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Cat. # Name Description
1 520.0003 Bone Two vertebrae, small. Color: BR-GY
2 1964.0006 Currency One two-rupees bill. Issued by the Reserve Bank of India. No catalog number written on specimen. No. on currency: D/ 16 993622. Obverse: National Emblem of India - Lion Capital of Asoka (Ashoka column), sculpted from sandstone, preserved at Sarnath Museum which was originally erected around 250 BCE atop an Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath; The wheel "Ashoka Chakra" on it's base is a centerpiece of National Flag of India Reverse: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) or (Panthera tigris bengalensis). Watermark: Lion Capital of Asoka Pillar. Color: ML
3 1965.0045 Schedule Class schedule card ---term 193_. ISTC? Color: PK
4 1965.0054 Swallow, cliff Nest. Color: BR
5 1966.0001 Sailfish Full body. Color: BL
6 1966.0005 Clinker Two pieces, a. and b. Larger piece, a. , is 13#. B. is smaller piece.
7 1966.0012 Bison Right lower mandible of bovid, bison or cow.
8 1966.0014 Concretion Spherical iron concretion, 1/2 quite smooth, other 1/2 rougher.
9 1966.0015 Concretion Irregularly-shaped iron concretion.
10 1966.0017 Rock Large porous brown and white crystalline rock.
11 1967.0008 Wood Thin slab of agatized wood. Color: RD,BK
12 1967.0009 Map Cedar Falls, IA, 1929.
13 1967.0011 Nest Goldfinch Color: BR
14 1967.0013 Flag ISTC Stadium flag.
15 1967.0014 Flag ISTC platform flag.
16 1967.0029 Plaque Says "H. H. Seerley". ISTC. Color: Br
17 1967.0031 Roster WW II [dead?].
18 1967.004 Olivine None
19 1968.0001 Hatpin Has sphere on top. Color: BK
20 1968.0005 Pigeon Rock dove. Color: GY Pigeon image
21 1968.0006 Starling Color: GY
22 1968.0007 Flycatcher, olive-sided None
23 1968.0011 Swallow, barn nest Color: BR
24 1968.0023 Nest, bird None
25 1968.0029 Swallow, barn Nest. Color: Unk
26 1970.0001 Book "History of Black Hawk County, 1878". Author unknown. 603 pp. Illus. With b/w engravings. Hardback cover has leather bound corners & spine. Gold embossed printing on blue cotton cover & leather spine. Begins on p. 19. "J. SCHAEFFER stamped in red on page 19, back cover pages & page 602. Color: BL,BR,GD
27 1970.0011 Poster "Presidents of the United States", with their pictures, birth dates, party and terms of office included. Glossy paper.
28 1970.0017 Butterfly Laminated.
29 1970.002 Conglomerate Color: BK,BR,WH
30 1970.003 Quetzal None
31 1970.0053 Print, photographic Two pieces. a. "Good Morning"; young girl. Copyright, 1909, Kalamazoo, Mich. b. Frame; black with white stylized flowers and edge trim. Color: BK,WH
32 1970.0058 Medallion For World War II uniform dress cap of Sgt. Dixon Riggs. Depicts a spread eagle holding olive branches and spears. Color: GD
33 1970.0075 Quartz, geode Quartz geode. Large fragment. Thin shell; inside surface covered with crystals.
34 1971.0001 Tamper, wine Wooden block with 37" handle.
35 1971.0012 Fox, gray Skull, jaw. (a. top of skull; b. left half of jawbone; c. right half of jawbone.)
36 1971.0022 Coin Ten groschen,
37 1972.0006 Parasol Chiffon ruffle; black handle with crook at end. 3 rows of black embroidered geometric design. Silk cord and black fringe tassel around shaft. Numbered below catch.
38 1972.0011 Print, photographic Babylonian tablet of bills. Color: CR,BR
39 1972.0016 Hat Woman's.White pique, brimmed; has feather attached. Late 1950's.
40 1972.0035 Rock Crystal-like appearance on one side. Color: GY
41 1972.0057 Print, photographic Campus view from College Street near 23rd Street showing faculty, students, and buildings. a. Picture. b. Frame. Dark brown wood.
42 1972.0067 Beryl var. Emerald Cube. Color: GR
43 1972.0071 Bean, vanilla In clear plastic tube. Brown outside and black inside. Color: BR,BK
44 1972.0077 Contract "Teachers Contract; 1861 Style." From Educational Bulletin (Iowa) November, 1967, page 7. Color: WH,BK
45 1973.0001 Calendar "The All American Calendar". Contains an oval colored picture of America's 37 presidents. Blue. Name and years each president served are written in black on white under each respective picture. Near the top center is a picture of the Capitol at Washington, D. C. with a picture of the moon in the background. "Peace for all worlds" is lettered in white on the lower part of the picture. Near the center of the calendar "For Freedom's Sake - Register and Vote Local 838 U. A. W., 515 Rainbow Drive, Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Phone 233-3049" is lettered in blue on white. Beneath this is where the calendar is. It is navy in color with white numbers. Only the month December remains. Underneath the December page is the Pledge to the Flag lettered in blue on a white background with a red and light blue bortder stripe. "The All American Calendar" is lettered in white at the very top. 3 white stars precede and follow the title. The reverse side has brief biographies of the presidents, list of the wives of the presidents, short story of the making of the Constitution, and the text of the Constitution of the United States. Color: BL,WH,BK
46 1973.0014 Handbill Announces the Danbury Mint's first American Bicentennial Sterling silver collector plate. The first plate is entitled "The Boston Tea party - 1773". A colored photo of the plate was enclosed. Among the literature is an article entitled "The Plate Collecting Craze Grow". Color: WH,BK
47 1973.0017 Muskellunge Tiger muskie. Brown with darker brown spots. Underside is beige. Stuffed with styrofoam and mounted on a board for hanging. Numbered on board. Color: BR
48 1973.0018 Towel, hand Hand embroidered and appliqued. One inch border on one end in yellow and orange. Embroidered design of a green plant with yellow flowers in the lower center above the border. Prominent applique design of 3 green leaves with 3 green grape-like fruits under top leaf, 3 blue fruits under middle leaf, and 2 yellow fruits under bottom leaf. Color: YL, ML
49 1973.0024 Dress Woman's.White satin lining, topped by lace. Every stitch of lace was made by hand. Short capped sleeves. Square neckline rounded near the bust. Waisted dress. Two pockets represented by two pieces of satin which are sewn vertically. Color: WH
50 1973.0031 Pegmatite Dike vein in a biotite granite. Glacial erratic. Oblong with flat bottom.
51 1973.0032 Porphyry, dacite Dactite porphyry.
52 1973.0034 Halite Salt from the Dead Sea; deaccession candidate
53 1973.0064 Box Two-piece. a. Lid, Covered with paper. In center of box front is picture of family playing with Gilbert puzzle parties. Border around picture shows the different kinds of puzzles. Writing around all four sides of lid. b. Bottom, plain cardboard with black paper glued around inside edges and sides and part of bottom. On the bottom it says, "To open, cut with sharp knife on bottom edge of cover."
54 1973.0069 Coin, commemorative Silver wedding crown. On front side of coin is printed "D. G. Reg. F.D." "Elizabeth II" Bust of Elizabeth facing right (Coin is in purple holder with silver lettering.) On this side of coin is printed "1947-1972" H.R.H. the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Silver wedding crown. Printed on opposite side of coin is "Elizabeth and Philip. 20 November 1947-1972" and a big EP in center of coin. The coin and its enclosing cardboard are inside a rigid, clear plastic holder. Color: SL,PR
55 1973.0071 Bulletin Volume XV, number 3, June, 1924. Issued quarterly. Unusual Views of the Campus. Published by ISTC 12 plates with 24 pictures in black and white, with captions. Printing both on front and back cover. Color: BR,BK,WH 1973.0071 (Bulletin) image
56 1973.0073 Obsidian Perlite. Apache tear embedded in perlite. Smoky gray with glassy effect in some places. Color: GY
57 1973.0074 Felsite Color: GY
58 1973.0081 Horn Two parts.a. Horn. b. surface peel.
59 1973.0082 Chart Sample page reprints, Codex Atlanticus; Leonardo da Vinci.
60 1974.0004 Flag Japanese. Platform flag. 3/4' hem all around except 1' hem at the top with 46" long cord drawn through top. 23' diameter red "rising" sun in center. Color: WH,RD
61 1974.0008 Chart Two parts. a. Design for Persian rug; on graph paper. Enclosed in clear plastic sheet, protector with black insert.
62 1974.0016 Millerite Millerite may be filliform marcasite or pyrite. Color: GD
63 1974.002 Handbill Fort Worth Museum; road runner. Color: YL,BK
64 1974.0042 Tonalite None
65 1974.0046 Tooth Fossil shark tooth.
66 1974.006 Selenite Crystal.
67 1974.0063 Sticker, bumper "Rapp". Color: RD,WH,BL
68 1974.0068 Sparrow, chipping Nest.
69 1975.0006 Canoe Tin and rivets on ends. Carving on each end and 4 of the 5 cross pieces. One large crack on one end and piece broken off one carved crosspiece. Color: BR
70 1975.0009 Pinata Brown guitar pinata. 1/2" paper decorative paper loops on each side. Six orange wool yarn strands to simulate guitar strings. Color: BR,OR
71 1975.0017 Mola Horizontal. "Siamese" chickens joined at tails and facing right and left. One small chick attached to and above tail area of both and facing viewer's left. Two smaller chicks above, three below. Top cloth layer black. Multi-colored with much red, yellow and orange and also greens, blues and violets. Philipine mahogany frame 1/2" wide around mola and 5/8" deep. This mounted on framed red burlap. Double outer frame screwed together through extra burlap edge. Color: ML
72 1975.0022 Keystone Window keystone from Gilchrist Hall. roughly the shape of a crown and has a 3-pronged fork carved in the middle.
73 1975.0029 Program Fiftieth commencement of the ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa, May 28 to June 1, 1926. Program is purple with gold lettering and trim. Color: PR,GD 1975.0029 (Program) image
74 1975.0033 Print, photographic Mounted on black with a brown cardboard frame.a. Photo, color, bust of Queen Nefertiti; b. Pamphlet on the Egyptian Museum, Berlin, Germany Describes the collection in each of the rooms. On the back of the pamphlet is a chronological table of Egyptian history..
75 1975.0038 Grosbeak, rose-breasted Color: Unk
76 1975.0042 Map World map in blue tones; plastic relief map. Color: BL
77 1976.0013 Woodpecker, red-headed None
78 1976.0015 Jay, Blue None
79 1976.0016 Thrasher, brown None
80 1976.0017 Sora rail None
81 1976.0018 Woodpecker, red-headed None
82 1976.002 Postcard View of State College of Iowa. SCI
83 1976.0026 Cup Bicentennial.
84 1976.0027 Robin, American Color: BR,OR
85 1976.0037 Concretion Limestone pyrite concretion.
86 1976.0038 Rock Sedimentary rock veined with something. Two pieces, a. and b.
87 1976.0041 Magazine Danish Foreign Office. Special issue for the United States. Cover photo of Their Majesties, King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. Color: BK,WH
88 1976.0047 Sora None
89 1976.0061 Pheasant Color: BR
90 1976.0062 Myna Color: BK
91 1976.007 Waxwing, cedar Color: BR
92 1976.0075 Map 1976 transportation map of Iowa distributed by the Dept of Transportation.
93 1976.0077 Bag Brown with purple and yellow printing. 1976-77 basketball schedule on one side; 1976 football schedule on opposite side; double strength. Color: PR,YL
94 1976.0083 Owl, screech Color: GY
95 1976.0103 Pin Wisconsin bicentennial. Lapel tack shows 2 maps of state of Wisconsin, one superimposed on the other and slightly offset, upper one to east and north of lower one. Upper map has "1776-1976". a. Tack. b. Tack base.
96 1976.0105 Symbol "American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976". Color: BK,WH
97 1977.0009 Vireo, red-eyed Nest.
98 1977.0015 Postcard W, CF & N railroad car. (Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern). Color: ML
99 1977.0025 Flag Forty-eight star platform flag. Nylon with gold-yellow nylon braided fringe measuring 3 inches long. Stars individually embroidered both sides angling toward central midribs in arms of each star. Color: RD,WH,BL,GD
100 1977.0032 Case, problematic Handle on top, and four sections or pockets.