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501 2009.18.0028 Card, report Report card of Franciel Craft, Windsor District No. 2. Maye McMahon, teacher Color: BL,BK
502 Quartz Crystal.
503 1989.43.0465 Calcite Calcite crystals cluster on limestone base also displays two other unidentified minerals; calcite crystals are clear yellow and are 11 cm x 7 cm x 10 cm
504 1968.10.0006 Mask, Ritual White polychrome mask with painted black details. Attached to the edges of the mask is a white cotton cloth, attached with nails. The eyes are cut out and the mouth is carved in. The detail of the hair protrudes on either side of the forehead. 1968.10.0006 (Mask, Ritual) image
505 Iron Concretion in the semblance of a duck.
506 1970.36.0027 Smock Woman's. Tan with black ribbons which tie it shut at the wrists and neck. Color: TN,BK
507 1986.4.0062 Print, photographic East Cocalico Township High School, September, 1955. 1986.4.0062 (Print, photographic) image
508 00.26.0149 Hawk, Swainson's None
509 1991.38.1.0025 Sulphur Color: YL
510 1973.19.0002 Print, photographic Dorm room, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
511 Garnet group None
512 1970.74.0966M Pyrite None
513 1976.102.0020 Pencil, mechanical "No. 77". Color: GR
514 1978.51.13.0005 Currency Ten-thousand yuan, issued by the Japanese puppet government. Sun Yat-sen on front Color: GR,WH/RD
515 Calcite Crystal.
516 UNIM1994.13.0050 Gloves plain gloves, knit pattern is in squares, with little texture, knit pattern all over, at wrist looks like large buttonhole stitch. a&b. Color: BK
517 1986.4.0318 Paper, letterhead Interstate School of Correspondence. Blank. Color: WH,BK
518 2017-19-13B Sextant Bubble Attachment A metal bubble attachment for a Yoder Instruments sextant. The object sits in a black cardboard box with a small envelope containing two transparent plastic lenses, one red and one blue. A hand written not on the envelope reads "Sun Shades for sextant". A Lable on the front of the box reads "Lafayette Instruments Incorperated, 140 North Market Street, East Palestine, Ohio, Metal sextant bubble attachemtn #12". 2017-19-13B (Sextant Bubble Attachment) image
519 1976.0075 Map 1976 transportation map of Iowa distributed by the Dept of Transportation.
520 1968.9.51.0018 Porcupine Quills.
521 1970.47.1.0146 Calcite None
522 1970.74.1326M Quartz, var. opal Common opal. Color: TN
523 1992.31.10.0031 Figure, pig Pig toy
524 1979.0053 Booklet "Homecoming-Reunion", pamphlet, gold folded paper, purple lettering, "Fall into Fantasy, Homecoming-Reunion Weekend 1979, Honoring the classes of 1919, 1929, 1939, and 1954 UNI, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the UNI Alumni association 1879-1979"; pamphlet lists the Homecoming activities for the weekend of October 5-7, 1979. Color: GD,PR
525 1973.43.0038 Stole Stand-up collar with 8 tails, 4 at neck and 4 at bottom. Large black knit covered button. Piece lined with brown sateen. Color: BR-BK
526 UNIM1994.14.0163 Combination Infant "onesie," undershirt and pants combination, overhead style, short sleeves, 3 snap closure at crotch, shoulder seams are open and overlap, style keeps undershirt from pulling up Color: PK
527 1981.8.0356 Currency Five baht, serial number 353665. King Rama IX; Phra Pathom Chedi; Royal Throne Hall. Color: PR,WH,GR
528 1986.4.0574 Postcard From Elmer. Famous Sewer Banquet painting on front. 30 October.
529 2017-21-65 Book The Century Collegiate Handbook written by Garland Greever and Easley S. Jones. 2017-21-65 (Book) image
530 1989.53.0016 Fossil Two parts. a. Diplomystus dentatus. Left half of slab. b. Diplomystus dentatus. Right half of slab.
531 1994.32.0040 Booklet On Land reclamation. 10 pp. illus with charts and black & white photos. Reprinted from Mining Congress Journal. Color: BK,WH
532 1970.78.10.0013 Headdress This particular headdress was made using the body feathers of a trumpeter bird. The trumpeter bird body feathers form a three quarter fan around the band of the headdress that is crafted from vines and wrapped in a woven cotton pattern with pink, white, and blue-gray patterns. The featherless section of the band shows all of the cotton strings wound around the end and fastened together. Some of the black trumpeter bird body feathers have colourful macaw tail and body feathers attached to the tip of them using the native mixture of "bui". There are also a few harpy eagle body feathers woven into the feathers throughout the three quarter fan. Crafting headdresses is a male craft among the Cashinahuans. Though women do know about the art, when interviewed around men they pretend to be ignorant. This headdress is classified among the Cashinahuans as "dani maiti" which titles it as a "body hair" or "body feather" headdress ("maiti" means "headdress" and "dani" means "body"). The name of the headdress is further changed to detail what kind of feather or hair was used in the making. The dani maiti are made by tying the base of the body feathers to a strip of vine that has been cut and prepared with "bui"- a native mixture of wild rubber, chicle, and beeswax. There may be up to four flattened strips of vine, but only one of them will have the bui on it. Feathers are tied to the strip of vine in bunches of up to six feathers tied about 1cm apart from each other. Doing this enables the headdress to have volume because the feathers are often overlapping. When all the feathers that will be added to the strip are tied on it, the headdress is tied together with cotton and waxed string forming a circle that will fit upon the man's head. In this case, as is occasionally seen, the vine has been covered in a patterned design created by wrapping cotton string around it. Dani maiti are crafted by men, often for their sons, for ceremonial events. Such events include "kacha nawa" (fertility ceremonies), "nishpu pi" (initiation rites), and "chidin" (the headman's ceremony). 1970.78.10.0013 (Headdress) image
533 1993.24.0025 Affidavit, bank Typed copy certifying balance on hand of School District Eddy #6, Township of Cedar Falls, County of Black Hawk as of July 1, 1950. Signed by bank Vice President (signature illegible); signed and notarized by J. J. Kyhl.
534 2002.3.0038 Print "The Sick Monkey", Brown's Famous Pictures, No. 465. Landseer, 1802-1873. Pasted on black construction paper. Color: BK,WH
535 Quartz, geode None
536 2006.14.0166 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.166A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.166B- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.166C- Penile bone Color: WH
537 UNIM1986.14.0001 Scarf Tritik technique (resist dyeing) used to make 9 - 5 1/4" diameter circles. $ smaller circles at each end each @ 2" diameter. 1" bands on each end with hems. Long edges are selvage on one side, hemmed on the other. Color: RD, YL, WH
538 Bugle Spanish Army isse of the Spanish-America War, 1898,; brass construction & brass mouthpiece; tone adjustment wing nut on mid-right side, stamped, "RE, DO"; brass ring on top & rear for securing leather shoulder strap; 1/4" brown leather shoulder strap attached; bell stamped, "HAAS, BARCELONA"
539 1979.10.0006 Boatstone Curved shape, hollowed center. Color: TN
540 1970.74.1399M Tektite, lunasia None
541 Quartz Crystals.
542 Structures, joint Jointed structure. Sandstone with concretinary structure.
543 1995.21.0133 Transparency, slide Sphinx head and Cheops pyramid, Giza. Sphinx facing right, pyramid in background on left. Color: ML
544 UNIM1986.14.1980.12.0032 Neck Tie A. Dark brown w/off white design woven in label "Handwoven Bovis Tie". B. Brown, orange, and tan figured tie. C. Light brown necktie w/pine green and moss green design at both ends. A Cutler Cravat Original, wider style. All in hand styles. Color: BR;OR;GR
545 1970.74.0298M Gypsum Var. selenite, translucent flat crystal.
546 1971.11.0045 Handbill "The Buffalo Restaurant". Color: BK,WH
547 2002.7.0167 Memorandum List of classes for State Certification. Written in pencil on a 3" x 5" piece of paper. Color: BK,WH
548 UNIM1988.11.0546 Necklace Triple strand necklace with bronze, copper and gold plastic beads. Top row is 12" long and the bottom is 15". Copper beads are 1/2" w x 3/4" l. Bronze beads are 1/2" in diameter. Copper and bronze beads alternate on string with small gold bead in between them. 5/16" beads with gold between the bronze beads are on both ends (3 beads per strand on each end). Clasp hooks on extended 7 bronze beads 5/16" in diameter connected with metal links. Larger bronze and copper beads have indented surfaces. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BZ, GD
549 1974.23.0118 Biface None
550 1977.58.79.0002 Clipping, newspaper None
551 1988.48.0039 Magazine ''Primary Education Popular Educator''. Vol. XLIV, No. 7, March. Color: GR
552 Fossil None
553 Concretion Lime balls
554 1990.53.0052 Muscovite Variety known as fushite with the addition of chromium. Color: GR
555 1995.21.0386 Transparency, slide Temple front. Seen at end of street, with lawn. Color: ML
556 1972.15.0008 Shale None
557 unk No specimen. Label: Broken stone from boulders used for macadamizing roads in Denmark.
558 Coal Bituminous.
559 1993.26.0006 Sock Uniform issue. a. and b. Color: GY,WH
560 1999.5.30.0231 Transparency, slide Coral rock, beach, southwest, Kharg Island.
561 1974.37.93.0073 Bone Fragment from skull of a large fish.
562 2008.15.0015 Script Small book with both covers missing along with pages. The very top of the page has handwriting that reads "too much borrowing". Below the handwriting in print is "Brave Boys". The page number is 11. There are two staples on the top and bottom corners of the book that still hold fragments of the removed pages. The back page is page number 126 and the top of this page reads "District School Dialogues". The binding is also missing from this book. Color: Tan and black
563 UNIM1988.11.0799 Necktie Necktie with blue, red, white and black narrow stripes. 3 3/4" w x 53" l. 100% polyester. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, RD, WH, BK
564 Fossil None
565 1980.30.0006 Coin Coin or token, large copper cent; obverse stamped with Liberty Head, "E PLURIBUS UNUM", dated 1837, star pattern on border; reverse stamped with floral wreath design "MILLIONS FOR DEFENSE, NOT ONE CENT FOR TRIBUTE".
566 1993.38.86.0003 Stone fragment Body element.
567 Calcite Crystal group; color from addition of cobalt. Color: PK-PR
568 Gold None
569 1990.53.0323 Quartz, geode None
570 1972.44.0001 Decal U. S. flag. Color: RD,WH,BL
571 1999.5.30.0485 Transparency, slide Lotus moat, towards atomic dome, from Hiroshima Palace.
572 2004.17.0200 Clipping, newsletter "Grads Achieve Success as Stockbrokers." Pictures Lawrence Jepson & C. B. McDonald. Back shows northeast corner of campus showing the effects of Dutch elm disease on UNI trees. Color: WH,GY,BK
573 UNIM1989.8.0003 Block, hat Three-piece construction, light weight wood. Scress hold base top upper portion. lLrge center hole in base, probably for a stand. Elliptical shape; rounded top.
574 Sepiolite Massive. Color: WH
575 1989.43.0258 Point, projectile Side-notched point.
576 Chart Monthly suntrack chart.
577 Duck, wood One male wing.
578 1990.61.0011 Card, trade Catalog description: "These are pictured on the left front and the back is blue." Color: WH,RD,BL
579 1995.37.0021 Bag Decorated with various stripes of different colors in vertical rows. Color: BL,TN,GR,RD
580 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Part of a rim. Color: GY
581 1970.74.0747M Rhodonite None
582 1975.4.0225 Card, Valentine Embossed. Fold-out of boy and girl in rowboat surrounded by flowers. "Best Wishes" written on front. No date. Color: ML
583 2009.6.0014 Crossbow Wooden crossbow with string across the top. Wood is dark brown. The rope is attatched to the horizontal piece of the cross. Near the center of the vertical piece of the cross there is a small rotating piece attatched with a wooden screw. Near the top of the rotating piece is a groove on the vertical piece of the cross. Near the top of the vertical piece is a small jutting piece of wood. Color: BN
584 UNIM1986.14.1984.3.0013 Umbrella For child's pram. Brown with blue lining. 8 wire ribs. Ruffles of brown fabric. Scalloped and pinked edge. Brass ornament at top. L shaped handle at one side for attaching to pram. Metal handle 7" x 1/4' diameter. Light blue lining has pinked edge. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR,BL
585 UNIM1991.9.0019 Pattern Six sleepwear patterns. a. Negligee, Simplicity #1470, size 38. Not printed. c. 1940. 15 cents. b. Housecoat, Simplicity #2879, Size 18. Not printed. 15 cents. c. Nightgown, Customode #8143. Not printed. Size 36. c. 1940. 25 cents. d. Nightgown, Pictorial Review #6884, size 36. Instructions printed on the envelope. late '30s. 25 cents. e. Lounging pajamas. Simplicity #2011, Size 36. Not printed. 15 cents. f. 2-pc. pajamas. Advance #1960, size 18. Not printed. c. 1940. 15 cents.
586 1981. Sherd, pottery Painted design on inside.
587 1989.43.0589 Nutpick Designs toward top.
588 1968.9.36.14888.0002 Halite Plain.
589 1970.41.3.0003 Point, projectile None
590 1970.74.1091M Gypsum var. Selenite Selenite crystal.
591 1992.1.0002 Print, photographic ISTC football team, no date. Color: BK,WH
592 1996.28.0003 Sassabi Left turn shulder mount. Color: BR
593 1973.37.0005 Quartz, amethyst Crystal. Purple, cream transparent color. Small purple dots within crystal. Color: PR
594 1976.24.0007 Napkin Purple lettering on white, "UNI, 1876-1976". Color: WH,PR
595 1981.8.0198 Coin Five ore.
596 1986.4.0412 Examination For Mathematics. Color: WH,BK
597 1989.43.0886 Handkerchief Peach, with "Ricordo d"Albania" and a red circle with a warrior and a bird in the right hand corner.
598 1970.47.1.0402 Sphalerite Small "rubies" (1/16") scattered on & within matrix
599 1970.74.1467M Prehnite None
600 1968.9.9.0011 Pipe Part of houka "hubble bubble" pipe. One base is 3" in diameter; other is 2" in diameter. Stem is about 1" in diameter and has protruding part in the middle with a design engraved into it. Color: BK