William L. Sherman Collection, 1901-2006

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A widely recognized expert on country schools and their culture, William L. Sherman, works to promote and preserve country schools by informing the public of their historic importance.

Born in Buckeye, Iowa, Mr. Sherman graduated from Grinnell-Newburg High School and the University of Iowa. For over 35 years, Mr. Sherman worked as a publications/public relations specialist for the Iowa State Education Association.

Mr. Sherman’s devotion to country schools has provided him the opportunity to address a range of topics concerning rural schools and create a collection of primary and secondary rural school resources. He has edited two books: “Tributes to Iowa Teachers” and “Iowa Country Schools: Landmarks of Learning”. In addition, Mr. Sherman serves on the board of the Country School Association of America and is an active member of the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance, Humanities Iowa Speakers Bureau, and State Historical Society of Iowa Board of Trustees.

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