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Cat. # Name Description
501 Calcite Secondary crystals.
502 Calcite Surface iridescent.
503 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
504 Calcite Rhomb spar.
505 Calcite Calc spar.
506 Calcite Dogtooth spar.
507 Calcite Clustered dog tooth spar.
508 Calcite Rhomb spar in calcite geode.
509 Calcite Crystals.
510 Aragonite in exhibit from 1992-2006
511 Aragonite Acicular radiating groups, and stalactic forms. Color: WH
512 Quartz Quartz crystals on limestone.
513 Spar, nail-head None
514 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
515 Calcite Small crystals (scalenohedral) coating and throughout specimen. Color: GD
516 Millerite Hairs of millerite on and through large calcite crystals in vug. Color: GD
517 Millerite Millerite hairs; mostly embedded in calcite. Color: GD
518 Millerite One bundle of millerite hairs in calcite vug. Color: GD
519 Calcite Geode; Calcareous; nail head spar.
520 Talc Massive. Color: GR
521 Gypsum Variety alabaster, cut & polished semi-circle.
522 Quartz Cellular--crystalline quartz.
523 Quartz Chalcedonic quartz with mammillated and botryoidal lining.
524 Quartz, geode Papillated surface.
525 Quartz Chalcedonic and crystal.
526 Quartz, geode None
527 Quartz Crystal on chalcedonic base.
528 Quartz, geode None
529 Millerite Small 1" diameter vug with millerite hair tufts. Color: GD
530 Quartz Crystals with tarnished galenite crystals and pyrite.
531 Quartz Drusy quartz slightly amethystone.
532 Quartz Cut from quartz crystal.
533 Quartz Crystals.
534 Quartz Crystals.
535 Quartz Crystals.
536 Quartz Crystals.
537 Quartz Crystals.
538 Quartz Rock or quartz crystals.
539 Quartz Greasy.
540 Quartz Rock quartz. Two pieces of same rock. Reattached.
541 Copper None
542 Copper Native copper.
543 Copper Native copper.
544 Copper Native copper.
545 Copper Native copper Gummed label:1019.
546 Copper None
547 Copper Native copper.
548 Chalcopyrite Massive, disseminated through matrix.
549 Copper Native copper; not found in catalog.
550 Sulfur Massive, with matrix.
551 Sulfur Massive, in matrix.
552 Sulfur None
553 Sulfur Massive; depositional.
554 Sulfur Massive with matrix.
555 Sulfur Massive.
556 Sulfur Massive.
557 Realgar Small crystals in tiny vugs. Color: RD-OR
558 Realgar Coating. Color: RD-OR
559 Sulfid Sulfid of antimony.
560 Graphite None
561 Graphite None
562 Graphite None
563 Stibnite Steel, gray, metallic acicular crystals.
564 Molybdenite Metallic gray masses in matrix.
565 Molybdenite Shiny, silfver-gray on a matrix containing quartz, pyrite, etc.
566 Galena Two massive; 1 showing crystal form.
567 Galena None
568 Galena Single cube. Color: GY
569 Galena Massive, weathered. Color: GY
570 Galena Solid galena, cleavage faces, lime coating. Color: GY
571 Galena None
572 Galena Massive - 1 pseudo cube; other with minor chalcopyrite. Color: GY
573 Galena One piece massive cleavage fragment; 1 piece with galena disseminated throughout matrix. Color: GY
574 Galena Two pieces. a. Group of 2 crystals. b. Massive with cleavage faces. Color: GY
575 Galena Individual crystals. Color: GY
576 Galena None
577 Galena Massive, cleavage faces; T's possible partial crystals. Color: GY
578 Galena Two parts. a. Massive. b. Weathered; crystal cluster. Color: GY
579 Galena Solid galena; large 1" x 1' x 1" cryustal is weathered and coated. Color: GY
580 Galena Massive; pieces form one; cleavage planes visible. Color: GY
581 Galena None
582 Galena Galena in quartz matrix. Core sample. Color: GY,TN
583 Galena Galena & pyrite FINELY disseminated. Color: BK
584 Galena Three specimens. a. Single crystal. b. Weathered group. c. Massive. Color: GY
585 Galena Crystal cluster. Color: GY
586 Galena None
587 Galena Galenite and pyrite.
588 Galena Coarsely grained; massive. Color: GY
589 Quartz With galenite, chalcopyrite and barite, native copper, azurite.
590 Galena Still retains a partial Foote label. Color: GY
591 Hematite Massive, specular. Color: GY
592 Quartz Quartz, chalcopyrite, barite (?), tarnished galenite.
593 Galena Pocket of cubo-octahedron with drusy quartz. Color: GY
594 Galena Massive galena on quartz crystals, some pyrite. Color: GY
595 Galena Silver ore, fine grained. Color: GY
596 Galena Massive; possibly argentiferous. Color: GY
597 Galena Silver ore, fine grained. Color: GY
598 Galena Coarse grained, massive. Color: GY
599 Galena None
600 Pyrite Mass of crystals on quartz crystals.