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1401 2002.5.0042 Portfolio "Portfolio for Teachers of Five Year Old Children" Brown two pocket folder with black printing. Forward and table of contents printed on the left hand side of the folder (when opened). Black ink stamp on right side: "Property of Pocahontas County Rural Schools," lists township and district. Color: Bown
1402 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Eyelt insertion trim sample. Fillet stitches down each side of narrow strip of embroidered flowers with eyelet between each flower. Color: WH
1403 Unk Flat.
1404 1979.10.9.0094 Bead Cigar shaped, hollow, pierced. Color: TN
1405 1981.8.0300 Coin One lira.
1406 Zircon None
1407 UNIM2004.29.0014 Apron Half apron with top of waistband trimmed in brown. Two brown strips at waist for casing with gathered waist. Tan cord attached to waistband for belt ties. Brown woven design in three strips across bottom part od apron skirt. Color: GR, BR
1408 1979.10.0012 Necklace Seventy-five pieces; various shades of black and gray; drilled, strung on white cord. Round pendant at bottom. Color: BK,GY,WH
1409 1968.9.49.13715.0005 Tortoise, wood Bone.
1410 1988.33.0101 Diploma "Diploma" for eight years of school, dated the fourth day of June. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
1411 1970.47.3.0992 Button Five four-holed buttons.
1412 1995.21.0187 Transparency, slide Dionysus Theatre. Visitors seen in remains of theatre. Modern city buildings nearby extending to background. Color: ML
1413 1971.27.0013 Point, ration Red point required by the U. S. Government authorizing the purchase of meat or butter during World War II. "O.P.A. Red Point." Small reddish coin. Color: RD
1414 1993.24.43.0009 Form, tax credit From the Treasurer of Black Hawk County to President of the Independent School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township; "taxes collected and apportioned". May, 1950, #2910 for $241.54. Iowa Official Form No. 1023.
1415 Shale None
1416 2002.7.0210 Clipping, Newspaper "Be Sympathetic." Color: WH,BK
1417 2006.19.0015 Book "The Talking Stone" selected and retold by Caroline Cunningham. 117 pages w/black and white illustrations by Richard Floethe. White Sticker on cover with "withdrawn" on it. Dark red lines on cover-stains. Title and author on binding. Small tear on upper binding. Black paint on lower binding. Color: OR
1418 Fabric, hemp fiber None
1419 UNIM1988.11.0505 Purse Black imitation reptile clutch purse; snap and zipper closure. Black plastic lining. Smooth black plastic d?r at front top edge. Short handle loop to place over wrist. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
1420 1977.58.88.0006 Postcard Legend of the Holy Ghost shell. Shows sand dollars in whole and in part and prints legend of the sand dollar. Color: ml
1421 Hessite None
1422 00.26.0105 Flycatcher, great crested None Flycatcher, great crested image
1423 UNIM1986.14.1980.10.0001 Coat, frock Cutaway waistcoat with narrow collar and lapels. Left breast pocket, small right pocket in waistline seam. Bach has curved princess lines and center back vent; pocket in right tail lining; longer than suit jacket. Long loose sleeve with vents at wrists and 2 buttons. Lined with black sateen. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
1424 1974.29.23.0008 Fish On plaster.
1425 1968.9.50.8658 Robin, albino None
1426 1995.21.0440 Transparency, slide Pandanus 17735, Khanji. Large woody shrub or small tree with some green but mostly dormant or dead in appearance. Color: ML
1427 1990.53.0119 Galena Color: GY
1428 1989.20.0008 Postcard California condor. Color: BK,WH
1429 1970.74.0190M Ore, iron Contains iron pyrite, copper, silver, gold, zinc and nickel.
1430 2008.14.0013 Letter A typed letter on very thin paper. It is unsigned from the Blackhawk County Superintendent (A.E. Jewett). It requests that teachers be allowed a day off to attend a meeting for teaching methods and curriculum discussion. It is very short and straight forward. Addressed to the school directors of Blackhawk County. Dated 10/2/1940. Color: WH
1431 11.11.0022 Sphalerite Cluster of brown crystals, largest 1/2".
1432 Quartz None
1433 2004.15.0002 Handbook, student Cover page reads "Iowa State Teachers, Defenders of Democracy" on the top. On the bottom is printed "1941 Student handbook 1942" whole cover has a patriotic print of red, white and blue stripes with stars. 107 pp. Coeditors are Lois Chaplin and Roland Wick. Photographs by Don Galbreath. Color: WH,BL,RD,BK 2004.15.0002 (Handbook, student) image
1434 UNIM1988.11.0762 Necktie Black necktie, 1 5/8" w x 56 1/2" l. "Gildners" brand. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
1435 2006.15.0012 Petrified Wood Orange, rust colored angular specimen of petrified wood. Color: BR
1436 1978.25.0006 Pin, political Photograph, "A. B. Cummins", 1912 Republican Presidential hopeful; brass pin back, "The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark N. J., Pat. April 14, 1896, July 21, 1896". Color: WH,BL,GD
1437 1980.43.0081 Coin German Republic, ten pfennig, (Fedral Republic): reverse stamped with floral sprig, Munich mint (D).
1438 1993.28.0047 Print, photographic Mounted. ISTC indoor softball (indoor baseball 5 x 8). Color: BK,WH
1439 Chalcocite Massive, tarnished to red-gold; pyrite present
1440 00.27.0081 Weasel, long-tailed On wooden base; crouched; holding bird head in mouth.Summer pelage.
1441 1989.43.0091 Chip, stone None
1442 1970.74.0514M Gold and silver
1443 1995.30.0010 Otter Study skin and skull; a. and b.. Color: BR
1444 1999.5.30.0115 Transparency, slide Migration. Camels. 10 km. W. Shiraz.
1445 1990.53.356.0001 Fluorite Two parts. a. Rough green fluorite crystal showing 3 faces. Color: GN
1446 2004.17.205.0016 Newsletter "The Alumnus, University of Northern Iowa, February. 1968. Vol. 53, No. 1. ."23 pp. Front cover shows photo of outdoor staircase at the Commons. Back reads "Alumni club Meetings." Color: BK,WH,GY 2004.17.205.0016 (Newsletter) image
1447 Raccoon Color: BK,BR
1448 UNIM1989.5.0049 Box Starch box "Argo Gloss Starch" navy colored with off-white lettering and trim. Opened at end. Instructions on back and side panels. Color: BL, WH
1449 1972.59.0008 Sticker, bumper "Nixon - Agnew", with white lettering on a blue and red background. Color: RD,WH,BL
1450 1980.5.0109 Pin, political Celluloid-type; alternate red and blue printed inscription on white field, "Lindsay 72"; lower curl marked, "N.G. SLATER CORP., N.Y.C. 11", one union "bug"; bare metal backing, pin back. Color: RD,WH,BL
1451 Topaz None
1452 Coquina None
1453 1975.34.0001 Hat Woman's.
1454 UNIM1986. a- Bobbin, Lace Bobbins for lace making. Wood; 4" long. There are 40 bobbins, but 31 have thread already wrapped on them, so I marked only the other 9. Very plain. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN
1455 1986.4.0009 Print, photographic Anna & Aletha (Jacobs) sitting on loading platform in front of Case Dairy Co. 1986.4.0009 (Print, photographic) image
1456 1991.11.0143 Stockings White children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. White
1457 1989.43.0347 Biface None
1458 1970.74.0865M Slate None
1459 1999.5.30.0369 Transparency, slide Bazaar painting.
1460 2009.4.0002 Report, teacher's Teacher's Annual Report (1 side). Report of Classification, Standing, Advancement and Attendance (other side). Contains student names, ages, and grades. Color: CR, BK, YL
1461 Merganser, hooded Wing.
1462 1972. Sherd, pottery Part of the rim with incised design. Color: GY
1463 UNIM1986.14.1983.9.0021 Buffer Rounded mitt is straight across the bottom.The chamois side has scalloped edge. Muticolored floral & striped silk on outside with cream colored 1/2 " wide lace around rounded edge. Both the straight and rounded end are open. Color: YL, WH
1464 1975.4.0243 Card, greeting Pictures house in winter setting with glitter sprinkled on snow. "Presented to Aletha Jacobs by her teacher Minnie Luloff." Color: ML
1465 1986.4.0263 Contract For Aletha Jacobs, to teach in District #6, Black Hawk County. 23 February. Color: WH,BK,BL
1466 1970.41.3.0091 Point, projectile None
1467 1970.74.1214M Linarite Blue coating on quartz.
1468 2000.2.0005 Platter Oblong, oval shaped platter. Human head carved into handle. Design carved into platter pigmented red, white; remnant black. Designs on edges pigmented white. Human face has scarification on cheeks and is pgmented white. Color: RD,BR, WH,BK 2000.2.0005 (Platter) image
1469 00.39.0023 Certificate, membership Gamma Theta Upsilon. Membership certificate of Emmett J. Cable, May 26, 1934. Color: WH,BK
1470 1976.29.0001 Pin, political Lithograph button reading "NIXON's THE ONE!" in red letters on white background. Curl line reads "Adcraft Mfg. Co., Chicago 60608." and has two union labels. Color: RD,WH
1471 1965.2.0012 Memorandum President Maucker's memorandum of Oct. 27, 1950 to instructional staff about their military service and blanks returned by faculty. Color: WH
1472 UNIM1994.13.0104 Pillowcase cutwork leaf design circles in each corner, pillowcase has 3 buttons and buttonhole closure on back side on one side Color: WH
1473 1968.0025 Pin, political Nixon.
1474 1978.51.2.0066 Coin None
1475 1989.43.566.0001 Stereograph First in a series about Mr. and Mrs. Honeymoon, this view titled "Mr. & Mrs. Honeymoon's New French Cook." Color: BK,WH 1989.43.566.0001 (Stereograph) image
1476 1986.4.0519 Plan, lesson Humorous geography lesson. Color: WH,BK
1477 1992.4.0013 Print, photographic Photo card of Douglas School where Clarence Rhum taught. 1992.4.0013 (Print, photographic) image
1478 UNIM1994.13.0105 Pillowcase pillow top is backed with wite cotton quilting material, green running stitch embroidery work Color: TN
1479 1968.0027 Pin, political Humphrey campaign pin. White pin with three blue H's each containing several white stars. Humphrey written in red beneath the H's. ADCRAFT MEG CO, CHICAGO 60608, union label.
1480 1978.51.2.0067 Coin None
1481 1968.14.0077 Mouse None
1482 1989.43.566.0002 Stereograph Second in a series about Mr. and Mrs. Honeymoon, this view titled "You divine little creature, are you our new French cook?" Color: BK,WH 1989.43.566.0002 (Stereograph) image
1483 1997.5.0018 Suit Man's unlined, unfitted lightweight suit of gray tweed. Collar, narrow lapels and left edge are stiffened with non-woven fabric interfacing. No shoulder pads. Two chest pockets are patch styled with bottom corners rounded. Gold fabric is used at top and on a wedge at center edge, with a strip of suit fabric sewn on top of the gold. One-inch turned up hem. Slacks have single pleat each side, and slash pockets at side seams. Rear pocket on right has button tab. Belt loops. Inside facing is stamped "Executive Super Design". Legs have 2' hem. All hems and seams through are machine overcast.
1484 1986.4.0520 Essay "Democracy today"; 3 pp. handwritten. Color: BK,WH
1485 1992.4.0014 Certificate, teaching For Lizzie C. Cox, dated Jan. 27. Color: CR,BK
1486 1994. Print, photographic Shows man and woman sitting on front edge of house porch holding 3 babies. Man has one baby on his lap; woman has two. The two babies are similar in size and identical in dress; other baby is similar in size but different in dress. Same as 1994., negative 1994. Color: BK,WH
1487 2006.14.0010 Mouse, House Skin: 2006.14.10A- Small patch of fur missing near hind legs Skull: 2006.14.10B- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.10C- Good condition Color: BR
1488 1970.74.1604M Wood None
1489 2001.2.0002 Book "District School Recitations" Simple green print on brown cover. Back cover includes Advertisement for "Ford Smiles". Contents include "Pieces to Speak". Color: BR,GR
1490 2017-17-8 Elephant, mandible A somewhat weathered and worn elephant mandible in fair to good condition.
1491 Fossil Wood from 27 feet below surface.
1492 UNIM1988.11.0051 Dress A- line - lined except sleeves. Tailored collar and tab front with 1/2" shank, plastic white buttons, 16 all the way down the front. A-line skirt with wide box pleat in center back. Belt loops at waist on each side (no belt). Long set in sleeves gathered to 3" w cuff with two button closure. Collar cuffs and front tab top stitched. Small flacked flowers with green leaves design on fabric. 1 1/4" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, PR, GR
1493 1977.14.0013 Book "Atlas; Maars, diatremes, and cryptovolcanic development of a diatreme." Color: ML
1494 Hematite Earthy, massive. Color: RD
1495 UNIM1994.14.0220 Patterns, needlework Booklet 270 "All for Dolls".
1496 1978.51.6.0088 Currency State of Louisiana currency, October 10, 1862, five dollars, serial no. 20830. Shows the state seal featuring a pelican on the left, Valor slaying Northern aggression at the center, and a farmer tending his rice on the right.
1497 1968.9.35.16923 Sherd, pottery None
1498 1988.21.26.0005 Figurine, animal Small figure of a pig with a long snout and 4 small holes around back and one larger hole in center back. Made from clay.
1499 1995.21.0030 Transparency, slide Animistic tree and stores (left), Shive Dagon pagoda. Courtyard setting with large tree trunk and small booth-like structures on slightly raised, planted platform. Booths each hold a statue, as if shrines. Color: ML
1500 2017-21-42 Book Second Course in Algebra written by Walter Burton Ford and Charles Ammerman. 2017-21-42 (Book) image