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Cat. # Name Description
1101 Azurite Blue, radiating crystals. Specimen has 2 #'s on it, 208-11 and 209-11. It does not correspond to catalog entry for 208-11. There is no catalog entry for 209-11. #208-11 was removed as per Terry Vidal 6/15/94. Will retain #209-11. This specimen has no data. Is nice specimen of radiating azurite crystlas with some residual weathered material.
1102 Chalcopyrite None
1103 Malachite Hydrous copper carbonate.
1104 Chalcopyrite Chalcopyrite, pyrite, green carbonate
1105 Malachite None
1106 Malachite Silicate & oxide of copper.
1107 Barite Concretionary barite, silicon.Cluster of white nodules.
1108 Copper Free copper with calcite & green carbonate.
1109 Malachite Green copper carbonate.
1110 Malachite None
1111 Gypsum White intergrown crystal mass.
1112 Gypsum None
1113 Gypsum Clean, white, fine grained.
1114 Gypsum Translucent, brown-orange; massive.
1115 Gypsum Massive, white, with cleavage faces.
1116 Gypsum Pink, massive granular.
1117 Gypsum Gray & white, massive; chipped into a flat 4" x 3" x 1"
1118 Gypsum Orange, var. selenite.
1119 Gypsum Clear crystal pieces.
1120 Gypsum Variation selenite, 3 curved crystals.
1121 Gypsum Clear, flat cleavage.
1122 Gypsum Clear, flat cleavage.
1123 Gypsum Opaque cleavage piece.
1124 Gypsum Gray, translucent, fibrous.
1125 Margarite Foliated mass. Color: PK
1126 Gypsum Massive, pink & gray (crested?).
1127 Anhydrite Gray, massive.
1128 Graphite Native carbon.
1129 Forsterite None
1130 Corundum var. Ruby Rounded, to 1/4". Color: RD
1131 Dolomite None
1132 Dolomite None
1133 Magnesite None
1134 Spodumene None
1135 Barite White, solid intertwined crystals.
1136 Siderite None
1137 Gypsum Var. satin spar, white.
1138 Gypsum Var. satin spar, translucent.
1139 Gypsum Shadow crystals.
1140 Siderite None
1141 Siderite None
1142 Barite Red brown crystals.
1143 Barite Massive, white.
1144 Azurite Crystals; Book says 6 specimens, but there is only one
1145 Witherite None
1146 Azurite Crystals.
1147 Malachite Malachite crystals and other copper ores.
1148 Copper Native copper, copper carbonate and red oxide of copper
1149 Malachite Catalog says that specimen has no. "751" in addition to "395-3". Color: GR, GY, BR, WH Malachite image
1150 Azurite None
1151 Chrysocolla Massive. Color: GR
1152 Strontianite None
1153 Vesuvianite None
1154 Quartz Interlocking crystals in an imperfect vein of quartz.
1155 Sphalerite Dark crystals on massive w/ small chalcopyrites (1/16") sprinkled sparingly on top
1156 Gypsum Massive, translucent.
1157 Hematite Micaceous hematite showing banding. Color: GY
1158 Magnetite Crystals.
1159 Hematite Red massive with stalaglitic black columns. Color: RD-BK
1160 Calcite Dogtooth spar.
1161 Covellite Massive blue-black covellite between quartz crystals w/minor chalcopyrite
1162 Rocks 52 assorted specimens for student use Color: BK
1163 Hematite Fossiliferous.
1164 Hematite Dull, massive. Color: BR
1165 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1166 Hematite Finely granular.
1167 Hematite Massive with quartz. Color: RD-BR
1168 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1169 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1170 Hematite None
1171 Hematite Dull, massive. Color: RD-BR
1172 Hematite Massive; possible fossil imprint; stream polished. Color: BK
1173 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1174 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1175 Hematite Massive. Color: RD-BR
1176 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1177 Hematite Color: RD-GY
1178 Hematite Massive red with black botryoidal coating. Color: RD-BK
1179 Hematite With copper.
1180 Hematite Earthy, massive. Color: RD
1181 Hematite One is partially oolitic; one almost shaly. Color: RD-BR
1182 Hematite Massive with quartz. Color: RD-OR
1183 Hematite None
1184 Hematite Granular. Color: RD-BR
1185 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
1186 Hematite Massive. Color: RD-BR
1187 Hematite Earthy hematite.
1188 Hematite Argillaceous. Red Chalk.
1189 Hematite Ten% of iron.
1190 Hematite Concretion showing cockscomb formation. Color: BR
1191 Hematite Oolitic. Color: RD-BK
1192 Hematite Massive. Color: BR-RD
1193 Hematite Earthy, round. (Stream trumbled). Color: RD-BK
1194 Hematite None
1195 Hematite Massive with vugs of tiny crystals. Color: BK
1196 Hematite None
1197 Hematite None
1198 Hematite Color: RD
1199 Hematite None
1200 Hematite Pseudomorph after magnetite.