Library, provides the first-ever research space where students and researchers can access the collections under staff guidance and have open dialogue about the historical and scientific contributions of their work.

The UNI Museum CultureLab allows students the opportunity to participate and contribute to the research being performed on our collection. Our work develops the research capabilities within the museum and allows students to "broaden their intercultural knowledge, competence, and engagement through curricular and co-curricular activities."

CultureLab is available to members of the UNI community and external researchers across the state. The space includes tools such as a humidification and suction table, 3D scanner, handheld XRF spectrometer, digital microscopes, as well as numerous conservation tools. The space is available for reservation for a 2 hour time slot with approval by museum staff at If you have any questions about CultureLab use and procedures, call the UNI Museum office at (319)- 273- 2188 or email for more information. 

UNI Culture Lab