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Cat. # Name Description
1101 Chromite Massive. Color: BK
1102 Rhodonite None
1103 Augite (Pyroxene group) Var. diallage.
1104 Pyrolusite None
1105 Augite (Pyroxene group) None
1106 Limonite Limonite, shot ore, bog ore.
1107 Limonite None
1108 Limonite None
1109 Limonite Fibrous limonite, iron ore.
1110 Limonite Yellow ochre. Color: YL
1111 Limonite None
1112 Limonite Modular iron ore, limonite.
1113 Hematite Ore.
1114 Limonite None
1115 Limonite None
1116 Hematite, var. martite Each specimen is a group of 1" - 1/4" crystals. Color: BK
1117 Pyroxenite Or hornblendite.
1118 Iron Specular iron ore.
1119 Rutile A single striated crystal, cluster of crystals showing some twinning. Color: BK
1120 Chondrodite None
1121 Acanthite Massive. Color: GY
1122 Molybdenite Finely dissembled in quartzite.
1123 Kyanite Crystal pieces. Color: BL
1124 Augite (Pyroxene group) None
1125 Pyrargyrite Massive pyrargyrite in matrix with pyrite & gibbsite
1126 Skutterudite Var. smaltite, iron coated nodule. Color: GY
1127 Franklinite Granules in calcite and massive green willemite. Color: BK
1128 Epidote None
1129 Augite (Pyroxene group) Pyroxene-augite. Volcanic.
1130 Hornblende Pyroxene var. Augite.
1131 Forsterite Olivine.
1132 Wollastonite None
1133 Augite (Pyroxene group) Color: BK
1134 Augite (Pyroxene group) Color: GR
1135 Hornblende Massive with cleavage planes. Color: BK
1136 Hornblende Mass of sheaflike crystals. Color: BK
1137 Hornblende Massive. Color: BK
1138 Actinolite (Amphibole group) Massive variety known as nephrite. Color: GR
1139 Augite (Pyroxene group) Var. augite. Volcanic.
1140 Chrysotile Soft, fibrous. Color: WH
1141 Tremolite Fibrous aggregate. Color: WH
1142 Augite (Pyroxene group) None
1143 Chrysotile Fibrous. Color: GR
1144 Chrysotile Chrysolite asbestos. Impure.
1145 Almandine (Garnet group) Large crystal cluster, with quartz and feldspar matrix. Color: BR
1146 Forsterite Emerald or chrysolite.
1147 Willemite Willemite, franklinite and zincite.
1148 Garnet group None
1149 Garnet group None
1150 Almandine (Garnet group) Three 3/4" crystals in schist. Color: RD-BR
1151 Almandine (Garnet group) Almost a crystal conglomerate. Color: RD-BR
1152 Garnet group Var. almaridite.
1153 Zircon None
1154 Epidote None
1155 Beryl None
1156 Garnet group None
1157 Muscovite None
1158 Muscovite None
1159 Muscovite One specimen shows drystal faces. Color: CL
1160 Lepidolite Massive, fine plate with elbaite var. rubellite crystals in one corner. Color: LV
1161 Muscovite Plumose mica.
1162 Muscovite Crystal. Color: CL
1163 Muscovite Type of muscovite referred to as plumose. Color: SL
1164 Leucite None
1165 Oligoclase (Feldspar group) None
1166 Oligoclase (Feldspar group) None
1167 Albite (Feldspar group) None
1168 Albite (Feldspar group) None
1169 Feldspar Feldspar, albite.
1170 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
1171 Feldspar None
1172 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
1173 Feldspar None
1174 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite.
1175 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) Orthoclase. Green feldspar.
1176 Feldspar Color: GR
1177 Feldspar None
1178 Feldspar Stiblite feldspar.
1179 Albite (Feldspar group) Albite soda feldspar.
1180 Microcline var. Amazonite (Feldspar group) Amazon stone, feldspar.
1181 Feldspar Microcline feldspar.
1182 Microcline (Feldspar group) Microcline, green feldspar.
1183 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite.
1184 Microcline var. Amazonite (Feldspar group) None
1185 Feldspar None
1186 Pyrite Pyrite and pink feldspar. Color: PK
1187 Feldspar Microcline feldspar.
1188 Feldspar Monoclinic.
1189 Feldspar Orthoclase common feldspar.
1190 Feldspar Orthoclase feldspar.
1191 Feldspar Oligoclase feldspar.
1192 Feldspar Labradorite feldspar.
1193 Feldspar Color: PK
1194 Tourmaline group Color: GR,BK
1195 Tourmaline group In feldspar.
1196 Tourmaline group None
1197 Kyanite Two specimens. a. Cleavage fragment. b. Aggregate of crystals. Color: BL
1198 Titanite None
1199 Staurolite Twinned crystals. Color: BR
1200 Hemimorphite Botryoidal.