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Cat. # Name Description
401 Garnet group Color: YL
402 Almandine (Garnet group) Crystals in nephelite - syenite matrix. Color: RD BR
403 Calcite Catalog says "Two cards present. One says: Drusy surface of carboniferous limestone, Mahaska Co., Iowa. The other says: dogtooth spar on iridescent surface of limestone."
404 Copper None
405 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite cementing pieces of matrix. Color: BR
406 Pyrite Similar to but listed in old notebook as "astrocarpus" ???
407 Columbite (Tantalite group) Massive. Color: BK
408 Enargite Dark gray, massive.
409 Autunite Yellow flat crystals scattered on matrix.
410 Calcite Geode.
411 Skutterudite Massive. Color: SL-YL
412 Skutterudite Massive; var. smaltite. Color: SL-YL
413 Nickeline Massive. Color: YL
414 Muscovite Microcrystalline. Color: YL
415 Siderite None
416 Barite Massive, pink.
417 Muscovite Muscovite mica.
418 Gypsum Curved crystal groups on matrix, selenite.
419 Pyrite Stalactite
420 Pyrite Stalactite
421 Pyrite Stalactite
422 Pyrite Stalactite
423 Pyrite Stalactite
424 Pyrite Stalactite
425 Pyrite Stalactite
426 Pyrite Stalactite
427 Pyrite Stalactite
428 Pyrite Stalactite
429 Pyrite Stalactite
430 Pyrite Stalactite
431 Chalcopyrite Crystals on dolomite crystal matrix.
432 Quartz Crystals.
433 Quartz Quartz, rock crystals.
434 Quartz Botryoidal. Inside of geode.
435 Quartz Iron, stained quartz crystals.
436 Quartz Geode.
437 Aragonite Twinned crystals.
438 Halite Massive.
439 Quartz, amethyst None
440 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
441 Iron Concretion in the semblance of a duck.
442 Bornite Massive, iridescent blue.
443 Bornite Dark gray, massive.
444 Bismuth Rhombohedral.
445 Antimony Rhombohedral.
446 Acanthite Massive.
447 Pyrargyrite Massive, dark gray, shiny. Foote label attached
448 Cinnabar One-quarter" crystal sprays on breccia. Color: RD
449 Cinnabar An ore sample; very sparse grains of possible cinnabar. Color: RD
450 Corundum var. Sapphire Broken crystals. Color: BL
451 Cinnabar Microcrystalline & earthy mass. Color: RD
452 Cinnabar Small crystals scattered on matrix (possibly chert). Color: RD
453 Copper Native copper in conglomerate.
454 Copper Copper, native.
455 Copper None
456 Copper Copper, native.
457 Copper Copper, native.
458 Copper Two specimens; only one specimen present. Color: BR, GR Copper image
459 Copper None
460 Copper Copper, native.
461 Copper Copper, native.
462 Copper Copper, native.
463 Copper None
464 Copper Native copper from Kansan Drift.
465 Galena Drusy chalcopyrite crystals cover 40%. Lead and copper ore.
466 Galena Massive, plumose. Color: GY
467 Quartz Quartz, pyrite, galenite?
468 Galena Group of cubic crystals, largest 1" x 1" Color: GY
469 Galena Crystals.
470 Galena Large chunk showing many shiny cleavage faces. Some chalcopyrite present. Color: GY
471 Galena Interlocking crystal cubes with scattered small chalcopyrites and encrustations. Color: GY
472 Galena Vein of crystals. Color: GY
473 Galena Massive galena, showing cleavage faces, on quartz. Color: GY
474 Chalcopyrite Massive interrelated chalcopyrite galena and quartz.
475 Galena Massive, coarsely granular. Color: GY
476 Galena Cubic cast coated with dolomite crystals containing cubo-octahedral crystals. Color: GY
477 Galena Large weathered cubic crystals. Color: GT
478 Gold Nugget.
479 Gold Native. Color: WH, GD, GY Gold image
480 Fluorite Only one specimen; catalog says 2.
481 Fluorite Isometric.
482 Pyrargyrite Massive, black, metallic.
483 Sphalerite Dark crystals to 1/4" with pale purple fluorite cubes (1/2 of a paper label)
484 Cryolite Monoclinic.
485 Halite None
486 Halite None
487 Halite None
488 Halite None
489 Halite Isometric. From Ward's.
490 Sphalerite None
491 Sphalerite Two miniatures are basically massive; hand ball of crystals
492 Sphalerite Mammilated sphalerite on short matrix.
493 Sphalerite With iron pyrite.
494 Sphalerite Crystals to 1/2" covering one side; few chalcopyrite crystals at one end
495 Sphalerite Sphalerite nodule with partial galena filling.
496 Marcasite Nodular aggregates starting to deompose.
497 Marcasite Marcasite--radiating structures.
498 Realgar Almost totally changed to orpiment -As2S2. Color: OR
499 Pyrite Massive with one side covered with cubes to 1/4". Other scattered crystals; some striated faces.
500 Pyrite Parts of cubic crystals, brassy.