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1 00.70.0100 Detonator Coil spring detonator from a Nazi booby-trap attached to knock-out German armored car in a field near Briquebec, France. The trap was rigged to be fired electrically off of the battery by the contact points in the coil spring
2 Quartz Rock quartz. Two pieces of same rock. Reattached.
3 1993.24.0033 Certificate, tax Three parts. a. Details the amount of taxes voted for the year 1936 for School 36, Cedar Falls School District, Black Hawk County. Attached to b. Budget estimate sheet giving the same amounts, and to c. Duplicated instruction sheet to be used in completing the budget sheet.
4 1977.69.31.0001 Textile Fine weave. Tan-brown with dark brown. Color: TN,BR
5 1998.19.0035 Shirt A traditional Guatemalan shirt. There are thick vertical stripes of yellow surrounded on both sides with thin vertical stripes of orange, purple, green, and maroon. Next are thick vertical stripes of light blue surrounded on both sides with thin vertical stripes of red, dark purple, bright yellow, and dark blue. There is a breast pocket on both sides. On the rim of the pockets, collar and center buttons seen there is stitching. On the two outer edges the thread is light blue and stitched in a braid pattern. Inside the light blue thread on either side is light purple thread, stitched to resemble a circle. In the center is dark purple thread stitched to resemble a diamond, with an orange stitched center. The buttons are dark purple, sewn on with blue thread, and are inserted through a separate piece of cloth behind the center seam as not to show through a separate piece of cloth behind the center seam as not to show through on to the stitching. There is a button under the right collar, and a piece of cloth shaped like a loop on the left upper center seam to serve as a buttonhole. Color: PR,YL,BL,OR
6 2002.3.0025 Print Two parts: (a) "Children of Charles I" by Van Dyck. #57 in series. Depicts two young boys and one young girl, in court dress, with their 2 dogs.; (b) Folder. "Children of Charles I, painted by Anthony Van dyck. Inside has information, questions, and "helpful material for the teacher', plus mini portrait of chicken. Color: CR,YL,BL,BR,BK
7 1974.37.0037 Fossil Scales and plates of ganoid fish.
8 2006.14.0107 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.107A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.107B- Good condition Color: WH
9 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Imitation Binche lace edging sample. Fine mesh background with floral design outlined with thicker thread. Color: WH
10 UNIM1988.11.0143 Shoe An Oxford style shoe with "common sense" style heels and square style toes. Fastened by laces. High, sturdy with laced front, so some of front is open. Brass rings for laces and punched design in vamp add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: Navy
11 1979.10.9.0085 Bead Quasi-rectangular, pierced. Color: PK
12 1981.8.0277 Coin One krona.
13 1968.10.494.0009 Chip, stone None
14 1988.33.0064 Textbook "Seventh and Eighth Grade Arithmetic: Warp's Review Workbooks in simple Language" Warp Publishing Company Minden, Nebraska. 96 pages.
15 Travertine None
16 1975.16.1.0010 Postcard Center for the Arts building at Moorhead State College, MN. Color: ML
17 1995.21.0133 Transparency, slide Sphinx head and Cheops pyramid, Giza. Sphinx facing right, pyramid in background on left. Color: ML
18 1970.74.1514M Cinnabar Massive, in chert. Color: RD
19 2002.7.0152 Postcard From Raymond Cover to Mrs. F. W. Cover. Picture of the steamer capital at Levee Park, La Crosse, WI Color: BK,WH,GR,RD
20 UNIM1988.11.0404 Pillow, Throw Checkered white and blue gingham has blue 2 1/4" ruffle around edges, and a 2 1/2" white ruffle set in 1 1/2" all around. In center of white ruffle there is a border of teneriffe design 1 1/2 " square, embroidery on dark blue check of gingham which is every other square which makes appearance seem much lighter on front side. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, BL
21 1980.20.0022 Hat "John F. Kennedy for President"
22 2006.15.0102 Galena (with Pyrite) Small weighted rock with galena in the matrix and clusters of pyrite crystals on the surface, metallic luster, 2.5-3 on hardness scale, pyrite is a brass or gold color and the galena is a metallic powder blue or steel gray color Color: Gold/ Gray
23 Knife Knife blade with heart stamped out of it. Handle is decomposing but also made of metal.
24 00.26.0357e Crow, American Egg.
25 Coal Sub-carboniferous.
26 1988.48.29.0046 Booklet "Great Men & Famous Women" "A Series of Pen & Pencil Sketches of the Lives of the Most Prominent Personages in History", part 46. Part of a 68 piece series. "Sold only by Subscription" "No Subscription received for less than the Complete Work 68 parts". Price 25 cents. The series runs from page 1 - 384. Each part begins with 3 illustrations of featured person. Part 68 begins with 3 illustrations and is followed by Table of Contents for the original 8 volumes that this subscription package was produced from. Cover has Greek classic artwork with the characters "Fame" & "History" portrayed. Also four busts of Grant, Lincoln, Washington and Longfellow line bottom of cover art. Back cover has facsimile of autographs of contributing authors & a note on "Terms of Publication". Each issue bound by two steel staples. Contains articles on: Edward Jenner, Dr. Robert Fulton, William Wilberforce, Sir Humphrey Davy, General San Martin and George Stephenson. pp. 265-288. Color: BR,BK,WH
27 1968.10.0388 Trap, fish Cane across most of mouth.
28 1990.53.0073 Gypsum Var. selenite, gray crystal group.
29 1975.4.0108 Contract Teachers contract between Miss Jacobs and Jefferson Township of Buchanan County for twelve weeks beginning April 1, 1907. Color: WH,BK
30 1995.21.0386 Transparency, slide Temple front. Seen at end of street, with lawn. Color: ML
31 1998.24.0003 Certificate, stock Full page of certificates to be issued by the Normal Savings and Loan. The page has one large stock certificate at the top of the page and ten smaller certificates from the middle of the page toward the bottom. The large stock certificate has a logo of three buildings which are from left to right: South Hall, Administration Building, and North Hall. At the top of the certificate it says "Organized under the Laws of the State of Iowa." Below the logo it says "20,000 Shares, Authorized Capitol, Two Million Dollars, Incorporated 1892." The certificates each have three sentences with spaces that are to be written in when it is issued. Above the signature spaces in the right bottom corner of the certificate is A. D. 189_ which is to be filled in when issued. The smaller coupon certificates are numbered Coupon 1-10. Color: BK,WH
32 1970.9.0008 Sling Part of a sling in poor shape. Handle 12" long by 2 1/2". Handle badly worn. One cord 18" long and broken off. Other side smaller and 22 1/2" long and badly worn. Weaving around part of cord near sling makes it appear heavy there. Color: TN,BR,RD
33 Silver None
34 1972.32.0009 Bullet, minie Made of rock and tarnished metal. A piece of rock part (head0 is chipped off.
35 2007.17.3.0006 Booklet Better Buymanship: Electric Shavers. No. 27 picture man shaving on cover. 21 pgs with illustrations Color: BK, WH, GY
36 UNIM1986.14.1981.0009 Suit Woman's green plaid suit with boxy jacket and flared skirt. a. jacket. lined, double-breasted; covered buttons & bound buttonholes. bust dart from sideseam. partial roll collar. Neckline in front is square. set in full length sleeves. Bias cut patch pockets with flap, buttons and buttonholes. b. 2" x 53' wide belt with bukle; snaps to adjust.c. Skirt has 13 1/2' inverted pleat in front. 13 1/2' side zipper. Lined with gold silk taffeta. 1" wide waistband. 3" wide hem with Hong Kong finish. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
37 1970.47.2.0090 Fern None
38 1968.9.49.13715.0037 Tortoise, wood Bone.
39 1993.24.221.0005 Certificate, teaching Certifies that Pauline L. Hekel has met all the requirements for a Second Grade Teaching Certificate, Uniform County Teachers Certificate Second Grade. Lists %scores for 12 subjects, plus an average of 85%. Valid for two years. Contained in 1993.24.221.001. Color: BK,WH
40 UNIM1988.11.0671 Brooch Safety pin brooch in gold metal has a mount on it for a stone setting. Stone setting is missing. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD
41 UNIM2004.29.0007 Apron Clear plastic three panel main body with red plastic trim around edge and panel seams. Red ribbon for neck loop, red plastic ties at waist sides. Waist sides gathered. Color: WH, RD
42 1980.43.0071 Coin German Republic, five pfennig, (Federal Republic); reverse stamped with floral sprig, Stuttgart mint (F).
43 1990.53.0336 Quartz None
44 2016-27-29 Register Classification register from Harrisburg Township No. 9 that contains grades, daily program of study and recitation, and a teacher's report.  2016-27-29 (Register) image
45 1993.26.0014 Bag, duffle Denim with cotton draw cord rope. Stenciled in white "H. C. Haffner, CO #191, IGI INF, 3807730". Draw cord extends through opposite brass eyelets; Repair darning in several places, but good condition overall. Color: BL
46 1970.74.0519M unk None
47 1976.1.6.0007 Magazine ''Time'', April 15, 1974, "Nixon's Tax Scandal". Color: BK,WH
48 1995.21.530.0016 Transparency, lantern slide Duplicate of black and white #1995.21.529.014. Shows two men, guides. Color: ML
49 1999.5.30.0059 Transparency, slide Tribal trail, rock carved. 3 km sw Pasargade.
50 1972.61.4.0005 Sherd, pottery Irregular shaped orange colored. Polished orange outside, dull gray inside. Flecks of mica in clay, more obvious on inner surface. Color: OR,GY
51 2008.15.0178 Script Handwritten poem entitled "A Christmas Quiz" written on tan paper. Next to the title is the name Cecelia. The top and bottom edges of the paper are slightly uneven, indicating that this piece may have been taken from a larger piece. Color: TN
52 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0154 Pants Same fabric as UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0149. 4 button center front closure, 7 belt loops. 5 buttons at bottom sides of legs. 2 side pockets with button. Double seat and decorative knee patches. Tape binding at bottom of legs. Back leg is made in two pieces. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, GY
53 1968.9.51.13398 Weasel (skin) Color: YL-WH
54 UNIM1988.13.0001 Shoe Child's boot-style, high buttoned. Rounded square toe, flat heel, 5-button closure with slightly scalloped edge along buttonholes. Left shoe only. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
55 2006.17.0156 point, projectile medium sized auriculate point; distal end broad; cross section biconvex; edges convex; base concave; plainview point late paleo 11,250-9500 ybp Color: br
56 1980.5.0024 Pin, political Lithograph type. Black and white photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Nixon, inscribed, "A WINNING TEAM", "Pat & Dick Nixon". reverse marked I. P.E.U. 634, union "bugs"; lower curl marked "GREEN DUCK CO., CHICAGO"; pin back. Richard Nixon and Henry Lodge (Republican) ran against and lost to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat) in the 1960 Presidential election. Pat Nixon was well-liked and this was a campaign tactic to show the two as a team. 1980.5.0024 (Pin, political) image
57 1986.16.65.0006 Quartz Keswick crystals.
58 1970.74.0140M Wood None
59 1989.43.0306 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
60 1970.74.0873M Andalusite Var. chiastolite; 1 whole cigar shaped crystal, 1 half crystal, 2 slices. Color: BR,WH
61 1990.63.0003 Record, phonograph Album, cylinder and box. Black with metal rims and cardboard insides. 4-minute album entitled "Where the Silvery Colorado, Etc." Pat. Nov. 25, 1902. Box is cream and blue with woman & --- near phonograph. Color: BK,BL,CR
62 1976.72.0002 Letter Letter and Biology Club constitution; Sent to donor on October 4, 1976 by Pauline Sauer, Museum director, regarding Biology Club pin donated on September 30, 1976 asking for clarification of note attached to pin. In letter is hand-written reply "Enclosed is the Constitution and By-Laws. I remember nothing more except that part of our initiation was to handle a snake!" b. Biology Club constitution and by-Laws. Three pages in length. Listed on last page are names of charter members on January 26, 1926. 1976.72.0002 (Letter) image
63 1999.5.30.0311 Transparency, slide Safrabad (Shah, Abbas) Ppalace (=Rabah Sta.), Behshar, from West.
64 Blueprint Museum in physical plant.
65 Cape Woman's.Trimmed in black lace. Drop panels in front. Color: BK
66 Copalite None
67 1970.47.1.0207 Galena None
68 1973.10.0007 Concentrate, chrome None
69 2009.2.0003 Bowl Small bowl made from hollow gourd. Outside engraved with horizontal lines, singles and doubles. Bottom of bowl has engraved geometric design of squares and triangles. 2009.2.0003 (Bowl) image
70 Quartz Crystal.
71 Tooth Teeth of lower jaw of coryphodon hematus, a mammal of eocene.
72 1986.4.0237 Contract For Aletha Jacobs to teach, Empire School District, Buchanan County, 7 April. Color: WH,BK,PK
73 1992.2.0006 Chart, educational Plate VI - Trade, Changing Merchandising Methods. One of a series of 12 depicting various economic issues of the early 1900's.
74 Unk Egg. Small. Color: WH
75 2017-7-22B Ribbon Blue superior Universal Cheerleaders Association ribbon. On the back written in black "UNI UCA 2007 Final Eval Sideline Purple". 2017-7-22B (Ribbon) image
76 1973.79.0003 Hat Artificial flowers.
77 1970.74.1223M Malachite None
78 1977.47.40.0004 Sherd, pottery Pre-Columbain irregular shaped potsherd, light brown on one side. Brown with dark brown spots on other side. Color: RD-BR
79 1996.26.0003 Magazine "The Sinfonian." Fall, 1947 issue of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America. The fraternity magazine is for current members in active charters on various college and university campuses, for alumni, and to attract new possible charters. The front cover is red with black lettering and has a one-inch wide trim running near the top that is orange. The fraternity emblem is in the middle of the front cover. The back cover is red. 64 pp. Color: RD,OR,BL 1996.26.0003 (Magazine) image
80 2000.13.0030 Kite Large wind-sock in the form of a fish (carp) with four fins and tail. Mouth is held open by metal ring sewn into fabric. Blue gills, Scales are pink, white, red and yellow. White belly. Gold eye. String with hook attached to mouth hoop. Color: PK,WH,RD,YL,BL
81 1978.51.3.0033 Coin One-quarter yang.
82 Epidote None
83 Limestone Partially crystallized.
84 1989.43.0907 Pin In the shape of a little sailor boy. In boy's right hand there is a chain that hangs down. Two dimensional.
85 1977.53.0225 Currency One dollar.
86 1997.4.0042 Bracelet Band of brown beads with a knob at one end and an open circle at the other. Two kinds of beads. Flat brown ones are threaded into a herringbone on the outer edges with a row of rounder, redder ones down the center for part of the length, 3 on one end and 4 on the other. Loop at one end is all brown seeds while knob at the other uses both kinds. a Square medallion in the center of the length, wider than the remainder, is a radially symmetrical pattern of both kinds of seeds.. Color: BR,RD
87 1973.0006 Ticket White with black lettering, with number 3. It was good for C 280 on the main floor of the auditorium. ISTC. Color: WH,BK
88 1974.23.4.0005 Whale Tooth.
89 2005.8.0003 Bag Open-weave with tightly woven handle. Design is in zig-zag pattern with different bands of colors, going light purple, tan, green and only one stripe that is red. Colors are muted except for the purple bands located at the bottom of the bag. Dyes for the color are made from betel juice and sweet potatoes. Color: PR,GR,TN
90 UNIM1994.14.0117 Suit, bathing Female toddler's 1 piece bathing suit, front lined in white, center front seam has elastic, ruffle around top at front with blue piping above on edge of top at front only, 1/2"W straps tie at center back, elastic around leg openings, back of suit has elastic at top and 8 rows of elastic, stitches to hold snug to body, bloomer style bottom with 2 rows of ruffles 2"W at back with rick-rack around bottom of ruffle Color: BL, WH
91 1966.11.0024 Fox, gray Sitting on right hip. Color: GY
92 1988.21.0006 Dress Handloomed with six vertical panels sewn together with white thread, middle panels curved to form neck hole. Side panels sewn from bottom to 7" from top and left open to form arms holes that are decorated with white borders. Side panels have 3 alternating horizontal lines and 3 rows of flower designs.. Center panel has floral and horizontal motif as well as triangle designs. Color: BR,WH
93 1993.24.0150 Invoice From E. C. Cawelti to Eddy School District #6 for fuel oil delivered Oct. 14, 1957 through April 22, 1958, $257.75. Marked "1725 gal" and "Pd. with warrent (sic) #70 May 6, 1958." a. Summary invoice. b.- i. Invoices for individual month's delivery.
94 2017-22-31 Book Book two of the Stoy Hour Readers book series. Written by Ida Coe and Alice J. Christie. 2017-22-31 (Book) image
95 1974.37.93.0057 Bone Vertebra of a mosasaur (marine reptile)
96 UNIM1986. a-h Napkin 8 napkins with scalloped edges finished in buttonhole stitch. Basket design on one corner in punch -work and satin stitches. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
97 1978.15.0063 Drill? Drill? Chipped edges; flat on back. Color: BK
98 2002.6.0004 Sack made by folding a piece of cloth and sewing the two long sides. Has alternating stripes of tan, natural, brown, and gray. Running down center is a stripe, dark and light brown with three rows of crosshatches, dark brown. Color: TN,GY,BR
99 UNIM1988.11.0242 Pattern Simplicity Patterns a.) Misses (1.) 5318 (1963) (2.) 5406 (1964) (3.) 5410 (1964) (4.) 7985 (1968) (5.) 8830 (1970) (6.) 9655 (1971) (7.) 7750 (1976) (8.) 8305 (1977) (9.) 8114 (1977) (10.) 8293 (1977) (11.) 8252 (1977) (12.) 7444 (1976) b.) Misses/Petites/Jr. (1.) 9269 (1971) (2.) 7827 (1968)
100 2006.14.0203 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.203A Mandible: 2006.14.203B Both in good condition Color: WH