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Cat. # Name Description
1201 Shoveller One male wing.
1202 1990.53.0997 Colemanite Gray crystals.
1203 1972.55.0002 Pin, political Bryan 1896. The background is blue with white dots. Inner circle is 1 1/16/" in diameter and contains the portraits of Bryan and Sewall in black and white against a white background. "Free Silver" is lettered in black above the portraits. "Bryan Sewall" is lettered in white across the suits of the two portraits. Color: BL,WH,BK
1204 1995.30.0008 Otter Study skin. Color: BR
1205 2004.17.205.0014 Newsletter "The Alumnus, University of Northern Iowa, September. 1967. Vol. 52, No. 3."31 pp. Front cover shows photo of Jeanne Formanek, 1966. (Miss iowa, 1967). Back reads "Dates to remember" and "homecoming Schedule." Color: BK,WH,BR 2004.17.205.0014 (Newsletter) image
1206 00.26.0266 Tern, royal None
1207 1968.14.0108 Mouse None
1208 2008.2.0011 Skirt Cloth's edges are sewn together. At top and bottom, 4 1/2" each, a line design with BK, RD, YL, GR, WH colors. Between these is a star pattern going vertically, each row is a solid color and alternate row colors from WH, PR, RD, WL, GR with a black background. Rows are 11 1/2" long. Color: BK, RD, YL, PR
1209 UNIM1989.5.0047 Bottle 6 oz. navy plastic bottle with white screw-on lid. Nub on top of lid can be cut off for squirting. Label wrapped around bottle with directions in the back. Color: BL, WH
1210 Stereograph "British Troops Rush on Despite the Bursting of German Shells in Their Path, Loos, France" is printed in the lower right corner. Two photos are mounted on grey cardboard with the number "145" on the top of the front side. Photos are nearly identical with distant images of men marching in the background. Shells are exploding in the foreground and the landscape looks very desolate and torn by war. On the back is a description of the campaign on the Somme. Color: BK,WH, GY
1211 Hummingbird Nest, platform.
1212 1978.25.0006 Pin, political Photograph, "A. B. Cummins", 1912 Republican Presidential hopeful; brass pin back, "The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark N. J., Pat. April 14, 1896, July 21, 1896". Color: WH,BL,GD
1213 Concretion Brown iron ore.
1214 1988.33.0098 Diploma "Diploma, CERTIFICATE OF GRADUATION", dated the 22nd day of July. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
1215 1980.30.0009 Coin Coin or token, brass cent (ten cents?), Civil War era pro-Union sentiment; obverse stamped with United States flag encompassed by star pattern, "THE FLAG OF OUR UNION"; reverse stamped, "IF ANYBODY ATTEMPTS TO TEAR IT DOWN SHOOT HIM ON THE SPOT, DIX".
1216 1984.6.0227 Print, photographic Photograph of the damage done to a church in the aftermath of WWI. "CL 22" and "9" or illegible symbol, and "2228" handwritten in pencil on back of print. "L22" is handwritten in black ink on back of print. "FRENCH PICTORIAL SERVICE 220 WEST 42ND STREET, N.Y.: stamped in blue ink on back of print. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.0227 (Print, photographic) image
1217 1991.11.0141 Stockings Long white children's stockings. Complete pair. White
1218 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
1219 1989.43.0345 Biface Color: GY
1220 1970.74.0861M Celestite Pale blue-gray massive.
1221 1975.4.0195 Picture, cut-paper Blank circular piece of gray construction paper. Color: GY
1222 1999.5.30.0367 Transparency, slide Our paintings.
1223 2009.3.0001 Book "Stephenson's Eighth Grade Examination Question and Answer Book: Compiled by Sam C. Stephenson, Iowa" written in gold text. A couple white spots on the front cover as well as on the back. The pages have yellowed and torn with wear and age and the binding is nearly seperated completely from the book. Some pages are inserts.The binding is ripped on the front and the cover is ripped on the front and back corners. Donors name is written in pen on the top right corner of the first page. Front and back cover contain minor scuff marks. Color: BK
1224 Galena Coarsely grained; massive. Color: GY
1225 UNIM1986.14.1983.9.0016 Dress dress parts a. collar? B. fabric scraps. Open on longest side. Fabric is folded over and seams sewn shut on both ends. Color: BR
1226 UNIM1991.12.0005 Pin Leaf design with forked fronds along one side, curled fronds along the other. Safety pin on back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL UNIM1991.12.0005 (Pin) image
1227 Diorite Black mineral hornblende diorite.
1228 unk Catalog called this ?.
1229 1970.74.1212M Fluorite None
1230 1994.3.0001 Crest, building Large shield with ISTC logo in negative relief. Mortar still visible along adges. Top has indentation from molding process. Very heavy. From old power plant building on main campus where business building is now.
1231 2000.2.0003 Platter Oblong, oval shaped platter pigmented red, white, black. Turtle head figure carved into handle pigmented red, black. Carved design pigmented red, white, black. Bowl interior white. Designs carved bordering interior. Color: BR,RD,WH,BK 2000.2.0003 (Platter) image
1232 1992.22.0052 Jacket Black silk with white/black/multi-color striped lining. Six hook & eye center front closure accented with bow at pleated waist belt. Roll collar, leg o' mutton sleeves. Ruffle accent on collar, closure, cuff, hem. Decorated with black beads in floral pattern overall. Front cut to allow room for flounce underneath. Color: BK,WH,ML
1233 1973.41.4.0045 Postcard Scene along the Prado in Balboa, Canal Zone. Written on bottom in white is "A scene along the Prado, Balboa, Canal Zone." On back side is "POST CARD. CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS PLACE STAMP HERE." Color: BK,WH
1234 1996.30.0002 Dish Circular with upturned straight rim 1/2" high. Design drawn on inside is of bird and plant forms, encircled by a garland of leaves. Bottom is marked by maker "Dona Rosa S. F. Coyotepec Oaxaca, Mexico." Color: BK
1235 Apatite group None
1236 1976.22.0008 Doily Fine white cotton with white lace edging. Lace has been edged with white cotton thread bound over cord giving it a raised design. Basically square with scalloped edges. Color: WH
1237 2010.20.0015 Textbook "The Beacon Second Reader" by James H. Fassett. Name written inside front cover with pencil - "P. Paul J. Willman". Color: GR, BK
1238 1968.9.50.0137e Egg Egg.
1239 Fossil There is reminants of a sticker and a label on the back of this Toxaster. Other number (96) is crossed out on the label.
1240 1989.43.560.0026 Negative, dry-plate Image- Outdoors. Man in field on one knee holding dead ground hog in one hand a rifle in the other. Man is wearing hat, overhauls and ammo belt. Color: BK, WH 1989.43.560.0026 (Negative, dry-plate) image
1241 1981. Sherd, pottery Painted design on inside.
1242 1986.4.0155 Negative, film Summer. Image of chicken wire with two dog-like creatures behind the fence. The animals are blurry, but their outlines are clear. 1986.4.0155 (Negative, film) image
1243 1973.43.181.0001 Trim Ostrich; wrapped with white at bottom. Color: GR,WH
1244 2006.14.0007 Mouse, House Skin: 2006.14.7A- Flecks of a white substance covering the top and sides of specimen. Skull: 2006.14.7B Color: BR
1245 1970.74.1601M Gypsum White, massive.
1246 1994. Print, photographic Shows seated baby girl with blank dark background and pattern of sunlight on the girl. Same as 1994., negative 1994. Color: BK,WH
1247 2001.19.0017 Book "The 'Tree-Dwellers," by Katherine e. Dopp. Depiction of a tree on the cover. Picture is geen. Inside cover is stamped "Primary Training Department, Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, IA." 158 pp. Color: GR,BR
1248 2017-17-5 Pipe A clay pipe with a long wooden stem. A leather wrapping on the top and lower middle of the stem.
1249 1964.3.0014 Coin Ten naye paise.
1250 UNIM1988.11.0048 Dress Full A-line silhouette. Scoop neckline, bust darts, midriff yoke, center back 20" lapel zipper closure. Full A-line, side and center front and back seams. Set in bishop long sleeves with cuff. Blue taffeta underlined bodice, skirt lined. Covered buttons 3/8" dia, 5 buttons on midriff yoke and 2 buttons on each cuff. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, PK, PR
1251 Tourmaline group Color: BK Tourmaline group image
1252 1978.51.2.0066 Coin None
1253 UNIM1994.14.0216 Pattern, needlework a - e. Knit and crochet patterns. a. 7214 knit b. 17750 crochet c. w1018 crochet hat d. w1017 crochet e. 420 crochet
1254 1981.8.0196 Coin 1/4 guilder.
1255 Arrow Wooden; tipped with a stone chipped arrowhead.
1256 2017-21-39 Book Rural Text-Book Series: Farm Managment. Written by G. F. Warren. 2017-21-39 (Book) image
1257 1970.9.0056 Pot Constricted top. Egg-shaped vessel, obviously used for cooking. Polychrome ware, external designs in black, red, brown. Black design inside rim. Three finger loops. No designs. Color: BK,RD,BR
1258 1995.21.0027 Transparency, slide Buddha, Shive Dagon Pagoda. Large seated Buddha with headgear, and costume over one shoulder. Two smaller standing figures, one on each side. Color: ML
1259 1993.24.0201 Invoice From J. S. Latta & Son to Eddy School No. 6 for school supplies. #3326, $1.84. Marked "Warrant #36 Dec. 6 - 1957" and O. K. M. D."
1260 2006.14.0262 Owl Pellet: 2006.14.262A- Partial Skull and mandibles of at least 2 unidentified rodents cllected from pelllet. Teet present as well 2006.14.262B- Miscellaneous bones, bone fragments, and fur of unidentified rodent. Color: N/A
1261 UNIM1988.11.0317 Bootees Light blue booties with white trim with angora yarn, white buttons. The different knitting stitches made a nice pattern with top and bottom of foot having some pattern with plain knit stitch around heel and top of foot, knit stitch is used down center of top of foot. White angora yarn sewn around ankle, one shank button 3/8" diameter closure at top of bootie at outer ankle. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH
1262 Wood None
1263 Calendar None
1264 1978.51.6.0087 Currency State currency, January 2, 1864. The Bank of Attica, five dollars, serial no. 12303. A picture of a train approaching a tunnel is located at the bottom right corner. Color: BK,WH
1265 1990.47.0017 Print, photographic Gym classes in the fall of 1943. Gym class is behind a bush and a WAVE marching class is in the open field. The picture was taken facing Baker Hall at ISTC. Serrated edges. Color: BK,WH
1266 1995.21.0280 Transparency, slide Victoria regina. Close up of water lily leaves and flowers. Color: ML
1267 1988.44.0005 Textbook "The Teaching of Conservation. (Iowa Elementary Teachers Handbook). Color: BK,WH
1268 1974.31.1.0022 Sparrow, swamp None
1269 Serpentine None
1270 2003.10.0015 Skirt White skirt with lace ruffle on bottom and elastic waist band. Color: WH
1271 Calcite None
1272 UNIM1986.14.1980.15.0028 Towel, show Self fringe. Bird & flower border. Sketch on catalog sheet.
1273 1977.53.0119 Coin Five cents.
1274 Halite Gummed label No. 1.
1275 1968.10.0424 Horn Horn. Long, curved. Light colored. In "Biomimicry" exhibit at UNI-Museums 11/5/09 - Color: TN
1276 UNIM1988.11.0603 Earring Gold metal, white plastic. Pearlized white clip earrings have gold metal backs. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, WH
1277 1979.10.9.0080 Bead Quasi-rectangular, pierced. Color: WH
1278 1981.8.0286 Coin One shilling.
1279 00.26.0089 Blackbird, yellow-headed None
1280 1970.36.0107 Breeches, riding U. S. Army officer's World War I & II issue; (a.) Olive drab wool material; metal buttons on front closure, stamped "USA"; lacing on outer lower legs; reinforced inner leg; (b.) yellow & orange striped cloth belt at waist; leather reinforced brass buckle. Color: KH,YL,OR
1281 2016-32-1C Fork Silver plated fork, decorated handle. Part of a infant silverware set. 2016-32-1C (Fork) image
1282 1970.74.0314M Calcite None
1283 1999.27.0002 Hyena, spotted Fully mounted and lined rug, with dark brown felt. Mounted with head on, mouth open (real teeth). Color: BR
1284 Fern Fern.
1285 Pyrite Plate of embedded crystals.
1286 1990.53.0218 Gypsum Var. selenite, single & crystal groups.
1287 1995.21.0536 Transparency, lantern slide Shows a vareity of trees alongside road. Color: BK,WH
1288 2004.17.0079 Program Graduation. "IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE/ CEDAR FALLS, IOWA." "WINTER TERM COMMENCEMENT/ Graduation of First Section/ Class of 1921/ Certificates, Diplomas, and Degees Conferred March 8, 1921." Twenty-seven graduates. In pencil, donor has added at bottom "Coe Petitt, Pianist - Mason City." Single sheet. Color: BK,WH
1289 1974.57.0001 Yearbook ISTC Old Gold, 1929.
1290 1968.10.493.0063 Chip, stone None
1291 2008.15.0080 Script Tan paper with black print. The front of the paper, page 43, has the end of a poem and two other poems called "The Reason" and "Jolly Old Santa". The back of the paper, page 44, has a poem called "Greetings to Santa". Both sides of the paper have "Christmas Plays and Recitations" written across the top. Color: TN
1292 UNIM1988.11.0854 Necktie Necktie with forrest green background with brown v shaped design having cream, brown, yellow, and forest green circular designs inside v and scattered in pairs on tie where there isn't any brown v area. V shaped design is located on both ends of tie and another V shape is located 7" up from v shapes on the ends. Lined in white. 4" wide x 51" long. "Metcalf Cravats" logo on narrow end of tie. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR, BR, YW, WH
1293 Quartz None
1294 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0061 Dress Light blue with pink, yellow, white, orange, and two shades of green pastel floral design. Scoop neckline with cutwork front and back. 14" zipper at left underarm; waist darts front and back, bust darts. Pleated at natural waistline, sewn dwon and releasted at high level. Sleeveless, faced open armscyes and neckline. Below knee length with manufacturer 1" hem. Cutwork alternate with oval and diamond shapes. Machine buttonhole, stitch around cutwork in blue thread. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: multi
1295 1970.47.1.0316 Zinc With silver bearing lead.
1296 2016-27-104 Statement Annual Financial Statement from Cedar No. 1, Van Buren County. Dated July 2, 1947 and signed by the president and secretary. Total funds equaled $233.00.
1297 1977.69.0020 Bone, human Right ulna. [Change to humerus] Color: WH
1298 Cerussite Cerussite, lead carbonate.
1299 1989.43.0185 Point, projectile Straight stem point, tip missing.
1300 1993.24.52.0002 Letter, form Advises enclosure of state warrant for payment of General Aid. Addressed to Harry Barck, Secretary, Cedar Falls #6 R. Ind. School District, Rt. #3, Cedar Falls, Iowa. No. 214111. Handwritten notes say "Dec. 2 - 50" and "amount $428.02".