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The focus of the historical collection includes the following areas:

Rural education in Iowa (1850 – 1955)
UNI campus (1886 – present)
Costumes, Midwest (clothing 1850 – present)
Currency, international

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Catalog # Name Description
00.1.0004Deacc. Model, topographic
00.1.0005Deacc. Model, topographic
00.1.0006Deacc. Model, topographic
00.1.0007Deacc. Model, topographic
00.1.0008Deacc. Model, topographic
00.1.0014 Marble

Exhibit box 27. The work of marble.

00.27.39 Exhibit

Fifteen parts. a. Highland wool, yellow. b. Marshland wool, yellow. c. Heidschnucker wool, gray. d. Natural colored wool, brown. e. Shoddy wool, red brown. f. Washed wool, white. g. Black dyed wool, black. h. Carded wool, white. i. Wool combed & bleached, white. j. Dyed wool, white/red. k. Combing, brown. l. Roving, yellow. m. Roving, yellow. n. Worsted yarn, single; red. o. Dyed worsted yarn, double, brown/red. p. Dyed, brown. q. Raw cloth, black. r. Flannel, black. s. Homespun, brown. t. Chachemee, brown. u.Rough woolen cloth, brown. v. Worsted, black. w. Cheviot, brown. x. Wool felt, yellow. y. Half woolen, yellow. Color: ML

00.27.40 Kit

For preparation of bones for glue, in brick case. a. Broken bone, #1, in clear bottle. b. Benzine, #2, in a cloudy bottle. c. Bone fat, #3, in a dark brown bottle. d. Unfatted bone, #4 in a white and brown bottle. e. Polished bones, #5 in a clear white bottle. f. Glue water, #6 in a cracked bottle; spilled. g. Bones free of glue, #7 white powder chunks. h. Bone powder, #8, white powder in a bottle. i. Unbleached glue, #9 dark brown square. j. Bleached glue, #10, light brown square. k. White russian glue, #11, smooth white square. l. White gelatine, #12 clear, rolled up flat. m. Red gelatine, #13, red, flat; rolled up. Anode, converter

One vial. Used in the mining industry Coin, commemorative

Anaconda mine, Butte Montana Color: BR Novelty

Carved to resemble leather bound book. Novelty

Carved in the shape of a book.

00.31.0037Deacc. Shingle
00.31.0038 Letter

Discusses shingle, #00.31.039. Color: BK,WH

00.31.0038 (Letter) image
00.31.0039Deacc. Shingle
00.31.0040 Remnant, wood

Block of wood. Tag says No. 68. Color: RD-BR

00.31.0046 Toy, gun

Marked with X's and V's. No. 2.388 on one side. Plate

Pewter Plate with a sticker on the back that reads "46". (Plate) image Plate

Pewter plate made in 1700 Coffeepot

Hinged dome lid, riveted top knob; tapered neck; large decorative handle, top thumb notch; curved long-necked spout; ribbed mid-band; base repaired & replaced by tin plate. Cup

Multicolored pictures of sheep, boys, and a dog. "Made in 1800. No. 2389" on it. Color: ML Set

Reddish brown Japanese sketch on saucer and cup. Sticker "357". a. Cup. b. Saucer. Color: RD-BR Teapot

Pewter Teapot with wood handle Teapot

Pewter Teapot - lid handle is broken off. Pitcher

Early 19th century pitcher


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"Right Side Up: The Art and Life of Herb Hake"

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