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1101 1993.28.0021 Print, photographic ISNS. High hurdles. Color: BK,WH
1102 1999.5.30.0262 Transparency, slide Restaurant for lunch.
1103 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0035 Blouse White nylon blouse with center back 6 button closure. Jewel style neckline, set in long sleeves with cuffs. Self fabric bias, bound at neck with gathers center front. Shirttail hem, waist darts in back only. Long sleeves gathered into 1 3/4" cuff. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1104 1978.25.0057 Pin, political Metal, white paper face, clear plastic covering, black lettering, "For President Franklin D. Roosevelt", "V", 2 black stars, metal pin back, Roosevelt photograph. Color: WH,BK
1105 UNIM1988.11.0830 Necktie Black necktie with tan, orange and gold pasley design. 2 1/4" wide x 56" long. "St. Clair Krieger Co." "by Damon" "all silk". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, TN, OR, GD
1106 1990.53.0357 Fluorite Approx. 6 purple fluorite cubes (1/4") on quartz crystal matrix.
1107 Shoveller One female wing.
1108 1989.43.0027 Button WWl. Has an eagle on front grasping wheat and arrows. The eagle has a shield over his chest and is encircled by small stars.
1109 1993.44.1.0005 Point, projectile Crypto crystalline. Woodland. Side notched; smooth texture.
1110 1999.5.30.0514 Transparency, slide Salt flats, Hekmat Abbas, 4 km s. Shithatha.
1111 2009.10.0020 Booklet Gray booklet. The front cover reads "The Iowa State Normal School Summer Term". Dated March 1909. The back cover is blank. There are bumps from the staples on the left side near the binding. 59 pages. Color: GY 2009.10.0020 (Booklet) image
1112 1975.34.0011 Shoe Lady's. Shoes have a 1 3/4" heel, rounded toes, and a tailored bow as trim. They are edged in brown fabric. Vinyl sock lining. a. Right shoe. b. Left shoe. Color: BR
1113 Forsterite Emerald or chrysolite.
1114 2004.17.205.0006 Newsletter "The Alumnus, University of Northern Iowa, May. 1972. Vol. 57, No. 2." 23 pp. Stapled. Front cover shows cartoon drawing of Herb hake, titled "Clearing Act" above drawing. Written in blue ink "Pres. & Mrs. Homer H. Seerley, p. 11." Back cover has article "Constitutional Amendment Proposed." Color: BK,GY,WH
1115 UNIM1986.14.1982.0002 Magazine ''The Ladies Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper'', III:6, May, 1886. Yearly subscription, 50cents; Single copies, 5 cents. Color: BK,WH
1116 1972.46.0033 Cloth wrap Furoshiki, beige cotton cloth. Design of pine trees, fish, and crabs. "Hokkaido Bank" is printed in the lower right corner. Color: TN,GR Design is prepared as follows: 1. Cloth is covered with wax 2. The wax is broken into patterns 3. Green dye is added 4. After dye dries, all wax is removed
1117 1978.38.0033 Coin Twenty centavos.
1118 UNIM1989.9.0029 Dress For infant. Flared body with 4-button neck placket and center back seam. Long sleeves gathered to fit at wrist. 1 1/4" machine stitched hem. Self-fabric binding at neck and wrists. Tatting around neck and wrists. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1119 1986.16.0023 Fossil Lepidodendron slab polished - 2 sides.
1120 Plant Slab covered with fern leaf impressions of different species.
1121 1966.11.0026 Raccoon, Eastern Walking on base, tail up.
1122 2017-7-20B Ribbon Blue superior Universal Cheerleaders Association ribbon. On the back is "Final Evals Cheer UCA 2006 UNI". 2017-7-20B (Ribbon) image
1123 1989.43.0289 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
1124 1970.74.0779M Malachite None
1125 1991.11.0115 Shirt White linen children's shirt. Light, pastel green collar and sleeve caps. Buttons down front and a button on each left and right side at the bottom. White. Green.
1126 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
1127 2009.9.0005 Print, photographic One young woman in long full white skirt, white blouse with scarf and wide brim hat, standing in front of a group of trees, Summer Color: Black and White
1128 1975.4.0256 Postcard "Happy Easter-Tide." Postcard sent to Miss Jacobs by person unknown. Color: ML
1129 00.26.0102 Magpie, black-billed None Magpie, black-billed image
1130 1978.51.1.0084 Coin Two reals.
1131 Fossil None
1132 1986.4.0189 Negative, film Summer in Montana. Photograph of a landscape. There is a lake, bushes, and a hill in the image. 1986.4.0189 (Negative, film) image
1133 Aragonite in exhibit from 1992-2006
1134 Quartz, silver None
1135 2010.6.0022 Contract Agreement to Modify Teacher's Continuing Contract, Helen Marine, Mid-Prairie Comm School District, Kenneth D. Kaupf, pre-printed contract form, blanks filled in with black type, signed in black ink Color: WH
1136 1970.74.1137M Conglomerate None
1137 1976.40.0003 Bag Paul Revere's ride. Bicentennial. Color: TN,RD,WH,BL
1138 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.0019 Magazine ''The Delineator.'' The Butterick Publishing Co. Vol. XL:4, October, 1892. "A Journal of Fashion and Culture and Fine Arts", 15 cents per issue; $1.00 per year. Color: BK,WH
1139 Wood Nodule. Cut and polished.
1140 UNIM1994.14.0035 Trim Lace trim wound up on a rectangular piece of cardboard. 1" of the trim is plain to go into a seam. Lace edge is scalloped with little dots on a floral-like motif. Color: WH
1141 1981.8.0229 Coin One penny.
1142 1986.4.0443 Examination Spelling. May. Color: WH,BK
1143 1994.32.125.0002 Examination Headed at the top "Historical Geology" and at the bottom "Nat. Sci 39a". 60 multiple-choice items. 3 pp. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
1144 00.26.0179 Plover, semipalmated None Plover, semipalmated image
1145 1970.47.1.0451 Galena Unlabelled.
1146 1970.74.1507M Pyrite Crystals.
1147 1997.4.34.0011 Spear Wood shaft with wood dart lashed on end. Color: TN
1148 2006.14.0004 Mouse, White-footed Skin: 2006.14.4A- Hind leg on leftv side missing Skull: 2006.14.4B Mandible: 2006.14.4C Color: BR
1149 1973.43.0170 Trim Feathers. Green dyed feathers hat trim. U-shaped, sewed on brown fabric. Color: GR,BR
1150 Chalcopyrite Massive, disseminated.
1151 UNIM1996.4.2c.0004 Pattern Simplicity pattern. 9030 (1970). Dress in 3 lengths; sz. 11/12 . Color: TN
1152 1977.28.0006 Turtle Fossil turtle.
1153 UNIM1988.11.0126 Drawers Three rows of pin tucks and 3" w gathered lace at leg bottom. Drawers flare form fitted waist; each leg is 44" dia above ruffle. Center front and back seam only. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1154 1978.51.6.0114 Currency Fractional-Postage, by the Act of March 3, ten cents. 1st Issue featuring George Washington at center Color: GR,WH 1978.51.6.0114 (Currency) image
1155 1970.74.0113M Granite None
1156 1987.5.0086 Record, phonograph "Khachaturian Gayne Ballet Suite Sabre Dance" and "Khachaturian Gayne Ballet Suite Lullaby", Oscar Levant, Piano, Columbia Concert Orchestra.
1157 1993.24.0176 Invoice From Municipal Utilities to Eddy School for period July 1957 to February, 1958. a. July 20, 1957 $1.96 net "Pd. with warrent (sic) #12. b. Aug. 20, 1957, $1.96. Pd. Aug. 31, 1957 warrant #14. c. Sept. 20, 1957 $1.96 "Pd. with warrent (sic) #20. d. Oct. 20, 1957. No record of payment. e. Nov. 20, 1957. $7.48. Pd. warrant 334. Dec. 2-1957. f. Dec. 20 1957 $8.07. "Pd. with warrent (sic) #39. g. Jan. 20, 1958 "Paid with warrant #47. Feb. 7, 1958." h. Feb. 20, 1958, $10.46. "ok Clayton Ulrich" and "Pd. with warrent (sic) #50."
1158 2006.15.0049 Obsidian Medium in size chunk of obsidian, two polished faces, black with reddish orange fusion on top, somewhat porrus in places, dull to vitreous luster, 5-6 on hardness scale Color: Black
1159 1968.10.494.0031 Chip, stone None
1160 1995.2.0003 Mask Vertically oval with curved wood projections coming out of the top and bottom ends of the mask and nearly meeting at the front center as tapered points. Attached to holes at the back of the mask is a woven band of raffia. Face of mask has triangle eyes with point of triangle downward with tracks extending downward. May be scarification. Rectangle nose. Alongside eyes are 3 raised circles. 1995.2.0003 (Mask) image
1161 Marble None
1162 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0071 Stocking Back seam runs through bottom of sole; definite heel & toe shaping; 2" hem at top; heavier weight. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0071 (Stocking) image
1163 1970.9.0007 Sling Brown and natural, ropes brown. Broken, tassels missing. Cords tied together. Color: BR,TN
1164 2002.7.0039 Announcement, graduation Graduation invitation, Grinnell High School, 1905. Woodgrain cover with gold trim and lettering. Gold tassel near spine. (a). B. name card "Blanche Edith Greene" in black ink on a white card. Color: BR,GD,BL
1165 UNIM1988.11.0407 Bag, Grain 40" square when stitching is removed (sewn 40" H x 20" W). 9 1/2" diameter circle in center of sack with 7 little chicks. Writing on sack: 100 lbs. NET (red letter); SWIFT'S (in white with blue background); Chick Mash distributed by Swift & Company, General Office, Chicago, Ill. (red letters), Swift's chick mash (blue letters). Washout instructions: soak over might in cold soap suds, then wash in warm soap suds. On one sack. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, RD, BL
1166 Gypsum Small brown crystals encrusted with rock salt.
1167 11.11.0003 Azurite None
1168 2006.17.0096 point, projectile medium sized broad side nothced pint; beveling on right edge of one face; distal end acute; cross section roughly plano-convex; edges convex; base convex; munsell-undetermined; matanzas cluster point mid archaic-woodland 4500-2500 ybp Color: tn
1169 1990.45.0001 Brick From Gilchrist Hall, ISNS. Taken from the ruins after the fire that destroyed it on May 11, 1972. Color: RD
1170 1995.21.0259 Transparency, slide Cataacombs, St. Cecelia fresco, St. Callisto Cator. Fresco. Saint with gilt halo at left. Wooden cross mounted, right. Color: ML
1171 Dendrites On chert.
1172 1970.74.0454M Copper Ore.
1173 1993.24.49.0013 Receipt Dec. 21, 1956. Carbon copy of; credits School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township with payment of $125.43 to the General Fund.
1174 1999.5.30.0104 Transparency, slide Road workers, 17 km. Ne of Kakurak.
1175 2003.10.0004 Blouse Unfitted white square top with no sleeves, square neck opening, square embroidered collar with lace edging, lace inset at hips, wide embroidered panel below inset and wide lace edging at bottom. Color: ML
1176 2007.17.0045 Hand Bill From Shells to Silver Spoons. A picture of shells and spoons in upper right corner. Color: BL, BK
1177 Pyrite Stalactite
1178 1974.37.0012 Fossil Miscellaneous. A "hatful" of reptile, fish, and mammal bones, and small pieces of petrified wood; fragmentary but very well preserved, mostly without matrix.
1179 UNIM1988.11.0673 Brooch Gold metal stem and 2 leaves with one lavendar and one green stone. A blue stone 1/2" high x 3/8" wide is mounted for bloom of a flower. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, BL, PR, GR
1180 1990.53.0193 Quartz On chlorite.
1181 Muskrat Color: BR
1182 1989.22.0027 Engraving Studer Pl. LIV., print of Trumpeter swan, Herring gull, Bonaparte's gull, and Least tern. Colored. Color: ML
1183 1993.38.0010 Point, projectile Stemmed. Keokuk chert; black "S" on back.
1184 1999.5.30.0356 Transparency, slide Roses, sandi tomb.
1185 2008.15.0140 Script Tan paper with handwritten poem. The poem is called "Welcome". In the top right corner is written Beverly. In the top left corner is written DONE. The last line of the poem is underlined. This sheet of paper may have come from a larger piece. Color: TN
1186 1968.9.51.0001 Mouse, deer Color: BR-GY
1187 1966.0003 Insignia Shoulder insignia, Second Liuetenant, Civil War. Worn by Major William A. Dinwiddle.
1188 1995.21.0513 Sarong Sewn on opposite ends. Other 2 ends are unfinished. White flowers with white petals on fabric. Color: BL,WH
1189 Gypsum Clear crystal pieces.
1190 2004.17.0072 Handbill Has list of proceedings for the ceremony: Organ processional, Invocation, Music, Violin solo, Address, Resposnse, Conferring of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees, Benediction, Organ Recessional. Single page. Color: BK,WH
1191 1972.31.0037 Blouse Rectangular piece of cloth. Folded; hole cut in center of fold for head. Sides open. Tie 7" down from fold to form sleeve. Ties have fringe 2 1/2" long. Medium light blue vertical stripes woven. Center stripe has head hole in center of stripe. White and blue fringe on bottom 3" long. Color: WH,BL
1192 UNIM1988.5.0019 Eggbeater Hand crank turbine style beater with wooden turn knob. Gear has pieced edge with knob attached to it. Single beater is a pieced disk at the end of a rod. Color: SL, RD
1193 1973.0023 Necklace Job's tears, dyed purple.
1194 Metal fragment Bombshell fragment. Illegible label attached.
1195 Coot Wing.
1196 1989.43.0129 Scraper Color: BR
1197 1970.74.0555M Garnet In matrix.
1198 2004.25.0016 Maize Small, burlap sack reads "Maize" in black across the front. End sewn shut. Inside holds Andean corn. Burlap has larger weave, so corn can be seen inside. Maize is a large food staple in South America.
1199 UNIM1990.6.0030 Slip adjustable 3/8'' ribbon shoulder straps, below knee length, side and center back seams, gathers under bust for fullness Color: CR
1200 1975.4.0097 Letter Written by Charles R. Stubbs from the Cloverdale Stock Farm, Conrad, Iowa to Miss Jacobs offereing her a job. Dated June 27, 1917. Color: WH,PR