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Cat. # Name Description
501 Hematite Massive, specular. Color: GY
502 Quartz Quartz, chalcopyrite, barite (?), tarnished galenite.
503 Galena Pocket of cubo-octahedron with drusy quartz. Color: GY
504 Galena Massive galena on quartz crystals, some pyrite. Color: GY
505 Galena Silver ore, fine grained. Color: GY
506 Galena Massive; possibly argentiferous. Color: GY
507 Galena Silver ore, fine grained. Color: GY
508 Galena Coarse grained, massive. Color: GY
509 Galena None
510 Pyrite Mass of crystals on quartz crystals.
511 Pyrite Small pocket of 1/8" cubes. Color: GD
512 Galena Group of cubic crystals coated with drusy pyrites. Color: GY
513 Galena Massive ore samples with some chalcopyrite. Color: GY-BK
514 Galena And chalcopyrite.
515 Galena And chalcopyrite.
516 Chalcopyrite Massive, with pyrite & quartz.
517 Sphalerite Hand: massive intermixed with chert . Miniature: sphalerite crystals on quartz crystals
518 Sphalerite Matrix covered on both sides with sphalerite crystals to 1/2". Crystal system Cubic/iso. Color: BK,RD
519 Sphalerite None
520 Sphalerite Crystals to 1/8" - 1/4" on chert matrix.
521 Sphalerite Massive; 1 miniature has weathered crystals with chalcopyrite crystals
522 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite in chert.
523 Sphalerite Massive.
524 Sphalerite Two glass vials of crushed sphalerite.
525 Sphalerite Massive; specimen is cracking.
526 Sphalerite Dark crystals to 1/2" covering top of piece; also crystals on bottom partially in chert
527 Sphalerite Massive.
528 Sphalerite Sphalerite or blende, zinc ore.
529 Sphalerite Massive, some cleavage faces; miniature has rough, dull crystals
530 Sphalerite Massive, rough cleavage faces & crystals.
531 Sphalerite Massive, rough cleavage faces & crystals.
532 Cinnabar Specimen crumbling.
533 Cinnabar Tiny crystals scattered on matrix. Color: RD
534 Cinnabar Ore sample showing primarily blue copper stain. Color: ML
535 Cinnabar None
536 Cinnabar Crystalline coating. Color: RD
537 Chalcocite Black, massive with small quartz blebs.
538 Chalcocite Massive, brown-black.
539 Chalcocite Massive, tarnished to red-gold; pyrite present
540 Bornite Massive, dull black.
541 Bornite Massive, dark gray metallic; minor copper minerals (azurite/malachite)
542 Bornite Massive, dark gray.
543 Pyrrhotite Massive, black.
544 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK-OR
545 Calcite Crystals & pockets.
546 Gold Small gold flakes on quartz and feldspar.
547 Pyrite Miniature shows pyritohedral crystals; hand is compact aggregate
548 Pyrite One specimen has cubes of pyrite to 3/8" on quartz crystals. Other, massive pyrite in matrix. a. and b.
549 Pyrite Crystal faces on one side of rock layer.
550 Pyrite Thumbnails mostly massive; miniature has crystals at one end.
551 Pyrite Scattered crystals in iron matrix. Poor crystals on quartz.
552 Pyrite None
553 Pyrite Cubic crystals to 3/8" scattered among quartz crystals; tiny crystls with calcite on matrix
554 Pyrite Vial contains decomposed materail; 1 large partial strated crystal on pyrite matrix
555 Pyrite None
556 Pyrite One massive; other has striated crystals to 3/8" on an end.
557 Pyrite Crystals on quartz crystals to 1/4".
558 Pyrite Massive pyrite, one side coverd with 3/8" quartz crystals with larger pyrite (1/2") on quartz.
559 Pyrite Dubic crystals with iron-stained quartz crystals on massive pyrite & quartz matrix
560 Pyrite TN's - pieces of cubic crystals; miniatures - clusters of crystals
561 Pyrite Granular aggregate.
562 Pyrite Crystals on small quartz crystals. Massive pyrite with pyrite & quartz crystals in vug at one end.
563 Pyrite Partial crystals.
564 Pyrite Cabinet - cluster of striated crystals ; massive pyrite with quartz; massive - showing some crystal faces
565 Pyrite Brown cubic crystals from 1/8" x 1/8" - 3/8" x 3/8"
566 Pyrite Crystal clump.
567 Pyrite Brassy, striated crystals in pocket of granular pyrite
568 Pyrite Vial contains decomposed material; 1 cluster of crystals
569 Pyrite Granular aggregate with some quartz.
570 Pyrite Scattered pyrite in light gray matrix.
571 Pyrite Granular aggregate.
572 Pyrite Pyrite finely disseminated in galena(?).
573 Pyrite Striated pyrite crystals with quartz.
574 Pyrite A few crystals embedded in quartz.
575 Quartz Quartz crystals on pyritiferous rock.
576 Pyrite Mostly ore material with quartz & feldspar; 1 hand specimen has cluster of cubic crystals
577 Pyrite TN - striated partial cube; miniature - bright, brassy cubic crystals to 18"; should be 4 specimens
578 Pyrite Pyrite, chalcopyrite, gold or silver probably.
579 Pyrite Drusy pyrite on matrix.
580 Pyrite Small pyrite crystals lining nodule.
581 Pyrite Finely disseminated pyrite.
582 Pyrite Crystals in matrix.
583 Pyrite Ore samples with quartz & galena; possible rhodocrosite
584 Chalcopyrite Massive, in quartz.
585 Chalcopyrite Nodule.
586 Chalcopyrite Massive, possibly covellite as a decomposition product
587 Chalcopyrite Massive.
588 Chalcopyrite Massive, disseminated.
589 Chalcopyrite Poor crystals on matrix.
590 Chalcopyrite None
591 Marcasite Small crystals, metallic gold, in quartz.
592 Marcasite Small crystals some blackened with quartz.
593 Marcasite One - a nodule of marcasite; one - small crystals in quartz seam (starting to disintegrate)
594 Marcasite Glass tube - small pieces & dust; TN - decomposing; M - small crystal aggregate
595 Marcasite Massive with crystal faces; possible chalcopyrite also
596 Marcasite Cockscomb crystal group, partially changed; sprayed 3/5/75
597 Marcasite Brassy crystal aggregate; some quartz.
598 Marcasite Crystals on sandstone matrix.
599 Marcasite Cubic crystals covered with drusy quartz, therefore possibly pyrite
600 Chalcopyrite Massive, few scattered crystals; some galena & pyrite