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Cat. # Name Description
501 Zinkenite Zinkenite is one of a few sulfide minerals that form fine acicular crystals that appear as hair-like fibers. The fibrous aggregates may be so thick as to cover a specimen with a mat of hair-like fibers or it may be sparsely dessiminated between other minerals and may be confused with stray hairs or dark lint. Jamesonite, boulangerite and millerite are other sulfides that form similar acicular crystals. These sulfides as well as zinkenite have been called "feather ores" because of this unusual habit. Zinkenite is a sulfosalt, a segment of sulfides where the antimony acts more like a metal than a non-metal and occupies a position where it is bonded to sulfurs. A variety of zinkenite from Tasmania contains a small amount of silver.
502 Tetrahedrite Crystals on quartz matrix; also chalcopyrite crystals
503 Proustite Massive, reddish black; purchased from Foote.
504 Skutterudite Massive; var. smaltite. Color: GY
505 Skutterudite Massive; possible erythrite on one corner. Color: GY-YL
506 Stannite Small, dark gray crystals
507 Franklinite Granules to 3/8" in matrix. Color: BK
508 Joseite Joesite, bismuth, sulfur, tellurium, selineum.
509 Carnallite Undetermined # in bottle.
510 Turquoise Massive; pale blue.
511 Clinochlore None
512 Rhodochrosite None
513 Rhodochrosite Rhodocrosite with calcite on black limestone. Original catalog entry indicates 3 specimens.
514 Rhodochrosite None
515 Rhodochrosite Rhococrosite on calcite.
516 Sodalite None
517 Fluorite None
518 Smithsonite None
519 Vermiculite None
520 Clinochlore Ripidolite, the iron rich variety of clinoclore. Color: GR
521 Clinochlore A chlorite schist with clear, glassy blebs. Color: GR
522 Biotite (Mica group) Small plates of biotite, with calcite and red hematite. Color: BK
523 Muscovite Transparent parallelogram. Color: CL
524 Phlogopite Thick plate. Color: BR, CL Phlogopite image
525 Biotite (Mica group) Dense laminae. Color: BK
526 Muscovite Type of muscovite referred to as plumose. Color: GR
527 Biotite (Mica group) Thin sheet. Color: BK
528 Muscovite Thick slab of laminae 6" x 5" x 1" Color: BR
529 Vermiculite Soft, corky like sheets. Color: BR
530 Hemimorphite None
531 Feldspar Crystals.
532 Feldspar Orthoclase common feldspar.
533 Feldspar Albite feldspar.
534 Staurolite Twinned crystal. Color: BR
535 Apatite group (Fluor) Single, terminated yellow crystal.
536 Orthoclase, var. moonstone (Feldspar group) Cligoclase moonstone.
537 Phlogopite Stack of 6-sided sheets. Color: BK
538 Hornblende Paper A. E. Foote label #247. Color: BK
539 Chondrodite None
540 Apophyllite Agate matrix with small cubic crystals. Color: CL
541 Actinolite (Amphibole group) Aggregate of thin radiating crystals. Color: GR
542 Augite (Pyroxene group) Pyroxene sugite.
543 Hornblende Stubby crystal 1" x 1" on calcite matrix. Color: BK
544 Chrysotile Fibrous. Color: GR
545 Tremolite Massive, foliated. Color: WH
546 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
547 Apophyllite Cubic crystals on matrix; largest 1/2" x 1/2". Color: CL
548 Lepidolite Massive aggregate of fine plates with crystals of elbaite var.l rubellite on one corner. Color: LV
549 Stilbite None
550 Microcline (Feldspar Group) Var. Amazonite. Color: GR, TN Microcline (Feldspar Group) image
551 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite. Microcline (Feldspar group) image
552 Kyanite Crystal blades in quartz. Color: BL,TN
553 Scapolite (Wernerite) Wernerite was the most common alternate name for the scapolite series, but now it has mostly disappeared from use. A few other names such as mizzonite and dipyre as well as marialite and meionite have been used as names for the entire scapolite series. Now scapolite is a name recognized by most every mineralogist and rock hound the world over.
554 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite.
555 Labradorite (Feldspar group) None
556 Chrysotile None
557 Stilbite None
558 Analcime (Feldspathoid group) None
559 Sepiolite Massive. Color: WH
560 Anorthite (Feldspar group) None
561 Natrolite None
562 Hemimorphite None
563 Chondrodite None
564 Thomsonite None
565 Staurolite None
566 Titanite None
567 Chabazite None
568 Serpentine group Color: BK
569 Serpentine group Massive, translucent. Color: GR
570 Serpentine group None
571 Calcite With nodules of chert.
572 Calcite Calcite rhomb spar exhibiting refraction; var. Iceland spar
573 Calcite Secondary crystals.
574 Calcite Surface iridescent.
575 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
576 Calcite Rhomb spar.
577 Calcite Calc spar.
578 Calcite Dogtooth spar.
579 Calcite Clustered dog tooth spar.
580 Calcite Rhomb spar in calcite geode.
581 Calcite Crystals.
582 Aragonite in exhibit from 1992-2006
583 Aragonite Acicular radiating groups, and stalactic forms. Color: WH
584 Quartz Quartz crystals on limestone.
585 Spar, nail-head None
586 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
587 Calcite Small crystals (scalenohedral) coating and throughout specimen. Color: GD
588 Millerite Hairs of millerite on and through large calcite crystals in vug. Color: GD
589 Millerite Millerite hairs; mostly embedded in calcite. Color: GD
590 Millerite One bundle of millerite hairs in calcite vug. Color: GD
591 Calcite Geode; Calcareous; nail head spar.
592 Talc Massive. Color: GR
593 Gypsum Variety alabaster, cut & polished semi-circle.
594 Quartz Cellular--crystalline quartz.
595 Quartz Chalcedonic quartz with mammillated and botryoidal lining.
596 Quartz, geode Papillated surface.
597 Quartz Chalcedonic and crystal.
598 Quartz, geode None
599 Quartz Crystal on chalcedonic base.
600 Quartz, geode None