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1 1972. Sherd, pottery Incised design. Color: GY
2 1993.38.0051 Point, projectile Corner-notched. Mottled. Hafted base. Color: WH
3 1970.74.0881M Actinolite (Amphibole group) Thin, felty sheets. Color: GR
4 1975.4.0208 Card, Valentine Homemade. "To My Valentine". A soldier standing in the middle of a heart, saluting. Miss J.
5 1999.5.30.0228 Transparency, slide Fossil organ-pipe coral, south shore, Kharg Island.
6 2009.13.1.0040 Booklet A - "The Instructor Series of Illustrated Units No. 40 Indians" 7pgs. Rectangular booklet by marion Paine Stevens. Contains b/w photos (cover + pg. 7) relating to native americans. Text designed for primary, middle, and upper education. Subjects include Indians of forest and plain, Indians fo the Southwest, Indiancrafts and Indian problems. Subjects are subdivided and have discussion questions and activities. B - A Portfolio of Pictures - Indians, 4-fold paper 28 photos regarding Indians, with captions Color: WH
7 UNIM1986.14.1982.3.0008 Doily Damask, with drawnwork. Damask pattern is tulips, a bouquet in each corner, and one in middle of two sides. 2 diamonds are formed in center by drawn thread designs. Inside each is a damask tulip. 1 1/4" fringe all around. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
8 Tufa, calcareous None
9 UNIM1990.14.0003 Pattern Four. a. Simplicity #3446. Dress, Size 18, Bust 38, 1950's?. 60 cents. b. Simplicity #4002, Dress, Size 18, Bust 38, 1950's? 60 cents. c. Simplicity #8890, Jumper, blouse & scarf; size 18 1/2, Bust 38, 1970, 85 cents. d. Simplicity #6615; Dress, Size 18 1/2, Bust 41, 1975. $1.25.
10 1980.9.4.0004 Postcard Historic building. Color: ML
11 1986.4.0120 Postcard Bolties School, 8 miles north of Waterloo: students. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.0120 (Postcard) image
12 Quartz, var. opal Var. girasol.
13 1994.11.0005 Fluorite Vug lined with calcite then 1/8" fluorite cubes. Color: BR,GD
14 1970.41.3.0103 Point, projectile None
15 1970.74.1232M Titanite Sphene crystals and diopside in matrix.
16 1991.40.0005 Program Corrections to UNI Summer Commencement, August 2, 1991.
17 1996.16.0002 Quartz Cluster of large crystals. Largest crystal has smokey tint. Iron staining is evident. Color: CL,WH,BR Quartz image
18 1999.5.30.0480 Transparency, slide Main St. overhanging buildings.
19 UNIM1986.14.1984.6.0011 Magazine ''Commercial Advertiser'', January 24, 1903. Vol. 106, No. 98. Color: BK,WH
20 1973.41.4.0058 Print, photographic Shows interior view of front of Union Church in Balboa in the former Canal Zone. There is a large pipe organ in center background. Written on back is "Interior view of the Union Church in Balboa, Canal Zone. Taken about 1940." Color: BK,WH
21 1976.22.0021 Fabric remnant White flowers worked on lace. Color: WH
22 1981.8.0161 Coin One shilling.
23 2017-4-52 Book Bound copies of St. Nicholas magazines. Volume 56, May-October 1926.
24 1989.43.0776 Pin, military Gold bugle.
25 1994.32.0046 Chart Analemma. Double-barred elongated figure-8 containing months of the year, superimposed on a graph in order to indicate position of the sun throughout the year.
26 Limonite Iron ore, limonite.
27 1968.14.0105 Mouse None
28 1986.4.0376 Record Approved Training Certificate; gives synopsis of classes taken to qualify for teaching. Color: BK,WH
29 1992.31.10.0039 Figure, rooster Toy Rooster
30 Limonite Modular iron ore, limonite.
31 1997.18.0002 Blouse Unbleached cotton gauze blouse with long loose raglan sleeves is gatherd to square neckline. 2" lace at neckline. Lace has bands of ribbon, 1/4" wide, machine stitched 3/4" apart. From neckline colors are green, purple, orange. Stitched across back and over shoulders, then released to hang loose at sides about 7" . Bottom of blouse and sleeves have same colors of ribbon, green at hem edge, machine stitched 2 1/4' - 2 1/2" apart. Side seams are both at selvedge of fabric. No maker's mark or label. Color: TN,GR,PR,OR
32 Bullet Distorted.
33 1973.43.184.0001 Trim Wing feather; green sewed onto black backing. Color: GR,BK
34 1970.74.1619M Cast, limb None
35 2000.7.0009 Card, report "Report of Eighth Grade Examination" card of "Helen Marshall"; "Clod #1"(School); "Sibley Ia". Signed by county superintendent Elizabeth Trei. Preprinted form with handwritten entries for: Reading (90); Spelling (96); Writing (F); Arithmatic (95); Geography (91); Grammer (95); History (92); Music (93); Physiology (95); Civics (95); H. Arts (G). Attached to back is donation sticker. Color: WH,BK
36 2010.7.9.0003 Document, schoolwork Paper art project - white rabbit with black outline and pink ears. Cut out in shape of rabbit. Color: WH, PK, BK
37 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.026 Clipping, magazine Loose pages from magazines and a newspaper: a. "Best Type of Spring Hats,'' Woman's Home companion, march, 1911, p. 81; b. "The Young girls," Designs by Grace Margaret Gould, Woman's Home Companion, 3/1911, p. 82; c. "First Aids to the Fall Outfit," Woman's Home Companion, 1917; d. "Created by Bulloz of Paris," Woman's Home Companion, 1917; f. "Recessional," words by Rudyard Kipling, music by Reginald DeKoven, musical score, ibid.p. 18-19 and "New Ideas for Strawberry Festivals," b y Several Clever Women, ibid, p. 20; g. "Fashion Notes," Demarest's Monitor of Fashions, Vol. IX: 2, New York, May, 1889. cover & p. 2; h. Fashion for June," p. 521 & "Drawn Work,", p. 522, The Delineator, June, 1891; i. pages from "The Bee," Omaha newspaper, Friday, July 20, 1917.
38 UNIM1994.14.0075 Shorts Female child's shorts, woven fabric construction, white with blue stripes, 22"W, 18" wide leg, short-short length, elastic wasitband with bow trim held in place, patch pocket with 2 ea 3/4" dia buttons (blue), 5" center back zipper, pocket trim has a plastic ring with tabs going through forming a bow shape, tabs are held down with blue 3/4" buttons on each side Color: WH BL
39 Woodchuck Color: TN,BR
40 1989.60.0004 Bison Tooth.
41 1968.9.35.17251 Sherd, pottery None
42 1993.24.0035 Invoice For payment due on insurance plicy 436FW, sent to Eddy School, Harry Barck, Sec'y, Cedar Falls, Ia. Date Aug. 1, 1957 and marked "Pd. with warrant #16."
43 1998.2.0009 Textbook "A Year of Primary Occupation Work Third Term". Cover is blue. In the top middle is a large circle drawn by two white lines. Inside the circle is written in white . There are four smaller circles connected to the larger one. Each circle holds a different shaped snowflake. Under the large circle is written in white "Etta Merrick Graves". Color: BL,WH
44 2002.3.0037 Print Shows family gathered around a table, glued on black construction paper. Says "Brown's Famous Pictures, No. 207, "The Pet bird", from painting by meyer Van Bremen, 1813-1886. Color: BK,WH
45 UNIM1988.11.0167 Hat Wide brimmed hat. Elliptical 5 3/4" - 6 1/4". 4" deep - was lined with ecru satin which as disintigrated. Buckran base. Loosely sewn to crown. Is 3 1/2" - 4" wide. One side turns up wire edges. 2 overlapping bands at base of crown; green velvet rose and green feathers. Color: GN, GY, mauve
46 1974.21.1.0006 "God's eye". "Eye of God". Wool yarn design. 6 1/4" square with red tassel 1" long at each corner. 1/4" brass square at center. Surrounded by rows of purple, green, yellow, red, white, turquoise, black, dark green, medium green, yellow and red yarn. Chevron design in blue lines and red lines. White label on back with blue lettering "Buig G IMPORTS, Made in Bolivia." Color: ML
47 1979.10.9.0045 Bead Conical with two holes. Color: WH
48 2006.14.0123 Vole, Meadow Skull: 2006.14.123A- Skull split into two distinct sections Mandible: 2006.14.123B- Left side of mandible partially broken Color: WH, GY
49 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Valenciennes lace edging sample. Basic net background with floral pattern on lower half. Scalloped lower edge. Color: WH
50 UNIM1996.4.2e.0015 Pattern Simplicity pattern. 7519 (1967). Dress; sz. 12. Color: TN
51 1977.53.0086 Currency One rupee, ser. no. 678J96. 1 Rupee 1966: Coin design, Obverse: National Emblem of India - Lion Capital of Asoka (Ashoka column), sculpted from sandstone, preserved at Sarnath Museum which was originally erected around 250 BCE atop an Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath; The wheel "Ashoka Chakra" on it's base is a centerpiece of National Flag of India Color: ML
52 00.26.0014n Grosbeak, rosebreasted Nest.
53 1995.21.0139 Transparency, slide National theatre and palace. Several landscaped buildings. Color: ML
54 Toy Lead British solider
55 1968.9.50.0008n Swallow Nest.
56 1971.41.0042 Belt U. S. Army; khaki web with brass end piece, no buckle.
57 1993.24.23.0001 Form, W-2 Handwritten statement of 1957 wages and Federal Income Tax withheld for the year, 1957 for Elsie Martha Rogers, Cedar Falls. Includes copies A-D, all still attached.
58 2002.7.0162 Booklet Color picture on the front cover. "Souvenir" printed in large gold letters across the top. An American flag, a picture of George Washington, a golden sun, and a globe with books and an owl perched on its top adorn the front of the card. The inside is printed in blue and brown colored ink. Class roll and poems printed inside. Mr. F. W. Cover listed as the teacher. Color: WH,GR,BL,RD
59 Duck, mottled Wing.
60 1970.54.0013 Holder, pen Red handle, silver colored tip. Engraved with "E-faber".
61 1974.31.2.0002 Sparrow, tree Study skin with data tag enclosed in sealed plastic bag (#3).
62 2006.15.0117 Quartz var. Geode Medium in size quartz specimen, half of a geode with quartz crystals in middle (colorless, pink, violet) one polished face, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Violet
63 00.26.0273 Gull, ring-billed None
64 UNIM1988.11.0459 Handkercheif Black flower basket with blue and pink flowers and blue bow on basket handle in each corner; blue and pink flowers with blue bow in center of each side. Pink 3/8" border with pink and blue flowers on white background along border and center of handkerchief. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, BL, PK
65 1980.12.0005 Currency 50,000,000 marks. Watermark: Small circles, green serial number Color: BK,WH,RD
66 1984.6.0033 Pin, bobby Cardboard vial containing bobby pins.
67 Quartz, amethyst None
68 Fossil None
69 1988.48.29.0036 Booklet "Great Men & Famous Women" "A Series of Pen & Pencil Sketches of the Lives of the Most Prominent Personages in History", part 36 . Part of a 68 piece series. "Sold only by Subscription" "No Subscription received for less than the Complete Work 68 parts". Price 25 cents. The series runs from page 1 - 384. Each part begins with 3 illustrations of featured person. Part 68 begins with 3 illustrations and is followed by Table of Contents for the original 8 volumes that this subscription package was produced from. Cover has Greek classic artwork with the characters "Fame" & "History" portrayed. Also four busts of Grant, Lincoln, Washington and Longfellow line bottom of cover art. Back cover has facsimile of autographs of contributing authors & a note on "Terms of Publication". Each issue bound by two steel staples. Contains articles on: Gracchi, Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, Siegfried, King Arthur, Roland and Rollo the Ganger. pp. 25-48. Color: BR,BK,WH
70 1964.3.0012 Coin Fifty naye paise.
71 1970.74.0327M Quartz Druzy.
72 1990.53.0069 Goethite Shiny, column. Color: BKBR
73 1995.21.0394 Transparency, slide Golden Buddhist temple entrance arch. Seven Buddha Positions. Bas relief pattern of seven seated Buddhas in arc over doorway in gray stone building. Color: ML
74 1968.9.8.0020 Basket Round, woven. Some red and green trim. Color: TN,RD
75 2003.29.0002 Postcard Left side reads "ISTC The Library Cedar Falls Iowa.". Shows the library in black and white. On the back there is no personal writing. Printed on the right side is "Post Card." and room for a stamp. Has the #40577 printed on the left. Color: BK,WH
76 UNIM1988.11.0716 Cloth Fragment Black and white cotton print, hemed at ends. 25" x 24". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, WH
77 1974.0046 Tooth Fossil shark tooth.
78 1990.0034 Map Set of maps with roller. Physical-Political Series of 11 maps in graduated lengths. Metal roller has a tab at each end for insertion into a bracket for hanging. A backing piece of canvas and vinyl is designed to roll the maps inside and secure with two string ties.
79 1993.26.0014 Bag, duffle Denim with cotton draw cord rope. Stenciled in white "H. C. Haffner, CO #191, IGI INF, 3807730". Draw cord extends through opposite brass eyelets; Repair darning in several places, but good condition overall. Color: BL
80 unk Catalog called this Quartz porphyry
81 1990.53.0331 Cinnabar Small crystals in and on calcite crystals. Color: RD
82 Kyanite Crystal blades in quartz. Color: BL,TN
83 Fossil None
84 1972. Sherd, pottery Gray with black rim and vertical black stripes. Part of a rim. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
85 1970.74.0662M Wood None
86 1999.5.30.0070 Transparency, slide Yazd city wall, built by Tamerlane, south side.
87 2008.15.0195 Script Tan paper with black print. Pages 15 - 18 in a book (2008.15.0009). The top of the pages reads "Christmas Plays and Recitations". Page 15 contains the end of an unknown recitation and the beginning of "Look Up the Chimney". Page 16 contains the end of "Look Up the Chimney" and the beginning of "A Christmas Wish". Page 17 contains the end of "A Christmas Wish" and "Christmas Greeting". Page 18 contains part of "Christmas Day Is Coming". Color: Tan and black
88 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0173 Combination Front 5 buttons, drop seat. Three buttons in back. Straps, sleeveless, no legs with knit binding around them. Scoop neckline lower in front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
89 Sand None
90 UNIM1989.14.0002 Boot Moc toe boot with 7" zipper on inside. 3/4" flat heel. Sketch on catalog sheet. a. and b. Color: BK
91 1986.16.54.0012 Tourmaline group None
92 Corundum var. Ruby Opaque. Color: RD
93 Wood None
94 1989.43.0299 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
95 1993.42.0002a Epaulet Machine made.
96 1968.10.0422 Horn Pair of horns.
97 1970.74.1011M Quartz, var. opal None
98 1990.62.0001 Book "The Book of Knowledge", by Arthur Mee and Holland Thompson, editors. Vols. I-XX, 6444 pp. All have the lavender stamp: "Return this Book to Paul C. Miller". On the front cover of Volume I is the inscription: "Paul C. Miller", "from Mother & Father", "April 13, 1913". Inside the cover of Volumes II, IX, and X is the signature: "Marilyn Miller". The front cover of Volume XI has the signature: "Marilyn Birr Miller". The signature in Volume XX is: "Paul C. Miller". Color: BL,GD
99 1999.5.30.0322 Transparency, slide Oldest minaret in Iran, Maidan Mosque.
100 UNIM1986.14.1983.10.0001 Form, dress Poured foam with a thin clear coat, except at bottom. Bust 36", waist 31", hoops 38".