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Cat. # Name Description
501 Bixbyite Ferro-manganese bixleyite?
502 Cone-in-cone None
503 1970.35.8.0006 Rock None
504 1989.43.0394 Point, projectile, replica No stem point. Color: RD
505 1970.74.0930M Flint None
506 1996.11.0013 Wrap, clothes Square orange cloth. On one corner a red square is attached with blue lettering. (Lettering is in a non-Western script). In one corner a 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" red wquare piece of cotton is attached. On this red square is blue lettering in a non-Western script. Beneath the red square an orange strip sewn from inside corner to outside corner and is sewn securely at the outside corner. The strap extends 54" beyond the outside corner and 13" beyond the inside corner of the red square. This strip is used to secure the bundle once full. Color: OR,RD
507 1999.5.30.0416 Transparency, slide Temples, menam Chao Phya (River), Tomas Floating Market.
508 1991.36.0009 Book "Home and School Reference Work, Volume 3''. pp. 969-1432. Color: BK,WH
509 2009.7.1.0010 Book Childcraft, Volume 10, "Nature Excursions". Pages include illustrations and photographs. Sections: Gardens, Garden Flowers, Wild Flowers, Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast, Trees, Insects, Spiders and Their Kin, Frogs, Toads and Salamanders, Birds, Domestic Animals, Sky and Weather, and Looking at the Stars. 246 pages. Color: OR, BK, WH, BL
510 Duck, ring necked One male wing.
511 1978.51.1.0105 Coin King Alfonso XII, one peseta.
512 Muscovite One specimen shows drystal faces. Color: CL
513 Williamsite, serpentine None
514 1975.43.0005 Tie U. S. Army black polyester, with plastic clips. Color: BK
515 Calcite Vein filling.
516 1981.8.0101 Coin Five cents.
517 1992.30.1.0003 Hood Pi Tau Phi caroling hood. Outside is turquoise corduroy and inside is red. The bottom is jagged and there are three balls, like an elf costume. The hole for the face is circular. ISTC. Color: BL,RD
518 2017-7-145 Poster Poster of the Valley Hall of Fame Class of 2012 featuring photos of Joey Woody from UNI, Charlie Spoonhour from Missouri State, Connie Price-Smith from Southern Illinois, Paul Silas from Creighton, Denny Crum from Louisville,and Fred Schmalx from Evansville. Signed by Connie Price-Smith, Joey Woody, and Fred Schmalz. 2017-7-145 (Poster) image
519 1970.47.1.0043 Talc Sawed triangular piece. Color: WH
520 1970.74.1291M Quartz Color: YL
521 1997.13.0005 Coin Two hundred escudos. Silver circle with brass rim. One one side, silver circle has heraldic shield set in wreath and "200 escudos.". Brass edge reads "Republica Portuguesa 1992." Other side shows bust of "Garcia de Orta". Brass circle has wavy lines and two branches. Color: GD,SL
522 2000.2.0054 Carving, ancestor Two human (female?) figures, one standing atop the shoulders of the other. Top figure rests finger tops on second figure's head. Second figure's fingertips rest on hornbill(?) figure. Color: BR,RD,WH
523 2010.6.0008 Contract Teacher Contract, Helen Marine, Daytonville School, 9 month contract, Wellman, Iowa, Dairld Butterbaugh, pre-printed contract form, blanks filled in with handwritten blue ink Color: WH
524 Sigillaria None
525 UNIM1986.14.1985.5. 012 Mitt Pair. Made into mitts by cutting off fingers and part of the thumbs. Above-wrist length. Wrists hemmed and a lower palm on one mitt hemmed. Three vertical lines of stitching on back of palms, flared from wrist toward finger opening. Color: BK
526 1976.50.2.0008 Postcard Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England. Color: ML
527 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
528 1966.6.0004 Speech Reproduction of Washington's inaugural address. Color: TN,BK
529 1978.51.20.0004 Currency Fifty kopecks. Reverse: Russian Imperial double-headed eagle as coat of arms. An unidentified building. Predominant colour: Orange. Material: Japanese rice paper. Printed by: The Czech Legion. Printer: American Bank Note Company. Color: RD,CR
530 1986.4.0570 Postcard From Pearl. 24 December.
531 1994.32.76.0010 Script For the radio program, "Ask the Scientist", aired over WOI. Gives questions and answers by E. J. Cable, R. W. Getchel, J. O. Perrine, C. W. Lantz, Dept. of Science. Reproduced by mimeograph. 8 pp. ISTC. Color: BkWH
532 00.26.0060 Sparrow, song None
533 Stalactite None
534 1970.74.1682M Conglomerate None
535 1998.12.0001 Tooth, shark Shark tooth in matrix - One large brown tooth with small denticles to either side of the primary tooth extend from its matrix. The root of the tooth is white in color and measures 1 3/4" in visible length. There is also a bluish green substance on the matrix on the same side as the tooth. Color: TN,GY,WH
536 1993.1.3.0005 Container, lens Lens holder and lid. a. 1.8 mm lens holder; cylinder. b. Lens holder lid. UNI.
537 Tooth Teeth from upper and lower jaw of Phenacous Primeavis.
538 2006.14.0058 Mouse, White-footed Teeth: 2006.14.58A- Complete set of teeth Mandible: 2006.14.58B- Split in two pieces with molars unattached, but with incisors attached Color: TN
539 UNIM1996.4.1b.0002 Pattern McCall's Pattern 6583 (1962) Blouse in 3 versions; sz. 14. Color: CR
540 1973.51.0035 Petticoat Baby's. Long. Hand embroidered scalloped edge at arm holes, neck, and bottom. Yellowish in color. Open 10 1/2" down center back, edged with hand-embroidered scalloped edge. Color: CR
541 1978.51.6.0135 Currency Fractional-postage currency, by the Act of July 17, ten cents. Shows series of 5 identical portraits of Thomas Jefferson, first issue Color: RD,WH
542 UNIM1988.11.0105 Petticoat Center back 1-button 3/8" dia at waistband creates closure. 14 1/2" eyelet embroidered border at hem layered and five hem stitched tucks. Three gores in front of skirt, back is one piece of materia, 1 3/8" wide tuck just above the border. Border and under layer is slightly gathered to skirt. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
543 1977.47.0003 Spur Metal, with curved heels.Curved-heel shaped metal fitting, attached leather straps and buckle, revolving metal wheel at rear comprised of ten-pointed "rowel". a. Left spur. b. Right spur. Color: BR
544 1993.24.132.0002 Invoice Receipt from Independent School District of Cedar Falls to Cedar Falls 36 for $295.33.
545 1995.21.0078 Transparency, slide Gannet colony, Cliff, Bonaventure Island, Gaspe. Large group of adult white birds on rock. Several gray birds of similar size and shape. Color: ML
546 1971.11.0007 Belt Spring green, for dress. Color: GR
547 1968.10.0505 Civet, Africa Skin.
548 1974.23.0091 Sherd, pottery Geometrical line design on outside, quite smooth both sides. Color: GY-WH
549 Wood None
550 2006.15.0044 Rose Quartz Large in size chunk of rose quartz, rose pink rock with uneven ridges and fractures, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale; silicon dioxide Color: Pink
551 UNIM1988.11.0377 Doily Very fine thread about size 50. 7" circle center with small circles 2" in diameter around center. Outer edge has 22 points to form scalloped edge. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
552 1977.53.0168 Coin Five centavos.
553 1989.0039 Flag Forty-eight star.
554 1979.20.0005 Postcard ISNS, colored picture of Old Gilchrist Hall; postmarked, "June 19, 1909". Color: ML
555 1968.9.50.0612 Flicker? Egg.
556 1988.48.0020 Book "Pungent Paragraphs," by Leewin B. Williams. Color: BK,WH
557 1970.74.0022M Actinolite (Amphibole group) Radiating crystal group, solid. Color: GR
558 1995.21.0331 Transparency, slide Caves of Essene village remains. Seen from distance. Umber colored stone hills and ruins. Color: ML
559 1990.51.0005 Raccoon Skin
560 2007.17.0036 Booklet Adventure in Flavor... With Kraft Dressings. Picture of various food items. 19pgs Color: WH, RD, GR, BL
561 00.26.0267 Tern, Caspian None Tern, Caspian image
562 UNIM1986.14.1980.2.0004 Dress Two-piece; woman's. Jacket has center front opening with 9 matching pearlized buttons; button loops. Kimono sleeves, 3/4 length with 1 1/2" roll-back cuff. White angora band around collar. Skirt rib knit with elastic in waistband. Vertical lines in knit pattern. Sketch on catalog sheet. Sketch on catalog sheet. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
563 1968.10.494.0007 Chip, stone None
564 1980.20.0072 Postcard Photo of Governor Ray at his desk.. Color: BK,WH
565 1967.0014 Flag ISTC platform flag.
566 UNIM1988.11.0654 Brooch Scalloped around edge with 1/8" diameter rhinestones in the center in the shape of a leaf. A stem runs from top to bottom. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL
567 1984.6.0226 Print, photographic Partially destroyed French farm house. Color: BK,WH
568 2016-27-18 Register School register of attendance, classification, and achievement from Shepherd School. Washington Township, Van Buren County. A piece of paper that contains expeses from 1955-1956 fund in the book.  2016-27-18 (Register) image
569 1970.74.0380M Calcite Nodule.
570 1995.21.529.0012 Transparency, lantern slide Marked "Fisherman". Shows man in shorts who seems to be wading ashore, poles balanced across his back on both shoulders. Large pole or trunk seen in background, projecting above water as if positioned there. Color: ML
571 1999.5.30.0006 Transparency, slide Tile column, Saadi tomb.
572 2008.15.0131 Script Tan paper with black print. Five poems; the first is called "All Ready" and has been typed. A sixth poem is called "My Stocking" and was written in pencil. Both poems fill the length of the paper. There is a horizontal crease in the center of the paper. Color: TN 2008.15.0131 (Script) image
573 2004.17.0131 Clipping, newsletter One side has photo of swimming pool in East Gym. Below reads "The Swimming Pool." Reverse side has photo of 13 men in white shirts and shorts. Title is "The Track Team of 1922." Color: BK,GY,WH 2004.17.0131 (Clipping, newsletter) image
574 1975.16.29.0004 Postcard "Cultural Relics Unearthed in China" -Color photo of a bronze Kuei (food container) Western Chou Dynasty (around 11th century - 770 B. C.). Color: ML
575 00.70.0094 Torpedo, railroad None
576 Cap With visor.
577 UNIM1988.11.0905 Coin 1953 - Vietnam 20 su coin. Three profiles of women are on the front along with the word QUOC GIA and VIET - NAM plant is on the back and the word "VIET - NAM" "20 su". Sketch on catalog sheet.
578 Copper Native copper.
579 Shale Gypsiferous.
580 1969.30.0015 Slip Woman's. Petticoat. Little girl's black, long sleeved, floor length. Double ruffle around the bottom. Hook and eye clasps at back closing. Color: BK
581 1989.43.0236 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
582 1970.74.0717M Azurite None
583 1993.24.54.0004 Letter, form June 20, 1958. Gives schedule for secretaries to follow in completing necessary blanks for annual report to State Dept. Dates and times for specific districts are given. Prepared on Ditto machine and filled in.
584 1995.36.0028 Marcasite Color: GD
585 1999.5.30.0258 Transparency, slide Dressed cow, calf lungs, heads of both.
586 1972. Sherd, pottery Gray with 4 thin black stripes. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
587 2004.8.10.0004 Book "Masters in Art - Goya" Part 83 Vol 7, 46 pgs. b/w photographs of artist's work & biography. Staples in binding are rusting. Paper cover. Color: BR
588 2009.15.0006 Booklet "Iowa School Officers Manual 1935". Policies & Procedures. 52 pgs. Table of contents up front. Index in back. Color: BG, WH, BK
589 Pintail, common One female wing.
590 Dolomite None
591 Sandstone Calcareous sandstone.
592 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.0016 Apron linen half apron designed to fasten with a safety pin. 5/8'' twill braid trim and 1/2''lace around edge. Large patch pocket with same trim around edges and across the top. Color: CR
593 1975.4.0133 Badge Outline of Iowa; imprinted "Northeastern Iowa Teachers' Association. Waterloo. March 30, 31 and April 1." Commemorates the meeting of the Association in Waterloo. No year given. Color: BK,WH
594 1970.37.0001 Print, photographic In frame. "Commissioned Officers, 49th Iowa Reg't. Vol. Inf. at Camp Onward. Savannah, Georgia, 1899. M. Edw'd Wilson Photo." Major Fisher is in the lower left corner. Matting is gray and frame itself is black. Print, photographic image
595 1981. Sherd, pottery None
596 1986.4.0154 Negative, film Summer. Image of a house on a field. The farm house is a ways in the distance. There are a few other structures and buildings behind the house. 1986.4.0154 (Negative, film) image
597 1991.48.0021 Coin Nickel. Thomas Jefferson is on the front.
598 2017-7-19B Ribbon Blue superior Universal Cheerleaders Association ribbon. On the back written in black "Northern Iowa Sidleine UCA 2006". 2017-7-19B (Ribbon) image
599 1989.43.0531 Print, photographic Young man with a dark suit. Color: BK,WH
600 1970.74.1061M Franklinite Massive calcite with band of 1/8"-1/4" franklinites (fl). Color: BK