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1101 UNIM1994.13.0058 Fan floral design, made with pink and gold glitter on cream background, pink background at top of fan with silver glitter, silver trim on wooden framework with white background Color: CR PK GD GR WH
1102 1981.8.0260 Coin One peseta.
1103 Barite White, lamellar, massive.
1104 Elk Color: BR
1105 1989.43.0906 Button Round; has a picture of a crown on the front.
1106 Sulfur Massive; depositional.
1107 UNIM1994.14.0171 Overalls Male toddlers, bibbed overalls, corduroy and flannel fabric, blue outer side, red, blue, gray and white lining, shoulder straps button to bib at front, opening in legs has 3 snaps down each leg, picture of a bear with palette and brush on right front leg in red blue and yellow Color: BL, RD, GY, WH
1108 1988.17.0014 Book "The Poetical Works" of Robert Burns. 479 pp., incl. Glossary. Contains poems and stories about the author's life and childhood. Cover is green and has ivy drawin in black that goes over the front . There is a small patch of flowers and a butterfly done in gold. There is also a small black lyre in the bottom left corner. In the center on a gold background, written in a flowing block script is "BURNS". Above and below the center of the name is a golden shell. The inside cover is plain brown in both the front and back of the book. On the inside back cover is a yellow piece of pepr that says "My father's; has signature in back of book 1884." On the back inside cover page written in pencil is "Frank B. Spence, Boone Co. Madrid, Iowa." Page edges are gilt. Color: BK,GD
1109 Limestone Erosive work of underground water in a shaly limestone.
1110 2017-16-116F Deposit Slips A collection of 2 deposit slips from Bank of Buckingham in Buckingham, Iowa, involving Geneseo Independent School District No. 6. Deposit slips range from 1906 to 1907. Slips by year: 1906 – 1, 1907 – 1. Note: Originally wrapped in a bundle with other 2017-16-116 items.
1111 1995.18.0016 Coin Side a: Stamped onto coin: Rp100, Hutan Untuk Kesejakteraan; image of a temple. Side B: Stamped onto coin: 100, Bank Indonesia, Seratus Rupiah; image of a house-like structure; 1978. Color: SL
1112 Boot Green; wool uppers and leather soles. a. Left. b. Right. Color: GR
1113 1968.9.36.17077.0002 Feldspar None
1114 1971.11.20.0009 Button, campaign American Junior Red Cross buttons. Red and blue shield, red cross on white background. Color: RD,WH,BL
1115 1993.24.0155 Invoice From Boege's Radio & Television to Harry Barck, Route 3. Eddy School #6. For cord & repair to record player, $2.05. #05108. a. Counter ticket. b. Invoice. marked "Ok by Clayton Ulrich" and "Paid with warrent (sic) #35."
1116 2002.7.0003 Book "Killing the Giants" by June Isle. Children's story with black and white illustrations. Cloth cover embossed with a pattern on front and back. No print on front or back. Title and decorative designs printed on the spine. "W. J. Green A Present by G. A. Barker March 20, 1867 Chester Springs Pennsylvania" written in pencil on the inside of the front cover. Color: BL
1117 Swallow, barn Nest.
1118 1974.23.0106 Sherd, pottery Design in black on a white background. Slightly curved. Smooth on designed side. Bumpy on other side. Color: YL,BK
1119 2006.14.0218 Skull Skull: 2006.14.218A- Back of skull crumbling away Mandible: 2006.14.218B- Fully intact Color: WH
1120 UNIM1986.14.1976.1.0004 Camisole Drawstring around neck. Filet crocheted yoke and short sleeves. Front fabric is made to fit yoke by 3-cluster tucks (1/8"). 3/4' hem at bottom. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1121 1977.53.0183 Coin Franco, five pesetas.
1122 1979.21.0005 Postcard ISTC, Hospital Building; postmarked, "November 15, 1917". Color: ML
1123 1981.8.0350 Currency 2.5 gulden, serial number B107427. Front is blue with ship in dry dock at center. The left side has Crowned Coat of Arms. Back is blue and has Crowned supporting Arms. Color: BL,WH,RD
1124 1988.35.0051 Print, photographic Football team, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
1125 Teal, blue wing One female wing.
1126 1968.9.50.14630.0007 Owl, barred Pellet (bone remains).
1127 1970.74.0117M Granite Color: BK
1128 1990.44.0048 Print, photographic Everett Alderman on 31 August, 1931, behind Bartlett Hall at the ISTC. Taken at the same time that his mother was there in 1931. Color: BK,WH
1129 1995.21.0238 Transparency, slide Hanging gardens, part reconstructed. Combination of new stone construction and remains of old stone columns. Desert area; no gardens. Color: ML
1130 UNIM1986.14.1980.13.0007 Combination Blue viole teddy. Drawstring at top for closure. White 1/2" lace around legs; floral with butterfly embroidery at left top and right bottom. 2 ribbon shoulder straps 3/8" wide at each side. Same ribbon used for drawstring. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
1131 1972.2.3.0002 Stereograph Suspension bridge. Back shows silver medal of the Centennial Exhibition, presented to Charles Bierstadt for the best stereoscopic views. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.0002 (Stereograph) image
1132 2002.7.0261 Print, photographic Black and white. Fred W. Cover as a yoiung man. Photo is cut into an oval shape and attached to a gray and white mat. White symbol underneath the photo. "ArganBright Studio, What Cheer, Iowa" embossed on the lower right corner of the mat. Color: WH,BK 2002.7.0261 (Print, photographic) image
1133 UNIM1988.11.0559 Necklace Choker style necklace with silver metal chain, opal stone and clear glass beads. Chain has ornament with silver stems with rhinestones set in them and a 1/2" dia. opal in the center. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL, CL, WH
1134 1989.22.0041 Engraving Studer Pl. CX, print of Femoral falcon, Richardson's falcon, Isabella sparrow hawk, Mississippi kite, Everglade kite, White-tailed kite, Kirtland's owl, Western mottled owl, Northern mottled owl, Harland's buzzard, Chicken hawk, Gruber's buzzard, Band-tailed hawk, California squirrel hawk, and Gray hawk. Colored. Color: ML
1135 1968.10.0004 Carving Nomali carving (soapstone?) from southern part of Sierra Leone. Laterally compressed seated figure with very prominent face and facial features. 1968.10.0004 (Carving) image
1136 1990.53.0174 Wulfenite Yellow, transparent, square, tabular crystal group.
1137 1995.21.0490 Transparency, slide Market. (where keys fixed). Street scene. Market stalls at sides. Bicyclers in street. Color: ML
1138 Fossil Shark's tooth.
1139 1972.46.0032 Curtain Stamped "Japan". A white picture of old sake brewery is printed on a piece of dark blue cotton. 3 cloth hangars on the top through which a rod may be placed so the curtain will hang up.
1140 2004.17.0033 Newspaper "The College Eye Iowa State Teachers College Series 2, Vol. 13, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Wednesday, September 14, 1921. Number 3." 8 pp. Color: CR,BR,GY 2004.17.0033 (Newspaper) image
1141 1970.74.0456M Cone-in-cone Selenite.
1142 1975.16.30.0006 Postcard Archeological find. One of eleven inside folder. Color: ML
1143 00.23.0004 Fish Bone.
1144 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0017 Dress V neckline, dropped shoulder with shirring below sea, collar back only tapers to shirring. Skirt has natural waistline fitted with dart tucks in bodice and 2 pleats on either side of center front opening in skirt. Set in. Short puffed sleeves have pleats to take up fullness. 1/4" facing at bottom of sleeve. Pads off shoulders to hold sleeve up at shoulder area. Ten 3/4" buttons marron with white centers center front opening. Shirttail hem machine attatched on bottom skirt. Small animal squirrels, dogs, cats, and owls print in white. Fabric belt stays - no belt snap at waist front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD, WH
1145 1978.33.5.0001 Envelope First day of issue commemorating the final reunion of confederate veterans. Postmarked "Norfolk/MAY 30/9 AM/1951/V.A." Left margin has image of confedrate memorial, Stone Mountain, GA."UNITED/CONFERDERATE VETERANS/Final Reunion/HONORING THE GALLANT/FIGHTERS OF THE SOUTH" Addressed to "C.R.Wynegar/Box 446/South Laguna,/ California." Handwritten in blue ink on stamp signature of "John Salling/age 107" Near center, sideways, handwritten in blue ink "Hon John Salling/age 107 may 15 1953/born may 15/1847". Color: bk,wh
1146 1993.24.48.0019 Receipt Apr. 11, 1958. Carbon copy of crediting School District Eddy #6 with payment of $1.15 to the General Fund.
1147 UNIM1988.11.0812 Necktie Reversable necktie and either end can be used as outerside. Both ends are 3 1/4" wide x 52 1/2" long. Side 1 - brown, grey, blue, black and white plaid. Opposide end same only has red instead of white in plaid. Side 2 - red, grey, blue, blakc and tan plaid. Opposite end is brown, blue, grey, black and red plaid. Four ties in one. "Made in Scotland" "100% New Wool". Side One - "Campbell of Argyll", opposite end - "Farguharson". Side two - "Madachlem", opposite end - "Scott Green". All ends have fringed edge. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: multi
1148 2006.17.0050 point, projectile distal end of point; cross-section biconvex; bifacial; munsell- 10yr 6/6- light red Color: rd
1149 1980.43.0131 Coin Five ore; reverse stamped "Carl XV", bust.
1150 1985.15.0009 Print, photographic Drivotrainer and students.
1151 Wood None
1152 2016-24-19J Pencil Trusty No. 2 860 pencil, sharpened. Found in pencil case 2016-24-19A. 2016-24-19J (Pencil) image
1153 1989.43.0141 Point, projectile No stem point.
1154 1970.74.0788M Jade Includes both pink and green.
1155 1995.30.3.0011 Gopher Study skin and skull. Parts a. - c. Color: BR
1156 1999.5.30.0165 Transparency, slide Mosque, mullah.
1157 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
1158 1978.46.0082 Tray Woven;, low outer rim, wrapped edge. Color: PR,GR,TN
1159 UNIM1989.9.0006 Blouse Casual, fitted blouse with tailored peplum. Peter Pan collar. Back shoulder yoke. Front and back waistline seams, darted in front. Gathers in back. Center front opens to waistline. Three snaps. Short set-in sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML
1160 2015-3 Bill Blair African Donation (11 objects) None
1161 1975.4.0148 Card, identification Introduction card for Aletha G. Jacobs of Dows-Wright, a member of the Iowa State Teachers Association. Expiration date, February 22 - no date given. Color: BL,BK
1162 1980.5.0229 Pin, political Celluloid type; black and white photograph of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale; white outline of United States; below photograph; white printed slogan on green background, "WE DID IT BEFORE...WE'LL DO IT AGAIN"; hollow back, pin back. Color: BK,WH,GR
1163 1986.4.0057 Print, photographic Three identical connected photos of Aletha Jacobs Hutchison. 1986.4.0057 (Print, photographic) image
1164 00.26.0206 Phalarope, Wilson's None
1165 2009.10.0014 Booklet Tan booklet. The front cover reads "Bulletin of the Iowa State Teachers College Cedar Falls, Iowa" "Growth of Consolidated Schools in Iowa". Dated September 1921. A map of Iowa with dots also appears on the front cover. The back cover lists pros and cons to consolidation. 16 pages. Color: TN 2009.10.0014 (Booklet) image
1166 1989.43.0395 Point, projectile, replica Expanding stem point. Color: GY
1167 1970.41.3.0041 Point, projectile None
1168 1970.74.1150M Spodumene None
1169 1991.36.0010 Book "Home and School Reference Work, Volume 4''. pp. 1433-1896. Color: BK,WH
1170 1996.11.0014 Scarf Square red cloth with three finished edges. Color: RD
1171 1999.5.30.0417 Transparency, slide Family, landing. Floating Market.
1172 1973.40.4.0003 Figurine, reproduction Nude male figure of a man with flowing headress and great spiral ear-ornaments. The hands held forward with the fingers carefully crooked. Color: GD,BR
1173 Sandstone Red bed material.
1174 2009.7.1.0011 Book Childcraft, Volume 11, "Play Activities". Pages include illustrations and photographs. Sections: Inddor and Outdoor Games, Making the Most of Your Backyard, Parties and Holidays, Hobbies, Pets and Their Care, Things to Make at Home, Cooking and Sewing, Dramatic Play, Jolly Action Jingles, Creative Plays and Festivals. Also includes index for volumes 7,8,9, 10 and 11. 234 pages. Color: OR, BK, WH, BL
1175 Coal Native coke.
1176 1981.8.0102 Coin Ten cents.
1177 1986.4.0315 Catalog Interstate School of Correspondence Annual Catalogue, 1905-1906. Color: BK,WH,GY
1178 1975.0019 Catalog Bulletin of the Iowa State Teachers College, 1950-51, vol. LII, No. 1, January 1951. 183 pp. Maps. Information regarding ISTC enrollment. A fold out map of campus is located in the back cover. White, soft cover with red ink on it and on the spine. "Miss Betty Lou Niemeir" is printed at the top of the catalog and is written beside the word "Bulletin". b. single white sheet of paper with a map of campus. Buildings arenumbered and names of buildings are below the map. Color: WH,RD Catalog image
1179 1992.30.1.0004 Hood Pi Tau Phi caroling hood. Outside is turquoise corduroy and inside is red. The bottom is jagged and there are three balls, like an elf costume. The hole for the face is circular. ISTC. Color: BL,RD
1180 Azurite None
1181 Marcasite Marcasite & calcite crystals in small vug.
1182 1968.10.494.0030 Chip, stone None
1183 2010.6.0009 Certificate, teaching Special War Emergency Certificate, Helen Hightshoe Marine, Helen Marine, 1 year contract, Daytonville School, #16, Jessie M. Parker, Lester B. Krabill, pre-printed certificate, watermark, blanks filled in with black and silver ink, handwritten and type Color: WH
1184 1970.47.1.0469 Gypsum Gray, massive.
1185 1970.74.1514M Cinnabar Massive, in chert. Color: RD
1186 Sulfur Massive in matrix.
1187 1997.13.0006 Coin Two hundred escudos. Silver circle with brass rim. One one side, silver circle has heraldic shield set in wreath and "200 escudos.". Brass edge reads "Republica Portuguesa 1992." Other side shows bust of "Garcia de Orta". Brass circle has wavy lines and two branches. Color: GD,SL
1188 2000.2.0055 Carving, ancestor Two human figures. The larger, standing, holding second figute at torso level. Second figure's knees and elbow are attached to each other, joined to first figure by hands & feet. Second figure is seated on chin-up human head figure. All-over white, with red detail in carved details. Black on faces. Color: BR,RD,BK,WH
1189 UNIM1986.14.1985.5. 013 Mitt Pair. Made into mitts by cutting off fingers and part of the thumbs. Thumbs shortened and hemmed along with lower palms. Three vertical lines of stitching on back of palms, flared from wrist toward finger opening. Color: BK
1190 UNIM1994.14.0010 Dress Special occasion dress, sleeveless, A-line silhouette, short skirt, knit fabric, empire waist, parcial facing in back and front, flounce on skirt starts at left below the empire waist and ends at the bottom of the skirt, the flounce runs vertically down the left side and is lined in aqua, self fabric spaghetti string bow at bottom of empire waist Color: Purple
1191 1986.4.0571 Postcard From Millie B. 30 December.
1192 Copper From smelter.
1193 Gypsum Clear crystal pieces.
1194 1989.44.0001 Program UNI Spring commencement. Color: PR,BK 1989.44.0001 (Program) image
1195 1994.32.76.0011 Script For the radio program, "Ask the Scientist", aired Oct. 30, 1961 over WOI. Gives questions and answers by E. J. Cable, R. W. Getchel, J. O. Perrine, C. W. Lantz, Dept. of Science. Reproduced by mimeograph. 6 pp. Color: BK,WH
1196 Stereograph "Returning to France for More Troops the Leviathan Carries Back 200 Polish Recruits to Aid in Forming the New Polish Government" is printed on the lower right corner. Two photos are mounted on gray cardboard with the number "187" on the top of the front side. Photos are nearly identical with only the stern visible and many passengers looking out over the water. The skyline of a city is visible in the background. The top deck near the stern is loaded with small boats and rafts in case of an emergency. Color: BK,WH, GY
1197 1970.9.0008 Sling Part of a sling in poor shape. Handle 12" long by 2 1/2". Handle badly worn. One cord 18" long and broken off. Other side smaller and 22 1/2" long and badly worn. Weaving around part of cord near sling makes it appear heavy there. Color: TN,BR,RD
1198 1993.1.3.0006 Container, lens Lens holder and lid. a. 16 mm lens holder; cylinder. b. Lens holder lid. UNI.
1199 1998.13.0001 Staurolite Twinned crystals. Some earthy matrix still attached. Color: TN,BR
1200 2002.19.0009 Card, Invitation 1935 invitation card to reception for graduates. Reads "Mr. And Mrs. Orval Ray Latham will be at home to the 1936 June graduates on Sunday, May the twenty-fourth from seven to ten o'clock." Color: BK,WH