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1201 Fossil Bony armor of petalodus; red sandstone.
1202 1995.21.0241 Transparency, slide Babylon ruins. Configuration of remains of bare buildings. Color: ML
1203 1989.45.0007 Currency Two thousand pesos. R7661415, 24 Feb. 1987. Front: Justo Sierra (Justo Sierra M?ez) - prominent Mexican writer, journalist, poet and political figure; The Library of National Autonomous University of Mexico - Biblioteca central de la Universidad Nacional Aut??a de M?co; Back: University courtyard in XIX century (Universidad siglo XIX). Color: ML
1204 Trap Amygdaloid trap.
1205 1999.5.30.0086 Transparency, slide Qal'eh-e-Rustam, to south.
1206 2002.7.0276 Print, photographic Ten people. Men and women have roses. Fred W. Cover upper left. 2002.7.0276 (Print, photographic) image
1207 1993.21.3.0002 Textile Hand-embroidered; on burlap square. Done in black outline. Village scene with fields surrounding it; sun in center top, bird atop one of buildings. 3 finished and 1 fringed edge. Color: BR,GR,RD
1208 2007.17.0026 Booklet Hidden Values: Keys to Furniture Buying. Various pictures of furniture. 9pgs. Color: BK, WH
1209 Lantern, tallow No candle in the lantern. The lantern is made of hammered and cut metal.There is a handle and a hinged door to place a tallow candle. (Lantern, tallow) image
1210 1986.4.0025 Print, photographic "Canning the Kaiser"; woman in barrel imitating Kaiser; Aletha Jacobs, wearing a short-sleeved dress, is about to put a basket over her friend's head. The two women are outside a two-story house. 1986.4.0025 (Print, photographic) image
1211 1970.74.0470M Barite Desert rose.
1212 Stone Chipped stone tool.
1213 UNIM1986.14.1980.2.0006 Sweater Light blue pullover and cardigan sweaters. Jewel neck and long set-in sleeves on cardigan. Pullover has short sleeves. Cardigan has 9-button closure. Rib knit banded bottom & at sleeve hems and neck. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
1214 UNIM1988.11.0655 Brooch Outer wings of butterfly are polished gold metal while the center of the butterfly is silver metal etched with veins and circles that resemble rhinestones when they catch the light. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, SL
1215 1972. Sherd, pottery Black stripes near rim on gray. Black diagonal lines over the rest. Part of a rim. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
1216 Limestone Sandy, ferruginous limestone.
1217 2016-27-44 Note Note from H. Holherh Suh discussing a thirty dollar payment for one month. Written on A.H. Lane Contractor and Builder paper. From Keosauqua, Iowa and dated February 5, 1902.
1218 1974.37.93.0012 Tooth Shark.
1219 1968.9.36.17072.0002 Shale Color: GR
1220 1999.5.30.0338 Transparency, slide Sialk shards. All, in shade.
1221 1995.21.0495 Transparency, slide Girls, on street corner, Vietnamese costume. Cars and pedicab on street. Color: ML
1222 1986.4.0279 Roster List of teachers for 1923-24. Color: WH,BK
1223 1990.3.0001 Paddle, miniature Made of one piece of wood. Handle is 8" long and 1 1/4" in diameter. Worn place in handle where a hand fits almost exactly. Where the handle ends, there are 3 cut rings around the upper portion of the shaft. This area of the shaft is narrower than the handle. It expands to one inch diameter in the middle before it narrows again at the base of the shaft. Gives indication of having been painted at one time and may have been decorated as well. At the meeting of the shaft and the blade, there is a cut to denote the change. The blade flares from one and one-third inches wide to four and one-fourth inches before it narrows to a point, the tip of which is absent, of approximately a quarter of an inch.
1224 1970.74.1009M Agate Fire agate.
1225 2004.17.0052 Program For football game 9/4/1976, 7:30 p.m. at the Dome. Cover has aerial photo of the Dome and is titled "Northern Iowa Color: YL,PR,WH,BK 2004.17.0052 (Program) image
1226 UNIM1988.11.0906 Pattern No description on catalog sheet; albeit there are photographs of three pages of information for creating pillowcase in UNIM1988.11.0336. The first has "Grandmother's Art Needlework" written on it with a picture of the pattern to be placed on the pillowcase. The second has instructions, and the third has information on crochet abbreviations and stitches.
1227 1993.24.2.0004 Form, warrant No. 40, January 24, 1957 to J. S. Latta & Sons for $2.83 for paper, tempera. Signed by President, Clayton Ulrich and Secretary, Harry F. Barck. Issued by Independent School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa.
1228 2008.15.0123 Script Tan paper with black print. A short poem called "The Alarm Clock". Under the poem Jimmy Rotter is handwritten in blue ink. The poem takes up just about 1/3 of the paper. Color: TN 2008.15.0123 (Script) image
1229 00.70.0005 Graver None
1230 1995.30.3.0017 Vole Study skin and skull. Color: BR
1231 Copper None
1232 1981.8.0319 Coin Five ngwee.
1233 1990.53.0013 Azurite Crystals; Dark blue, shiny crystals to 1/4" covering spcimen some malachite present
1234 1968.9.9.0039 Skullcap Hand made. Mostly white with black designs but also has small bits of rose, green, blue, yellow, orange and turquoise. Has a black star at the top. Color: WH,BK,ML
1235 2000.15.0006 Cloak Men's hooded long-sleeved pull-over cloak. Neck closure emboidered decorative rayon with knot and loop closures. Short slits on each side along bottom cuff. Hood is large, terminating in pronounced point. Color: BK
1236 1970.74.0570M Feldspar Color: OR
1237 1993.24.78.0005 Memorandum Acknowledgment of order by American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana. Sold to Eddy School #6, Mr. Harry Barck, Secretary, R. F. D. #3, Cedar Falls, Iowa. No. 145007. For swing seats, swing hangars and hooks. Total $33.79. Color: BK,WH
1238 Albite (Feldspar group) Albite soda feldspar.
1239 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.0018 Apron Organdy with light blue bias tape trim. Stitched-opn waistband 17'' x 3 1/2'' at center top. Layer blue organdy; seams and edges bound with blue bias tape. Tie 19'' long x 2 2/3'' wide. Narrow hem. Heart-shaped patch pocket and light blue bias tape trim. Color: WH,BL
1240 1986.4.0539 Card, Valentine From Almer Brandt; hand constructed. Color: WH,RD,BL
1241 1975.4.0161 Postcard South Street Congregational Church and Library, Waterloo, Iowa. Sent to Miss Jacobs in Rowley, Iowa. Dated and postmarked June 25. Color: ML
1242 1970.74.1372M Beryl None
1243 00.26.0185 Turnstone, ruddy None Turnstone, ruddy image
1244 1970.35.8.0008 Rock None
1245 2010.17.0044 Bowl Wooden bowl with carved lip on outside appearing as a handle. Interior darkened by soot. 2010.17.0044 (Bowl) image
1246 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0033 Sari White silk with metallic silver designs. Finished end has 18" border design with white fringe; woven border designs along long sides. Color: WH,SL
1247 1988.25.0005 Book "How Music Developed, a Critical and Explanatory Account of the Growth of Modern Music" by W. J. Henderson. 395 pp. with index. No illustrations, but some sheets of music printed on some of the pages. 27 chapters. Covers a wide range of topics, including the history of modern music at that time, the history of opera, harmony, Beethoven, orchestral composers, and the history of the piano and piano style music. The outside of the book is a burgundy red color and is plain except for the gold letters of title and author printed at top center encased by a gold flower design that forms a box around the title. Top of the spine also has the title written in gold . The inside cover has a small sticker toward the top that reads "Library of M. Vincent Perry." "Books are the souls of men as we know them" "No. 16." The inside cover page has written at the top right in black ink "July 17, 1899." In the center on the same page written in pencil "Edna V. Perry." Color: RD
1248 1990.53.0286 Coaster Silver.
1249 1993.38.84.0002 Tip, biface None
1250 1976.21.0019 Flicker, red-shafted Tail feathers.
1251 Widgeon (Bald pate), American One male wing.
1252 1997.13.0013 Coin Ten escudos. Side with these words also has octagonal desgn of four leaves forming an equilaterial cross, with space between each two leaves filled in with pattern of six small open circles. Other side shows a shield and a knot plus words "Republica Portuguesa" and date, 1987. Color: GD
1253 2000.2.0066 Carving, ancestor Three standing figures all gazing in same direction. Two figures are connected - one has hand on other's knee and the other has hand on his arm. Color: BR
1254 1984.8.0002 Feather Black Egret feathers likely for milnery use Color: BK
1255 1977.0067 Calendar Front. Color: WH,BK,RD
1256 1977.53.0017 Currency Ten franks, ser. No. B2938441. Banque Nationale de Belgique (National Bank of Belgium) Green floral designs on note Color: GR,WH
1257 UNIM1994.14.0111 Dress Female toddler's dress, Bodice: round neckline faced with same fabric tape center back 8 1/2" zipper closure, Skirt: one piece front flares out, 2" hem hand sewn, Sleeve: sleeveless with same fabric binding, bright floral print Color: PK YL GR OR
1258 1970.47.1.0060 Sulfur Crystalline.
1259 1989.43.0223 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
1260 2010.8.0026 Transparency, slide Close up of Santa with 3 children around him. Part of a Christmas program at rural school. Color: WH, Multi 2010.8.0026 (Transparency, slide) image
1261 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.0006 Brief Boy's. Elastic waist 1 1/4' wide has light blue stripe. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1262 1979.10.0012 Necklace Seventy-five pieces; various shades of black and gray; drilled, strung on white cord. Round pendant at bottom. Color: BK,GY,WH
1263 1973.43.0073 Trim Brown satin, covered with lace. Decorated with 12 small black buttons. 5 metal eyes. Color: BR,BK
1264 1998.17.0005 Shoe Sandal dress-up shoe. A strap comes up on both sides of the heel, and wraps around the ankle with a gold buckle on the outside of the shoe. By the toes five individual straps come up and cross over the foot. The straps and heels are covered in satin, and the base of the shoe is leather. The sole is plastic and is light brown. Color: BK,TN
1265 2017-21-15 Book Mayne's Sight Speller, Advanced, written by D. D. Mayne 2017-21-15 (Book) image
1266 Fossil None
1267 1994.32.76.0016 Monograph Discusses relationship of science and religion. Typed manuscript with editing in pencil. Pages 1-7 & 15-18 with text continuous in thought. Color: BK,WH
1268 1977.58.88.0002 Postcard Stars of the sea. (Sand dollars). Color: ML
1269 1970.47.5.0028 Box Hershey's, and lid. a. Container. b. Lid.
1270 1989.43.0542 Book "Holy Bible''. 264 pp. Bound in black leather with gold scrolling on front and back cover. Little ball on front cover where clasp would once have hooked on. Pages edged with gold all the way around. Front cover edged in gold metal. Color: BK,GD,WH
1271 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Val insert type lace sample. Net background with shamrock design woven in net.
1272 UNIM1988.11.0203c Gloves Set in thumb, outseam. Label "wear right" "rayon" "size 7"."Made in USA". 12" long. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
1273 1979.48.0014 Booklet "Faculty Handbook 1962-1963, State College of Iowa, published by SCI, 1962; two-tone blue paper cover; sixty (60) pages, no photographs, general information. Color: BL,BK,WH 1979.48.0014 (Booklet) image
1274 1989.32.0004 Certificate, attendance "Certificate of Perfect Attendance", belonging to Edith Ehret of the "Hudson School, Black Hawk Township for the month ending January 30, 1903. Given at Waterloo, Iowa on the second day of February 1903". Color: BK,WH
1275 Anorthosite None
1276 Barite Calcite vein-stuff in carboniferous shale.
1277 1972.2.3.0003 Stereograph Devil's Slide, Union Pacific Railroad. Shows mountain with rock formation in foreground. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.0003 (Stereograph) image
1278 2006.14.0114 Vole, Meadow Skull: 2006.14.114A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.114B- Good condition Color: WH
1279 UNIM2004.29.0022 Pillowcase White fabric with yellow floral oval border in center. Color: WH, YL, OR, GR
1280 1973.59.0001 Map Europe, cloth backed. Done in various colors. In left hand bottom corner in scale indicating steamship routes, railroads, capitals, population of cities. Color: ML
1281 00.26.0010n Hummingbird Nest.
1282 Wood Quartz crystals on petrified wood.
1283 1995.21.0082 Transparency, slide Guard, Ft. Henry, Kingston, Ontario. Uniformed guard at attention beside keystone arch in stone wall. People passing through arch under portcullis lowered as far as top of straight sides of archway. Fort name in bas relief above arch. Color: ML
1284 Azurite None
1285 1989.43.0842 Insignia, military "U. S." Round.
1286 1968.10.494.0007 Chip, stone None
1287 1999.18.0010 Spear The pole consists of three parts (a,b,c). Parts a and b are connected by a dowel. The wooden spear consists of 5 barbs which are pointed back toward the pole. Where the pole attaches to the spear end there is visible a wound string and over this is a layer of clay. Color: BR
1288 2002.7.0116 Announcement, Graduation Bulletin for commencment exercises, Janesville High School, May 24, 1918. Color: BK,WH
1289 UNIM2004.29.0025 Pad, hot Hexagon shaped floral weave with fringed edges. Very thick. Color: BR
1290 1973.59.0002 Map Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Done in various colors. Key in right hand corner. Map contains information such as; steamship routes, railroads, deserts, caravan routes, swamps, population of cities. Color: ML
1291 00.26.0011 Dipper None
1292 Wood None
1293 1995.21.0083 Transparency, slide Avenues Decurie and Notre Dame de Grace. urban street corner. Shows bank, store front, 3 people, including the donor, in foreground. Color: ML
1294 1989.43.0845 Button "City Imperial Volunteers"; South African war. Picture of two dragons.
1295 1968.10.494.0008 Chip, stone None
1296 1999.18.0011 Thrower, spear Long, slender, paddle-like tool. Indentation wrapped in cord near one end. A hook is wrapped in tar-like resin. Color: BR,BK
1297 2002.7.0117 Schedule Class schedule card for F. W. Cover, Summer, 1918. List of classes, credits, days, and teachers. Color: BK,WH
1298 1992.31.7.0002 Figure, alligator Alligator, with hole in bottom.
1299 Calcite Secondary crystals.
1300 2006.15.0139 Quartz var. Agate Medium in size half of a "Thunderball Egg" type of agate, one polished face, host rock with chalcedony underneath (pink and orange) chalcedony (pearl white, blues, and yellow in middle) bands present in blue Color: Pink, Yellow