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401 1992.31.19.0010 Book "Uncle Wiggley and the Alligator." Color: BK,WH
402 Earth Infusorial.
403 Plant None
404 UNIM1994.13.0071 Sweater very heavy machine knit, has slit horizontal pockets on each side lower front Color: RD, GY
405 1989.43.0803 Point, projectile Only one side; rough groove in the middle.
406 Feldspar Stiblite feldspar.
407 2000.9.0011 Print, photographic Outdoor photo of two women in professional dress sitting on bench in front of Bartlett Hall holding hands. On reverse in pencil "Charleen Shaffer, Dorothy Turman". Photo has scalloped edges. Color: BK,WH
408 201-1-16 Photograph No. 28- A precocious Victoria Penguin A penguin is the focal point of the photograph. The penguin is standing on a bed of sticks gazing away from the lens of the camera. The top of the penguins head is flat- spikes are created by this. Black and White
409 1970.47.1.0208 Galena None
410 1970.74.1359M Resin None
411 1976.87.0006 Oilcan World War II; for M1 carbine and for Browning automatic rifle. in. d. Accessory strap to hold the chain. BackupEventLogA OpenBackupEventLogW OpenEventLogA OpenEventLogW OpenProcessToken OpenSCManagerA OpenSCManagerW OpenServi
412 Copper None
413 1973.43.0058 Scarf Woman's. Knitted cotton. Silk fringe at each end.
414 1978.51.6.0006 Currency Seven shillings--six pence, serial no. 6452. April 10, 1778. Lower right hand corner: Beehive in seal. Decorative border on left side. Color: BK,WH
415 1986.4.0594 Letter From Independent School District of Dows; honorary election to position. Color: WH,BK
416 UNIM1994.14.0183 Pants Male or female toddler, navy blue trousers, straight leg, Size 1-7 1/2" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, elastic waistband, Color: BL
417 1989.60.0007 Bear Claw.
418 1994.32.0062 Magazine ''Science Bulletin'', May, 1930, Volume II, Number 9. A Service Bulletin for Teachers of High School Science. Published by ISTC. One member of the advisory board is listed as Dr. E. J. Cable, Head, Department of Natural and Physical Science. 8pp. Color: BK,WH
419 1995.1.0011 Sphalerite Black sphalerite crystals to 1/4" on matrix. Color: BK
420 1968.10.493.0053 Chip, stone None
421 1993.24.0056 Booklet, Instruction Contains "List of Voters and Election Return" for School Election held in Eddy #6 Independent District, Black Hawk County, Iowa, on March 10, 1958. Contains signatures of 35 people.
422 1970.50.0003 Article Notebook paper, describing fossil wood find. Wtitten by Grace O. Wadsworth of Jefferson, IA.
423 1970.78.11.0019 Bag Machiguengan handwoven bag made of chambira. The handle is woven with a dark brown geometrical design. Most likely used to carry resources in.
424 2006.14.0186 Mouse, Deer Mandible only. Broken at the hinge Color: W
425 00.26.0137 Hawk, sparrow None
426 UNIM1988.11.0281 Dress Yellow dicky style front and back has gathering stitches at top edge. So neckline front closure at right side of dicky with 5 hook and eyes to waistband, 2 hook and eyes on waist band vertically and 4 horizontally on lower edge of waistband to right side where skirt is open 9 1/2" with hook and eye closure. Some lace that is on sleeves is on edge of dicky to waist front and back and around neckline in back. Yellow insert 5 1/2" wide is placed 7 1/2" up from bottom of hem horizontally around skirt. Bodice is slightly gathered to top edge of waistband (2"); skirt has more gathers attatched to lower edge of waistband. Dress material has woven pattern strips that run vertically on bodice and sleeves and runs horizontally around the skirt with drawn threads top and bottom. Sleeves are set in, comes down to elbows. 7/8" lace on bottom. Yellow insert 1 1/2" wide located 2" up from bottom of sleeve. Under arm sleeve length is shorter than sleeve on top of arm (outer side). Lace and yellow inserts add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, YW
427 1979.10.9.0001 Bead Round with hole drilled in center. Brown with black markings. Color: BR,BK
428 1993.24.38.0009 Receipt Aug. 15, 1930, for $31.90. Duplicate copy of school treasurer's receipt, received of Harry F. Barck ( school board secretary) and signed by Andrew W. Hansen of Eddy School District #6, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
429 1995.21.0153 Transparency, slide Arc de Triomphe. French flag seen through arch. City in distance. Color: ML
430 2002.7.0188 Booklet "The Big Four", tract from the Walnut Street Baptist Chruch, Waterloo, IA. Black and white with a picture of a train, and a large red "4". Color: WH,BK,RD
431 UNIM1986.14.1980.13.0014 Pattern Advanced pattern # 890. Women's misses. Apon; size medium. 1930s, 10 cents.
432 1970.74.0318M Quartz, amethyst None
433 1977.58.88.0017 Postcard Poem, "The Seahorse". Color: BK,WH
434 UNIM1988.11.0566 Necklace Gold chain and clear ball. 2" diameter glass ball has brass at top. Simple chain with clear glass ball pendant. Brass, 3 tiered that secures the glass ball to the chain adds decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, CL
435 1974.23.0138 Point, projectile None
436 1979.55.0001 Letter Letter (photocopy), dated October 3, 1862 from Mr. Richard D. Rowland to his wife and children, Mr. Rowland was serving in the Union Army at the time, stationed at Springfield, Illinois; letter has patriotic logo (Amercan Flag, Constitution and joined hands) in upper left corner; photcopied on both sides of a single piece of paper.
437 1985.9.0001 Program UNI Spring Commencement. Color: GD,BK,WH 1985.9.0001 (Program) image
438 1976.0037 Concretion Limestone pyrite concretion.
439 1988.48.29.0011 Booklet "Great Men & Famous Women" "A Series of Pen & Pencil Sketches of the Lives of the Most Prominent Personages in History", part 11 . Part of a 68 piece series. "Sold only by Subscription" "No Subscription received for less than the Complete Work 68 parts". Price 25 cents. The series runs from page 1 - 384. Each part begins with 3 illustrations of featured person. Part 68 begins with 3 illustrations and is followed by Table of Contents for the original 8 volumes that this subscription package was produced from. Cover has Greek classic artwork with the characters "Fame" & "History" portrayed. Also four busts of Grant, Lincoln, Washington and Longfellow line bottom of cover art. Back cover has facsimile of autographs of contributing authors & a note on "Terms of Publication". Each issue bound by two steel staples. Contains articles on: Frederick the Great (conclusion), Robert, Lord Clive, Francois Kellermann, Marshal of France, Michel Ney, Marshall of France, and Napoleon Bonaparte. pp. 241-264. Color: BR,BK,WH
440 Keyring Mini Iowa license plate.
441 UNIM1994.13.0072 Sweater rib-knit at waist, has 4 gold stripps on left sleeve w/ a gold stare above strips Color: BK, GD
442 1990.53.0080 Gypsum Var. selenite, "hourglass" crystals; singles & clusters.
443 1995.21.0406 Transparency, slide Djarmarajika, Stupa. Stupa = Buddhist monument. Flat topped round hill. Low stone walls in area in front. Grassy plot, with man standing in foreground. Color: ML
444 1968.9.36.17079 Ore Turquoise.
445 1993.28.0010 Print, photographic ISTC football team member posing throwing a pass on lawn west of old (West) gym. Color: BK,WH
446 1999.5.30.0251 Transparency, slide Blue pottery shop, near Jome Mosque.
447 1972.2.0001 Stereoscope Viewer.
448 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0024 Dress Notched collar 4 shank button closure center front to waist with two toned purple band. Has machine buttonholes, waist darts in front, pleats in back. Skirt is pleated onto bodice. 1" manufacturers hem. Short set in sleeves. Your choice on which of the belts to wear. 2 belts, one of same fabric; the other is purple. Both have buckle and are 5/8" wide. Print set in geometric blocks. Two toned vertical band down center front bodice to waist. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR, GR, WH
449 00.27.0079 Mink Two mink on branches with prey (duck). Color: BR
450 UNIM1988.11.0819 Necktie Navy and light blue necktie. 4 1/4" wide x 57" long. "beau brummell" "Mr. Wonderful" "Dry Clean Only" "60% acetate" "40% polyester". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
451 1993.42.8.0001 Insignia, military Two flintlock rifles crossed with two brass pin backings on back.
452 1999.5.30.0503 Transparency, slide Meiji Shrine, rebuilt.
453 Mallard One female wing.
454 1990.53.0346 Autunite Greenish yellow crystals, crumbling.
455 1995.23.0010 Handbill Hand typed list of courses and credits by semester & year. Some notation in pencil. SCI. Color: WH,BK
456 2004.17.121.0001 Clipping, newspaper "Uncovered Crnerstone Recalls Early UNI Days." Story is about a cornerstone laid by The Grant Lodge of Iowa Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, Aug. 29, 1882. Conrenstone commemorated the Iowa Normal School. Color: BK,WH
457 1978.38.0022 Coin One sol de oro.
458 1986.16.0002 Fluorite Crystals, purple.
459 UNIM1989.9.0018 Slip Girl's. V-neck and three tiered skirt portion. Knit bodice & upper skirt; elastic in waist. 10" wide flounce at lower skirt: stiff net. This is covered with two 5" ruffles of embroidered nylong. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
460 1989.43.0278 Point, projectile Side-notched point, stem missing.
461 1965.53.0002 Newspaper ''College Eye'': Central Hall fire. SCI Color: BK,WH
462 1991.11.0100 Pajamas Child's Pajamas. White linen with delicate blue flower print. White lace around collar descending halfway down the front. Lace around hem at bottom. Ties at neck, but necline goes down farther. White. Blue
463 Limestone Limestone deposit with sand grains diffused throughout.
464 Plant Slab bearing anulaira impressions.
465 1969.39.0018 Masher, potato Dating from late 19th or early 20th century; soft wood construction; tapered spindle handle, large round top knob; flared round base, scarred & dented.
466 1970.74.0768M Tremolite Crystals on dolometic limestone.
467 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
468 Quartz Gold-bearing.
469 2012.0005 Booklet, Instruction "Marshall Center School: Celebrating our Educational History, Learning from the Past." Compilation of the history of the School, student reflections, and photos. Color: BK, WH, ML
470 1975.4.0245 Booklet "Souvenir, Not for School but for Life we Learn." Seward School, Homer Township, Buchanan County, Iowa. Compliments of Aletha Jacobs, Teacher. Short handbook containing students names and short poems remembering a year gone by, 1905-1906. Embossed Color: BK,WH
471 1981.19.0001 Sheep, bighorn Head mount. Color: WH-SL
472 1986.4.0178 Negative, film Summer in Montana. Photograph of Althea standing outside of a small building. There is one window and one door. She is wearing a dress with her hair pinned up. One arm is behind her back and the other is to her side. 1986.4.0178 (Negative, film) image
473 Slate With raindrop impressions.
474 Tooth Teeth of lower jaw of coryphodon hematus, a mammal of eocene.
475 UNIM1992.12.0016 Fan Fifteen inner sticks or blades; 2 outer sticks or guards. Held with 1/4" side satin ribbon @1 1/2" from top. Outer edges rounded; form scallops. Outer 3" of blades are pierced and carved. Below this, a delicate floral pattern has been painted. Outer edges have narrow striping (@ 1/8") in blue. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR,ML
476 Chrysocolla Massive. Color: GR
477 2010.6.0011 Contract Agreement to Modify Teacher's Continuing Contract, Helen Marine, Mid-Prarie Comm School District, Wellman, West Chester, Pre-printed contract form blanks filled in with black type, signed with black ink Color: WH
478 1970.41.3.0023 Point, projectile None
479 1970.74.1124M Calcite None
480 1976.31.0007 Print, photographic Carilloneur Bob Byrnes playing the carillon in the campanile with several onlookers. Back reads "Inside the campanile at UNI, Cedar Falls, Iowa, July, 1974." Color: BK,WH
481 Chalcocite Dark brown massive.
482 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.0006 Dress Navy summer-weight fabric with tiny white dots. Bodice has front closure, wide collar & long, fitted sleeves. Gathered skirt has flounce over hem; fabric scraps. a. - c. Color: BL,WH
483 1973.40.3.0001 Zither Zither-like instrument of reeds. There are 12 strings. On the reverse side 7 reeds approximately 1" wide are woven across the center section of the reed platform. 1973.40.3.0001 (Zither) image
484 1981.8.0218 Coin Five zloty.
485 1986.4.0432 Examination For English; typewritten. Color: BK,WH
486 Wood None
487 UNIM1994.14.0022 Shirt Sleeveless, bateau neckline, shell style shirt with two peacock feathers stamped on left side front. Pink piping across shoulders and neckline. Color: WH,GR,YL,PR,PK
488 1989.43.0907 Pin In the shape of a little sailor boy. In boy's right hand there is a chain that hangs down. Two dimensional.
489 1994.32.121.0001 Examination Headed "Final Test". 139 multiple-choice items on meteorology. At bottom of lower right corner is "Nat. Sci. 43a." ISTC. Color: BK,WH
490 2017-22-9 Book Book on of the New Path to Reading Book series. Revised edition written by Anna Dorothea Cordts. 2017-22-9 (Book) image
491 1992.33.4.0001 Metate Metate and mano (roller) a. Mano. b. Grinding platform. Small. Mano cigar-shaped. Grinding platform has 3 legs. Color: GY
492 1997.4.33.0012 Arrow Straight light wood with barbed, dark chonta palm tip. Two feathers. 1/4" spiral of sticky stuff 4" long. Color: TN,BR
493 Coal Bituminous.
494 1970.47.1.0439 Galena Color: GY
495 1970.74.1494M Jadeite Massive. Color: GR
496 1973.43.0156 Hat Woman's. Brown with veil. Beaded silver ornament on crown. Two small brown velvet bows on front.
497 00.22.0029 Sawfish Snout.
498 UNIM1986. Shoe Woman's lizard-look open toe oxford. High cut; 7 eyelet lacing extends down center front to toe. Tear-shaped large eyelets; scalloped top edge on vamp. 2 1/2" Cuban heel. a&b. Color: BR
499 UNIM1996.4.2a.0018 Pattern Simplicity pattern. 8884 (1970). Basic princess dress with 2 necklines; sz. 8 Color: TN
500 1977.14.0017 Book "Atlas; Hawaiian volcanoes." Color: ML